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Working Wise or Wizardly Working: how magic items affect the world

Magic items. Objects imbued with magic in order to make them better, or even gain a completely different function. But apparently the only places they exist are in monster hoards and adventurers' backpacks.
Realistically however, everyone wants things that are better at what they do. And eventually, people get what they want.
Today i will go over some objects that are useful outside of the context of adventuring, as well as how they might change the world around them. I will not mention artifacts, since those are one-of-a-kind objects with pre-established locations, usage, etc.
While the topic has always existed, Tasha's Cauldron has added a few interesting toys to our proverbial tool box, which makes this as good a time as any to take a look and
Much like in the Spells and Society post, the rarer an item the more amazingly powerful it must be to be worthy of mention. Actually i recommend reading that post before this one. Since a lot of magic items just allow you to cast spells for free, knowing which spells alter the world gives a good idea of which items can do the same.


+1 tools.
That's right, +1 tools. Not +1 weapons.
Consider a guard. How much of his time is actually spent fighting? A minute every other day? That's not getting a lot of use out of his sword. Even a soldier spends weeks marching, or months guarding a fort, and then only fights for a few minutes or hours. Even if a guard has a superb weapon that doubles his combat effectiveness, it only makes him 1% or 2% better at being a guard[1]. Given a choice of uncommon item, any guard and most soldiers would rather have a Weapon of Warning to prevent being backstabbed, ambushed or caught off-guard.
Now consider a lumberjack or miner. They spend several hours a day hitting trees and rocks. An enchanted axe, saw or pickaxe would see continuous use in their hands. Not only that, magic items are also described as being "at least as durable as a nonmagical item of its kind. Most magic items, other than potions and scrolls, have resistance to all damage". This means the +1 pickaxe would be far, far more resilient to wear and tear than a mundane one, potentially being passed down for generations. And with your miners and lumberjacks being more efficient, you need less of them. Which in turn means you get to have more guards.
Another noteworthy thing here is adamantine items. They deal automatic critical damage to objects and are much harder to destroy. In other words, they're great at chopping trees and ores, bending hot metal, cutting cloth, plowing a field, etc. All while having a fraction of the wear and tear.

Bags of Holding, Handy Haversacks and Portable Holes.
AKA your transporty boyes.
The bag of holding is an old favorite among players, and the reason is obvious: it has a million uses.
Most adventurers use it for carrying all their junk. The bad guys in the original Baldurs Gate game used bags of holding to smuggle whole shipments to and from their iron mine base with just one guy. One of my players once put a huge boulder in it, then flew up and dropped the boulder on an enemy transport ship. And let us not forget the classic Arrowhead of Total Destruction.
All of these are perfectly valid uses. Smuggling a small object is easier than smuggling a large object. Dropping huge objects from a high place turns anything that flies into a siege weapon. And the Arrowhead, while expensive, can deal with very large threats that could level a city.
But honestly, every merchant is a smuggler at heart. After all, as long as brigands roam the roads, there will always be a need to hide your valuables in an extraplanar space small enough to fit any orifice. Not only that, the bag allows you to dump a cart entirely and just ride to your destination much faster (and therefore, more safely).
Of course not every merchant can afford a bag of holding, so this brings about an interesting topic of inequality in your campaign. Some merchants can go from A to B faster and more safely on a horse, while the majority must go with a bull-drawn cart that is slow and vulnerable. And bags of holding don't even require attunement, so once you have one and your income soars you can get another, and another... Its a serious rich-get-richer situation, and you risk running all the mundane merchants out of business.

Broom of Flying.
I'm gonna start this one with saying that brooms of flying and carpets of flying are overpowered. They are consistently better than items of similar rarity that provide the same benefit, like boots and wings of flying. The reason here is, in my humble opinion, the same reason why Fireball deals more damage than any 3rd level spell and most 5th level ones: its iconic.
As for the item itself, its pretty much a permanent flying speed of 50 while carrying up to 200lbs, or 30ft. speed while carrying 201-400lbs. Its a deliveryboy's dream... except not.
You see, the broom of flying isn't just a hoverbike, its also a drone. You say the command word, and it flies up to a mile a way. Say it again, it comes back. In other words, the crazy wizard in his tower can just tie some money and a note on the broom and send it to a shop, then call it back once the shopkeeper has tied the groceries to it. Poor delivery boy just lost his job.
But wait, there's more! If the broom can fly on its own, can it plow a field? Can it spin an "animal" traction mill? The answer is: yes. But there's no reason to use magic where a common animal would do, unless its a crazy high magic setting or something.

Decanter of Endless Water
I think anyone can see how infinite water is broken as fuck[2]. But that's not all. By speaking the command word and pulling the lid, you can cause 30 gallons (136.4 litres) of water to pour out with enough force to push a 200 pound object 15 feet. This action can be repeated every turn (6 seconds), since a decanter of endless water has no limit on how often it can be used.
So a decanter is not just infinite water, but also infinite energy provided you have enough technology to build a mill. Even more energy if you activate the decanter in a high place and use gravity to give those 30 gallons even more potential.
Do keep in mind however that in 5e there must be someone using their action to activate it every turn. In previous editions however one could leave the decanter open and it would pour water constantly.

Hat of Disguise
This wee cap is not game-breaking for its great usefulness, but rather for its ability to fuck the world up. Any charlatan with a Hat of Disguise can walk into a bank, guild, ship, etc. and pretend to be anyone. Sure it doesn't happen often, but when it happens the crime spree is enormous. And while there are ways to work around disguised criminals, the fact people have to work around it is an issue in and of itself.
Societies based on trust pretty much can't function. Does everyone sign everything? Do people start using IDs? Do organizations start using items or employing animals that can see through illusions? Is there an industry for door frames that detect illusions?
Even without the hat, Disguise Self is still a 1st level spell. Yet somehow the sourcebooks have no mention of how the world might adapt to the idea that you can't trust people to be who they seem to be. And if anyone with access to 1st-level spells can walk up to the king without difficulties, you wont have kings for long.

Ring of Mind Shielding
A great item, if you're an asshole. Keeps people from sensing your evil alignment, keeps them from reading your evil thoughts, keeps pesky zones of truth from sensing your lies, and it even makes itself invisible so nobody can notice you're wearing the "i am evil" ring. It even keeps your immortal soul from going into eternal damnation!
One thing i always think of soul-trapping items is that they're a good way for evil people to avoid the afterlife. If you're good, you want to go to Celestia, Elysium, Arborea or Ysgard. Yet if you're evil, being stuck in a ring and talking to its wearer might be better than Baator, Carceri or the Abyss.

Sending Stones
Another classic, unfortunately the stones were nerfed and now can only Send to each other once a day.
Still, long range communication is nothing to scoff at. And while hiring someone to Send for you is cheaper, the stones provide more privacy and can be sent to far off corners of the world where you can't afford to station a caster full time.
Expect each mayor or baron to have one of these, while someone in the capital answers their "calls". Something of a royal secretary if you will. While magic items are expensive, shaving days off of your disaster response time can be the difference between having a kingdom and having ruins.


Bag of Beans
An often overlooked item, the BoB is crazy powerful. It has 3d4 beans, each of which can trigger a random effect. Notably they have a 10% chance of creating a random potion that lasts 30 days, a 10% chance of creating 1d4+3 eggs that can permanently raise an attribute by 1[3], a 9% chance of spawning a full on pyramid with a mummy lord and appropriate loot[4], and a 1% chance of leading anywhere.
Why bother with tomes when you can get twice as many stats from a bag of beans?

Helm of Teleportation.
1d3 castings of Teleport every day, plain and simple. That means 9 people can travel about 14 times in a week[5].
That's a lot of potential trading to be had for sure, but why stop there?
Say your kingdom spent tons of time and money training and equipping an elite unit. You wouldn't want them to spend 80% of their time on the road and 20% solving issues right? One rare item can make your 9-men unit five times more efficient.
Adventurers are in much the same boat: small group, lots of capital invested into their gear and training, yet they somehow spend most of their time going back and forth between adventures (until level 9 if they have a bard, sorcerer or wizard in the party, past 9 if they don't). It honestly amazes me that the Helm of Teleportation is not listed more often as a must-have party item.

For those unaware: there are 3 manuals and 3 tomes in the game, each increases an attribute by 2 when used and then loses its magic for 100 years.
The #1 item on any adventurer's to-get list, the existence of the tomes raises far more questions than answers. Who makes these? Why are they not mass produced? Can i get a magically accelerated demiplane, throw the books in and recharge them in a fraction of the time? Why do people not abuse the f*** out of them?
And when i mean abuse, i mean make smart use of them. Say a kingdom has, over the course of generations, acquired 5 or so tomes. Then the ruler reads them and becomes super smart/wise/popular. That sounds like the sort of thing that would make the whole realm prosper. Do it on an elven/dwarven kingdom and the ruler can read his tomes multiple times, granting him a godlike mind.
And that's without considering the idea of immortals. Or even high level druids. Any lich or vampire could become insanely powerful, not only from being able to use each tome a dozen times, but also from having eons to look for more or even craft them[6].
One thing i really like about tomes is watching the party decide what to do with them after spending the magic. Do they auction the books? Trade with some elf for favors? Give it to a friendly vampire?

Very rare

Candle of Invocation
For 4 hours clerics and druid of the proper alignment within 30ft can cast 1st level spells without using spell slots. In other words, crazy amounts of healing. Pop one after a battle and in a few minutes your whole army will be ready for more. Or pop it during a battle, and have the Healing Word the crap out of your troops from a safe-ish distance.

Carpet of flying, Peregrine Mask
Carpets of flying function much like brooms of flying, except they are faster or carry more weight (depending on size). They would be a strict upgrade, except they lack the drone function the broom has.
A peregrine mask provides a flying speed of 60, but has no carrying capacity. That means if you have a Powerful Build or a similar feature it can actually carry more than the carpets.

Cauldron of Rebirth
If there's one thing Tasha's Cauldron has brought us, its this cauldron.
It has some minor uses for scrying making potions, but here's the deal breaker: you put a corpse in the cauldron, fill it with 10gp worth of salt (200lbs.) and it casts Raise Dead on the creature.
Resurrection normally costs 500gp. worth of diamonds. With the cauldron it costs 10gp worth of salt. Sure there's a one week cooldown, but who cares? I see two scenarios here: either a resurrection every week is more than the local demand, or less than the local demand.
If its more than the demand, that means everyone who dies of unnatural causes and has 10gp to spare gets resurrected.
If its less than the demand, that means you're raising one person every 7 days. Depending on how high the demand is you could be making as much as 500gp a week, or 26k a year. Considering that the DMG says a Very Rare magic item costs 10.000-50.000 gold, the cauldron can pay for itself in under two years. Even if the math is way off for some reason, it is still crazy strong.
Honestly, this should be an artifact. Or at least have some heavy downside. The idea that someone over at Wizards of the Coast read this and said "Ah yes, 10gp resurrection, perfectly fine" simply boggles the mind.

Crystalline Chronicle
Speaking of items that make things cheap, 1d3 times a day this spellbook allows you to cast a wizard spell without material components of up to 100gp.
That means two spells on average, so let's take a look at a few good options: Continual Flame[7], Magic Circle (exactly 100!), Stoneskin (100!), Teleportation Circle and Astral Projection.
The ones that stand out here are Continual Flame and Teleportation Circle. Both cost 50 and have a huge demand in the world. Where a permanent TP circle would normally consume 18.250gp worth of materials over a year, it will now cost nothing[8].


Staff of the Magi
This is, i think, the most powerful item in the game.
Has a bunch of charges, yadda yadda, here's the important part:
  1. When someone else casts a spell on you, you can use a reaction to absorb the spell. The staff then gains charges equal to the level of the spell it just ate.
  2. It can cast Plane Shift for 7 charges.
This means on an average day you get 16 charges, or two Plane Shifts, from the natural charge generation. But what if you could have someone cast spells on you without spending spell slots?
There are several monsters who can cast spells at will, too many to list. But there are also a few ways for players to do it. The first that comes to mind is the level 18 Wizard feature Spell Mastery, allowing any 2nd level spell. There's also the level 15 invocation Shroud of Shadow that allows infinite casts of Invisibility. Either case allows a duo to have infinite Plane Shifts a day, which is really powerful.
As usual, trade comes to mind. But with infinite charges you might as well start a tourism agency or a hotel and/or casino that brings in people from all planes. Yet what few people realize is that Plane Shift can be used offensively in order to permanently banish anyone to any plane. Infinite save-or-die effects.
You could also just settle for a fuckton of Shifts instead of infinite, and use a warlock or four-elements monk to convert their short rest resources into charges for the staff.
Now think of the possibilities and plot hooks. Mad king banishing dissidents, Red Queen style. Alternative death sentence. A high level wizard/warlock stranded somewhere because the guy who was attuned to the staff died or got separated from him. Random archdemon bringing an army to the Material Plane a couple demons a minute.

Notable mentions

These are items i left out, but which i will get yelled at in the comments if i "forget" about them.

