Bee Playing Cards

I have two sets of Bee playing cards, red and blue. casino cards from the Stardust Casino Pristine condition still shrink wrapped with seals unbroken. Do these have value.

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OfflineTV and Friends Minecraft Server Season 3.5: Stories and Info Drop - Return of Valkyrae and the Casino's Contract (Lore as of Dec. 8, 2020)

Since there's no post in the Minecraft server updates, I'll be sharing these few updates that I've witnessed in a story form as of December 8, 2020. I have only watched Rae's stream and some of Ludwig and Anne's stream for context.
Valkyrae's return
Valkyrae has returned to the same new lands after being away for weeks. Nobody knows for sure if she slumbered deep into her Sakura forest home just like Toast did or wandered through the foreign lands. But one thing is for sure - the land once she inhabited was unrecognizable to the point that she seeks the assistance of her neighbors to guide her into the newly shaped places.
Kktamina (Miyong), Ludwig's sidekick who went rogue and went to several adventures with Sykkuno after Michael the Robot Overlord has been missing for days, apparently discovered what might be an incident of child trafficking within the server (I hope this could be explained this incident by the original update provider), meet Valkyrae and wanted to bring her into her hideout. But Valkyrae lost her and Kktamina went on her own like always.
Along the way, she is reunited with her mentor Abe and rode the rollercoaster with him. She receives the wings that uses mana in order to fly around the server. She went into Grassjeli's floating islands, Sllepai's cricket vines, and arrives to the casino, where Abe and the rest of the residents get her addicted to Blackjack by encouraging her to play. Ludwig loaned her stacks of diamonds with interest charges while Abe just gave her stacks of diamonds to get her addicted to gambling. While playing, she was reunited with her skeleton horse that she found on her journey into this new world. Abe found the skeleton horse at some point in time and stored it into a bottle. She mentioned that she named the skeleton horse Boner.
She ended up with zero diamonds in the end and accusing the horse somehow of harboring bad luck. Abe, being in the Casino's leaderboard as the one with most diamonds on his casino card, gave her student his onw card to gamble. Not only that he teaches her Thaumcraft, but also he teaches her how to become a gambling addict as well. It ended up with Abe losing his diamonds in the process and have to play Blackjack to reclaim his lost diamonds.
Upon hearing from 5up (Tubbo's ally in previous life) about the potential of the bees, Valkyrae is now interested in beekeeping and asked Abe to learn beekeeping. Abe then told Valkyrae that he did tell her that he wanted to do that with her in the early days. No wonder Toast is obsessed with the bees.
Theory: Could Don Toast know about the power of the bees from the start and his obsession with bees is for world domination?
Does Don Toast knows this great potential of the bees? It could be a case since in the previous life, he did manage to reach the same technological advancement as Michael before he detonated the nuke. The question is, does Toast wanted to use the power of bees to dominate the server with overwhelming technology once again? Or he does wanted simply to get the resources he needs on a whim?
Casino's Contract
Ludwig check on his diamond inventory when suddenly he noticed that he cannot pay Abe when he cashes out. Apparently his diamond vault has been stolen and he starts interrogating people - from Kktamina, Ottomated, Ryan and Ash to figure out who stole his diamonds. Otto discussed his plans to grow diamonds to Ludwig. Apparently he received some visions from an individual thanking him for several stacks of diamonds and asked Ryan about these visions he is receiving. He sees this as an gratitude in learning his ways. He has a list of suspects who yeeted the diamonds: Kris, Sykkuno and Anne.
He finally interrogated Ash, who told Ludwig that Anne stole the diamonds but Ash said that she returned it to the casino, Sykkuno only stole and gambles the stolen diamonds back to the casino. it is unknown if Anne really returned the diamonds (spoiler she can't). Ludwig did warn Ash about the upcoming heist, and revealed to her that he planned his own heist with the plan of using the stolen diamonds blackmail and to renegotiate his terms with Ottomated, who is starting to get more powerful as he master the world's robotics and bees. Ludwig is worried that Otto shall build a casino of his own, and team up with Michael, as he claims that they're both nerds and more likely to team up rather than work for him to expand his casino, resulting to him returning to his old scamming ways. Otto, using invisibility potion, spied on their convo and was genuinely shocked upon hearing these convo, interrupting their conversation. Ludwig tries to use his words to Otto, but ended up with them arguing about their role in the casino, and Ludwig telling his concerns about Otto's rise to power. In the end, Otto told Ludwig to let the heist try to take the diamonds as he installed the countermeasures and he could have talked about the matters in the casino.
Otto and Ludwig agreed to the following terms:
Ludwig tried to yeet Boner from Rae but he failed as he tried to use the waystone while riding the horse, which ended up only teleporting him. Otto afterwards tends to his bees and the casino. Boner is currently in the second floor of the casino.
Side Story: The Girl livning in the volcano
Anne, the Volcano resident of the new lands who is living with bnans, found a relatively easy way to steal the diamonds. She felt that it was too easy and felt that there is no payout of doing it, and decided to condess to Ash and showed her how she did it.
Apparently, Anne failed to return the stolen diamonds inside after attempting to do it with the assistance of Ash because she does not have access to the chest. So she sent a vision to Ludwig of her in a room with a chest full of those diamonds.
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2020 Playing Card Holiday Gift Guide

