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15 Years. 6 hours. Lots of heartbreak.

Hello Reddit community. Fair warning, this is a very long one.
I (33m) met my ex (34f) 16 years ago when I was in high school. Over the internet back in the day when people enjoyed Yahoo Games. We met over the chat in there lol. I am from around Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She was from around Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. I will not bother with going into the long details of our relationship but will say that it is obviously a very long history but it has always been pretty roller coaster like. I will also say that I have a whole host of my own mental issues, like Anger, control, jealousy etc probably stemming from a pretty rough childhood i have had (i am currently in counseling after many years of not doing it). We have 2 children. A 9 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. At the time of the beginning of this incident, we were not together and she was living with our daughters and her sister in an apartment about 5 minutes away from me.
Around August of 2019, one of the two of them received a phonecall from their father and he revealed that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The two of them and our daughters immediately drove up to Pembroke to spend a week with him. His wife (their stepmom) is a real estate agent in the area. When they returned, the two of them had decided that they wanted to move to Pembroke to help their father.
When she told me this, as you would expect, I was not pleased. We got into some huge arguments. While I could understand wanting to help with their father, I was extremely upset about our children being taken away. I calmed down a bit eventually. During this time, they had been talking to their step mother and their step mother found out that renting apartments and renting houses is just as expensive, if not moreso than actually paying the mortgage on your own house. So now they get ideas about owning a house there. Found a house for like 108k. They decide to go to a bank to see about going together on a mortgage. Turns out the sister is so bad with her finances and debt she owes that they decline them.
I feel like at this point I should add in that although we may not have been together at that point (and throughout various other points of our history), the love I have for her (and obviously our daughters) has always been very strong. The 3 of them mean the world to me. My ex eventually comes to me. Asks me to go in with her on this mortgage because she knows I have a stable career and good income (im a dealer at the casino here in Brantford for the last 11 years). So her sister is irrelevant in the matter as it would be just hers and my house. Obviously I was not pleased. I talked this over with a few friends and my mom (who is my rock). They thought it was an insane thing to allow. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place with this decision.
  1. I do this and co sign a mortgage with her. I would be doing this to help her and her sister out and I mean....frankly it would make me feel good to help them be with their family in a sense. But this also means our children and her move 5.5 hours away from me.
  2. I dont allow this and my ex resents me for the rest of my life and it makes any interactions we have in the future horrible and she also would probably financially make it much hard on me (going after more for child support, which at the time I believe I was paying 400 Canadian for our two girls).
I feel like I should also note that we have never been to court for anything. We have no custody agreement, they kind of with her. When they were here in Brantford they were living with her and her sister and I would just come by and visit the three of them whenever I wanted or bring the girls to sleep at my place if I wanted. We've never had child support agreements either, beyond verbal.
Anyways...I eventually went through the bank checking on me process and decided to sign for this. From MINUTE ONE when she first told me about all of this, she said to me over and over again that this is just temporary. This is what made it easier on me. Because I knew that we could just grin and bare the distance for about a year to a year and a third. Her father was given 1 year to live btw.
So eventually they move on October 18th, 2019. From then until a few months ago I had been going up every other weekend from work to stay with the 3 of them. I went up with them at the beginning as I had a lot of paperwork to sign. I should note that we are BOTH co-owners of this property. 50% each. Same with the mortgage. BUT.....I have never invested a dime in this house. She borrowed a loan from her mother (my ex has never had much money at all) for the down payment of the house. She pays the mortgage and bills on the house.
When they were living in Brantford, she worked as a sale associate at a Winners store. When they moved to Pembroke, it was actually a good transition for her as she basically just transferred to the Winners in Pembroke. She eventually got a promotion to a supervisor there making a bit more money. To which she eventually, in October 2020, quit her job. I told her multiple times before she did this that it was a very very bad idea. But she didn't care. Said she just wanted to spend more time with our girls and she didn't get to while working, which is a ridiculous thing to say, because what parent wouldn't want to spend more time with their children. We work to provide a life for them.
Around January of 2020, her sister, who has always made rash decisions in her life....decided that she was going to move to Oshawa with some guys shes known for a few years (oshawa is like 4 hours away from Pembroke, 2 hours away from me in Brantford). By doing this....she kinda of double screwed my ex. One way, obviously, was that she was no longer going to be chipping in on bills. The other was that during this entire time that they lived in Pembroke, she didn't have a job (still doesn't, but irrelevant), so she was a free babysitter for my ex to watch over our children. This put my ex in a very uncomfortable position. The two of them really fought over this. When her sister moved out, various friends and family members would chip in a few hours here and there watching our girls, but nobody was consistent. Shes never had a reliable support system.
This continued until about the beginning of July 2020. Her sister arrived back at the house in Pembroke one day and discovered that my ex had left our 9 year old to watch our 2 year old for 8 hours a day while she was at work. This had shockingly been going on for 2 weeks. My ex had told me that her father and stepmother would be watching our daughters while she worked, obviously lied to me. So her sister lost her mind when she got there, called Childrens Aid Society and reported it. Waited until my ex got back from work and they got into a huge blow up. The sister left back for Oshawa. My ex called me that same night and told me all of this. I immediately told her that I would come there tonight and take our girls back to my place to help out for an indefinite amount of time. I left at 1030 that night and drove through the night except for a power nap and got there at like 8am. My daughters and I left later that night to come back to Brantford. They stayed with me for a month and a half from the beginning of July to lateish August. We had an absolute blast together. During this time, my ex was in a very dark place. She was very depressed about me "taking our girls away", as insulting as that is. She was also dealing with health issues at the time which eventually required emergency gall bladder removal. She was sidelined from work for about 2 weeks, sleeping like 18 hours a day. During this time, she apparently decided that she wants a lot more tattoos. So she was talking to a girlfriend from work about this and her friend told her that she should get in contact with her cousin or something. A guy who would give her tattoos for free or at least very cheap. Obviously everyone knows that the words free and tattoos never go well together. So they started hanging out and she started paying this person in Tom Hortons and pizza slices for tattoos. For real. Obviously I havent huge divulged in my own mental issues, but if you knew would know this does not sit well with me. I started being very accusatory and jealous. Saying to her over and over "oh, this is your new bf then eh?" Constantly she would say over and over again, "OP, stop being such an idiot. Hes just a friend. We've met each other at very dark times in each other's lives and we enjoy our time together." Eventually I brought the girls back to Pembroke. School was going to be starting back for my 9 year old. She had found a day care for our 2 year old. Everything seemed like it was set in place.
Now we are at about October 2020. This person is coming over to our house in Pembroke all the time or my ex and our girls are going there. I should mention that my 9 year old has said repeatedly that she does not feel comfortable around this person and finds him very weird. Says he's nice to her and her baby sister but he just doesn't seem to care much and he just makes her feel odd and he's weird and she doesn't care to be around him. So as this is going jealousy back in Brantford is getting worse and worse. It got to the point that there was a night when this person made a supper for the 4 of them and I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she told me about this meal that they had and it was very very good. This didn't sit well with me. We finished our chat and I was texting my ex and told her something along the lines of "this is absolute bullshit. This is some husband and wife shit. I feel very uncomfortable with this person around our children." She basically said, again, that I was being ridiculous and that they are extremely good friends and this is what best friends do. I lost my temper and basically told her over text, "fuck this shit. Im done. I just....I dont want anything to do with any of this now. Enjoy your family of four." I should say obviously I dont actually want to revoke any sort of rights I was just jealous and angry and hurt.
Let's fast forward a bit more. November of 2020. Now, they seem to be sleeping over there at this persons house pretty much every night. Which is super fucking weird as like I told you daughter does not like this. She finds it very uncomfortable.
At this point, due to covid among other factors....I really haven't seen them in about 2 months beyond video chat. I had started a new job but had a string of 5 days off in a row. Decided to make a bit of a rash judgement and drive up there to surprise my girls. But I wont lie, it was also because I was getting increasingly nervous. I arrive there on a Friday night at like 630 pm. I figured they were over there as there was no one at the house we owned (tbh probably a good thing as it avoids the confrontation). I asked my ex over text if she could come back to the house so I could hang out with the 3 of them. It didn't go well. She says "OP, are you insane??! We have not been on good terms lately, why would you think this would go well? I will bring the girls back but im not staying there." Than I just lost it. "This is absolutely ridiculous. I wanted to spend time with all of you." "I will not be staying there." "OK....well....I guess you had better just not come back then cuz I can tell you if you do....I will follow you to that house." "Omg are you insane? I'm calling the cops this is insane"blah blah. It never happened. We calmed down and I eventually stayed in the house for the night. She brought our girls over in the afternoon while she did grocery shopping but they already had plans to go out with her cousin to look at Christmas lights that night. I was invited to come but it would've been way too awkward. I just drove the 5.5 hours home.
It just got worse from here when I got home. This is like beginning of December. The very next day her father passes. Soon afterwards, she announces to me that they are no longer going to be moving back. Im absolutely floored and beyond hurt. Huge fighting ensues. It gets very nasty with her saying terrible stuff like she will go for full custody, etc etc. I remind her that we had a deal to move back after her father passed and that she can't do this with our kids. She says she is not stopping me from seeing them. Willing to meet every weekend for me to have them. This is no life. This is no life to formulate a good relationship with our daughters. This is beyond cruel. She claims im the bad one as im trying to force our daughters out of the house they love and the school our 9 year old loves and the quiet neighborhood. its about mid December. I am getting them to stay with me from December 27th- January 9th (they are here now). Its probably about the 21st at this point and she decides to announce to me that they are a couple and have been for a month now. Obviously im crushed. Shes said so many times all she ever wanted was for us to work out. Wanted me and her forever. Wouldn't have ever happened if it wasn't for my poor behavior and all that. But shes happy now she says. Many many days of crying ensue. Rage and anger. Jealousy. Insane insane jealousy. Here comes the creeper parts. So. Over the last 2 or so months I've learned some details. Dude apparently has a child on the way with a woman but she moved 5 hours away from him when she first found out she's pregnant (probably should've been a red flag for my ex). Guy works in the military in Petawawa, a town nearby Pembroke. Big, big military town. Hes a chef or some such shit there. not condoning my next actions. My eldest daughter had made me wary of this person as well as obviously my jealousy. I started doing some social media digging. Found out who his ex is. Started a very awkward dialogue with her one day (around the 23rd or something). It blossomed into actual conversation for days on end. Turns out, according to her and some serious shit she showed me during our many, many conversations.....this guy is seriously trouble. Massive control issues (I know...pot meet kettle), manipulation and grooming. On multiple occasions this guy would hold knives to her and threaten if she ever left him that he'd fucking end her or himself. Many many times of beating her up both verbally and physically (I saw a bunch of pretty bad pictures). Use to choke her out against a wall until she passed out and then would proceed to have his way with her.....really messed up stuff. Heres the real kicker. Curious how these two met? Not sure exactly how they met....but how they ended up actually getting together and having a 4 year relationship is because.......they both came into the relationship positive for genital herpes. Genital friggin herpes. He cheated on her many, many times during their relationship (apparently grounds for firing from the military). During these times that he's cheated on her....he apparently infected multiple people with this STI. He was scared moreso when a few women tried to confront him over text or other social media claiming that they wanted to get in contact with him and would sue (apparently thats a thing, I didnt know), than when his girlfriend found out as he knew he could smooth over the fact he cheated on her because he had her groomed and scared. So obviously he has not told my ex this, even though his ex that I've been speaking with literally described where exactly they are in his house as shes been living there for 4 years (up until about may/June 2020).
I confronted my ex about all of this stuff. She wasn't hearing any of it. Doesn't believe anything. Laughed me off. Says he's treated her nothing but good since theyfe been together. Said she won't put up with anything bad, not even once, but nothing has happened. Only thing that gave her any kind of pause was when I told her that literally less than a month ago he was texting his ex, asking her to "please come back, please come back to me. You are my everything. I want to spend the rest of my life with yiu" etc etc. So clearly this guy doesn't give a damn about my ex and she is just the current thing for him to pass his time with.
So. I think we are just about at the end of the story. Not much else has happened since that as, like I mentioned much earlier, I've had our daughters with me since dec 27th, until Jan 8th (for now). Oh. thing. She continues to show incredibly poor parenting skills. During this time that they've been with me.....sometimes around the 29th....she has actually gotten him to move in with them at OUR house. This is so beyond messed up. One month dating and this happens. Our kids don't even like him. Like I said earlier, my 9 year old has said he's very weird and strange and makes her uncomfortable. But she claims she's doing this all in the best interest of them. She justifies this because this guy is now apparently renting out rooms to two people at his house while chipping in some bills at our house. So the dude is using her as a cheap place to crash (the mortgage on our house in Pembroke is literally like 330$ a month), while he profits off his house. I have thought of doing multiple (probably bad) things, but I feel like someone needs to stop this terrible person before he hurts people beyond just my ex. I have definitely thought of contacting the Petawawa Military Police and telling them about all the horrible things I know about this person and telling them to check his medical files (the military doctor issues this guy his herpes medication, Valtrex). Ive also thought about sending him a pretty serious message, though that will probably amount to nothing. I can provide what I've typed up already about it if someone wants those details.
I will finish this off with the legal questions.
  1. She is scared as she thinks I can force the sale of the house as a co owner. Can I? Would I have a chance?
  2. Am I able to get them to move back? I realize thats a multi layered question. Having a verbal deal I also realize probably looks bad on me....but even if she denies that this deal ever happened....why on earth would I ever just randomly allow our children to be moved 6 hours away forever? No sane person would.
  3. I want this monster away from our children. Is it unwise to try and work up the balls to talk to military police?
  4. Its to the point that I dont even feel comfortable bringing our children back to meet up with her halfway on Jan 9th. Like I stated previously, we've never had any sort of custody arrangements. So, in my eyes, neither of us are more allowed to have the children than the other. What are my options here?
If yiu made it all the way here.....thank you for your time. I cant express enough gratitude. This has absolutely been the year from hell for me, even without covid.
TL;DR- ex and I had an agreement to move back with our children. Shes backing out of this. What are the options. Do I have a case? New guy in the picture very much scares me and our children are seriously uncomfortable. Can I do anything? Co own a house together. 50/50 split. What can be done about this to force the sale and potentially get things going in my favour?
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Gf went to dinner alone with ex fwb at a fancy restaurant and he paid