Anything that creates energy
The truth is that a lot of magic items can do that. Fire for heating things, wind or water for pushing things, etc. For an energy source to be noteworthy it has to provide a considerable amount of continuous energy, without charges or daily limitations. Otherwise you might as well just use a regular water mill or a bull.

Alchemy Jug (uncommon)
It creates an amount of a liquid (beer, honey, etc) every day. It does nothing that cannot be done by an amount of workers, and for it to be world-altering we'd have to go into a lengthy math argument of how many labor hours of a bee farmer are needed to make a gallon of honey, and how that compares to the initial investment of hiring a wizard to make the item.
As a general rule, if something can be done mundanely it will be done mundanely. Let the casters focus on stuff where they have an infinite comparative advantage, like flying stuff, teleportation, resurrection, etc.

Cap of Water Breathing (uncommon)
It allows you to breathe underwater indefinitely. Can be great if you have important stuff to do underwater, and might enable interaction with sentient water folk. But in and of itself, not a world-altering item.

Horseshoes of Speed (rare)
Essentially +30 speed for hooved creatures, without requiring attunement. Honestly this item does not really fit this list, but i just thought the idea of pegasi flying real fast with these was worth mentioning. Sure a helm of teleportation outclasses it entirely for travel, but that's not useful in combat.
And i really want to play a centaur monk with these some day. Unfortunately the item description specifically says you have to have four equipped to benefit, so don't even think about it you satyrs and tieflings out there.

Lyre of Building (rare)
At a glance this looks like a regular magic items, with nothing too weird about it. Until you look at its spell selection and notice you can cast them as an action.
Mending normally takes a minute to cast, with the lyre its an action, and you can do it at will even without knowing the spell.
Fabricate takes ten minutes to cast, with the lyre its an action. That means once a day you can turn the ground under an enemy into a spiky cage, his sword into sword parts, etc. Until the lyre came about the only way to instantly cast fabricate was with a Wish, and that is a pretty good combat use of the 9th level spell.


To be quite frank, a lot of these item uses are a little niche and wont work in every setting. Then again, that that is never the goal with these posts. I hope i have provided you with at least a few interesting plot hooks and other crazy ideas, whether to amaze your players or ruin your DM's plans.


[1] There is a notable exception however. If your kingdom has a group dedicated to fighting monsters, some of which are resistant to nonmagic damage, then those guys should be prioritized. Not only does the +1 weapon double their damage output in this scenario, it also prevents your kingdom from losing special soldiers that are very expensive to train and replace.
[2] Stuff like constant abuse of Decanters of Endless Water are why in my setting there is a doomsayer cult that believes the world will be flooded some day. As they say it, every time someone activates a decanter, magically creates water, creates food and water, opens a portal to the Plane of Water, etc; the amount of water in the world rises just a bit. Given enough time, everything will be flooded by it. Unless someone like, puts a Sphere of Annihilation by the shore or something. But nobody said the cult has to be right.
[3] The bag has 3d4 beans. Each bean has a 10% chance of spawning 1d4+3 eggs. That means 7.5*0.1*5.5 = 4.125 raised stats, on average. Sure I'm assuming you'll pass the DC20 save every time, but with proper preparation its quite doable. Be near a paladin, get bardicly inspired, have someone cast Resistance, find ways to reroll a failed save, etc. Since the eggs last forever, you have all the time in the world to stack the saving throw in your favor. Or just use Portents.
[4] The mummy lord could have anything, even another bag of beans!
[5] Someone will say "but what about the chance of going off target? What if nobody has teleportation circles?" To that person i say: associated object. Get a pebble every time you're in a region, and you wont need a circle. Buy a bit of silk and you can teleport to any place along the silk road. Buy a used horseshoe and you can go all over the country. Now I'm just imagining this badass-looking special-ops soldier, clad in the finest plate, wielding a blazing blade, his cloak cackling thunder... and with a rusty-ass horseshoe tied to his helmet.
[6] And thus is born the legend of Swolomon the Buff. He was once a base vampire, who got stuck in a tomb for 4000 years with nothing but a Manual of Bodily Health and a Manual of Gainly Exercise. Now he's... selling supplements or something.
[7] See On Spells and Society linked at the top for why there's a near infinite demand for Continual Flame.
[8] You can even make two circles at a time, but there's some math about it. You have 3 charges, use 2, so you should always be with one to spare. Until you roll a 1 on the d3, and then its gone. After that whenever you roll a 1 without first rolling a 3 you'll have to pay the 50gp or let the circle go to waste. In other words, you'd be paying roughly 1/6 of the regular cost.
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my résumé both as a writer, and as a human.

i will include two versions of this resume - one that was written stream of consciousness, and incorporates absolutely everything that is on my mind.
and another that is simplified and only includes relevant job type of information for when applying to places that probably aren't as interested in hiring a spiritual complex thinker and writer as much as they are the guy who simply loves working. the choice is yours at all times to read this or not.
resume got to do with anything -- this turned into a field manual on how to over-come psycho-ops.
i really don't want to stand out, but i guess it's a little late for that.
ideally i want to help form or join a pack of intelligent apes that are working together for the betterment of Everybody
i am currently 100% focused on Writing to Reverse-Engineer the psychological-operations that have programmed Everybody i've ever met including myself, to differing extents, and usually in different directions.
[this applies to everybody, whether you grew up rich and went to college to be an executive, or grew up dirt-poor and consider yourself lucky to have a factory job, or even to be on financial assistance]
my willpower to write as if Everybody's Life depends on it, is beginning to wane as i have gotten it All out multiple times now. once or twice was not enough.
i am now looking for a place to go to learn, grow, and work in a new field that is more useful for Everybody.
as well as for a place to publish these works where i will Not be censored.
the multitude of false-concepts that we have been indoctrinated with that are both anti-human, and anti-life can and will be expozed. allowing us to choose to think without them.
as we begin to learn more about our own psychology then the people who learned how to mind-control us did, as a means to get us to do what they want;
they decided on turning us into mind-controlled-wage-slaves, or as toxic-psychopath-ruler-descandants when they made their decision to embark on this.
Mind-control is now Obsolete. Independent thinking is taking over.
with these works that i'm writing for us, Mind-control has become Obsolete.
we can choose to open our minds and come unhooked from any and All of the imaginary constraints (bs-hooks) that were intentionally installed within our minds, by way of constant exposure and frequent repetition. programming great-apes to do things against their will was last weeks news.
i love working, learning, and creating as much as anyone.
the toxic-banking-institution wants us to become a mind-controlled-wage-slave and that's it.
when you have one of the strongest minds on the planet and you know it, you absolutely cannot afford to leverage an ego.
it'll turn you into a maniac in a hurry. this happens frequently enough to need to be aware of it, even frequently to weaker minds.
i'm not special. Everybody is special.
i've heard that it's a fine line between confidence and cockiness but i think that's bullshit.
i view it more as a runway - wide enough for a jumbo sized aircraft, and big enough for us all to take off from.
if we refuse to leverage an ego we can paint ourselves as confident as it gets without concern for being toxic towards eachother or for rubbing it in anyone's face
we are truly supposed to share our confidence, wisdom, and knowledge with eachother. these are things that are not supposed to be leveraged against anyone to belittle or make any one of us feel less significant, and certainly not to be used as leverage to make others do what we want. [that is to say the manipulation of people is toxic-exploitation]
i'm nothin special, but WE are.
together we are both as strong as our strongest pack members and as weak as our weakest pack members.
we must learn to uplift eachother, and not to bring eachother down.
turning our backs on eachother is not up for discussion. no way in hell do we let eachother go to hell
i'm nothin special. Everybody coming together, that is special.
i'm as confident as it gets with thoughts, but i'm also not better than anyone.
my intelligence and confidence truthfully don't even belong to me. i'm willing to share it with Everybody as it belongs to absolutely Everybody that isn't leveraging a toxic-ego.
it comes from the human spirit.
we are supposed to work together and co-operate voluntarily. nothin should be done against our wills either, collectively, or independently.
as such, painting us as working for money - isn't going to happen.
i Sincerely desire to Help
i am looking for involvement and to learn new skills - not for money -
**leverage a list of skills that you're looking for. list your background briefly - and comprehensively:
i truly don't care what work i'm doing as long as i'm working and learning about something that i'm interested in
i do not have any experience in the areas of interest that i would like to pursue, so i am looking for an apprenticeship type of situation where in the right situation i am absolutely willing to work for experience
Building/construction - Anything - woods , metals, glass
working on bicycles, tractors, vehicles - anything mechanical
farming - sharecropping is fine by me
cooking - food preparation - kitchen

also -- i am looking for artists to share ideas and to work with
as well as active apes of any conditioning level to coach eachother on liberating ourselves through movement physically and mentally.
playing active-games(sports) together making exercise FUN and EZ
i like to paint myself both as a sponge, and as a reflection of everybody that i have ever respected
with this mind-set, the impacts that we leave on eachother are infinite, both limitless and carry forward indefinitely.
after being tortured, i am admittedly still a bit shocked from it, but the positive side from this is that
handling mind-fucks (intentional confusion) and toxic-vibes (shouting, insults, etc) is not a problem at all.
i have become 100% immune to this non-sense and so can everybody else!
i've been dealing with this my entire life (as have most of us) we are all doing our best to develop coping mechanisms and leverage-neutralization-techniques (ways to handle bs) and i believe that it is long over-due that we All come together, share our intelligence and wisdom with eachother.
i'm writing this much for a reason - i'm looking for people, and for a place to share work like this with, where we aren't censored.
we communicate to embrace, uplift, to share ideas, coach, and to teach. not to bring eachother down.
we should be careful to focus on the liberation and strengthening of our minds, allowing us All to think Independently; and not to become reliant on thinking for eachother exclusively as this has the consequence of weakening our minds, reducing our ability to comprehend as well as to make sense of situations and concepts (hooks).
when we think for ourselves we become strong, resilient, and intelligent. when others think for us, we become weak and stupid.
which opens the door for vulnerabilities;
deliberately dangerous mind-fucks (intentional confusion) can and is leveraged against us to trick us into turning on eachother.
or to get us to imagine adversaries, especially at times when there are clearly NONE.
this type of vulnerability works on us, but only if we are not aware of how and why it works.
mind-fucking us against eachother does not work if we understand how and why toxic-minded people try to do this to us.
(playing politics with us is what this amounts to) when they try to do this to us; i'm not playin, and neither should you.
they try to paint everybody, usually including us (whether we know it or not) as toxic, to justify toxic actions against us, or to get us to become toxic as we become fooled by them.
these are dangerous hypocrites that we are dealing with and they are not to be trusted.
(if someone is painting everybody else, but you and them as toxic, best believe that they are or will be doing the exact same thing to you with others) this kind of manipulation of people is toxic-and-stupid. we should be refusing to play politics with anyone.)
false-political-lying has been going on WAY TOO MUCH to believe anything toxic someone has to say about ANYONE else.
people who bad-mouth eachother are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. we can and WILL shut them down.. by exposing how easy it is to notice when they are trying to smear us. just how full-of-shit they and their arguments are becomes apparent easily when we identify what their intent is (usually to leverage us against eachother to get us to do something stupid or toxic on their behalf)
having been targeted and tortured by institutionalized toxic-corruption wizened my ass up.
we humans (wonderful beautiful intelligent spiritual apes) have been targetted aggressively with deliberate misinformation about our existence and our very nature. this was done intentionally by toxic-minded-agencies and egotistical groups, who conspired against us all, as they viewed themselves, as different and better than us. the intent to divide us, on collective bases of all types, skin-tone, age, sex, cla$$i$m, etc, is to make it easier to pit us against eachother, to keep us perpetually confused, lost, and looking to others for guidance. so that we are as easy as it gets to take advantage of; the smallest unit of division the 'individual' is truly something we are not supposed to identify with primarily, as it is frequently leveraged to attempt to make us feel alone, weak, and vulnerable.
the beautiful truth is that we are never alone
our Independence should reflect our strongest persona(s) which can and should be a reflection of anything or anyone that helps us, including Everyone and Everything. Everyone we've ever Respected, particularly those who coached us, friends, family, co-workers, coaches, artists.
Anyone who helped us in any way imaginable is with us at All times - that's us to - whenever we need for them to be.
coaching eachother to strong Independence and not mind-controlling (thinking for) eachother. we should be developing thinking exercises, building our culture through making art, playing strategic-minded games&sports as well as thinking of other ways to have fun while socializing and developing ourselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually, while focusing on retaining Independence of thought with an emphasis on remaining non-toxic.
any of our views on anything at all, including spirituality are non-consequential to our unity, so long as we are committed to eachother and not working against eachother.
my views on spiritual-unity help us to cement the concept of identification with eachother, life, and existence.
and we should have no problem sharing these views with anyone, however we should not be attempting to persuade anyone to believe as we do. as i believe that we all need to make our minds up for ourselves to get the full benefit from any thought processes that we choose to empower to make sense of anything.
let's let the strength of our thoughts speak for themselves. as we share this strong and flexible type of thinking with eachother, people will come to us on their own accord, and NO persuasion will be necessary. think however you like, the more diverse we and our thoughts become the better!
we should be comfortable to speak or write to any one of us on our own accord about anything if we are looking to share thoughts with eachother;
i will never try to impose my way of thinking, or any of my beliefs on anyone.
(i have flexibly adapted philosophies from others as well as innovated to understanding that i am constantly evolving and never focused on retaining information as i am actively developing one of the strongest and most flexible minds on the planet, this type of philosophy speaks for itself and will spread itself as well)
but i am here to help anyone who both needs&wants help - it doesn't even matter what's going on, or how mind-fucked, perplexed, or painfully-confused you may have become. no matter what, nothing was your fault and you should know that we are both developing eachother.
the more we help eachother sort this type of bullshit (our hazardous mental states) out, the easier it gets for us.
the simplest message ever - we don't ever stop identifying with eachother, life or existence. - that's where we went wrong in the first place. and consequently how we turned toxic-stupid, and then evil.
we learn LESSONS. those mishaps that we made in the past are only mistakes till we learn from them, then they become LESSONS.
everybody turned toxic and then evil, once or twice, and that was it. Everybody can change.
i believe that as long as we are doing our best to question our programming and remain peacefully non-toxic towards eachother that we are developing our intelligence within ourselves tremendously.
as far as toxic intelligence development goes, knowing first hand how painful and miserable it feels to generate toxic-thoughts and vibes, as well as the transfer and infection of others with the same or worse pain and misery, this becomes an infectious cycle that we MUST break.
there has become a tremendous urge within us to work together to stop the suffering for everybody and show the entire species how much happyer we will ALL become when we are working together and not against eachother.
i am 100% in favor of us coaching absolutely anybody and everybody who is ready and willing; everybody is a coach - whether we know it or not.
showing and telling with beautiful artwork and communication skills - peacefully, eloquently, and not forcefully why we should be Cooperating and not working against eachother or looking for toxic-leverage and exploitation of ourselves.
life and work is better when we are in cooperation mode more often, and not viewing ourselves as in a non-consensual competition.
at this point. we should only be competing for fun.
i have mastered freeing my mind with the assistance of absolutely EVERYBODY that i've ever known - our instincts inherited from our ancestors led the way by refusing to believe what was being told, even when we had no idea what was going on.
hearing the inquisitive mind-control-refusal nature of others (curiously questioning everything and refusing to believe confident liars), gave us the strength to continue on questioning rather than to give in and passively accept the false narratives continually being read in our schools, shown on loop on television, played on our radios, and being crammed into our brains by all imaginable methods.
nobody 'knows' anything for certain. so let's think for ourselves.
the ground work was laid for us by all others, destiny, instincts, miracles, and existence - and through blood sweat and tears and with the spiritual support of the unknown, our creators and our entire existence we were able to connect the dots to the best of our ability over and over again. during excruciating torture that was leveraged from an unknown realm.
if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. it doesn't matter where you are, it just follows you everywhere. getting in the car to drive away from it doesn't work. nothing does.
my best guesses are that either we are living in an emulated existence where just about anything is possible, or that someone developed super high-tech spiritual weaponry. i'd prefer to imagine the emulated spiritual existence, as i find it difficult and painful to believe that this is the only realm of existence and that someone has developed weapons like this. if that is the case, however, i am hopeful that we can come together and dismantle this evil weaponry.
i am grateful for all of those who coached me, particularly as this torment began. as they planted the seed in my mind that if i do my best that i could get it to stop, or at least Help Coach Others that are dealing with the same thing the way that they did for me.
i am also grateful for all of those responsible for getting me off the hook from this torture sentence. i know there must be many of you that i will never meet, or know. just know that i am grateful for you all and your compassion.