My favourite decks from the past year

Playing cards make the ideal gift, particularly the many beautiful custom decks available nowadays. Almost everyone can use a deck of cards at some point, so they have an instant and universal appeal, especially if a deck has some customized artwork and is packaged in an appealing tuck box.
In this list I want to focus on some of my favourite decks that have come out in the past year 2020. This year has been a challenging year for many of us in light of the coronavirus that has swept across the world. But in the middle of all this darkness, there have also been some bright spots, which include the brand new crop of custom decks that have appeared in the marketplace.
The suggestions I'm making are very much a matter of personal choice, and other playing card enthusiasts might make other choices. I haven't seen each and every deck that hit the market in the past year, and there are undoubtedly plenty of other worthy decks that qualify for a list like this. I've also not included any decks that have haven't yet been produced, even if they have been crowdfunded. This list strictly covers decks that you should be able to obtain from online retailers and resellers. I've also not included so-called "hype decks" that sell out almost immediately at the publisher level (e.g. Fontaines), but only those that enter retail channels and are more widely and readily available.
I've also included links to where you find them at PlayingCardDecks so that you can see images of the tuck boxes and cards for each item, and because they're the retailer I personally buy playing cards from the most. But you should be able to find these decks at most online retailers.

Popular Series

Several series of playing cards have become brands of their own, and achieved nearly cult status from collectors. This past year has seen some great additions to the line-ups from popular series that include big names like Jerry's Nuggets, Cherry Casino, and NOC.
Jerry's Nugget Aqua Playing Cards - Jerry's Nuggets are a modern icon in the world of playing cards, due to the cult status of this deck, which was praised by cardists around the world. It was originally printed in the early 1970s, and was so much in demand in recent decades that copies fetched over $500 in the secondary market. A very successful reprinting of the original blue and red decks happened in 2019, and in the past year we've seen multiple reprints in different colours. Among my favourites in this series are the bright colours like orange, yellow, and green, which have all appeared in the past year. But there's also something for those who prefer a more muted look, such as steel and black. For more in this series, see Jerry's Nugget decks.
Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal Playing Cards - The Cherry Casino decks capture a retro vibe, and are a throwback to the old fruit machines from gambling halls, with their distinctive cherry artwork. For me the real appeal of this series lies in the gorgeous card backs, which have a metallic sheen making them feel instantly different from all other decks. The face cards are all quite standard, so that makes them ideal for card games or card magic. Multiple new colours continue to appear in this series, such as Flamingo Quartz Pink, and most recently McCarran Silver. For more in this series, see Cherry Casino decks .
NOC 3000X2 Purple Playing Cards - The acronym NOC originally stood for Nothing Only Colour, and in line with this the initial decks in this series were all very minimalist. Many people like to collect and use the NOC decks, and over time the series has evolved somewhat. The most recent releases show some new splashes of creativity, and with the NOC 3000X2 deck we travel into the future, past the year 3000. Vibrant purples and pinks inhabit the landscape of the cards, for a very modern and flashy look that is particularly well suited to cardistry. This particular deck is also available in a matching pink version. For more in this series, see NOC decks.