We (34m and 25f) were fwbs for over 2 years and have been in a committed relationship for about 2 month, I’m in the process of moving to her city so we can be together.
Today she told me she was having dinner with a friend. When she’s vague like that I know it’s most likely an ex fwb, else she would tell me who it is and where they’re going. anyways I didn’t ask much and in general I fully support both of us having alone time and personal space with our friends (even if it’s an ex fwb). She told me she was going to be home before 8 and again around 7:45 saying she’ll be home shortly after getting boba, i texted her at 9:30 after she was still not home to say good night since I had work early tmr and it was 10:30 for me.
She texted me around 10 after seeing my text
At this point I told her I didn’t know what to think when she said be back before 8 and simply went to bed at 9:30 when I still didn’t hear back.
She said they ended up hanging out at the casino (shops in there)a bit and got boba since she didn’t her from me. She asked if I was upset.
I asked who she went to dinner with and where did they go
She tells me it’s an ex fwb who she hasn’t seen in a while, he knows she has a bf now and they’re just friends hanging out. They went to Joes seafood prime steak and stone crab in Ceasars palace in vegas and he paid for the meal.
I’ll be honest it’s been a while since dated someone in a committed relationship and I do not think it’s appropriate for your gf to be going out on fancy dinners 1:1 with an ex fwb (who she says it’s just some one she used to fuck and now wants to be friend with) I don’t think shes cheating on me I simply think she’s playing with fire. looking for some advice on how to deal with this situation.
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It must be nice

It must be nice to have a wife that stays home to care for your daughter so that you don't have to pay for daycare.
It must be nice to have meals cooked for you and to feel so entitled to those meals that you get pissy if she doesn't want to cook. It never occurs to you to wonder why this woman wouldn't want to make yet another meal after serving a small human all day and just wanting to sit the fuck down and not be responsible for someone who doesn't bother cleaning up after a meal she's cooked for him.
It must be nice to be able to just sleep instead of the countless hours spent soothing a baby, feeding a baby, changing a baby, and having the baby scream in your ear as you try to comfort her fussiness. You can't understand why your wife is always so pissy in the morning to you, and figure some well placed snotty remarks about her attitude problem is the best thing to remedy the situation.
It must be nice to just walk out the door whenever you want to, just assuming your child will be cared for by the built in nanny maid you got lucky enough to marry. You're absolutely gobsmacked at how angry she gets when you refuse to take the baby with you. You even complain about her wanting to go with you. "I just want to do the shopping. I'll be right back." Three hours later you're not sure if the creature you've walked in on is your wife or a rabid animal about to go for your throat.
It must be nice to have the belief that your wife has all this free time during the day and "what do you actually do?" Which is always said with a tone that really means "what the FUCK did you even do ALL day?!"
It must be nice to think your wife isn't a social creature in need of conversation and recreation. You're always so put out when she mentions she wants to visit a friend or go hiking with a friend. How could she abandon you and your child like this?! Doesn't she know this is her job?!
Likewise, it must be rather confusing why your wife ignores you when you attempt to talk about your day, having lunch with coworker friends and what the latest gossip is. You're especially disturbed that she gets silent and deadly whenever you show up late from work because you got held up talking with a coworker friend in the parking lot. You tell her "Well just call my mother if you want to get out of the house" and are shooketh that a range of emotions passes over her face, none of which look pleasant. You love your mother and spend most weekends and at least two nights a week with her. You even bring your wife and daughter, so what's with all the complaining about needing a break from the baby?! Isn't sitting on someone else's couch watching their tv while you and her talk and gossip about people your wife doesn't know a break? She even offers to buy McDonalds if you stay long enough! The baby can just go to bed at 11pm. What's the big deal? It's not like your wife has anything to do the next day, she can just sleep in with the baby.
Today was my husbands birthday and I didn't say a word about it. I didn't "help" the baby make a card. I didn't make him dinner. I didn't clean the house, make a treat for him, or even text him all day.
Why? Because I'm tired of being the only parent in this house. I'm tired of being overlooked. For my birthday, just 10 days ago, he got mad that I wanted to go with him to the store. He wanted to shop without us around so he could buy a gift and card. The night before my birthday. After I'd specifically told him what I wanted and it should have been ordered with enough time to arrive. He then told me on my birthday that he didn't know what camera I wanted, which is a lie because I sent him the link for purchase. He told me he couldn't make it to the bank before my birthday to withdraw the money. The bank is on the way home from work and my birthday is the same day of the year every year. I ended up having cash thrown on the table next to me with a "there's your money" comment a few days later. Not enough to buy the camera for myself.
The weekend after my birthday (week day) he got mad because we woke him up at 9am. He slept in for 4 hours, and this was a fluke because the baby never sleeps past 6am. I had asked him to take her one of the weekend mornings so I could sleep in for my birthday. Apparently being able to sleep until 9 and then dealing with him being rude meant that was my morning. He has never taken her in the morning so I can sleep in even 15 minutes. He regularly complains about not being able to sleep in on his weekends, but even if I take her out of the room he just gets up and is angry for an hour or two like it's my fault she woke up at 6am like she always does.
I'm sorry for this rant. I'm at the end of my rope. We barely speak to each other these days unless it's about his job or the baby. He prefers spending his weekends with his mother, who I'm not a fan of. She treats him like he's her husband and she has always acted like she barely tolerates me. She's made comments about me that were rude, and will change the subject if I'm talking and she walks into the room. She never talks with me, and she never asks me how I am. She doesn't actually know anything about me because she doesn't have any interest in knowing. My fil got me a birthday card with horses on it and I laughed and said I love it because I've always been horse crazy. She said loudly "what? No you're not!" I've owned horses since I was 9 and have three shelves of medals and trophies from different state and national competitions in my house. The only reason I don't own one now is because it's expensive and my last horse passed from old age right as I started dating her son. She doesn't know any of that. 20 years of my life is a mystery to her. I know her favorite color, meal, desert, some of her hobbies, who she's closest with out of her siblings, and always ask her how she's doing and really listen. Her son asks ME my opinions for gifts because I pay attention to things she mentions she wants, or things she might need or enjoy. Last Christmas she gave me a waffle maker that was a free gift at the casino. I don't eat waffles. I'm assuming he told her I'd like it because he wanted it. I'd asked for shoes since my winter boots fell apart at the sole. I bought my own boots because no one bothered.
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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Final Fantasy VI Novelization 20 & 21