if life can be scary and miserable, it can certainly be beautiful and peaceful.
anything is possible.
it truly does not matter the situation - there is a wonderful peaceful solution for everything.

the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.

knowledge can be an inhibitor to our intelligence, particularly when we accept false-knowledge. if we are going to believe something, it had better be correct, or at least have a use for us. use-less false knowledge, is almost always dangerous and if not, still detrimental to our intelligence. believing things that are false hurts us, or at least makes us stupid.

the more we know the more we don't need to know.
toxic-beliefs leave us with biases that prevent us from thinking and communicating effectively.
we must have disdain for this type of mind-control as this breaks our natural ability to communicate and liberate eachother from the grips of toxic-mind-controll.

agnosticism is the gateway to wisdom.
a mind free from the desire to retain 'knowledge' (which may or may not be true) is free to explore any situation or possibilities and evaluate accordingly free from bias. in many ways the 'truth' is unknowable, and the sooner we accept that, the stronger and flexible minded and able to adapt to a fluid version of reality we will become

human intelligence is at it's best when it does not know.
awareness is what we are looking for, not knowledge.

imagine being so aware of a situation that you can argue your oppositions views better they can, gain their approval and then accordingly dismantle them. rendering them speechless. that is wisdom.

givin enough thoughts on and practice developing possibilities and explanations of our own for anything and evaluating how we feel about them and the other possibilities and explanations that we have heard from others - eventually our favorite hypothesises can be recalled or rather simply recreated with ease. we can adapt these views whenever we need or want to make them more senseful, or perhaps less toxic.
the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.
it truly doesn't matter what thoughts we ultimately decide to think about to make sense of any situations so long as we are not overly focusing on trying to retain this information as a 'belief' (falsely thinking that there is only one acceptable explanation; is a bullshit-hook and that's it)
or even worse, to try to program others with it -- particularly if it is a toxic 'belief'
this has the consequence of limiting our intelligence, it forces us to think with blinders on and hinders our mind-power; potentially making us angry with eachohther and stupid as the potential for abuse of being leveraged to pit us against eachother.
(dumbass toxic-arguments where both people are disagreeing with eachother and not even hearing the others point of view because they both think their 'belief' is the one correct belief and the others 'belief' is wrong, is as useless as it gets. what IF We are BOTH wrong is what we need to be thinking at all times.)
they show this type of bullshit on the idiot box(television), all the time.. this is to prevent us from communicating when we disagree. we must be smarter than this
'beliefs' that we are unwilling to adapt become thought constraints. the less 'beliefs' we have the better.
strong thoughts and convictions of a non-toxic nature are perfectly acceptable, and desirable -- we will not attempt to force these thoughts on anyone however, as it will then become apparent which toxic-minded-people or agencies, are working against themselves trying to paint our message as refusal. (corny, unrealistic, etc) [they do this all the time, it's about time we call them out on it]

that being said, it doesn't matter what any of us choose to believe or think about anything - NONE of us are better than eachother, or anyone else.
our faith needs to be in eachother and not in any set of beliefs, especially those that were given to us to pit us against eachother.
non-toxic agnosticism frees us to love eachother regardless of any thoughts that we choose to empower as an understanding of anything including our existence. <3
(with this strong and flexible minded philosophy we can change our minds about absolutely anything whenever we need or want to, and no matter what we will never be against eachother)
exposing bs-hooks (false concepts; particularly those that divide us and pit us against eachother) is not a problem at all.
(these concepts are false and imaginary and yet still dangerous for us all if we do not understand that they can and do have real consequences for everybody when we imagine them to be real inside of our minds as they then have the power to influence our thoughts and actions against eachother, which also has the consequence of potentially infecting others minds who are subjected to our thoughts and actions if they do not yet have an understanding of what is really going on)
this is infectious-toxic-mind-control also known as stupid and EVIL
toxic-self-fullfilling-prophecies [terrorism], creating terror and division first within our minds, and then eventually this manifests itself in our thoughts, actions, and conversations with eachother and becomes as real as it gets. toxic-mind-control spirals into a tumultuous cyclone and does whatever it can to spread division hatred and toxic words and actions amongst us.
We must be smarter than to allow it to continue.
Together We can end this - first within ourselves - and then within all - WITH their consent.
nobody was born toxic, or evil.
the situation for everybody can and will improve if we allow us to coach ourselves.
'adversary detected' should not be on any of our minds.
if you are working against anyone at all - you are working against yourself and that's it.
dealing with rude arrogant pricks (toxic-mind-controlled individuals) is not a problem at all.
superiority complexes of all types, are truly nothing special.
[false-superiority-complexes are the primary way we were taught to handle the toxic vibes that come from working against our own species.
thinking that we are better than eachother is not up for discussion; ever again]
toxic-ego deflation has become a wonderful art form -
remember, do not escalate a situation at all. their intent is to paint us as toxic as well, to either smear our character or to falsely attempt to justify toxic action against us, most likely both. (remember that toxic-mind-infection likes to paint everybody as toxic, so that it has an easier time spreading)
it does not fit their agenda to admit that absolutely everyone who is aware of this situation, and isn't under it's sway-(convinced that spreading hatred is going to benefit them) is against it. advocating for the spread of division and hatred for leverage over us, is nothing short of evil.
usually they will leverage toxic-hooks *mentally ill*(comes to mind) because they assume that this will trigger
a negatively charged emotional response from us.
the next time we see this, we WILL be prepared. mentally-CHILL and that's it.
kindness can both DE-escalate the situation and expose all hatred for what it really is - self hate..
that is to say that there is always real hate for the unnatural toxic-thoughts that are running on our minds, as a result of toxic-brain-washing and toxic-mind-infection. these feelings of pain and misery gets wrongly blamed on whoever you think you are against when the real adversary is your weak-minded hateful ideology.
these thoughts have us convinced that we are different from eachother, better and/or smarter than eachother as well as against eachother.
(these thoughts are false and yet super painful for us if we aren't using some kind of superiority complex as a toxic-coping mechanism to distance us from eachother, either physically [segregation] or emotionally. superiority complexes are false and dangerous for us, as they kill our natural empathy for eachother)
the beautiful truth is that we are eachother and no matter what anyone thinks, we are all =EQUALS=
when we set our differences aside, place a restraining order on our toxic-egos, and do not let our pride get in the way -
we can SHARE this beautiful message with eachother.
absolutely anybody that we interact with can become a coach to us.
whether they taught us how to handle being shouted at, insulted, laughed at, ignored, left alone, what it felt like to be loved, how to handle situations with toxic-minded-individuals without stooping to their level, how to stay positive, have fun, play, be creative, or to share confidence with and inspire eachother.
Everybody is a coach.
if you're targeting us sTILL, you're targeting yourself and that's it.
Merrillville high school graduated 2007
*lowest gpa to graduate. was miserably bored with school
(they kept having us fill out repetitive and boring worksheets with focus on memorization when i was already developing an active intelligence)
i hadn't fully processed the situation yet, but i knew what they were trying to do. that's when i quit caring about grades and started thinking about anything that kept my brain firing including dropping out. so i started skipping classes and slept a lot.
STILL found testing and writing to be super easy and fun.
0s on most every homework assignment, but still managed to squeak by with Ds mostly as i usually still managed to get As and Bs on tests.


nwi mma academy: 07-08
strack and van til: utility clerk: 07-08
northwest airlines: ramp agent: 08-10
horseshoe casino:games dealer: 10-16 19-20
rivers casino: table games dealer 16-18

working with a team, was always Significantly easier then working out alone. i learned this while training with a fight team briefly. being fatigued and seeing your team-mates still busting their ass, makes you want to shut-up and finish the next rep rather then to think about how tired you are.
i enjoyed working the ramp the most as i was working with a team again, to load/off load the beautiful aircraft as well as to guide them into the gate and push them back to the taxi-way.. i love working with teams and aviation is an interesting as it gets to me. was happy to be there
working as a dealer taught me a lot about our species. after 10 years as a dealer, gambling (playing stupid-games for our mostly hard earned $financial-leverage$) does not make a whole lot of sense to me. but yet it still gets painted as approval as it gets in the movies and on the television. when you turn 21 around here, a trip to the casino happens frequently, and perhaps it shouldn't. i've seen once in a lifetime winning sessions, hook people indefinitely on gambling, as they spend the next several years miserably playing it all back and then some.
i don't support gambling, and i am also opposed to their media operations,
they're mind-controlling people to gamble and i know it. this was not a good fit for me to continue as a career.
despite this i am still not against anyone on a personal level, nor do i judge anyone for this, as i know the beautiful truth about life, if roles were reversed since birth we would both be doing the exact same thing in each-others positions.
the whole time that i was dealing, in the back of my head was - what comes next. i knew that rapid fire black-jack dealing was conditioning my mind on a level that few jobs could. preparing me for whatever would come next. i'm still not sure what it will be, but i am hopeful that it is something that involves creation.
thank you for reading. i look forward to hearing back from you.
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[Critique] First 2 chapters of a short story - 5320 words