Popular Brands

There are several big brands that you can count on for quality, and this year was no exception, with big companies like Theory11, Ellusionist, and Art of Play all continuing to contribute wonderful playing cards to the market.
James Bond 007 Playing Cards - When it comes to glamorous tuck boxes, it doesn't get much better than the luxury of playing card producer Theory11. This wonderful deck is a tribute to agent 007, James Bond. I collect most of the Theory11 decks, and this one is particularly terrific, with a supreme tuck box, and Bond-inspired paraphernalia on the court cards and on the card back. Close observers will find many Bond gadgets and more. Theory11 have put out several stylish releases in the past year, another one being the Hollywood Roosevelt deck. For more, see Theory11 decks.
Shadow Masters Legacy v2 Playing Cards - One of the companies at the forefront of the custom playing cards movement was Ellusionist and their Black Tiger deck continues to be a modern icon. While they've since been overshadowed by the many custom decks produced in the crowd-funding era over the past decade, they continue to produce some memorable decks from time to time that are worth picking up. The Shadow Masters Legacy v2 is a black deck in the classic Ellusionist style, and represents the kind of thing that made them great to begin with. A jet black background is the chief feature of this deck, and the red and white used for the artwork and pips stands out beautifully against the inky black. This deck compares favourably with any other deck from the modern era. For more, see Ellusionist decks.
Yellow Wheel Playing Cards - The brand Art of Play is the home of influential cardists Dan and Dave Buck. Their Red & Blue Wheel decks are among my all-time favourite decks, with gorgeous metallic inks as part of a split-pip design. The Yellow Wheel deck is their latest entry in the Wheel series, that retains the original card backs but now in yellow. But the highlight is the card faces, with the split pips employing a stunning metallic silver that complements the cards beautifully. This is a completely custom deck that is certain to impress anyone who sees it. Art of Play produces many new decks each year, and their Henry & Sally deck is a fun novelty release also worth checking out. For more, see Art of Play decks.

Popular Designers

They are a very select group, but there are some notable designers in the playing card industry who have developed a real name for themselves, have generated a large following of loyal fans, and continue to produce high quality custom decks on a regular basis.
Italia Radiosa Playing Cards - Italian designer Giovanni Meroni is the man behind Thirdway Industries, and his playing cards are in high demand from collectors around the world. His signature style is immediately recognizable in each of his decks, and this one is no exception. Along with its companion Italia Segreta, it's themed around the wonders and secrets of Italy. The unique court cards are the real highlight, showcasing Giovanni's usual creativity and style. The number cards are also fully custom. These are the kinds of decks that will hold their value well in years to come. If you want even more vibrant colours, check out Modern Idols, from the same creator. For more, see Giovanni Meroni decks.
Postage Paid Playing Cards - Behind the brand Kings Wild Project is Jackson Robinson, who is one of the few professional designers that actually makes a living out of designing playing cards. This deck was inspired by the idea of playing cards functioning as postcards, each with its own stamp and post paid stamp. All 50 US states are represented on different cards, and everything about this deck is fully customized. This deck was produced in only limited numbers, so it will be out of stock in most places. But if you're quick, you can still grab Jackson Robinson's General Admission deck, which applies a similar concept to tickets, with each card representing a vintage ticket stub from the early 20th century. For more, see Jackson Robinson decks.
Kodiak Playing Cards - From popular designer Jody Eklund and his Black Ink Playing Cards Company, comes this delightful deck of playing cards that is geared to the poker player and collector. The cards have a very classic look, but offer a fresh take on the designs of the court cards and pips. Jody is highly respected for his approach to graphic design, and these cards will prove an excellent choice if you like playing card games, and want to bring something stylish and attractive to the table. For more, see Jody Eklund decks.

Magician Decks

Most magicians can perform their magic with any deck, but typically they prefer to do card magic with a deck where novelty and customization are minimal, so as not to distract from their magic. These decks are well suited to performing magic, and contain bonus gaff cards or other secrets that enable them to produce miracles not possible with ordinary decks.
Card College Playing Cards - These decks are a tribute to the most outstanding modern teacher of the fundamentals of card magic, Roberto Giobbi. Mr Giobbi is the author of Card College, a series of best-selling books which are the modern gold standard for learning card magic. Available in red and blue, these decks are simple and practical for the working magician, and as a bonus each contains two double backer gaff cards. If you want more luxury, check out the stunning Luxury 3 Deck Set, which has even more stylish cards, individually numbered tuck boxes with unique origami style features, packaged in an attractive acrylic box - the ideal collectible or gift for magicians.
Remedies Royal Blue Playing Cards - The Remedies decks come from popular creators Daniel Madison and Daniel Schneider, and this is a successor to the Remedies Scarlet Red deck. Many collectors love the Black Roses brand of playing cards, and collect whatever they produce. This blue Remedies deck has a classic and minimalist look with bold blue card backs, and is very functional and practical. The inclusion of a special Angle Zero gaff makes it ideal for magicians.
DMC Elites Red v5 Playing Cards - Of all the marked decks I own, the DMC Elites is easily my first choice whenever I want a marked deck with cards that can be easily read from a distance, due to the clever and yet almost invisible marking system it uses. This deck has previously been released in several different colours, and now incorporates Tamariz's Mnemonica stack. All you need is the deck, but there is a terrific Passport book available separately, which will give you some great ideas for routines you can pull off with this great marked deck. For more, see Marked decks.