Chapter 20
The dream was always the same. Terra found herself in a familiar place. Behind the control stick of her MagiTek armor. The burning rubble of a bell tower sat ablaze behind her as she continued her attack deeper into the city. Terra did as ordered, opening fire on the city and laying waste to any soldiers dumb enough to attack her. She would quickly dispatch them with her Ifrit Canon. As she stomped through the city streets, the buildings burned and crumbled all around her. She was surrounded by death and chaos as she laid waste to the city. Terra watched in horror as the destruction burned all around her.
But then the dream changed as the world slowly faded into darkness. Terra looked down and could no longer see her armor. She stood there. Alone in the void.
“Terra…” The voice whispered.
The gentle voice returned. That familiar beacon in an otherwise unfamiliar world. Terra tried to remember where she heard the voice. As if it were an itch in the back of her mind, an itch that was near impossible to scratch.
“Who are you?!” Terra screamed.
“Listen well, and think clearly.” The voice replied in the distance, and then it was gone. Terra ran in the direction of the voice. Her feet were moving fast. She needed answers, the voice had them. But she noticed that no matter how fast she moved, she gained no ground. The darkness faded quickly as Locke shook her awake.
“Alright, pal. Up and at, em’.” He said with his grin. “We got a long hike ahead of us, so eat something, and let’s get going.”
The mood was different for Terra as they journeyed South. She found herself finally being able to relax a bit as Locke and Edgar let their guard down. Though they received no escort, word traveled to the scouts. Patrols were roaming the lands and protecting the king as he traveled on foot with his companions. Her worries melted away as she found herself marveling at the beautiful sights.
Figaro was truly a bountiful land. Though her castle stood in the great desert, her countryside was not nearly as unforgiving. The weather was pleasant. The gentle sunlight beamed down on the grassy fields. The sun warmed Terra’s bones and calmed her spirit. Figaro’s snow-capped mountains looked picturesque, like from an oil painting. Not like those dreadful, sharp peaks of Narshe. Even the rains were gentle, warm and sweet. She made it a point to listen carefully to the world around her. The chirping of birds, the winds moving through the grassy fields, even her own breathing. They brought some peace to her frantic mind.
Edgar was leading the party to a remote hunting cabin that King Edwin had insisted on building for his queen, though she seldom used it. Edgar’s mother believed that sleeping outside and tempering the body to the elements was the only way a king should live. “It toughens up the blood” She would insist. Edgar would always secretly wish for a hot meal and a soft feather bed, and although he was too proud to admit it, his dad was the same way during a hunt.
Edgar caught himself chuckling quietly as he looked back on better times. The Knuckleheads were making chaos, causing a ruckus and making the castle their playground. The King was wise and good. The Queen, loving and strong-willed. “But those days are long gone,” he thought. He looked away as the smallest bit of sadness washed past his eyes.
The sadness was short lived when the sight made them stop dead in their tracks. They looked to the sky to see a massive ship sailing across the heavens. Her wooden hull soared above as countless propellers briskly spun. The ship was flying west towards the sea. Terra’s jaw dropped at the sight. Locke looked on begrudgingly while the king looked on with wonder.
“What is that?” Terra finally asked.
“That is The Blackjack, the flying casino.” Edgar said. “She’s one hell of a machine. The only one of her kind.”
“Yeah, but the Captain is a real piece of work.” Locke said before spitting on the ground.
“What do you mean?” Terra couldn’t keep her eyes off the ship.
“He gallivants around the world, living the high life.” Edgar explained. “He spends his days wandering, wooing women, and hosting high stakes poker games.” Edgar looked sullen. “I tried to buy into his last game and he said that I wasn’t rich enough for his blood.”
“But you’re a king!” Terra exclaimed.
“Indeed. That is what I told him.” He said with a sad look in his eyes. “But he assured me I couldn’t afford his price.”
“Yeah.” Locke agreed. “We’d never have a chance in hell of getting on board that thing.”
“What I wouldn’t give to get on board that ship.” Edgar said longingly. “I’d love to find out what makes her tick.”
“I wonder what the world looks like from up there.” Terra said hopefully.
They stood in silence as a warm breeze blew in their direction, as if to beckon them on.
Chapter 21
“Are you going to play or are you going to fold?” Commissioner Allyn asked as The Captain swirled his fine crystal wineglass. “You’re wasting my time, and my time is not yours to waste”. Setzer loved playing against The Commissioner. The Nikeah Trade Union always had plenty of money to burn, and its leader knew how to light a fire. Setzer quietly looked at his cards and placed them on the table as he took a long drink as he pondered his next move.
The Commissioner was on a hot streak. They had been playing for the better part of 12 hours and he was getting nothing but aces and kings. The Captain, on the other hand, was getting rags. Setzer Gabbiani hadn’t had a good hand all night as he quietly looked at his chip stack. He was short. In one bad hand, he could lose everything, even his fine doublet, quite possibly. The very thought excited him. Setzer looked at Allyn and gave him a cool smile.
“Impatient, aren’t we?” Setzer teased. “I didn’t know you were in such a hurry to leave my establishment.”
“I’m in a hurry to buy your vessel.” Allyn shot back. “I’m in a hurry to get this thing back to Nikeah.”
“That would be most unfortunate for me.” The captain responded before taking a sip of wine. “So tell me, how exactly are you going to take my wings from me?”
“You saw the bet. Five million gold pieces. From the looks of your stack, I’d say you have a couple of thousand at best.” He pointed out before taking a drag from his cigar. “Now, unless you just so happen to have 5 million, you’ll need to put something up. Now I’m sure that all of the luxurious finery you surround yourself isn’t worth that kind of money. But, I bet this ship is.”
“I wouldn’t take that bet.” Setzer said with a smirk. “She’s worth a lot more than that.”
“Not to me.” He snapped. “Five million is the bet. Your time’s up. Make a decision, what are you going to do?”
Setzer sat up from his seat and revealed the inside of his doublet. Just inside the coat pocket sat three bar room darts made of solid gold. He pulled one out and studied it. He played with the dart for a moment as he pondered. He looked to a dart board hanging on the wall to his right, then back to Commissioner Allyn. The look of tension on his face was almost comical to Setzer. Allyn may have been a man of leisure, but he couldn’t relax worth a damn.
“Well, I suppose I’ll let fate decide.” Setzer’s violet eyes met with the Commissioner's as he stared him down. In a quick flash, without aiming, he threw the dart at the board and it landed with a satisfying thud. A smile grew on his face as he kept glaring at Allyn. After what seemed like an eternity. Setzer looked over to see the dart sitting dead center in the double bullseye.
“Well, there you have it.” He said with certainty. “Looks like I’ll call you.”
Commissioner Allyn laughed heartily. “You are out of your mind, Setzer!”
Setzer shrugged. “Well, there is no point to living life if you’re not willing to gamble with it. Now, are you going to show me your cards, or should I just take your money now?”
The commissioner showed his cards. “Full house.” He said with a satisfied smile. “Jacks and Nines.” He chomped down on his cigar and looked at Setzer’s face. It showed him absolutely nothing.
Setzer sighed. “I am afraid I only have two pair.” He flipped over his cards. “Pair of deuces with another pair of deuces.”
The Commissioner's smile disappeared as the rage took over. His face turning beet red as he violently stood up. “You dirty little cheat!” he accused.
“Come now, my friend.” Setzer said as he leaned back comfortably in his seat. “You know I would never stoop to such low standards just to win a card game. Lady luck merely flashed me her grin, nothing more. Now, I am more than happy to give you a chance to win back your money if you desire.”
“Win back? No. I’m taking it back, alongside your ship, as payment for your cheating!”
“Sir, I have tolerated your blustering for the better part of 12 hours,” Stezter stated firmly, “I have taken it in stride as this has been a friendly game up to this point. However, if you continue to make such disgraceful accusations, will deal with you in an equally disgraceful manner.”
“I’d like to see you try, you son of a-”
Setzer picked up the 2 of diamonds and threw it at the Commissioner. Allyn laughed at the thought of being attacked with a playing card. Then he felt the side of his head start to sting. Then it started to bleed. Then it started to hurt. Allyn groaned in pain as he put pressure on the bleeding wound across his head. Setzer got up and walked over to him.
“Well, I believe that is enough excitement for one evening, wouldn’t you agree?” He said casually.
“You’re a dead man, Setzer Gabbiani. Mark my words.” The Commissioner Threatened.
“No, you mark mine.” He retorted. “I was able to disable you with the 2 of diamonds. That was one card. Now I’d like you to take a moment and imagine what I could do with the remaining 51.” That was exactly what The Commissioner did. He looked at his hand, he was bleeding more than he thought. The thought of what could happen turned his stomach. And that is when he noticed the friendly and playful demeanor of the gentleman gambler had disappeared, a cold and merciless look had taken over.
“However, I am more than willing to overlook this misunderstanding. After all, what’s a mistake between friends?” Setzer offered as he extended his hand. “All I expect is an apology.”
The Commissioner took his hand quickly and stood up. “Of course, I apologize. What I said was out of line. You played a fine hand, Captain”
“Think nothing of it.” Setzer said as he painfully tightened his grip on The Commissioner's hand. “Now, if you ever forget your manners in my establishment again, I promise you will spend the last moments of your life trying to fly. Have I made myself clear, Commissioner?”
“Yes. Perfectly clear, Captain.” Allyn responded immediately.
Setzer’s playful smile returned as he led the Commissioner out of the poker room. “Marvelous!” He exclaimed. “Let us retire to the lounge for a refreshment as I ferry you home. Are you still a rum drinker?” Setzer asked.
“I am.” Allyn replied humbled.
“Excellent. Shall I set a course for Nikeah?”
“That would be fine. Thank you, Captain.” Allyn said.
Setzer went above deck to the ship’s wheel. A crescent moon was shining in the night sky above the clouds as he steered his ship east towards Nikeah. He smiled as he felt the wind breeze through his long, silver hair. Setzer knew exactly what he was going to do to celebrate.
First stop: Jidoor for the appetizer.
It had been a long day and he needed a proper meal. Then a hot bath with a thinly rolled cigar. And to end the evening with a gorgeous woman and a good night’s sleep in his suite at the Silver Lantern Inn. Then after a glorious breakfast, off to his tailor’s to get fitted for a new doublet and maybe a new suit.
Second Stop: The Opera House for an evening of refined culture. It was opening night and Setzer was looking forward to the show. Aria de Mezzo Carattere was always one of his favorites. And a blonde goddess had been chosen for the part of Maria. Rumors of her beauty had traveled far and wide. He had to see if the rumors did her justice. He made a mental note to drop by the Jewlers in the banker’s district to pick out a diamond ring.
Setzer found himself in the mood for romance.