I have received feedback that the action is falling into place to nicely. I wanted to write a red herring to make the pieces point to someone else but I was curious about other people's opinions. If it is too neat what is a good strategy to fix it. Any other general critique would also be helpful.
Chapter One
The air out was hot and filled with the dust as a man with a sword at his hip walked up to a side street. The man was gruff with a small unkempt beard that was barely visible under his well-used bandana made of red cloth that contrasted with his strangely blue eyes. As he walked into the alley the smell of burned flesh filled the air.
“Hey, Quinn we gotta nasty one today.” Said a young man about 20 years old wearing newish bandana as he ran up from the depths of the alley to the swordsman.
“They’re all nasty to you, Aiden.” Aiden shook his head at his boss with a light blush coloring his tanned cheeks.
“Just come with me and see for yourself before passing your judgement,” Aiden said before turning on his heel and walked briskly into the dark ally. Chuckling softly to himself the man named Quinn followed Aiden using his long legs to quickly catch up with the younger man.
The smell grew worse and worse as they walked down the ally. Eventually, they reached the source of the stench. A body that definitely seen better days. The eyes were hanging out of the skull and the gut had been slashed open.
“Are both the middle fingers gone?” Asked Quinn with a hard look in his blue eyes.
“Yeah, boss.” Responded Aiden with a worried look.
“Great, that fucker’s back in the game then,” Quinn said with an exhausted sigh.
With that, the sword-wielder and his apprentice started their work of gathering evidence and looking for clues of the body’s identity. The sun was sitting low in the hazy sky by the time the policemen had completed their search and emerged from the alley.
“Take this back to the station, Aiden. I’m going to do some more investigating.” Said Quinn as he walked down the road in the direction of the setting sun.
While Quinn walked down the street he took note of all the people walking home from work. Some were walking hunched over with bone-deep exhaustion that only happens from a full day of hard labor. While others were covered with thick jackets despite the summer heat that permeated the dusty air.
“Mages,” he thought, “What a sorry lot.” He continued walking towards the setting sun into the port. The man pulled his bandana up to make sure it covered his nose. Bodies he could deal with but the stench of fish always had him close to vomiting. He stopped at a simple brick house with a faded sign that read ‘The Golden Sexton’ in pealing gold paint. He pushed open a faded blue door and walked into the bar. He pulled down his bandana and immediately headed to the bartender, a young woman who was talking to one of the costumers. She looked up at him and quickly excused herself from the drunk fisherman.
“I need to talk to Fi.” Quinn said with a grim expression on his face.
“She’s in her usual place.” The bartender said as she thumbed to a curtain behind the bar.
“Thanks.” With a nod his head he put a silver coin on the counter and walked through the curtain. Once inside, he descended down the hidden staircase and approached a door guarded by a large wolf faced man.
“That stays here.” The guard growled with a sharp glare at the sword on Quinn’s hip.
“Come on, man. I am not a mage. Can’t a guy defend himself.” Quinn reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a card with a name, species, and an empty circle. The bouncer just glared that the man and made no motion to even look at the proffered card.
“Fine, fine you win.” Quinn said with a sigh as he moved to take of the belt that held the sword in place and hand to the wolf hybrid. Who placed it in a little room to his left.
“Now, can I get in?” asked Quinn in frustration. With a nod the guard unlocked the door and moved to side. As Quinn opened the door he revealed an underground casino filled with some of the city’s worst. Quinn spent little looking at the tables as he walked purposefully to a room off to the right of the action. Once inside he saw the person he was looking for: an older woman with pointed ears and a striped cat tail swishing behind her. She was wearing a red and gold dress that complemented her gold cat eyes well. She smiled exposing her fangs when she saw Quinn walking towards her.
“Why if it isn’t my favorite human come to say ‘hello’ to Auntie Fi or are you here on different reasons, Little Quincy?” She purred at the man she called Quincy.
He winced at the name a replied, “It’s just Quinn, Auntie, but sorry to disappoint you but I ain’t here to make small talk. There has been a murder.”
“Dear will always be Little Quincy to me and this a city what’s so special about a murder that you had to come all the way out here to see little old me? I know how much you hate the smell of fish.” At the mention of fish Quinn grimaced.
“Their middle fingers were cut off, Auntie.”
“No it can’t be him, the streets have been quiet!” Fi exclaimed as she jumped up from her perch and paced back and forth as her tail swished side-to-side in agitation.
“First, one of the Shadow Pairs defects to Talvi and now that monster’s back in action.” Fi mumbles to herself.
“Hold up, go back what do you mean on of the Shadow Pairs defected?” Quinn questioned wide eyed from shock.
“It means exactly what I said this isn’t time for you to be slow, Quincy!” Quinn frowned at the tone of Fi’s voice.
“Sorry, Quincy I am just agitated about this new development.”
“It’s fine, Auntie Fi.” Quinn sighed, “So you don’t have any information about my murder?”
“No, but I’m going to send out my runners and damn will find out.”
“Thanks Auntie, I’ll take my leave and figure out things out on my end.” Quinn leaned in to give the hybrid a quick hug as he she whispered a quiet ‘be careful’ in his ear.
Quinn left the casino and grabbed his sword from the wolf guard, who appeared to be wearing a smug smile on his canine face. He left the bar and started to return to the station and check in with Aiden. He was deep in thought about the information he gained from Fi. If a Shadow Pair had really defected that could have grave consequences for the future.
With the thought of the Shadow Pairs, Quinn realized, “Those thrice-damned Council lap-dogs will be sticking their nose exactly where they don’t belong and if they catch wind of this there will be hell to pay.” He muttered to himself. It was getting late and the lightieres, in their thick coats, were already running around starting the lamps on the street by the time Quinn reached the station. It was the second biggest building near the center of town and only dwarfed by the city council building. The station was a formidable structure with its red brick walls and the bars on the windows. Quinn opened the large door to dark hallway with lamps periodically hung along the walls casting strange shadows everywhere. Even from where he was standing he could hear the flurry of activity from the cubical area passed the hallway. At the end of the hall was a large wooden desk with a grumpy looking[RES1] monkey woman glaring at Quinn as he ambled down the hallway.
“So all this uproar is your fault.” She said as her monkey tail swished behind her chair.
“I guess you could say that” he replied sheepishly.
“Your little sidekick has been stirring up trouble talking about how the new case from the alley was the work of the Butcher.”
“Well I’ll have a word with the boy. If is make you happy, Aubrey.”
“You do that,” she harrumphed. “By the way the Captain really wants to talk to you.”
“Thanks Aubrey.” Quinn said with a wave as he walked farther into the building until he reached a fancy wooden door with the word ‘Captain’ embossed on the door. A gruff voice sounded a loud “Enter” as soon as Quinn knocked on the heavy door.
“Davenport, the person who caused this wonderful mess.” The Captain said in a deep baritone that was ragged from the many year of cigars. He was a large man with salt-and-pepper hair who as he talked reached into his desk to pull out a cigar. In an instant the cigar was lit with our so much as a shiver from the powerful man.
“Sir, I’ll talk to Aiden, but I think we need to consider that he’s back.”
“I know that, but have you considered that it was a non-mage copy-cat or multiple copy-cats.”
“Well sir, that co…” The Captain interrupted him midsentence[RES2] , “Do you really want the Council’s goons sniffing around the place. If they catch wind of a magic death in the city.”
“I handle it, sir.” Quinn sighed in defeat.
“You do that, Davenport.” With that Quinn hurried out of the office to find his young apprentice. Quinn grumbled as he walked through the mostly empty to a group of desks with a young man appeared to be passed out on a stack of books. Quinn gave him a firm shake on the shoulder; which caused the young man to open one sleep filled, emerald eye. After a moment Aiden’s eyes widen with recognition and stumbled to stand up. Without his bandana, the boy appeared younger with long lanky limbs[RES3] and ears that were too large for his head. His short ginger hair was ruffled from sleeping on a book.
“Calm down, boy.” Quinn said with a smile. “I see you have caused quite the ruckus while I was away.”
“Boss?” Aiden questioned.
“You’ve been in the city a year and you’ve never questioned why there isn’t more magic murder. Do they not teach you about the Calamity on the farm?” Before Aiden could open his mouth Quinn continued almost to himself.
“It is probably because you country boys don’t have the Council breathing down your necks when a smartass decides to use malicious magic.” Again Aiden tried to speak but again was interrupted by his master.
“Thinks about it boy, how many magic murders have happened in the year you’ve work here. Zero, right? There’s a reason for that, the all-powerful Council does not want their perfect country of mages to fall apart like during the Calamity. Listen, I guess the point I’m trying to make is to keep your mouth shut about the Butcher of Ferrum and call that that. Okay boy?”
“So are we dropping the case, Boss?” questioned a stunned Aiden.
“Now, I said nothing of the sort. What evidence do you have for me?” Aiden smiled and looked down at the book that he had fallen asleep on and the sheet of paper next to it that contained almost illegible notes.
“Okay, the victim did have his ID card on him and the mutilation to the face made identifying him mostly impossible that paired with the missing middle finger is a clear sign of the Butcher’s work. Now, while you were gallivanting around I paid a visit to the Archives and pulled all the information on the Butcher’s cases and cases similar to the Butcher. What I found wasn’t much but most people tend to agree that he is a psychokinetic from the burns on the facial area near the eyes and smell of the body. The morgue boys also concluded that the cause of death was blood asphyxiation.” Aiden said as he looked down at his notes.
“So he has power and is competent as a mage” pondered Quinn.
“Seems like it, Boss.”
“Good work, Aiden. Go home and get some actual sleep. I’m going to need your research skills at first light tomorrow.” Quinn said clapping the younger man on the back.
“Okay, boss see you tomorrow.”
“Remember what I told you about running you mouth.” Quinn yelled at the retreat back of his young apprentice. A loud “Night, Boss!” was the quick reply.
“What am I going to do with him?” sighed Quinn as the day’s work finally caught up with him. He cleared the remaining books and papers on Aiden’s desk being careful not to lose his page or any of the papers. Looking around the room, Quinn notice most of the candles had burnt out and decided it was time to leave and rest his bones.
Quinn’s home was in a simple apartment complex a few blocks away from the station. It was plain building made of stone and only about five stories high with a few dim lights shining through the dirty windows. Quinn strolled into the building to the staircase that looks it is about to fall apart then and there. The trip up the stairs wasn’t as perilous as it seems if you knew what you were doing. One of Quinn’s favorite pass time was to watch new tenants try and navigate the staircase.
Lost in thought as he moved to his third floor apartment he almost missed a bright red envelope stuck in the crack between the door and the door frame near the door handle. The feeling of dread took root in his stomach when he finally noticed. “How did them find out so fast.” Quinn thought to himself, “it is impossible.” He grabbed the envelope which was heavy with Davenport written in gold letter on the front. The pit in his stomach only grew as Quinn’s strangely blue ey[RES4] es scanned the letter inside the envelope.
Dear Mister Quinn Davenport of the Ferrum Police,
You are hereby ordered under Order 17, Article 2 of the Calamity Act to meet the Companions in three days at sunrise in the rock fields in the north of Ferrum to discuss the change of command on the recent Alley case. Please bring your apprentice and all relevant evidence.
Mages Council – Discipline Sector
“Well fuck.” Quinn said quietly to himself as he wondered how the hell he was going to solve this murder in three days. If he did not, then the Council would take control and Quinn did not want to think of “Their policing methods” … or lack thereof.
“I’m not any use to anyone dead.” Quinn thought to himself as he entered his minimalist apartment shedding his bandana and shoes as he walked to his bedroom where he carefully put away his sword. He finally fell on to his small, comfy bed and passed out.
Chapter Two[RES5] [RES6]
Quinn woke to a ray of sun shining directly into his eyes from the crack in the curtains. With a yawn, he strapped the sword to his hip and tied the bandana around his face—the stone market's dust would be just as bad this morning. The sun just peeked over the horizon as Quinn walked the streets to the station. They were alive with citizens opening stores or walking to work. On his long legs, Quinn weaved through the crowd quickly.
His young apprentice shifted nervously as Quinn arrived. “What's got your trousers in a bind, boy?” Quinn tried to keep his own nervousness of the fast approaching deadline out of his voice, but failed badly.
“Quinn, well, I think I found a clue that can help us identify our victim.” Quinn cocked his head in interest as Aiden spoke
“Well, good. But why do you look like someone is going to set your hair on fire?”