Cardistry Decks

Card flourishing has really boomed in recent years, and especially shines when cardists use a deck that has colourful and striking patterns optimized for cardistry, that enhance the visual aesthetics of cards in motion, as these decks show.
Neon Orange Cardistry Playing Cards - This deck represents Bicycle's attempt to meet a demand for a relatively low-cost deck geared towards card flourishing. The card backs have a geometric design, and the faces are all identical and completely non-standard, showcasing the latest evolution in playing cards optimized entirely for cardistry. Bright colours ensure that the cards look visually appealing in fans, spreads, and flourishing moves. Alongside this vibrant orange deck is its blue companion, the Neon Blue Aurora deck.
Autumn Circle Cardistry Playing Cards - Tally Ho is a classic brand that USPCC has been producing for a long time. The circle back design of the typical Tally Ho deck has become iconic, and is especially appreciated by those who enjoy card flourishing. Each year the folks at Bicycle produce some in-house decks for special occasions, and the Autumn Circle Back deck is a lovely result. The colours capture the warmth and glow of autumn leaves and the mood of harvest time, while the pattern on the card backs is perfect for cardistry.
ArrowDynamix Cardistry Playing Cards - Given the high volume of cardistry decks appearing all the time, it can be difficult to come up with something completely original, but this minimalist deck has accomplished exactly that. Each card features a giant vertical arrow on the card backs, and a giant horizontal arrow on the faces. With carefully choreographed sequences and moves, you can create truly unique patterns and effects that you simply can't achieve with any other cardistry deck.

Animal-themed Decks

Do you love animals, or do you have an animal lover in your life? There are a lot of wonderful custom decks that are tributes to our four legged friends, or depict some of our favourite creatures.
Woof and Whiskers Dog Playing Cards - The real appeal of this deck is the cute tuck box, which has cardboard ears that fold up, to complete the look of the friendly dog on the front of the box. I would have liked to see some more customization with the number cards, but it's still a very charming deck, with delightful custom artwork on the court cards and aces. This is one of two Zoo 52 decks, so if you like the Dog deck, you'll also want to pick up the Playful Paws Cat deck, which is equally cute.
Aviary Playing Cards - There are a lot of independent creators that produce Bicycle branded playing cards with the help of industry giant USPCC, but this big name producer also releases its own in-house decks. This is my favourite of their four newest releases that hit the market at the end of 2020, and is a very classy looking deck with artwork inspired by a traditional look, but with adjustments to give it a custom feel, and the presence of several birds carefully positioned throughout the deck. Of the four new releases from Bicycle, the Sea King deck is also proving to be very popular.
King of Tigers Playing Cards - If you're looking for a deck with bling, this is it. The card backs have a borderless tiger skin pattern, which has been printed with some of the latest technology that makes use of foil for a truly eye-catching look. The tuck box is even more glamorous. While the court cards are clearly inspired by traditional courts, the Jokers bring back the tiger theme strongly, and the tiger skin look recurs throughout the deck.

Food-themed Decks

Recent years have seen some wonderful novelty decks themed around different kinds of food. These are always a great way to whet your appetite for a card game, or to show off to family or friends, and have proved a real hit with collectors.
Squeezers V3 Playing Cards - Good luck getting your hands on decks from this extremely popular series from Organic Playing Cards, because they sell out quickly. These fruit inspired decks have delightful tuck boxes, and this grapefruit themed deck even comes in a tuck box that looks like a juice box, and is actually scented like grapefruit. The cards themselves are quite practical, but add humorous grapefruit themed elements to the court cards, and new bold colours. OPC's 2020 releases also included the watermelon-themed Carvers deck, while their current release sees the brand go in a slightly new direction with the corn-themed Shuckers.
Noodlers Chicken Playing Cards - If you like the concept behind the Organic Playing Cards series, you'll probably also enjoy this deck, which has a similarly styled tuck box to the Squeezers decks, but represents a packet of ramen noodles. The orange colour on the card backs and pips has also been inspired by the noodles theme. The artwork on the court cards has a quaint and cute style, with each character depicted in a light hearted style quite different from standard courts, and all holding a bowl of noodles. For a final laugh, the Jokers provide us with the necessary packet of "chicken seasoning" to add to our noodles.
Citrus Playing Cards - Created by Flaminko, the Deliciousness series has been somewhat overshadowed by the more successful fruit inspired cards from Organic Playing Cards. But I love the Flaminko decks, because they apply customization to all elements of the cards, including the pips. This novelty deck is well suited for card flourishing, card games, and collectors, and cleverly captures all that is juicy and wonderful about citrus fruit.