Writer's note: Yeah...been a while...
There really isn't much of an interesting story about why it's been almost half a year since my last post. Sufficed to say, life happened. Well...that and a move to the opposite side of the country. I have been working on the story on and off for a little bit, but nothing ever major. Because I got hit with a horrible case of burnout.
Then I started listening to Nobuo Uematsu's "Awakening" and the spark came back for a little bit. I wanted to switch things up as Setzer is one of my favorite characters in the game. I always had an interesting view on his character and I hope to explore that more now that I've gotten off of my butt and started to do some work once again.
But if I'm going to do that, I REALLY need to pace myself. So I'm hoping to do 2 to 3 chapters a month, hopefully more. I sincerely apologize for the delays. I really want to keep working on this. Thanks to all of you who were reading this since the beginning. I'm hoping to keep working with this story as time goes on, so thanks for sticking with it!
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Life Post FIRE Report for August 2020

As was requested by some of you, this will be a little more detailed in some ways than my previous reports, less detailed in other ways. I stopped working other than buying rentals in 2010, I hired my property manager to take over all day to day operations in 2013. My background is in various entrepreneurial adventures and service jobs. During my working career, my average income was less than $20K per year. I'm now in my mid 50s.
EXPENSES (my goal is to spend less than $10K per year total)
Total spent this month $424 (out of $500 budgeted)
The usual disclaimer here. I own my house and cars outright. This is only my actual spending for the month. One time things like property taxes (which are about $330 per year for my house) repairs, etc. are accounted for in the month they are actually spent.
Fixed Costs (These are basically all my monthly bills)
Car Insurance - $45 (this is liability only for 3 cars)
Cable (internet) - $70
Watesewetrash - $60
Cell phone - $35
Electric/Gas $100
Health Insurance $0 (do not currently have any)
Total $310 monthly
Of course there is a little variance from month to month in the electric and gas, but as one goes up, the other tends to go down. In reality it will vary from about $80 at the lowest to the highest of $120. This was a very low month, but I am keeping the average monthly cost here for simplicity in bookkeeping.
Variable costs (these are things I still spend on monthly, but are more in my control)
Gas for the cars $0 (I filled up last month when prices were cheap)
Groceries (includes pet food and toiletries) $90
Hair Cut (including tip) $14
Entertainment $0 (this doesn't mean I didn't have entertainment...just nothing that cost me any money. In fact, I won a total of $123 and had 4 free meals from the local casino because of their incentives to get you in the door. I only go through the free incentives and then stop, and never put any of my own money. This gives me 2 or 3 hours of "free" entertainment per week. I also had a free meal provided by an out of state investor, and went on a couple of hiking excursions with friends)
Total $114
NO other one time expenses for the month. So far my total for the year on these one time expenses is $3,020 (out of a budgeted $4000). The majority of this was car repairs from getting a car to sell.

Net Rental Income $11,435 (after all expenses including property management fees)
Dividends $438
Misc $123
Total Income $11,996

Monthly Investments
Stocks $5,539 (this includes dividend reinvestment)
Fundrise $2,120 (includes dividend reinvestment)
Money Market $4,006 (includes dividend reinvestment)
Total Investments (outside of real estate) $11,665

time I spend on the real estate
I get a lot of people wondering how much time I spend on the real estate, so I tracked it this month.
I looked at a total of 5 properties over 3 excursions during the month. Including travel time, this came to about 4 total hours.
I look at what new is available each morning which takes maybe 5 minutes each add another couple of hours.
Dealing with the paperwork at the end of the month (most of this is done by my property manager, I just have to go over the totals) takes about 30 minutes.
My property manager deals with the tenants and the remodels...these days it is pretty much autopilot and he knows what I want done and how....but he still comes by and/or calls me to update or ask my opinion. These phone calls, messages, and in person interactions added up to 2.5hrs...a large majority of that time was spent talking about things other than properties, but I'm not going to try to separate it.
So, total spent this month was about 9 hours on the business. It should be noted I wouldn't have to spend this much time. I enjoy looking for new houses to add to the portfolio. I could stop growing the business, let my PM take over everything and I would eliminate virtually everything except the paperwork I need for my taxes...which takes about the same amount of time as dealing with any other investment.
total invested vs. net worth
My total invested in real estate is under $500K (I don't keep a running monthly total on everything, but earlier this year when I added it up it was around $440k) net worth is tricky since it isn't a liquid investment, but if we use the 1% rule, it would make my portfolio worth about $1.5M
My total stock portfolio is now worth $222,274
My Fundrise portfolio is now worth $52,878
My cash (including cash equivalents) $34,342
Misc net worth including cars, art, and collectibles (very rough estimate) $75K

My future goals
I AM naturally frugal. It comes from living within my means on extremely low wages most of my life. But I'm not just saving for the fun of it (although I do think it is fun in many ways). I don't hesitate to spend on the things that are important to me, and I find ways to game most of my spending to get great deals.
I am now building wealth to donate to charity when I'm gone. I am working on starting an animal sheltevet clinic. My different investment accounts and real estate portfolio will go to fund this and other charities in what I hope will be in perpetuity.
I am also probably eventually going to buy another house for me to live in. I'm being very picky about this house, so nothing has ticked all the boxes yet. If and when that happens I'll probably turn my current house into another rental.
I'm going to sell off a couple of the collector cars and replace them with new cars, and pocket the profits to put toward future repairs or purchases.
Finally, this long post is almost over
If you read this whole thing, THANKS for the stamina. I've tried to address everything people have asked to see in these updates. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea...and that is fine. I do them in hopes of helping others by showing how different people handle different budgets. I always find them interesting when others share these kinds of details, so I'm trying to include everything I would want to see. That about wraps it up, please feel free to ask any questions.
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COVID-19 Megathread #6

This post is updated daily.
You can also follow the Reddit Live thread here.
COVID-19 has now infected more than 215,956 people. There have been 8,757 confirmed deaths and 84,080 confirmed recoveries attributed to the virus.
Recent Updates
Note: These are the updates from the last 48-72 hours.
MARCH 18 -
MARCH 17 -
MARCH 16 -
Tracking COVID-19
Reputable Sources for Information:
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2021 Casino Bonus - Win A Free Trip To Vegas!

The 21st Century has seen the boom in gambling in the city of Las Vegas, with the number of casino resorts reaching dizzy heights. However, despite the huge success of these ventures, many of the existing casinos are either closing down or are on the verge of it. And in case you're one among those people who are looking for a casino bonus or two, the Gambling Opportunities and 21st Century Casino Bonuses may be just what you're looking for. Here's a quick look at the casino bonuses offered by the different casinos in Las Vegas:
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The VIP Loaf bonus offers a very luxurious experience to all its patrons. It is an all-inclusive deal that comes with a casino package, dinner for two at the Parisian Ritz Carlton, tickets for a premiere show of your choice from Cirque du Soleil or tickets to the sold out performance of your favorite band from Las Vegas. For the gala dinner, make sure to pick up a gourmet meal ticket. Also, the cost per person of the entire dinner is just under seven hundred and fifty US dollars. For more information and details, check out the website of 21st century gambling.
Now, if you want to be a winner at this casino, you better watch out for its "power play" wherein its "gamblers club" will reward you if you can beat the house. Just like any other casino, here too you need to buy a certain amount of chips. When you do so, you'll be given an allowance of time to play the game for which you've been given a specific amount of chips. So, basically, there's no limit on how much money you can win. As such, winning here really isn't that hard.
This casino offers a unique gaming experience that is not available anywhere else in the world. So, the best thing to do to get the most out of it is to play the game right. Get some practice before you go in to play the game, get some tips from the live dealer, talk to some experts and you should have an excellent chance of winning here.
This is the perfect casino to hone your skills in. Remember to always play it safe by only spending money you can afford to lose. This will help you win the maximum bonus at the minimum cost. And also, remember that this bonus is not transferable to other casinos, only to this specific one.
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D100(or more)Non-Violent Quests