“Uh, I think you should come in, boss. Better to show you than tell you.” Aiden turned around and almost sprinted to the archives with Quinn just on his heels.
Aiden finally slowed to a stop when they reached a cubicle piled high with files and books, one that he had apparently been using since the early morning. Looking to make sure the archivist, the one other person in the room, wasn’t paying attention to them, Aiden started rummaging through the mess of papers on the desk.
“So, I was reading the records about the other Butcher victim and noticed a pattern.” Aiden stopped rummaging and pulled out five folders, opening them side-by-side. “Look here.” Aiden pointed at the magic classification box in each of the victims’ files.
“They are all non-mages.” Quinn blinked. “How come this link wasn’t discovered before? If the Butcher was targeting non-mages the community would have been terrified.”
“It looks like they were all well off and didn't broadcast their status.” Aiden shifted from side to side.
“Well, that makes this easier. If we never knew about this, the public certainly never figured it out. So we can assume that if our John Doe is a wealthy non-magic, then our killer is the Butcher and not a copycat.” Quinn grinned at Aiden. “You go to the council and check the records while I go and question the witnesses.”
As Aiden got up, Quinn pointed at the badge still on the desk. “Don’t forget your badge so the council doesn’t give you too many problems.” Aiden flushed and quickly stuffed the badge in his pocket before rushing out of the room. Quinn laughed to himself as he stood, stretching out before heading back to the scene of the crime.
Next to the alley was a blacksmith shop with a horseshoe sign out front. The heat of the day was nothing compared to the heat inside the small shop. As Quinn lowered his bandana, a large bald man with scars covering both of his trunk-like forearms came out from the back of the store.
“’Ello welcome to the Horseshoe. What can I do fer you?”
With a quick flash of his badge Quinn said, “I am here on a police matter do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”
The large man quickly dropped his friendly demeanor, “You here about the alley then? What type of person ‘ould do that to a man?”
“Did you hear anything suspicious while you were working yesterday?” pushed Quinn
“I didn’t I was finishing up a job for the Captain and couldn’t hear a damn thing but me apprentice heard a commotion up while he was cleaning the front of the shop. He went out to investigate and when he can back he was so shock up and would not speak to me that I sent he home for the rest of the week.”
“So where can I find this apprentice of your?” Quinn asked pulling out a notepad and pen to take down the address.
“Wait now you don’t think my boy had anything to do with this?” The blacksmith questioned agitatedly.
“I think your apprentice was witness to a murder and could be in grave danger. Now please tell me where I can find him.” Quinn said calmly pen still prepared to take down the address.
“He lives about two blocks down above Becky’s Flower Shop.”, replied the obviously shaken man.
With tip of hat Quinn turned to leave but before he could open the door the blacksmith called out, “Detective, please protect him. He’s the best apprentice I will probably ever have.”
“I will, I promise”, Quinn mumbled too quiet for the blacksmith too scared to make a promise he couldn’t keep. With that Quinn through open the door and marched out to find the apprentice before the Butcher did.
The flower shop that was below the apprentice’s house was a quaint shop with a scrawny boy out front sweeping the front stoop trying to stop the ever present dust from over taking the small shop. Quinn stepped into the store and headed to creaky looking staircase and flashing his badge at the confused store clerk. Taking the steps two at a time Quinn gave a hard knock on the plain door. He could hear a quiet shuffling on the inside of the apartment.
“Go away”, a tired sounding voice yelled through the door.
“I’m with the police. I would like to talk to the blacksmiths apprentice.” replied Quinn.
“You have a badge?”, the voice questioned.
“Of course” Quinn said fishing his poor overused badge out of his pocket.
“I’m going to open the door a little show me the badge through the crack.”
Without waiting for Quinn’s reply the door opened just a crack which Quinn roughly shoved his badge up against.
“Alright, come in.”, The door opened to reveal a tired looking woman wearing a dust covered apron with her salt and pepper hair escaping her tight bun.
“Well, you going to stand there and gawk or you going to come in?”, She stated with hands on her hips glaring at him expectantly.
“Yes ma’am can I ask your name?” Quinn stated as he walked into the small apartment.
“I am Becky.”, Becky stated bluntly. “He is in his room. I will go get him.”, She abruptly and walked out of the living room leaving Quinn to his own devices. The apartment itself was nothing special: clean as one could expect with the plague of dust that cursed Ferrum. There were also flowers on every surface that flowers could be placed on. After a short while the woman came back with a stocky young man in toe. The boy was pale and looked shaken which did not look right for his build.
“This is Fredric and if it is alright by you Mr. Policeman we should have this talk in the kitchen where we can sit down and I can get you some water.”
The group made their way in to the kitchen to the left of the living room and Becky made herself busy making all three of them refreshment. The boy mutely sat down at the table in the kitchen, that of course was also covered in flowers. The detective sat across from the boy picking up a vase full of white and purple flowers that Quinn has never seen before and setting them out of the way so he could properly question the boy.
“Hello Fredric, I am Detective Quinn Davenport but you can call me Quinn. Can you tell me what you saw yesterday that shook you up so bad?”, Quinn begin, notebook ready, in a soothing voice as not to scare the boy any more. Fredric turned a shade paler than Quinn thought possible for a boy of his complexion. The boy opened his mouth a few times and looked like he was going to speak but nothing came out. “It is okay why don’t you tell me about your day before the event and we can work up to what you saw.” Quinn tried calmly.
“Um, well I guess I could try and do that.” The boy, Fredric, said his voice was soft and raspy with disuse. “I think that day was cursed or something or I was getting the first day jitters again or something because everything seemed to be going wrong.”, Quinn quickly interrupted to ask what Fredric meant by first day jitters. “I mean no offense but you look a little old to be a brand new apprentice.”, Quinn clarified. This drew a shaky laugh from the boy and made Quinn smile internally.
“I am not a new apprentice but I got the Cold for a better part of the month and I was finally well enough to leave the house yesterday.” Quinn winced at the boy’s confession, The Cold was a terrible illness that crippled pyrokinetics by lowering their core temperature to dangerous temperatures. If the poor bastards were not kept warm enough until the disease ran its course they would slowly freeze to death.
“Anyways, everything seemed to be going wrong the Captain gave an express order of 2 dozen handcuffs for master to fill by today. Normally I would help him with large orders but I was still a little too weak to hold more than a broom so I was stuck tending the front desk and sweeping the shop. Sweeping has always been my least favorite task because my eyes always water. It was just after noon when I thought I heard people fighting in the alley. That alley is a common place for people to quickly fight it because it so hard to see into even during the day and normally I can stop any bad fighting with a glare. So I walked out to put a stop it any roughhousing but they weren’t your typical street thugs. There was a moose hybrid with one alter messing cutting the shit out a guy in a suit.” As Fredric finished his story Quinn tried to not show the surprise on his face. He knew all too well who the moose hybrid was, the local drug kingpin James “the Bull” Prince. The Bull was an infamous psychokinetic that pushed all types of drugs through the city. Rumor was that he lost his antler to a battle with a Shadow Pair from the Academy.
“Thank you Fredric his you think of anything else please let me know.”, with that Quinn pulled out a card and handed it to the boy and unceremoniously stood up and walked to the door with a brief nod of goodbye to Becky.
It was close to sunset when Quinn walked out of the flower shop. During the walk back to the office Quinn stop at a shoeshine stand and payed the boy twice the going rate. The boy took the money and looked at Quinn expectantly and Quinn said, “Tell Aunty that her little prince said Hello.” The boy nodded and got to work shining his shoes. After the boy was done, Quinn finally made it back to the office. The office was mostly empty for all of the normal officers were out on patrol around the city. Before returning to his and Aiden’s desk Quinn made a quick pit stop at the narcotics section of the station. The detective on duty was a small woman with dark dreadlocks that ringed her face. She snuffed out the ball of fire she had been playing with before he reached her.
“Hey Polka[RES7] , I see that you are not busy so mind helping me with a job?” Quinn asked with a playful smile on his face.
“Davenport, whatever do you mean? As you can see I am swamped with work and can’t possibly get away to help with whatever mess you made.” The other detective replied sarcasm dripping from hear words and a cheeky smile on her face.
“Come off it I am offering a chance at freedom here.”, Quinn wedeled.
“Fine, fine you twisted my arm enough. What do you need help with?”, She questioned curiously.
“I need information about favorite hybrid drug kingpin because I think he has turned to direct murder instead of indirect killings” Polka’s face suddenly turned serious as Quinn told her that he thought Prince a suspect in his case. “Let’s go to a quieter place before I tell you the specifics Quinn looked around suspiciously. Seeing his nervousness Polka quickly agreed and wheeled herself from her desk and gestured for him to follow her. They went to an abandoned conference room and Quinn shut and locked the door after they both had entered. Quickly Quinn explained all he knew about Prince’s involvement with the Butcher’s case. After a moment of quiet contemplation Polka finally spoke, “Well this is great news. If you get more hard evidence he can finally get his due. I will do some research and get back to you tomorrow.” From outside a flurry of activity could be heard.
“The Captain must be about we should make ourselves busy. I have to talk to my apprentice which will hopefully put the pieces together and the Shadow Pair will not have a chance to fuck this city up.” With a wink at his good friend Quinn quickly retreated to find his apprentice.
Quinn successfully avoided the Captains notice by slinking to the shadows as he returned to his office. But Polka did not seem to be as lucky. From behind the Captains booming voice could be heard verbally assaulting the unfortunate narcotics detective. Quinn winced in pain in sympathy for Polka as the Captain dragged her into his office and the door slammed shut. As Quinn reached his office he noticed his poor junior asleep once again in the chair adjacent from the door. Quinn smiled evilly and pointed the boy hard in the cheek. Jumping in surprise the boy franticly looked around for his attacker. “Oh sir it is just you. You gave me a heart attack.” Sighed Aiden when he noticed that his superior was the who had poked him.
“You got to get a full night’s sleep tonight boy or you are going to catch the Cold if you are not careful.” Warned Quinn. “If you got time to sleep then you must have found something good at the council”
Aiden nodded quickly, “I found the name of our John Doe and you would never guess his status.” Before Quinn could respond Aiden jumped in and replied “The John Doe is Roy Morton the treasurer of the artisan guild and he is non-mage. Since you were still busy with the witness when I came back I already created a timeline of the victim’s whereabouts before the attack. I also asked Darren and Shera to inform and question the family of the victim.” Aiden gestured to the notes on his lap and the crude timeline on the far wall that Quinn didn’t notice when he walked in the office.
“That was a lot of work, Good job.” Quinn said impressed with his young officer. “Now give me the highlights before we call it a night.”
“Basically, Roy did not have any family and was a popular book binder that was voted treasurer of the guild two years ago. No one we talked to had anything bad to say about him. Apparently he was very good at both his job as treasurer and as a book binder. His land lord said he always paid his rent on time. The only weird thing was he was always gone an hour before sun set on once a month on the sixth day of the week. No one we talked to could figure out where he went during this time. This is why no one reported him missing.” After finishing his reported Aiden looked at Quinn expectantly. “Hmmm, the next step for tomorrow is to find out what Mr. Morton was doing during that time and what his connection with Prince is.”, Quinn thought out loud. “Prince, sir?” Aiden questioned. Realizing he had not informed his young apprentice of his adventures Quinn repeated what he told Polka. Stunted Aiden looked longingly at his timeline as if he wanted to fit in the Prince puzzle piece. “Oh no boy it is time to go home. Polka will do some investigating and will fill us in tomorrow.” Quinn dragged Aiden out of the station and cheerfully waved at Aubrey as he forced Aiden out in the street. After Quinn was confident that Aiden was actually going home Quinn started his own journey home. But he was stopped by a runner girl with dirty blonde hair. She handed him a piece of folded paper and waited as he tipped her with 5 copper pieces before running off. All the paper said was midnight at the Rusted Bull come alone unarmed. Quinn groaned to himself as the prospect of a full night sleep went out the window and he walked toward the docks yet again.
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VR game owner list compiled from Steam data leak

