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Jimmy Miraglia and Billy McCarthy. Jimmy Miraglia and Billy McCarthy (died 1962) were two mob associates of the Chicago Outfit who were killed in the infamous "M&M murders" in 1962 by notorious Chicago Outfit hitman Anthony J. Spilotro.. Biography. McCarthy and Miraglia were part of Frank Cullotta's burglary crew in Chicago. The pair had made the mistake of killing the Outfit-connected Scalvo Chicago Mob 1980s Hit List Time Line. Outfit Murders – 1980-1989. Damage Toll: 33 bodies found, 31 slayings in the decade. July 2, 1980 – Chicago mob enforcer and Chicago Heights crew member William (Billy the Chopper) Dauber and his wife Charlotte are gunned down in their car after leaving a court appearance by the Wild Bunch, the Outfit’s top hit team. The Illinois Gaming Board awarded Rosemont a license in March 2004, but the deal soon fell apart amid accusations that investors in the proposed casino had mob ties. After Stephens' death in 2007 Along with some of the hottest nightclubs, Rosemont boasts some of the best fine dining spots in Chicagoland. American steak and its Brazilian cousin dominate the fine dining scene, with Italian cuisine coming a close second. For those who want something a bit friendlier on the budget, Italian beef, Chicago deep-dish pizza and Polish sausages are definite favorites. And there's nothing like Opened in 1931 as a swanky nightclub with a casino and motel just beyond the downtown area in Las Vegas. The casino was profitable enough to get the attention of Mob bosses Lucky Luciano and Frank Costello in New York. They sent Meyer Lansky to Vegas to demand their cut of the cash, but Cornero refused. A week later the motel was torched Days after Rick Heidner’s name popped up in a federal search warrant — and his business dealings reportedly were tied to mob figures — Gov. J.B. Pritzker held up plans to sell the land Intended to complement the casino, the Muvico movie theater and Aloft hotel were the first things built, soon followed by a mix of restaurants and bars, along with a comedy club and bowling alley. Indoor sky diving was the latest addition in 2014. Rosemont made an initial $40 million investment to build on the once-vacant land next to the Tri-State Tollway, but officials are counting on the Serving American fare in this high-energy atmosphere, patrons will get a glimpse of the love of golf life and the successful movie careers of the brothers. And you will not miss a sports event as the screens are tuned-in to the major sports scene for the season. 9546 Balmoral Ave. Rosemont, IL 60018. 847.443.FORE (3673) Visit their website. Nov 7, 2017 - According to an FBI informant, Armand's was the place where Rosemont mayor Donald Stephens met with five important crimelords to discuss the mob's control over the Emerald Casino in 1999. Those five included Joey "The Clown" Lombardo, John "No Nose" DiFronzo, Peter DiFronzo, Joe "The Builder" Andriacchi, and Rudy Fratto. (Despite his name, "The Clown" was an especially ruthless Under a different name the Emerald group operated the Silver Eagle casino in East Dubuque, which closed in 1997. But the Emerald retained the license and sought to move it to Rosemont with the aid

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