Hey, so my old account got compromised and due to some issues I couldn’t fix it. So I’m reposting from where I left off. Feel free to suggest more than 100 since we were nearly there anyway.
  1. Convince a loan shark to forgive a mans debt
  2. Helping a poor lad win a race so that he can win the heart of his crush.
  3. Babysit for a friendly fey power-couple whose magically-gifted children love playing games like "the floor is made of lava," "don't let the balloon touch the ground," and "freeze tag."
  4. Light all the sacred shrine lanterns along a deserted mountain trail.
  5. Investigate the site of a meteor crash in the deep woods.
  6. Track down a cow that broke free from the herd and return it to the farmer (alive)
  7. convince someones child not to become a soldie adventurer.
  8. Convince someone's parents that they should allow their child to be a soldier or adventurer.
  9. Take a lesson from a BARD and make a performance.
  10. Use your spells to aide in a Play or performance.
  11. Look into strange happenings around town. (It's just restless kids/ teens playing pranks)
  12. Take some food/ supplies to the orphanage outside of town.
  13. Help gather food for the upcoming celebratory feast (fruit from the orchard, grain or vegetables from the fields, herbs and mushrooms from the forest, etc. Choose what makes most sense in your setting)
  14. Harvest honey from a certain beehive with the sweetest honey. The bees there are notoriously ornery.
  15. Gather rare medicinal herbs to help the local healer brew a salve for Little Timmy who's sick.
  16. The town's blacksmith has broken his arm. Figure out a way to keep the town supplied until he's back on his feet.
  17. An NPC's party is a total snooze fest. Liven it up. Let your players interpret that as they wish...
  18. Negotiate with the local kobold tribe over mining rights and dues.
  19. Spy on the populace for a local lord, to find the insurrectionists.
  20. Convince a proud weapon smith to make plow shares, instead of his legendary blades. (The blades end up sentient and cursed after so many battles.)
  21. Infiltrate a thieves guild, to unmask the new “Puppet Master.”
  22. Rebuild a home destroyed by bandits
  23. Help a local cleric move a sofa
  24. Re-light a signal fire on top of a mountain
  25. Participate in a talent show
  26. Challenge the village bullies to a game of basketball
  27. Deliver secret letters for two star crossed lovers from rival houses.
  28. Solve the murder mystery.
  29. Find the elven queen and get magical soil and seeds to heal the recently cleaned blighted forest.
  30. Win a tournament of carnival games.
  31. Win a pokecard/dice tournament.
  32. Deliver a love letter.
  33. Take a group to the school prom.
  34. Fix up a bunch of broken items in the shopkeeper’s place.
  35. Be a member of the jury for a very grey case
  36. Set up trade agreements between competing guilds to help alleviate the amount of sabotage in the business.
  37. Train a group of guards in how to anticipate the often unpredictable actions of adventurers.
  38. Host a support group for "I think my child might be turning evil"
  39. Resolve a miner’s strike for the local magistrate.
  40. Save a servant’s job by finding the missing silver and prove she didn’t pilfer it.
  41. Raise funds from the tight-fisted local aristocracy to build an orphanage for the children orphaned by the recent war, to which the local aristocracy was heavily called upon to financially support by the Baron/Duchess/Queen, etc.
  42. Perform a puppet show for the children of a fey court to keep them entertained and out of mischief while their parents/guardians attend court.
  43. Collect living magical beasts for the local Countess’s Mystical Menagerie.
  44. Take the Baroness’s teenage son on a “heroic adventure” as he is enamored with adventurers and longs for an epic quest, but is socially awkward, bad with weapons, clumsy, and so far unable to learn even cantrips. They are forbidden from placing him in front of any real threat. Do they put on a completely faux adventure or attempt to build his confidence and teach him skills?
  45. Prove the innocence of a man accused of theft of a noble's jewels
  46. Find a way to repair a large windmill that helps drive the town
  47. Put on a play for a group of orphans after the local actor troupe quit
  48. Interview witnesses of a possible murder
  49. Interview applicants for the job of henchman
  50. Get alchemical supplies for healing potions to a remote town dealing with a disease outbreak
  51. Deal with a noble's son bullying and throwing his weight around
  52. Plan security for a festival. They have to be careful, too tight and it's no fun. Too loose, and it can get out of hand. Include different areas where things can go wrong (party boats, shooting range, stuff for kids in the morning).
  53. A local orphanage is going to be shut down. The only way to keep it open is to win the cash prize at the local talent show/battle of the bands.
  54. A series of combat fake-outs where a siege turns out to be a festival, but the party needs to convince them to clear a path from the front gate. Then some marauders attack but it turns out they're just larping, but they are still bothering travelers, etc.
  55. Help Catsy Cline the tabaxi farmer do chores around her farm with lots of unusual creatures.
  56. Help a group of mourners put on a funeral. You'll need to play music and cater food.
  57. Try to beat the Fairy Godfather at a casino game to win a magic item.
  58. A woman's flock of prize chickens were spooked away by last night's storm. They look to be a different breed than most other chickens in the area. Help her round them up safe and sound and she'll give you a warm meal and a small reward.
  59. A young boy asks for help to find his runaway family dog. He gives you a shabby old blanket covered in fur and tells you it was her favorite. Under the smudges of mud and dead leaves, you notice finely embroidered clothes that suggest that he comes from a wealthy family.
  60. A performer who was supposed to make an appearance at the tavern the party is staying at hasn't shown up yet. Either find them or stall for time so the crowd doesn't get bored!
  61. A house party in the city has been getting lots of noise complaints. Break it up and send the drunk guests home.
  62. A little girl's direcat got stuck in a tree.
  63. A wizard's familiar is going on strike. Apparently it doesn't like dying so much.
  64. Find a very small lost item.
  65. Be bodyguards for someone who just wants them for the prestige. They are incredibly irritating but under no threat of violence.
  66. Retrieve a blink dog or semi intangible animal.
  67. Write a diplomatic letter for an inept ruler to prevent disaster.
  68. Help out local farmers before the first frost rolls in.
  69. Babysit a powerfully magical infant.
  70. Rescue a cat from a giant magical tree (its near the top)
  71. Find and bring back a child lost in a maze (the maze changes and uses illusions)
  72. Fill in for some performers who are unavailable (sick, hurt, left). Could be a play, stunts, music, etc. (lots of role playing, write an outline of challenges they'll encounter during it)
  73. Help someone find a loophole in a contact with a demon / fey
  74. Gather rare ingredients for a particular perfume, poison, or potion for an alchemist.
  75. Help the local blacksmith with their next armor piece.
  76. Baby sit a bunch of old time adventures with dementia. Their class abilities are still intact, they're just senile.
  77. Someone seeks help in solving a magical puzzle box they inherited from a family member.
  78. Plant some false information, either by rumour, or in letter form. Make sure the correct people learn this information. Bonuses for making them believe it comes from an enemy of theirs, not the player, and is supposed to be secret.
  79. Help a local chef win a cook off by gathering his necessary exotic ingredients (marketplace, dark market, going and getting them yourself from the wilderness)
  80. Go with a dragon studies professor to study a dragon's habits.
  81. A changling has a sword pulled on them by their friends after telling them they're a changling.
  82. Declog a sewer pipe in the sewers beneath the city. There is a homeless werebeaver living there that is unknowingly building a dam, causing the blockage, during full moons.
  83. Track down a cowardly sentient ooze with a magic item.
  84. Win a poetry competition in a cave of intelligent pacifist orcs
  85. Help a lone forest dweller unblock the mountain path from storm debris
  86. Help an astral dragon return to its home plane.
  87. Help with rebuilding an intricate shrine so the settlement it's built around can receive the blessing of its god(s) once more. Proper reconstruction probably requires it to be partly made of rare materials using exotic techniques.
  88. Help the festival planners in preventing an important festival competition/election/nomination from being rigged.
  89. Accompany a famous explorer(s) as they seek to catalog new sights with the aid of 'fresh yet experienced perspectives'.
  90. Rescue a merchant caravan trapped in a stormy mountain pass.
  91. Tutor a newborn demigodlike being in mortal matters, so that it can blend in with the mortal family it is raised with.
  92. Help the local government investigate and assess candidates for an office of high esteem, requiring specific traits e.g. unwavering loyalty, honesty, a propensity for pragmatism, etc.
  93. Bring a renowned artist to somewhere they've never been so they can become inspired once more.
  94. One of the locals owns a hyperactive blink dog as a pet. Recently they hurt their leg so need someone to take it for a walk. WCGW.
  95. Recover several missing sandbags and get them to the town before the coming storm.
  96. Be lab rats for a potion maker
  97. Cooking contest
  98. Help out with a concert by a traveling bard by doing behind the scenes stuff
  99. Be actors in a play
  100. Help extinguish a large fire
  101. Give a lecture on adventuring to some students
  102. Find a way to open a mysterious old door that's been locked for centuries.
  103. Retrieve a bunch of magical animals for a wizard
  104. Broker a peace treaty between two warring kingdoms.
  105. Help a lost child find their parents.
  106. Rehabilitate a criminal seeking redemption back into society.
  107. Fix the town's well
  108. Mend the relationship of two old friends who were partners in a vital business to the village
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Explanation of the terms in the Iceberg of Final Fantasy XIV secrets and conspiracies.

Greetings my fellows Final Fantasy XIV players. My name is Sirocco "Shameless Flirter" Occoris, and I have been playing FF14 since the first day of 2.0 Early Access (so almost 7 years) and never actually stopped playing. My /playtime is 1253 days and with the permission of u/papayatulus to use his iceberg picture as the reference I will try to explain all the terms that are on that. His original thread is here A user wishes someone to explain all to them so I'm here to fulfill that request. Please feel free to let me know if I have anything wrong. This post will be full of spoilers big and small, so please read at your own risks.
Note: From this point onward (the third row), there appears to be less and less known features and more memes.
Note: Most of the terms in the bottom row are memes.
Thank you all if I use any of the threads that you started.
Edit 1: Thank you very much for the medal!
Edit 2: I was able to clarify a few terms and make some adjustments thanks to the people commenting below.
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True Flip Casino 30 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

True Flip Casino 30 No Deposit Free Spins Bonus Code

True Flip Casino Review & Free Bonuses
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The tournaments are one of our personal favourite additions to this website. It invites players to join real money slot tournaments whereby every spin awards points and boosts the player up the leaderboard.
We’ve always had a soft spot for these events as you don’t need to pay to enter and you lose absolutely nothing by taking part. If you were planning a slot session anyway, just join the tournament and in addition to those real money earnings, you may collect some prizes.
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If you’re really into cryptocurrency investment and enjoy playing at True Flip Casino, we recommend looking into these coins. However, we’re not here to make investment advice or to speculate, so we can’t advise one way or the other.
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Software and Games

NetEnt, Quickspin, Betsoft, and Pragmatic Play all provide quality 3D real money slots for True Flip Casino, and these are just a few of the many developers you’ll find here. Play games like Punk Rocker, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Bells on Fire, Sticky Bandits, and more. In addition, it has games from the Quickfire platform, which is powered by Microgaming and includes titles like the hugely popular, record-breaking Mega Moolah.
As for the table games, these include multiple varieties of Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack, including Bonus Roulette, European Roulette, Magic Poker, Jacks or Better, and Pontoon.
Thanks to the inclusion of Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play Live, the True Flip Casino Live Casino is vast and diverse, from the sparkly and energetic Lightning series to gameshow classics based on Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, and Wheel of Fortune. It’s immersion at its very best, with high-tech streams, state of the art studios, and a team of friendly and attractive dealers.
There is a little something for everyone and all games are supported by mobile. Use the filters in the True Flip Casino games room to explore all of the following types of games:
  • Slots: A varied selection of bonus slots and video slots from some of the biggest names in the business.
  • Blackjack: Try your hand at Pontoon, Classic Blackjack, and over a dozen other takes on this great game.
  • Roulette: Includes French and American Roulette.
  • Cards: Poker, Baccarat, and other popular card games.
  • Dice: Includes both Craps and Sic Bo, as well as unique variants like Lightning Dice.
  • Popular: A selection of the most popular games right now.