I used the leaked Steam data to compile a list of VR games and owners.
The name links to the respective Steam store page.
Keep in mind, data was only leaked for games with achievements. This list was largely automated and only includes pure VR games (Games with a "VR headset required" notice on the store page).
If you notice one missing, let me know and I'll add it.


July 7, 14:57 UTC
Added Space Pirate Trainer and Fallout 4 VR.
July 7, 15:03 UTC
Added The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone
July 7, 16:25 UTC
Added Sprint Vector
July 8, 03:11 UTC
Added Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades


Game Owners
Job Simulator 203,196
Space Pirate Trainer 179,033
Arizona Sunshine 168,513
Raw Data 152,832
Fallout 4 VR 133,476
Vanishing Realms™ 107,763
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR 99,326
The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed 92,049
Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality 84,018
Skeet: VR Target Shooting 75,301
Fruit Ninja VR 75,228
The Brookhaven Experiment 74,964
Disco Time 80s VR 66,128
Holopoint 60,792
Hover Junkers 60,211
Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay 59,331
Eastwood VR 49,524
Deadly Hunter VR 43,126
I Expect You To Die 40,604
Batman™: Arkham VR 39,977
Cloudlands : VR Minigolf 37,955
Out of Ammo 35,371
The Red Stare 35,120
OrbusVR 34,977
Dead Effect 2 VR 34,702
DOOM VFR 34,257
Final Approach 31,446
Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter 30,378
Lazerbait 30,050
Duck Season 29,723
HoloBall 28,414
Covert Syndrome 26,167
The Talos Principle VR 26,129
Ultimate Booster Experience 23,253
Nevrosa: Prelude 22,237
Cave Digger 21,308
Amigdala 20,442
Deserving Life 20,390
Wake Up 20,377
TO THE TOP 19,434
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality 19,264
Gunjack 19,101
Nick 17,932
Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE 17,842
Elven Assassin 17,568
Cosmic Trip 17,351
Ripple Effect 16,118
Sprint Vector 16,043
Pierhead Arcade 15,932
ZomDay 15,876
Far Space VR 15,831
Water Bears VR 15,129
Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR 14,694
VR: Vacate the Room 14,172
Gal*Gun VR 14,148
Plenty: Skyhearth 13,654
A Legend of Luca 13,136
Dream Golf VR 12,468
RetroFighter VR 12,210
A-10 VR 12,141
President Erect VR 12,018
The Nest 11,923
Octopus Bar 11,816
Ultrawings 11,599
Final Approach: Pilot Edition 11,500
Eternity Warriors™ VR 11,342
VR Regatta - The Sailing Game 10,514
Killing Floor: Incursion 10,157
X Rebirth VR Edition 10,109
Paddle Up 10,100
Carnival Games® VR 9,904
The Art of Fight - 4vs4 Fast-Paced FPS 9,824
The Wizards 9,794
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 9,766
Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter 9,757
Mouse Playhouse 9,543
Hot Squat 9,521
Discovr™ Egypt: King Tut's Tomb 9,486
FORM 9,389
Just In Time Incorporated 9,215
Blackwater Bayou VR 9,206
Firebird - La Peri 9,106
King Kaiju 8,829
Sparc 8,582
Final Soccer VR 8,544
AirMech Command 8,469
Holodance 8,126
Kittypocalypse 8,117
Annie Amber 8,009
The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone 7,844
Detached 7,813
VR Ping Pong 7,549
Skyworld 7,468
Virtual Temple: Order of the Golden Dawn 7,395
Karnage Chronicles 7,352
Egg Time 7,172
Pinball FX2 VR 7,127
SoundLites 6,909
#SelfieTennis 6,851
Overkill VR: Action Shooter FPS 6,829
Blue Effect VR 6,747
The Crypts of Anak Shaba - VR 6,685
Jeeboman 6,630
Hoops VR 6,530
Operation Warcade VR 6,452
Deisim 6,340
Taphouse VR 6,251
Waddle Home 6,066
Dig 4 Destruction 6,042
Hatsune Miku VR / 初音ミク VR 5,616
The Exorcist: Legion VR 5,489
VRobot: VR Giant Robot Destruction Simulator 5,399
Blobby Tennis 5,221
Left-Hand Path 5,155
ROM: Extraction 4,862
Lethal VR 4,861
Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR 4,838
Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games 4,773
Airtone 4,761
A-Tech Cybernetic VR 4,683
Moss 4,676
Break Time! 4,481
FATED: The Silent Oath 4,466
Crazy Fishing 4,259
Tomb Exploration VR 4,230
Escape Bloody Mary 4,165
Prison Boss VR 3,934
Thunder Spheres - Virtual Reality 3D Pool 3,836
The Mage's Tale 3,683
Henry The Hamster Handler VR 3,664
The Purge Day 3,613
Order Up VR 3,540
Downward Spiral: Prologue 3,384
ALONE? - VR 3,323
Out of Ammo: Death Drive 3,252
Twisted Arrow 3,197
SURV1V3 3,086
Dragonflight 3,085
EscapeVR: The Basement 3,071
Mega Overload VR 3,064
Shooty Fruity 2,979
Dark Legion VR 2,958
inVokeR 2,840
VR Squash 2017 2,765
Quick Draw 2,745
Apex Construct 2,740
SiegeVR 2,728
Filthy, Stinking, Orcs! 2,722
Bomb U! 2,690
Balloon Chair Death Match 2,682
Escape Artist: The Trial 2,678
A Story of Distress 2,607
Audio Arena 2,492
Purgation 2,479
Locked In VR 2,447
Crazy Max VR 2,440
Quell 4D 2,425
Music Inside: A VR Rhythm Game 2,406
Loco Dojo 2,351
MineSweeper VR 2,347
Mervils: A VR Adventure 2,279
Relax Walk VR 2,249
Sweet Escape VR 2,187
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin 2,155
Qbike: Cyberpunk Motorcycles 2,151
Arcade Saga 2,112
Candy Kingdom VR 2,108
Hold My Beer 2,106
Drone Hunter VR 2,099
Mortal Blitz 2,066
Panzer Panic VR 2,040
Unearthed Inc: The Lost Temple 2,013
Chamber 19 2,005
Duckpocalypse 1,984
Mountain Mind - Headbanger's VR 1,962
Beats Fever 1,955
Leave The Nest 1,907
Drunk or Dead 1,871
DEXED 1,861
Legendary Hunter VR 1,836
#Archery 1,827
Space Fist 1,673
VR Darts 1,664
One Of The Last 1,591
Zombie Grenades Practice 1,584
Dead Hungry 1,574
Ancient Code VR( The Fantasy Egypt Journey) 1,558
Streetball VR 1,556
Beer and Skittls VR 1,554
VectorWave 1,543
Keep Defending 1,523
Baby Hands 1,505
Catch & Release 1,492
Babel: Tower to the Gods 1,485
Stars 1,465
The First Class VR 1,427
Eye in the Sky 1,415
Three Kingdoms VR - Jade Knight (光之三國VR - 青龍騎) 1,400
High Noon VR 1,394
Into the Rhythm VR 1,389
Colourise 1,360
Empty Town 1,344
Bitslap 1,336
Rich life simulator VR 1,327
Cow Milking Simulator 1,306
VR Fun World 1,287
VROOM: Galleon 1,260
DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles 1,253
Wacky Wings VR 1,215
Smashing The Battle VR 1,208
Viking Rage 1,186
Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition 1,155
DreadEye VR 1,127
Special Delivery 1,104
SACRALITH : The Archer`s Tale 1,083
Unearthing Mars VR 1,081
VR Monster Awakens 1,078
RuneSage 1,063
Crisis on the Planet of the Apes 1,063
Virtually Impossible 1,051
Dick Wilde 1,034
Driftwatch VR 1,019
Rage Room 1,003
NBA 2KVR Experience 1,003
Virtual Boxing League 980
Malazard: The Master of Magic 954
EscapeVR: Trapped Above the Clouds 949
Moriarty: Endgame VR 917
Stunt Kite Masters VR 913
Last Mage Standing 911
Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong 890
Fly Destroyer 885
Asteroid Blaster VR 882
Stolen Steel VR 880
Killing Zombies 877
Hyper Bowling VR 873
Children of Colossus 868
Boxing Saga 861
WackyMoles 851
VRog 844
Island Time VR 842
Poker Show VR 827
Sophie's Guardian 779
Hell Dimension VR 768
Headmaster 752
Dungeons & Treasure VR 752
Konrad the Kitten 746
Shoot Mania VR: Fun Zombies 743
Punch Bomb 730
Batter Up! VR 715
Wanted Killer VR 709
Enigma Sphere :Enhanced Edition 696
Battle Summoners VR 695
Traffic Cop 680
Soldier Sortie :VR Agent 006 673
Goaltender VR 671
Sky Sanctuary 652
Runaway VR 646
Primal Carnage: Onslaught 625
Jupiteration 619
Super Amazeballs 618
Gus Track Adventures VR 612
Unruly Ghouls 598
Magical Squash 593
Battle for the last chicken 585
Forgotten Chambers 580
Nemesis Realms 579
LightStrike 579
AI Rebellion VR 566
Attack of the Bugs 564
Beach Bowling Dream VR 544
Virtual Escape: The Play Room 535
Locomancer 530
Goalie VR 526
Gun Range VR 524
VR Furballs - Demolition 522
Hurl VR 520
Space Panic: Room Escape (VR) 517
Neon Seoul: Outrun 511
Doomsday Survival:Training 506
Wrath of Loki VR Adventure 501
Watching Grass Grow In VR - The Game 500
Battle of Red Cliffs VR 476
Quizality 476
Crowe: The Drowned Armory 462
Data Thief 461
VR Disc Golf 460
No Clue VR 457
Archer Guardian VR : The Chapter Zero 456
VR Slugger: The Toy Baseball Field 455
VR Shooter Guns 448
Sneaky Bears 443
Tengutana 443
Elevator... to the Moon! 435
Child of the Wind 432
CubeWorks 418
Tractorball 417
Coaster of Carnage VR 416
Tails 414
Big Hit VR Baseball 412
VRQB 408
Gooblins 407
Hat Trick Header 404
Barrels Up 400
Rangi 396
Fly to KUMA MAKER 390
Don't Get Hit In The Face 384
VR-Xterminator 370
Theseus 369
TankVR 369
Social Club VR : Casino Nights 367
Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet (VR) 362
Dead Days 361
Dracula: Vampires vs. Zombies 360
BlackShield: Upora Story 359
Queendoom 354
Cold Iron - Quick Draw Western 352
Ceggtcher VR 351
Lone Pirate VR 350
MLB Home Run Derby VR 344
Lumberjack VR 342
Spartan VR 341
ChainMan 341
CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy 335
Brush Up VR 333
Cargo Breach 332
Number Hunt 325
A Handful of Keflings 323
Cyberdrifter 315
Club Dance Party VR 311
Bullet VR 307
VR2: Vacate 2 Rooms 306
The baron got you again 306
Cloudborn 303
Robot City Stadium 300
VReakout 292
Seabed Prelude 292
Domain Defense VR 291
Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix 290
Virush 289
Conjuror's Eye 286
Pinheads Bowling VR 278
Ship It 276
Arcade Artist 274
Fruit Attacks VR 270
VR Hockey League 269
Bullet Dodge 269
Frontline Heroes VR 267
Chainless 266
The Relentless 263
Uphill Skiing 260
Escape The Gray 260
Totally Realistic Sledding VR 257
Duel VR 257
Laser Puzzle in VR 250
Light Tracer 248
Always Higher 241
Defense of Castle Chilly 239
Fatal Gem VR(The First Match-3 VR Game) 239
Block'hood VR 238
IronPower 231
Flip the Table 228
Cosmic Awakening VR 223
Kingdom of Blades 218
Oscar Mike VR 218
Scrap Attack VR 217
Podium Bash 210
Edge Guardian 208
Spartaga 205
Super Puzzle Galaxy 204
生死线 Dead Line 202
EnterVR 201
VRtender 200
Wheelchair Simulator VR 197
Along Together 190
DMD Mars Mission 171
Viral EX 169
Western Bank VR 159
Bottle Flip Challenge VR 159
Cross Death VR 159
FILE 9 159
Starship Survivor 156
Symphony of the Machine 154
Starship Disco 149
Fat Foods 144
Slice&Dice 144
Melody 140
Trickshot 135
xDrive VR 120
Rise of the Gunters 120
Warbot 118
Boxplosion 116
All-Star Fielding Challenge VR 113
NeverBound 108
Dungeon Puzzle VR - Solve it or die 107
Naked Sun 105
Luxin Time 104
Alveari 102
Orb Labs, Inc. 95
Xenobox VR 93
Deep End 92
VR Batting 92
Exterminator 91
Aliens In The Yard 85
Gappo's Legacy VR 83
Seishin - Virtual Rhythm 79
Run Dorothy Run 78
Seek & Destroy - Steampunk Arcade 77
Xtreme Paddleball 76
Basketball Court VR 76
Daydream Blue 71
Defendion 70
Ze VR 68
Big Blue - Memory 66
Quantized 65
Throne of the Dead 62
Spud Cricket VR 62
Bleeding Kansas 59
Torn 59
EggTime 2 57
VR Apocalypse 56
Snowmania 55
Pathstow Mystery VR 54
Power Fist VR 53
Psyche Soldier VR 53
Live the Guitar 52
Entropic Shop VR 47
Exterminator: Escape! 41
The Raiders 40
Gravity Tunnel VR 40
Hit The Hive 40
Kartofank VR 39
The Cooking Game VR 39
D.F.R.: The Light VR 38
The Existence Abstract 38
Rocket Armor 36
Paddle Master VR 36
Banshee Force 36
Arca's Path VR 36
Scorb VR 34
SpellShokked! 34
HoloLAB Champions 34
Dragon Adventure VR 32
Catify VR 31
Shatter Quest 29
A Tale of Pirates: a Dummy Mutiny 28
Frol Blok 28
VAD - Virtually Assured Destruction 27
Show Me What You Got 26
Riley Short: Analog Boy - Episode 1 24
Wizard Street 24
Strata Spaces VR 24
Mind Sweeper VR 24
Guardians of Life VR 22
Witching Tower VR 22
Space Crawl 21
Yanone: Letter Splatter 21
Camp Grizzly 20
Synth Riders 18
Iron Defense VR 15
The Rig 12
Trakker 12
Subject 264 9
Eventide Escape 9
Bounty Killer 6
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What's happening around town (Wed, Jan 8th - Tue, Jan 14th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Jan 8th

  • 2020 Timed Events Semi-Finals (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Enuff Z'Nuff (Oklahoma City Limits - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 😂 Josh Phillips (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jan 11th
  • Reading Wednesday (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Reading Wednesdays Every Wednesday, at 10 am The Visitor Center FREE Best for ages 2 to 5 NO READING WEDNESDAY ON DECEMBER 25 AND JANUARY 1 Bring your toddler for story time each Wednesday at 10 am. Books are nature-themed and selected based on the season. We’ll begin with an interactive song and children will enjoy creating a small craft…