  • Solid Customer Support
  • Good User Reviews
  • Live Chat Facility
  • Big Welcome Bonus
  • Great Design
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Payment Options

True Flip Casino blends cryptocurrency payment options and traditional payment options in a way that is sure to please everyone. Not only can you choose from popular services like MuchBetter and ecoPayz, as well as digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple, but you can collect big bonuses and take part in tournaments regardless of your chosen method.
All withdrawals are advertised as “instant” and in our experience, they actually are! That may sound like a redundant statement, but “instant” and “fast” are pretty broad terms in the online gambling industry. It’s like “premium” in the food industry—something you’ll see on everything from the finest steaks to the cheapest frozen meals.
In many instances, you could swap “fast payments” for “you’ll definitely get your winnings this year”, but with True Flip Casino, it genuinely is quick. We tried traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies and on both occasions, our winnings were available within an hour.
If you have an issue with your chosen payment method, just hit the Live Chat icon and speak with one of the company’s very knowledgeable and helpful customer support reps. This service is available to members and non-members. If preferred, you can add the company on WhatsApp (+447441951376) or send an email ([email protected]).

Everything Else

It’s important for online casinos to adopt strict responsible gambling procedures, and True Flip Casino does just that. It gives players multiple options to restrict their accounts, safeguard their finances, and get their gambling under control.
Some of the tools offered to problem gamblers include:
  • Registration Limit: Prevent yourself from ever becoming a True Flip Casino member.
  • Deposit Limit: Tell the casino how much you want to spend each month and set limits to ensure you can never go above these amounts.
  • Loss Limits: Instead of limiting your deposits, a Loss Limit will restrict your losses, which means you won’t be forced to stop in your tracks if you are on a winning streak.
  • Session Limit: Do you find that you take more risks and bet more money when playing for long periods of time? Limit yourself to specific timeframes to prevent this.
  • Wagering Limit: Restrict how much you can wager per game.
  • Time Alert: An alert that activate at pre-determined intervals and remind you how long you have been playing. An ideal tool if you find that time flies when you’re gambling.
  • Game Limit: Are you a dab hand at Poker but always lose money when playing real money slots? Use this tool to prevent you from playing slot games.
  • Self-Exclusion: When you’re ready to call it a day, use this feature. It will prevent you from gaining access to the site for a fixed period of time.
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True Flip Casino Reviews

Online casinos attract a lot of hatred, perhaps more so than any other industry. If you’re been involved with this industry for a long time and have played multiple casinos in that time, there’s a good chance you will have had numerous negative experiences. But how many of these are actually the fault of the casino?
Players leave bad reviews when they are required to submit verification information. They leave bad reviews when their country is restricted, they can’t gamble with credit cards, and when they don’t win. These are not the fault of the casino, but that doesn’t stop the deluge of bad reviews.
It’s one of the few industries where you can do nothing wrong, go out of your way to please people, and still attract a horde of bad reviews.
It’s a surprise, therefore, when sites like True Flip Casino have predominantly good reviews. In fact, we struggled to find any genuine unresolved complaints or scathing reviews, and that’s always a very good sign.
After all, this online casino has been active since 2017, which is more than enough time to attract a few angry, frustrated, and/or unreasonable players.
True Flip Casino reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Furthermore, the casino makes an effort to respond to all reviews, whether they are offering high praise or pointing out a few minor issues.
As mentioned in our many other guides to Bitcoin casinos, this is a very positive practice. It is proof that the casino is dedicated to pleasing its players at all costs. Many casinos don’t do this, and many of the ones that do tend to go about it all wrong.
In our casino review, for instance, we noted how the casino responds to fewer than 1 in 5 bad reviews and tends to be somewhat combative in these responses.
If you want to know how good a casino’s customer care is before you join, take a look at its reviews. Does the company respond and, if so, does it respond directly to the consumer and focus on their needs, or does it write in a way that speaks only to potential customers reading the comments?


True Flip Casino is a very attractive online casino that tries to be different and succeeds. It offers some big bonuses and even has its very own cryptocurrency. Participate in numerous slot tournaments, keep your eye on the value of True Flip Coins and Bitcoins, and play your favourite games safe in the knowledge that your account is secure and your wagers are fair.
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A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers: Chapter Five, Part 19.5: The Beginning of the End

Act 1: The Steakhouse
The Golden Grin was always a prosperous casino, my business was booming with waves of gamblers pouring their life savings into my vault like how tea gets poured into the teacup. I had to settle a few things internally within my management, but nothing new for me, especially for trips back to either Makai or the Lunar Capital.
Me, Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko were to meet up in a high class steakhouse around Murkywater's airport. Located below a steep hillside and being considered a "restricted area," it was the perfect place for Murkywater, a convenient place to hide stash dark secrets while being off the radar.
My bodyguard, an ex-GenSec Elite, was with me in the front seat of my Falcogini. I was going to meet up with 5 at the steakhouse with my bodyguard driving the car back to the Grin. Luckily for me, I had a deal with GenSec where my personal vehicle would be transported anyone under my request, they needed to save face and have financial gain after being embarrassed by my crew.
"I'll stop here. Here are the keys, drive back to GenSec and say that I was dropped off in the proper location, got it?"
"Yes, Mr.Hoxworth."
I parked the car and gave the keys to my bodyguard. Then, then started driving off to to the airport so that he can park this thing back in Vegas. Loyal guy I must say, does my requests without asking questions. No matter how questionable the circumstances are.
Now to wait for Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko. For whatever reason, they didn't have transportation, so I paid Twitch to pick them up with his van and promised to let him eat dinner with us, I supposed it was the least I could do to keep him as a reliable getaway.
After smoking a cigarette outside in the smoking area, the 5 of them arrived. I pressured Dust and Kaguya to look a "little different" as I don't need to answer stupid questions from any 'heroes.' My mother and Yumeko were fine, since none of the bastards could of knew anything about Makai.
After properly introducing the 5 of us to Twitch, the 6 of us walked in the steakout. The employee at the front had to write down our names due to "company policy" and that nonsense. Knowing 2 of them were wanted fugitives, I gave them these names in order, from me, Mom, Yumeko, Dust, Kaguya, and Twitch, respectively.
  1. James Hoxworth
  2. Lucifer Hoxworth
  3. Yumeko Hoxworth
  4. Dustin Wang
  5. Teruyo Houraisan
  6. Neil MacCauley#Twitch)
My status as the owner of the most prosperous casino on Earth made the employee's eyes shine brighter than that one time where Sariel pulled a mean joke on me and said I was locked up in Heaven. I'm still going to get her for that. Cheeky bastard.
"I-it's been an honor serving you. M-Mr.Hoxworth. May I get a trip to your casino to gamble or something? This job is pretty dead end..."
I just looked away and smiled, it was stressful living a quad life as a casino tycoon, bank robber, Lunarian prince, and demon lord.
Now my mother and older sister were interested in the human world, as it's been something they've taken a interest in ever since that failed tour agency. And with my return, they wanted to see what I've accomplished in the human world and learn my experienced.
I knew what I wanted, a ribeye steak with mashed potatoes and loaded cauliflower, along with their finest beer. Mom and Yumeko were confused on what they wanted, so I told them that I can cover them, I mean I've seen Yumeko cook before, I can identify exactly what would satisfy them.
Twitch was asking if this dinner would cut his overall payment, knowing that he's important for the plan and wanting to be on his good side, I promised him that it wouldn't and that this would be a professional courtesy. After settling that with him, he ordered steak burger, fries, steamed vegetables, and a Coke. I was about to taunt him about stealing his fries and saying that's the payment, but not in front of my mom. That's embarrassing.
Kaguya and Dust ordered the same steak and beverage, being sirloin, and sake. I mean I like sake, but it wasn't made by the Lunarians or Eirin so I just ditched it for an all-time favorite Earthly drink of mine, being some proper tea. For the side, Dust got broccoli, and Kaguya got a loaded potato.
After finishing my meal, I went outside to the smoking area, checked for eavesdroppers, took out my phone, and called Dallas, he was going to be needed soon to transport all the youkai and whoever Murkywater was keeping hostage, "Hey Nathan... it's James. You think you could sail in your yacht around Oregon?"
"Sure buddy, I missed seeing us 4 together. Me, Nicolas, Wolf, and you. Like old times. Say... how's the Grin, I heard you've been making massive profits. You doing OK over there?"
"Yep, I fucking am. Anyways, be seeing you Dallas."
"Farewell, Hoxton."
Dallas was the first of many calls I had to make, now I gotta call Bile, since he would be delivering Twitch to Dallas' yacht, and being part of multiple escape plans I had for Hell's Island. Either we get out through plane, yacht, or multiple helicopter extractions.
After discussing what the helicopter might need to do, I finished my call with Bile, it was time to make one final one with Locke before the airport raid.
"Heyo, Locke."
"Ahh, Hoxton, you chop. You want to know more about the Murkywater operations, yes? Fo' sho!
Hey listen, I heard that their final 2 planes, similar to the one back in the Birth of Sky Job that I smuggled you onto... they're leaving from that airport I told you about, with their final place being Hell's Island. Now I couldn't get exact details, but those dwankie bastards have made some upgrades from last time. This one is for Bain... yeah?"
"Yeah Locke, this one is for Bain, we owe him one...
anyways, I'll be seeing you on the Medic Bag..."
"Anyways... it seems that those Murky Bastards are losing. If you think you got a little bit more lead in your pencil and wanted to fu-"
"Locke, shut up! My mom is going outside, gotta hang up."
My mom walked outside and asked who I was talking to. I just replied that it was an old friend of mine. Now she was uncomfortable knowing what she had to do. After all, ever since Mystic Square, she has been completely reluctant to use her full power.
But I had to keep persuading her that this one was for Alice. I know how that would fuck with her psyche, but I wanted to send GenSec and Murkywater a message that they were fucked, and that she would die for Alice.
After talking to Mom a little more and hanging up on Locke, the waiter responsible for our food gave us the bill and I paid up. They offered desserts and I could easily pay for that, but those 5 were done, it was pretty cheap all things considered.
We were ready to take on Murkywater's last stand. Twitch had stashed Kaguya and Dust's weapons in his van, while my stuff was located in a pocket dimension. We're finishing this war my first crew started with Murkywater, and there's nothing they can do about it...
Us 6 went in the van, Twitch was obviously driving, I called shotgun, and everyone else could suffer in the back. Not my problem. This was it, if my first crew couldn't put the final nail in Murkywater's coffin, then this crew will.

Act 2: Murky Airport
"Hey Twitch, thanks for doing this for us."
"No problem, man. Hey, I'm supposed to go to a helicopter, right? I'm supposed to meet up with a guy named Bile?"
"Yeah... tell him that Hoxton sent you. Enjoy your free stay on a luxury yacht."
"I'm going to miss driving this baby for a bit. My beautiful hunk of metal."
We took our gear and got off this hillside above this dirty Murkywater den. Those bastards took my sister, my boss. Now I will take them. I don't care who's responsible, whether those Kataru bastards have returned or not, it's the beginning of the end for them, the final crackdown.
I grabbed an old friend of mine, my M1A SOCOM 16, my best friend since the first Green Bridge job, sniping coppers across that gauntlet. Wielding my silenced Bernetti and my akimbo Glock 18s. The plan was for me to blow off any heads of camping pigs on the control tower while the 4 others storm the place. I don't know how Mom will feel about doing what I have planned, not after what happened last time, but she would do anything for Alice's safety...
Sliding down the hill, I drew my silenced pistol and shot a Murkywater guard in the back of the head. I know tripping any alarms, even for a brief second will cause the cops to come assault us, and with their firing advantage up in that control tower, I need to take that over.
Hearing the guard barely breathing, I snapped his neck and threw him in a dumpster, leaving a small blood trail behind, I only have minutes now before some rent-a-soldier gets suspicious and raises the alarm. Good thing my 6th sense detected nobody around the control tower. It was time to climb a tower!
I grew 6 wings and began scaling the tower, while I could just fly us quickly, I also run the risk of letting someone hear me, at least with climbing, I just need to hide in the shadows and let my wings do the work. I had other tricks, but I forgot to plan for those, and I rather not risk failing because something sounds or even is easier.
Cutting open the window with my wings, I turned intangible and slit the throat of all the guards and eye of the cameras with my wings. I could grow as many as I desired to, but 6 felt just right. I took whatever equipment they had to make an improvised rope or chain or something of that nature, using their handcuffs and other equipment, I chained the door together. Salvaging whatever I could use on the Hell's Island raid, I signaled the 4 to go... 2 hangers. 2 planes.
With my rifle in hand, and a happy trigger finger, it was time to have some fun again. Let's do this!
Dust's Perspective Now
Something in my body feels odd, like it wants to jump out, but it knows that now is not the time. For us 4, we understand we need to secure the airport to leave. I don't know exactly what Hoxton was saying outside the steakhouse, but he probably knows what he's doing. After all, he's one of the most notorious members of his gang.
I heard multiple back-to-back gunshots and a guy yelling "Sound the alarm, we got enemy snipers!" That was a signal for us to rush in and go in guns a-blazing, but it was just me, Yumeko, and Kaguya that was storming the hangar. For Shinki... I saw 6 white wings sprouting out her back, but she wasn't flying, or doing anything... what the Hell was she doing?
Hearing the sirens and desperation of Murkywater. Something felt bad after sliding down the hill into cover, I heard, "ALRIGHT!!! The turrets are about to be here any minute, time to turn this around!" over a megaphone. I didn't want to look behind me, maybe Shinki had a death wish, maybe she had something else in mind. It didn't matter, this was Hoxton's mother, and knowing Hox's capabilities, she probably has her own surprises.
Taking my Tempest-21s, I stormed the first hanger with Kaguya. Popping Murkies with my wife, we make a good team, but above all, a good couple. Yumeko went alone to Hangar 2 by herself. I peeked around a corner and unloaded, Kaguya leapt over me and possibly decapitated a few guards. My ammo was running dry, and I reloaded. I then heard the bulletstorm trying to force Kaguya out of cover.
I saw a distortion in front of me. Yumeko, that's her, right? I hope so. We saw her running through, turning intangible into a green outline the split second a bullet would of hit her. The guards were yelling things such as, "THIS IS A COLOSSAL GOATFUCK!" and "Who the fuck are these guys, ex-military?!!"
Since the guards were focused on Yumeko, with Hoxton laughing his ass off at everyone who tried to hide behind a van or something. I used my small time window with Yumeko taking them on, I inspected the Murky hardware. They had things that I could sell at a healthy profit.
Unmarked weaponry, with an excess of battle rifles, specifically Eagle Heavies along with 7.62x51 rounds, Jackals with .45 ACP, and so much more. I think Hoxton would love the spare 7.62x51 with his M308, as he's been doing some great work as a sniper. I started bagging up the things that I could steal for myself and sell at a healthy price and smuggled it onto the plane.
Checking for Murkywater PMCs in the plane, I realized that we might need them alive, so I called over Kaguya and we intentionally crippled anyone else remaining inside. It seemed that Hox knew exactly that they were starting their preparations for leaving. How deep does this guy's connections go? Taking their handcuffs, me and Kaguya chained them together.
"We'll play with these soon~ but for now, we gotta get everyone off Hell's Island."
I went outside and it seemed that Yumeko is standing down the SWAT Van turrets, red lasers and guns were pointed at her and started firing, but Shinki showed up and took it all.
Us 3 took cover and saw what was there, an army of GenSec Elites, FBI SWATs, SWAT turrets, and helicopters.
What the fuck was she trying to pull off without fighting back? A peace offering? Not with possibly dozens, or even hundreds of armed officers willing to kill us. But her wings started to glow darker, and there I heard her speaking. It was unsettling, especially with demonic presence encompassing us all.
"Doing this last time hurt me more than anything... all the pantheon of so-called gods that tried attacking me. Any ungrateful demon from eons past that tried rebelling against their mother in a sad attempt to overthrow her. Nothing will hurt as what I did to my realm before...
However... you took Alice and her friends away, and for that, you will pay dearly. You only have seconds to enjoy what is left of your tiny lives."
We heard at least millions of rounds being fired from all the turrets, JP36s, Jackals, M1014s, CAR-4s, R870s, and whatever GenSec and the FBI had up their sleeve, but it was useless against her, no bullet holes, no flinching, no reaction. Just a very pissed off Shinki.
We all watched as Shinki unleashed her wrath onto the cops. As fires raged throughout the improvised wall of cops, SWAT Vans, and helicopters, I heard the screams. The explosions, the wreckage, all of that shocked us with the pure violence that was displayed in front of our very eyes.
Back at San Martin, we were shocked at what Sariel did, but Shinki. Holy shit, we're glad she's on our side! There were lasers that appeared to be unmaking anything it touches, spikes that would pierce through cop and vehicle alike before impaling themselves into something, and snake creatures cleaning up the wreckage.
I took this time to steal more of Murkywater's loot for myself as Shinki was destroying everything. I though to myself, Wait... if she's indiscriminately firing at them, then how are we not getting hit? Then I saw it, Hoxton was using his magic and his hands were starting to shake. He was taking the full force of Shinki's wrath!
I saw that he was approaching us and was a bit tired.
"Alright you wankers... don't fucking tell my Mom that my hands were broken in order to protect you from god's fucking wrath. She still has flashbacks from that shite back in Mystic Square, don't need that to be the first thing in her mind, got it?"
Hoxton took out one of his first aid kits and found a gauze, he wrapped his hands in a fashion to that of a boxer, while saying. "Heh, I wasn't allowed to do this for bare knuckle brawling. Gonna love to punch some Murkies today. Ha ha ha."
After overhearing that the police will retreat with a bigger assault force that would involve the ZEALs, the National Guard, and possibly the entire U.S. military. Remembering what happened the last time the military was going to be called in, we had to go quickly, or else we'll be eating an anti-aircraft gun for desert, or a nuclear missile...
"Hey wankers... get prepared, I'm going to do something."
Hoxton's Last Word: Makai's Rebirth ~ Apocalyptic Undoing
"I can't hold on to this for too long... fuck. I turned this place into a part of Makai temporarily... dimensional barrier confusing the pigs. JUST FUCKING GO!!!"
The sky turned even darker than the night sky we were under, it was so beautiful in it's own way, it was feeling like a demonic reflection of this world in many ways... maybe I should take the rest of Eientei to Makai for vacation, I know the Buddhist monk was sealed there and she thought it was a nice place.
Going back onto the plane, with all their equipment smuggled, I asked Yumeko for a flaming sword and interrogated a few of them. After some resistance, which was short-lived as Hoxton broke their bones with each hit, we found the pilots, and had to do lots of persuading to get Shinki to possess them.
"I didn't want to do this... there's a reason I left. Oh well... this one is for Alice."
Shinki then possessed them, forcing them to start flying, I had an idea to make an entrance to Hell's Island. Now I still wanted my beautiful firearms to sell, and maybe this idea might have them burn up in flames. But... this is for Gensokyo.
I went on the plane with everyone else behind me. Shinki completely took over the souls of the pilots and and we were starting to fly out the airport. I saw Yumeko giving Kaguya one of her flaming swords. I felt that Hoxton's Last Word started to end and it finished with a demonic storm. I heard the sirens and ultimatums over a radio. Now, it would be the best time to go.
Few minutes later, in the sky...
"That's right, we're getting out by a yacht. Don't worry, I know the guy who owns that boat. But first, we better make sure Hell's Island is forever destroyed...
You're still worried about my hands... aren't you? Well I'll just tell you something, I can't be as trigger happy as I usually am, still doesn't mean I won't be able to tear a Murk in 2."
"Hoxton... I feel strange, like something will happen. You know what's going on?"
"Nope, but it's something good, I know that much.
Anyways... I'm seeing if these twats have any good movies, if they don't, then I'm throwing them out the plane. It's not like they can track it back to u-"
"Hox... we still need them to blackmail Murky-"
"They have the entirety of Gensokyo in there, what fucking blackmail? These guys are the lowest of the low in Murkywater's army. Anyways, I'm watching a fucking movie with my mom."
Then, I left and took cupcakes from a refrigerator, grabbing 2 chairs at a table and eating them with Kaguya, we know what's happening next. We would ask Hoxton to call in the Lunarians, but Kaguya doesn't want to go back... regardless, this will be our tale against Murkywater, A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers.
To be continued in Part 20 (Not by me)...
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Trade responsibly,

Good luck today guys, hope everyone makes some tendies
Edit 8:30PM Thanks for the love and awards guys, hope everyone ended the week off positive, enjoy your weekend.
Of note for Airlines (LUV, DAL, AAL, UAL), the Airlines for Americas trade association says the industry needs “immediate financial assistance” to protect the 11mln jobs it represents.
Of note for Banks (JPM, C, MS, BAC, GS), the Fed is encouraged by a notable increase in discount window borrowing as banks show a willingness to use the window as a funding source to support the flow of credit to households and businesses.
Of note for Car Rental Services (HTZ, CAR), both Hertz and Avis Budget Corp have requested aid from the US government.