Thursday, Jan 9th

  • 2020 Timed Events Semi-Finals (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Day 2 of 2
  • 😂 Josh Phillips (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jan 11th
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎭 Mike Oregano (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Mike Oregano performing at Red Brick Bar!
  • 🎓 Multi-Chamber Speed Networking Lunch (Yukon) Start Time: 11:00am Start the year with an optimal networking experience. You'll be meeting chamber members from diverse industries across NWOKC, Mustang, Yukon and Piedmont. THIS EVENT IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY. REGISTRATION BY DEC. 20 IS $20.00 AFTER THAT IT IS $25. ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES ON JANUARY 7. SEATING IS LIMITED. ONLY ONE PERSON PER COMPANY. ONLY 3…

Friday, Jan 10th

  • 🎨 Oklahoma City Blue vs. Raptors 905 (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 10:00 AM
  • 🎨 I, Doppelgänger (Alexis Austin & Mary James Ketch) + Greer Inez (Mainsite - Norman) The human form finds itself as the center of two exhibitions opening at MAINSITE this December. I, Doppelgänger — featuring works from artists Alexis Austin and Mary James Ketch — and a solo photography exhibition from Greer Inez both celebrate and explore the human form as a wellspring of artistic inspiration. The exhibitions debut with…
  • 🎓 Jessie Joice Band // The Hunter Thomas Band (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm Jessie Joice and his band make a rare Norman stop. Jessie Joice, is a Tulsa native and country singer-songwriter who appeared on "American Idol" in 2013. Jesse Joice first picked up a guitar when he was nine years old and cites his dad and grandparents as his original teachers. After a slew of lessons from family members, a local instructor,…
  • 😂 Josh Phillips (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🍴 Neal McCoy (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Neal McCoy has released 15 studio albums on various labels and has released 34 singles to country radio. In 1993, Neal McCoy broke through with the back-to-back No. 1 singles “No Doubt About It” and “Wink” from his platinum-certified album No Doubt About It. His commercial success continued into the late 1990s with two more platinum…
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Hospitality Club (Gaillardia Country Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:00pm New Members contact: [email protected]
  • 😂 Open Mic Night (Don Quixote Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Every Friday is Open Mic Comedy at Don Quixote's! Laugh with local talent as they hone their skills. Are you funny? Sign up at 7:30. See you this week!
  • Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 12th Start Time: 2:00pm The Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo brings together OKC homeowners and the area's most knowledgeable and experienced remodeling and building experts. Professionals will be on hand to share their valuable knowledge and bring your ideas to life - or inspire new ones! From top quality exhibits and informative seminars, to insightful demonstrations…

Saturday, Jan 11th

  • 🎨 Oklahoma City Blue vs. Northern Arizona Suns (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 10:00 AM
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE YOGA (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am Presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays 6 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Bring a mat, water Instructors from YMCA Recommended for ages 16&Up
    Practicing yoga in the Gardens has the added benefit of connecting you with nature. The Gardens offer a space of beauty and tranquility to help…
  • Josh Abbott Band (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 😂 Josh Phillips (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm "…as Mr. Asher regaled a delighted audience with stories… he conjured history in the making, before it was set in stone." - Stephen Holden, New York Times
  • Peter Asher With Jeremy Clyde - 2 Shows (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 2:00pm The Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo brings together OKC homeowners and the area's most knowledgeable and experienced remodeling and building experts. Professionals will be on hand to share their valuable knowledge and bring your ideas to life - or inspire new ones! From top quality exhibits and informative seminars, to insightful demonstrations…
  • Smells Like Nirvana - In Utero 25th Anniversary (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of In Utero Smells Like Nirvana Special Guest Alice Unchained On Sale Now *All Ages Welcome - Doors 7pm

Sunday, Jan 12th

  • 2020 Celebration Concert featuring Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road (UCO Jazz Lab - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm Admission is $20 per person, cash or check. To reserve your seats, contact the UCO Jazz Lab Box Office: 405.974.2100.
    Come shake off the winter blues with some hot Hideaway Pizza and a heaping scoop of fiery fiddling by Grand Ole Opry Guest Artist, Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road. What a great way to ring in the new year! Don't forget to top…
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm "…as Mr. Asher regaled a delighted audience with stories… he conjured history in the making, before it was set in stone." - Stephen Holden, New York Times
  • Peter Asher With Jeremy Clyde - 2 Shows (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 2:00pm The Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo brings together OKC homeowners and the area's most knowledgeable and experienced remodeling and building experts. Professionals will be on hand to share their valuable knowledge and bring your ideas to life - or inspire new ones! From top quality exhibits and informative seminars, to insightful demonstrations…
  • 🎓 Wes Collins - Winter Wind Concert (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm 2015 Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk winner Wes Collins calls his music “guitar driven folk-pop with teeth”. He released his debut album, One Layer Down, in 2013. Since appearing at Kerrville, Wes has played throughout the Southwest, from the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to a formal showcase at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance…

Monday, Jan 13th

  • 🎓 Baby Storytime (Belle Isle Brewery - Oklahoma City) . Add it to your calendar. Add to Google Calendar Add to iCal Share This Event Let your friends know about this event! Share it on social media. Facebook Twitter Email Setup Reminder Want to be reminded about this event? Complete the form below to have an email notification sent to you 24 hours prior to the event. Email Program Type: Child…
  • Beginners Raja Yoga Meditation Course (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm Welcome to the Raja Yoga Meditation course.
    Please be mindful to attend all sessions as they are all linked.
    Course Dates:
    Lesson 1: Mon, Jan 13th from 7:00pm-8:30pm
    Lesson 2: Wed, Jan 15th from 7:00pm-8:30pm
    Lesson 3: Mon, Jan 20th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
    Lesson 4: Wed, Jan 22nd from 7:00pm - 8:30pm
    Learn Raja Yoga Meditation
    Raja Yoga…
  • 🎓 Kids Learning Club: Let it Snow! (Belle Isle Brewery - Oklahoma City) . Add it to your calendar. Add to Google Calendar Add to iCal Share This Event Let your friends know about this event! Share it on social media. Facebook Twitter Email Program Type: Science & STEAM Age Group: Kids Registration for this event will close on January 6, 2020 @ 3:00pm . Allowed Grades: Kindergarten to 3rd Grade There are 2 seats…
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma

Tuesday, Jan 14th

  • 🎨 Oklahoma City Blue vs. South Bay Lakers (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Sale Dates and Times: Public Onsale : Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 10:00 AM
  • 🎓 Lego Club (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Jan 18th Start Time: 3:30pm Create, Build, Learn, and have Fun! RSVP for this event. All Ages are Welcome. Please keep your Legos at home unless you wish to make a donation to the Guthrie Library. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Talk around guthrie where nobody gets deleted ChooseGuthrie Guthrie Chamber of Commerce Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • 🎓 Member Orientation (Greater Oklahoma City Chamber - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30am Member Orientation Date: 01/14/2020 Time: 8:30 am - 10:00 am Location: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber 123 Park Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Map to Event Add to My Calendar Learn about Chamber's key initiatives and programs while meeting other members. Join us and learn more about your company's investment in the Chamber. It is also a great…
  • 🎭 Miss Saigon (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 19th Visit the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall to watch OKC Broadway perform Miss Saigon this January. Follow along the…
  • 🍴 Overeaters Anonymous Meetings in Edmond (First United Methodist Church - Edmond) Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at Ist Christian Church, 201 E. 2nd Street, Edmond: call 405-657-6810 for more information. Thursdays at noon at Southern Hills Christian Church, 3207 S. Boulevard, Edmond: call 405-818-9676 for more information. Overeaters Anonymous offers a program of recovery from compulsive eating using the Twelve Steps Program. OA…
  • 🎓 Guthrie's Writers Group (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm How to Plot and Structure your novel Webinar. Writers often look upon outlines with fear. Won’t outlines limit your creativity and rob the joy of discovery from your first draft? But when properly understood and correctly wielded, the outline is one of the most powerful weapons in a writer’s arsenal. K.M. Weiland helps you learn how to…

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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Ricky Burns vs Terence Crawford, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Brian Vera II, Orlando Salido vs Vasyl Lomachenko, Robert Stieglitz vs Arthur Abraham III, J'Leon Love vs Vladine Biosse + more

Friday February 28

From Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, Indiana
Time: 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: ESPN2 (USA) DigiSport (Hungary)
Fight Thread: Yes

Raymond Gatica 13(8)-2 vs Sena Agbeko 15(15)-0

6 rounds
middleweight division
And you thought we were done with the Boxcino tournament! Not so fast! This is the middleweight tournament. This tournament is far more interesting. We've got a few undefeated guys this time.

Donatas Bondorovas 18(6)-4-1 vs William Monroe Jr 15(6)-1

6 rounds
middleweight division

Cerresso Fort 17(11)-2-1 vs Vitaliy Kopylenko 22(12)-0

6 rounds
middleweight division

Brandon Adams 12(8)-0 vs Daniel Edouard 23(14)-4-2

6 rounds
middleweight division
From Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, New York
Time: 9:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: Showtime (USA)
Fight Thread: Yes

J’Leon Love 16(9)-0 vs Vladine Biosse 15(7)-2-2

10 rounds
super middleweight division
Love at one point in time appeared to be one of Mayweather Promotion’s fast rising prospects who would undoubtedly hold a world title someday, sooner rather than later. A meeting with Gabriel Rosado resulted in a controversial win. Leon was dropped in round 6 and later had the win turned to a no contest after he failed a post-fight test. Love has since fallen out of contention for title shot status and it appears he has a long way to go before rejoining the fold. This is another small step for him in facing Biosse. Biosse is a regional fighter who will probably sell a lot of tickets, but ultimately has come up short in his attempts against good opposition. He’s coming off a draw and a TKO last year against Marcus Upshaw. If Love doesn’t make easy work of this, serious doubts will arise about whether Love can ever compete at an elite level.

Mickey Bey 19(10)-1-1 vs Alan Herrera 32(21)-5

10 rounds
lightweight division
Bey is a very good prospect. His one loss came against John Molina who pulled off a nice 10th round upset after being thoroughly beaten for the other 9 rounds. Bey is slick, he boxes beautifully, and mixes punches up very nicely. Even after the loss, I still think he’s got a bright future if he can tuck that chin and stay responsible on defense. Herrera is quite experienced for a 24 year old. He hasn’t fought since last August where he was dropped and beaten over 6 rounds. Bey should have this in the bag.

Badou Jack 16(11)-0-1 vs Derek Edwards 26(13)-3-1

10 rounds
super middleweight division
Ok Badou Jack, it’s all up to you now. J’Leon doesn’t appear to have it. Bey already took a loss. We don’t really know what we got with Pearson. It’s up to you to carry Mayweather Promotions. Are you up for it? Maybe. I like Jack and his style, but there are still a lot of questions about his game. Edwards won’t be much of a test. He’s coming off a knockout loss to Matt Korobov. Jack will eventually be properly tested. Friday won’t be that day.
Saturday March 1
From GETEC Arena, Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Time: 9:00 AM EST, 12:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM GMT
Television: Boxnation (UK) SAT1 (Germany)
Fight Thread: Yes

Robert Stieglitz 46(26)-3 vs Arthur Abraham 38(28)-4

12 rounds
WBO super middleweight title
Robert Stieglitz has held the WBO super middleweight title since August of 2009 when he knocked out Karoly Bazsay. There was a brief interlude in 2012 Stieglitz was separated form his title. An upset loss to Arthur Abraham who had previously been beaten by the real super middleweight champion of the world, Andre Ward, Carl Froch, and Andre Dirrell. In the rematch, Abraham developed a massive swelling out of his eye and the fight was stopped in the 4th because he could no longer see out of the eye. Since then, Abraham has won both fights he’s been in and while his last fight was a very wide decision, Abraham appears to have slipped quite a bit. The question will be whether Stieglitz has too. If he hasn’t Stieglitz will win an easy decision.
From City Academy Sports Centre, Bristol, Avon, UK
Time: 10:00 AM EST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM GMT
Television: Channel 5 (UK)
Fight Thread: No

James DeGale 17(11)-1 vs Gevorg Khatchikian 20(8)-0

12 rounds
super middleweight division
DeGale was once one of the UK’s rising prospects in the super middleweight division. He then entered into a sink or swim fight with another undefeated super middleweight prospect. That prospect was a 23 year old named George Groves. Groves was the more experienced that night, and today he reigns as one of the most beloved fighters in the world (coming off a loss.) While Groves will be facing Carl Froch in the coming months, DeGale is still rebuilding. Khatchikian has a nice record, but he’s never fought away from his home in the Netherlands. Maybe DeGale can have another gut check fight with Callum Smith. (Note: Degale was originally supposed to be in an eliminator fight with Badou Jack.)