Dow Jones

Apple Inc. (AAPL) supply chain is reportedly still facing supply disruptions even as China recovers due to factory closures of suppliers in Malaysia. Elsewhere, it has limited the number of purchases on its iPhones to two per customer in the US and China, according to Canalys.
Boeing Company (BA) is reportedly leaning towards a temporary halt of operations at its twin-aisle jetliner factories due to the spread of the coronavirus, according to people familiar with the matter, in a similar move to Airbus (AIR FP).
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Global Supply Chain Officer Wengel announced its supply chain is currently holding steady and meeting patient needs.
Walmart (WMT) announced it is planning to give special cash bonuses for hourly associates for their work during the current conditions with full-time associates receiving USD 300 and part-time associates receiving USD 150, which will equate to USD 365mln. WMT is to also accelerate its next bonus for store, club and supply chain associates which will equate to USD 180mln, overall it will equate to USD 550mln, the co. says. WMT is to also hire over 150k hourly employees as the number of shoppers increases.

Nasdaq 100 Inc. (AMZN)– Some sellers state its decision to stop receiving non-essential inventory in response to the coronavirus pandemic could limit sales they need to make payments on its loans from Amazon.
Tesla (TSLA) announced it decided to temporarily suspend production at its Fremont, California factory and NY Factory after March 23rd. Elsewhere, CEO Musk announced his factories are working on ventilators to address a potential shortage.
United Continental Holdings (UAL)Apollo Global Management (APO) has reportedly purchased part of the airlines USD 2bln loan from a group of banks, according to people familiar with the matter.

S&P 500

Accenture plc (ACN) had its PT cut at a number of brokers, however, they were positive on its ability to continue through the coronavirus crisis.
AFLAC Inc (AFL) American Family Life Assurance of Columbus and New York agreed to acquire Zurich North America's US corporate Life and Pensions. AFL expects the acquisition to be dilutive to 2020 adj. EPS by USD 0.02 to 0.03.
Altria Group Inc (MO) announced it is temporarily suspending operations at its Richmond manufacturing center.
Anthem Inc. (ANTM) announced it is offering up to 80 hours of paid emergency leave for qualifying needs, including if associates are experiencing coronavirus symptoms or for caring for young children whose school has been closed.
AT&T Inc. (T) announced it has cancelled is accelerates share repurchase programme of USD 4bln worth of stock, noting the impact of the coronavirus could be material although it cannot currently estimate the impact onto its financial or operational results.
Bank of America Corp (BAC) announced it is offering additional support for its consumer and small business clients in response to the coronavirus, where clients can request funds including overdraft fees, non-sufficient funds fees, and monthly maintenance fees through deposit accounts. Many customers can also request to defer any payments.
Carnival Corp. (CCL) preliminary Q1 20 (USD): EPS 0.22 (exp. 0.27), revenue 4.8bln (exp. 4.66bln); coronavirus resulted in a net loss of 0.23/shr.
Cintas Corporation (CTAS) Q3 20 (USD): Adj. EPS 2.16 (exp. 2.02), revenue 1.81bln (exp. 1.8bln), gross margin 45.5% (exp. 45.7%, prev. 44.9% Y/Y); announced it is not providing guidance for Q4 20 and it is suspending FY20 guidance due to uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus.
Coty, Inc (COTY) provided an update on the current situation: Expects Q3 20 revenue to fall approximately 20% like for like, with a meaningful impact on profit, it has also withdrawn FY20 guidance. It is recommending to the board that shareholders be given the option to receive up to 100% of their quarterly dividend in kind for the coming two quarters. Its largest shareholder JAB decided to fully repay the loan it used to finance the tender offer in 2019. It is taking initiatives to manufacture hand sanitizer. Notes activations on Amazon have seen US sales nearly double in recent weeks, as well as launching the Kylie skin-care Europe in upcoming weeks; it is also preparing for increased demand post coronavirus.
Danaher Corp. (DHR) announced the US FTC is on board with the acquisition of General Electric’s (GE) Life Sciences Biopharma Business. The closing of the deal is still subject to customary closing conditions as announced in the agreement, but DHR expects the deal to close on March 31st, 2020.
Ford Motor (F) announced it has plans to suspend production in Argentina and Brazil starting next week due to the coronavirus.
Kohl's Corp. (KSS) announced it is to close its stores nationwide through to at least April 1st, although customers will still be able to shop on its App. It also withdrew guidance for Q1 and FY20.
Mylan N.V. (MYL) announced it is increasing production of its malaria drug for potential use to combat the coronavirus.
Occidental Petroleum (OXY) is reportedly planning on naming its former CEO Stephen Chazen as its new chairman as it tries to improve amid weak demand and activism from Carl Icahn, according to WSJ citing people familiar with the matter.
Sysco Corp. (SYY) announced it will donate 2.5mln meals over the next four weeks as part of its response strategy to help against COVID-19. Elsewhere, it has withdrawn its three-year plan guidance due to the impact from the coronavirus.
Tiffany & Co. (TIF) Q4 19 (USD): Adj. EPS 1.80 (exp. 1.77), revenue 1.4bln (exp. 1.36bln); SSS +3%, SSS Ex-Hong Kong +5%, Gross Margin 63.3% (Prev. Y/Y 63.8%). Announced it will not be issuing FY20 guidance due to the pending merger with LVMH


Crowdstrike (CRWD) Q4 19 (USD): Adj. EPS -0.02 (exp. -0.08), Revenue 152mln (exp. 137mln); FY21 Adj. EPS view -0.14 to -0.10 (exp. -0.18), revenue view 723-733mln (exp. 685mln)
Samsung (SSNLF) has reportedly been hit hard by Vietnam’s travel restrictions from South Korea, fueling concerns its Galaxy Note smartphones will fall behind schedule in its largest manufacturing hub outside South Korea
Teva (TEVA) announced it will be donating over 6mln doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets across the US to meet the urgent demand for the medicine as an investigational target to treat the coronavirus.

Additional US Equity Stories

Of note for casino names (MGM, CZR, WYNN, MLCO); Macau has halved its 2020 gaming revenue forecast due to the coronavirus and predicts a 56% fall from previous year to USD 16bln.
US Steel (X) Q1 20 (USD): Adj. EPS view -0.80 (exp. -0.84), EBITDA 30mln.
Coca Cola (KO) does not expect to meet its FY20 guidance, although does not foresee any near-term interruptions to its concentrate or beverage-based production. Meanwhile, it had its PT lowered at Deutsche Bank to USD 53/shr from USD 64/shr, although the desk reiterated its long-term buy rating.
Ross Stores (ROST) announced it is to temporarilty close all of its stores throughout the US due to the coronavirus.
Dollar Tree (DLTR) announced it is hiring 25,000 associates (both full and part time) to help across its stores in the US.
Synaptics Inc. (SYNA) downgraded to Underweight from Neutral at JP Morgan
Colgate Palmolive (CL) upgraded to Buy from Neutral at BofA
Accenture (CAN) upgraded to Buy from Neutral at MoffettNathansonMonster Beverage
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[index] [9476] [25586] [29098] [6764] [24416] [1603] [12047] [21565] [13371] [24728]

Station Casinos - Pick A Meal, Get A Deal! - YouTube

Eating at the best deal restaurant in Las Vegas (in my opinion) Just note it opens at 4pm.Eating off the Las Vegas strip at Ellis IslandEnjoy amazing food at... Ellis Island Casino quick visit and checking out ... Best Steak Deal Las Vegas - Ellis Island - Duration: 1:45. The Buffet King 5,545 views. 1:45. BEST MEAL DEAL IN LAS VEGAS (ELLIS ISLAND BBQ ... All you can eat in Las Vegas doesn't have to cost all your money. Here are the five most affordable buffets with the best food in Las Vegas right now. IT'S ... Celebrity Cruises offers a wide variety of food choices for their lunch buffet as you can see here from our cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit. Daily there i... Jacob's 50 Best Vegas Tips 2019: Today we're off to Ellis Island Casino on Koval and Flamingo, just one block east of Las Vegas Blvd. A... A Meal, Get A Deal!Enjoy a three-course meal for as little as $9.99 at all Station Casinos Grand Cafés and Café Fiesta at Fie... Hey everyone, WOW can't believe there is a restaurant that offers $4.99 LUNCH DEALS in VEGAS and its ON the strip! How awesome is that! Restaurants mentioned... The 19 best restaurants in Las Vegas that are cheap and delicious on the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Strip can be a tricky place eat as there is lots of ... Las Vegas is super expensive these days, but you can still eat well on a budget if you know where to go. IT'S ALL YOU CAN VEGAS Click here to join ALL YOU ... Ellis Island is located in: Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery 4178 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Planing a Trip to Vegas? Check out this book on amazon ...