Lee Haskins 28(12)-3 vs Elton Dharry 15(9)-5-1

12 rounds
bantamweight division

Hughie Fury 13(8)-0 vs TBA

? rounds
heavyweight division
Apparently TBA had foul words to say about Fury’s back acne which made Boxnation’s HD debut that much more glorious. I expect TBA to put up a hell of a fight for the first 15 seconds of the fight before Fury unloads a vicious body attack to put him away.
From World Trade Center, Naucalpan, Mexico
Time: 10:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM PST, 3:00 AM GMT
Television: Televisa (Mexico) Fox Espanol (USA)
Fight Thread: No

Zulina Munoz 40(26)-1-2 vs Alesia Graf 27(11)-3

10 rounds
WBC female super flyweight title

Pablo Cesar Cano 27(20)-3-1 vs Fernando Angulo 26(15)-9

(I'm pretty sure this fight is off)
From Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Time: 11:00 AM EST, 2:00 PM PST, 7:00 PM GMT
Television: Sky (UK) AWE (USA) (Note: I hear you can also order this on pay-per-view if you have PS3 or PS4)
Fight Thread: Yes

Ricky Burns 36(11)-2-1 vs Terence Crawford 22(16)-0

12 rounds
WBO lightweight title
I get asked this question a lot. Who are the best prospects in boxing? Or, who are the young up-and-comers out there that I should check out? You know where I’m going with this if you know about Terence Crawford. My next question is, are you a fan of slick boxers, the kinds of guys who can make their opponent miss and then make them pay? Because to this point in his career, Terence Crawford is that guy; I don’t believe he’s lost a round in his entire career. On Saturday he’ll fight for the lightweight title against one of the toughest guys in the sport… and Crawford is the favorite. Burns hasn’t looked good in his last 2 fights. He had a controversial win over Jose Gonzalez after Gonzalez quit with a wrist injury and Ray Beltran broke his jaw and dropped him. And yet, Burns has prevailed.
This is the biggest test of Crawford’s young career. If he breezes past Burns, all of our suspicions will be confirmed. If he loses, we’ll have to chalk it up to him being yet another product of clever match-making and HBO spotlight.
Burns has 2 losses on his ledger, both came when he was young and still fighting on the domestic UK scene. Since then he’s moved up to lightweight and hasn’t been beaten in 6 years. Burns has been dropped before, but has shown to have tremendous heart. With only 11 stoppage wins for Burns and Crawford not exactly being a devastating puncher, this has 12 rounds written all over it. I like Crawford in this. He’s got a significant reach advantage and very recently Burns has shown a weakness toward fighters who can box well. Crawford has proven to have next level boxing ability and will pose a lot of problems for Burns.

John Simpson 25(11)-10 vs John Murray 32(19)-2

10 rounds
lightweight division

Scott Cardle 13(2)-0 vs Paul Appleby 19(11)-5

8 rounds
lightweight division

Anthony Joshua 4(4)-0 vs Hector Alfredo Avila 22(14)-15-1

6 rounds
heavyweight division
Joshua seemed to be on the fast track in the heavyweight division, but either Eddie Hearn has lost interest or hasn’t been too impressed. Avila is tested and experienced, but Joshua shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Anthony Ogogo 4(2)-0 vs Greg O’Neill 3-1

6 rounds
middleweight division
Ogogo looked absolutely spectacular early on. He was the first of the British Olympians to get a pro debut and I was sure he was going to be a big hit in the middleweight division. He’s failed to stop 2 opponents and it’s since slowed his ascension down. I still think Ogogo will be special and a top contender at middleweight, but it won’t be anytime soon.
From Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas
Time: 9:45 PM EST, 6:45 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT (I think Boxnation will get the Juan Diaz fight)
Television: HBO (USA) Boxnation (UK) Main Event (Australia) Sport 1 (Hungary)
Fight Thread: Yes

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 47(32)-1-1 vs Brian Vera 23(14)-7

12 rounds
super middleweight division
Making weight will be a victory for Chavez Jr. Beating Vera will only be icing on the cake. Chavez Jr has said that there’s a new maturity and responsibility in his life after the birth of his first daughter. If he holds true to his word, he’ll make weight and beat Brian Vera without any controversy this time around.
Vera has been training in a state of the art facility with a gameplan that no doubt includes having the stamina to overwhelm the plodding legend’s son with a ton of punches and movement. Vera began boxing late in life and his defensive lapses show it. He gets caught with flush shots when he’s out of position and those shots were the difference between winning and losing the first fight with Chavez Jr. Actually, I take that back. Not because it’s not true, in my eyes and any respectable boxing fan’s eyes that’s certainly true. But in the eyes of Gwen Adair and Marty Denkin (who both saw a resounding victory for Chavez) avoiding those shots wouldn’t have made much of a case for Vera to win the first fight.
I will say this about their first fight. It is true that Chavez Jr landed the harder, more significant punches. I thought there was a point when he could have stopped Vera if he turned up the fire. And yet, the most generous score I could have given in favor Chavez Jr was a draw. On the other side, a generous score for Vera would be something 96-94 at most.
Going into this fight, Chavez Jr remains the favorite. Bovada is asking for $500 bucks to yield a $100 dollar return. If Vera can use lateral movement and escape exchanges without going back in a straight line, victory will be his. Unfortunately for Chavez Jr, should he win this fight, Andre Ward will be his prize.

Orlando Salido 40(28)-12-2 vs Vasyl Lomachenko 1(1)-0

12 rounds
WBO featherweight title
Top Rank is looking to make history. They’ve got perhaps the greatest amateur boxer ever and they’re looking to make him a champion in only his second professional fight. It’s never been done. They looked at the landscape of champions at featherweight and chose Orlando Salido, fresh off a dominating win over Orlando Cruz, as the opponent for a guy who’s 1 fight removed from head gear and the lol amateur scoring system. They deemed Salido the better match instead of Simpiwe Vetyeka (Donaire gets him), Jhonny Gonzalez, and Evgeny Gradovich. (Gonzalez wouldn’t happen because of promotional issues.) If ever a guy with only one fight on his resume could win a title in his second fight, it’s Lomachenko. It won’t be easy though. Salido has some pop, he’s got massive determination, and he’s got a… “veteran” ruggedness to him. Will Lomachenko be able to deal with it? Betting sites have Lomachenko as a heavy favorite. I know Salido’s record indicates that this is all but a done deal for Lomachenko, but in the past couple of years, nobody has fought Salido and gotten an easy win. Even Mikey Garcia who knocked him down what seemed like 10 times began to struggle late and had his nose broken. My only question is can Lomachenko hang for 12 rounds? Salido will no doubt look to test that by pressuring him early and seeing how he holds up when the championship rounds roll along.

Juan Diaz 38(19)-4 vs Gerardo Robles 16(7)-12

10 rounds
lightweight division
The baby bull returns! Again. He fought three times last year after taking a three year hiatus from the sport. Diaz has always been a forward-marching brawler who brings action. Robles is coming off 2 straight losses (including one to rising prospect Jose Felix Jr) and has never done well against stiff competition. Even if Diaz was half the fighter he was before the hiatus, he'd take care of Robles easy. Look for an early stoppage here.

Oscar Valdez 8(8)-0 vs Samuel Sanchez 6(1)-4-1

6 rounds
featherweight division
My favorite prospect in all of boxing. He's polished, patient, puts together punches well, basically everything you'd want to see if you were building a fighter to someday win a title. I think Valdez, along with Luke Campbell and Zou Shiming, needs to step up their competition. I don't believe he's really learning much mowing through these kids that are clearly not as skilled as him. A step up would force Valdez to grow rather than refine what we already know he's good at. I promise you that as much as I praise Valdez, Bob Sheridan will make me look like indifferent on the TopRank.TV stream this Saturday.

Alex Saucedo 12(9)-0 vs Gilbert Venegas 12(8)-12-4

6 rounds
welterweight division
Saucedo is almost reckless. He's still quite green, but I like what I see out of him. This is definitely one of the better prospects out there and I think when they elevate his competition, you'll see him grow into one of the better, aggressive fighters out there.

Tuesday March 4

From Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Time: ?
Television: ?
Fight Thread: No
Yodmongkol Vor Saengthep 33(20)-2 vs Takuya Kogawa 22(13)-3
12 rounds
interim WBA world flyweight title
Saengthep goes by another alias, Yongmongkol CP Freshmart. I didn’t even realize this was him until I looked closer. Anyway, CP Freshmart is on his way in the flyweight division. A win here will most likely earn him a shot against Juan Carlos Reveco somewhere down the line. It won’t be easy though. Kogawa once took Pongsaklek Wonjongkam 12 rounds. He came up short, but has since been a solid competitor on the Japanese domestic scene. I believe Freshmart’s power will be the difference here (as well as the fact that they’re fighting in his hometown.)
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Fight Night at Horseshoe Hammond 11.29.14 HITZ BOXING ESPN FIGHT NIGHT FRIDAY 02.28.14 HORSESHOE CASINO 4/20/13 Horseshoe Casino Frank Scalise boxing HORSESHOE CASINO BOXING Featuring Knockout Fitness Horowitz vs. Smith Horseshoe Casino Fight 2015 Fight Night At The Horseshoe Casino With Hitz Boxing Beating The Odds (Horseshoe Casino Boxing) - YouTube Horseshoe Casino Indiana boxing frank Scalise - YouTube

Horseshoe Casino Boxing: Mayweather vs. Mosley Screening, Griffin vs. Thompson Coming In May. Boxing Press 4/22/2010 Press Releases. Related Articles. Boxing Luminaries Predict Wilder vs. Fury Rematch Outcome. 2/22/2020. 2020 US Olympic Women’s Boxing Team Trials December 7. 11/23/2019 “Smokin” Joe Frazier Gets USA Amateur Boxing Honor . 11/23/2019. The Venue at Horseshoe Casino will ... Boxing at Horseshoe Casino - FUN! The Pavilion at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati - Cincinnati. This was a great event at a great venue. I will most certainly go to the next one. The casino itself is clean, open, big, plenty of table games, slots, and food choices. The boxing was great. Every match was good, and there were plenty of matches. The boxing event was well organized. Championship Fight ... Hitz Boxing Live At The Horseshoe Casino In Hammond Indiana. June 7, 2013 at 9:15 am . Filed Under: Boxing, Craig Miller. By Craig Miller-(CBS) Bobby Hitz to offer “Fight Night at the Horseshoe ... Buy The Venue at Horseshoe Casino Hammond Tickets at TicketCity. View the The Venue at Horseshoe Casino Hammond 2021 calendar of events, interactive seating charts, and get up-to-date ticket information. Peabo Bryson (21+ Event) (Rescheduled from 5/9/2020, 8/7/2020) is less than 161 days away, tickets start at $91. Since 1990, TicketCity has served over 1 million customers! Horseshoe Casino: Boxing event - See 12,059 traveler reviews, 90 candid photos, and great deals for Tunica, MS, at Tripadvisor. Horseshoe Casino near Chicago Launches Sports Betting After Recent Legalization. Written by Ann Holmes on October 3, 2019. More in Latest: 10 Casinos Everyone Should Visit at Least Once in Their Lifetime November 6, 2020; Casino Review: Bonus Codes and Tips November 5, 2020; The Essential Penny Slots Guide: How They Work and Where to Play Online November 4, 2020 . The sportsbook ... Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati will host Championship Fight Night on Thursday, May 29. The special, one-night event at the Horseshoe's Pavilion will feature three World Boxing Council United States ... The Venue at Horseshoe Casino: Boxing - See 103 traveler reviews, 13 candid photos, and great deals for Hammond, IN, at Tripadvisor.

[index] [9088] [28231] [2357] [31011] [6272] [13818] [5008] [22447] [15692] [12082]

Fight Night at Horseshoe Hammond 11.29.14

Ist Horseshoe casino boxing event in Baltimore Maryland. This event was filmed and documented by Videographer @Dmdesignz of Instagram. Book him for all documentary style work, event photography ... Casino fight Horseshoe casino Hammond Indiana - Duration: 0:44. manchildzero 9,693 views. 0:44 . Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work - Duration: 10:00. americancasinoguide Recommended for ... Join us for we close out the 2014 Hitz Boxing season with another installment of our wildly popular "Fight Night at Horseshoe Hammond." Saturday, November 29, 2014. Enjoy ring side Blackjack ... Boxing Fans get ready for Fight Night Friday February 28th, 2014 at The Horseshoe Casino/The Venue 777 Casino Center Drive Hammond, Indiana 46320. Plus! Bobb... This video is Sammy Horowitz's last fight on 11.29.14 at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond Indiana Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 4/20/13 Horseshoe Casino Frank Scalise boxing tasv06. Loading... Unsubscribe from tasv06? ... The Destructive Speed in Boxing! - Duration: 15:41. The World of Boxing! 1,812,881 views. 15:41 . Mike ... On June 6th 2015 The Knockout Fitness Boys stepped into the ring for the first ever boxing fights at a casino in Maryland. Check out the video to see how it ... Watch all the action live from the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond IN. with Hitz Boxing. Tonight - First Bell at 8PM ET, 7PM CT 5PM PT This was our test of LIVE STREAMING from the ringside.