Music-themed Decks

Music is another evergreen theme, and there's a solid range of lovely decks for the music lover, whether your taste is classical or more contemporary rock-and-roll.
Composers Mozart Playing Cards - This deck is part of a series that also includes other composers like Bach. These decks are true collector pieces, and make a wonderful tribute to some of the greatest composers of all time. The tuck boxes have a very classical look, and metallic ink enhances the gorgeous card backs. Meanwhile completely custom artwork on the faces emphasizes a vintage and classical feel. They are great for music lovers and collectors, but if classical music isn't your thing, then check out the Rock and Roll deck.
Piano Player Playing Cards - If the piano is your instrument of choice, this is a deck for you. The creative tuck box is available in two styles, one with two black keys and the other with three black keys, which means you can place two decks alongside each other to create a larger keyboard. Fully custom characters inhabit the court cards, with the keyboard motif returning in the details of the artwork. Small touches like this really make this creative deck a thing of unique beauty.
Soundboards v3 Midnight Playing Cards - Remember the old walk-man cassette players? In the 1980s these revolutionary electronic devices were among the first to make your personal music collection portable. The Soundboards deck replicates the look of a classic walk-man, and the Jokers complete the look by bringing the cassette tape look into the box. This Midnight edition has a dark look, so you might also want to consider the red deck if you prefer a more traditional colour.

Fiction & Film themed Decks

Most of us love a good story, whether it's in the pages of a novel or on our screens. Here are some great custom decks that are loving tributes to some of the best from the worlds of fiction and film.
Jane Austen Playing Cards - Fans of the classic novel will appreciate the loving treatment that Jane Austen's famous novels have received in this delightful tribute from the Art of Play label. Each suit represents a different novel, with the court cards featuring the lead characters in the story. The design of the characters is inspired by period costumes and reflects the fashions from the time in which the stories are set. The classy tuck case ensures that everything is nicely packaged and well presented.
Star Wars Playing Cards - Theory11 achieved a real coup by acquiring the rights to bring the Star Wars brand to playing cards. They were the perfect company to ensure that the result was a classy deck that did justice to the world of the films. This pair of Light Side and Dark Side decks begins with a top quality and highly attractive tuck case, as we've come to expect from Theory11. The court cards all feature different characters from the movies, and the design is the perfect blend of customization and playability, making this a practical deck you can bring out for your favourite card game, or to give to the Star Wars fan in your life. A similar pair of decks was produced later in the year in White and Black.
King Arthur Playing Cards - The result of a collaboration between Riffle Shuffle and Studio Muti, this pair of red and green decks tell the story of the famous Arthurian legend. For me it's a personal and nostalgic childhood favourite, in light of the adventure and imagination it evokes. But as impressive as these decks are, they pale besides the King Arthur Gold deck, which has gold metallic ink on the faces, and gold foil on the card backs, for a truly extravagant look. Inside and out, this is a stunning tribute to a timeless classic from the world of fiction.

Space-themed Decks

So I cheated. I already have a section devoted to cardistry, so I figured I'd sneak in a second category, by including some cardistry decks that all have a space theme. These decks all feature colourful visuals that work well for flourishing, but can also be enjoyed by collectors who appreciate their vibrant colours and exuberant designs.
Solokid Constellation Playing Cards - This set of twelve decks captures the twelve different star signs. It was produced by Bocopo, a company well known for producing colourful custom decks that appeal especially to cardists and collectors. These decks are typical Bocopo offerings, with evocative colours that are unique to each different deck, to help capture a different feeling for each and every constellation. If you like vibrant colour, you'll certainly find something to enjoy here.
Stargazer New Moon Playing Cards - Several different decks have now appeared in the Stargazer series, but the recent New Moon deck is probably my favourite. The circular moon that appears on all the card backs makes it an ideal deck for card flourishing moves like spins and twirls. The face cards have some truly vibrant colours, and capture well the feel of a night sky bursting with colour and life.
Sirius B v3 Playing Cards - I fell in love with the style of the original Sirius B deck, so this third edition was always going to win me over. The court cards consist of a blur of colours that look like paints mixed together, and this style has also been applied to the pips. The colours are the real appeal here, and the signature design of the card backs also looks very nice in card flourishes.

Transformation Decks

I personally adore transformation cards, and consider them to be one of the most fascinating and memorable types of playing cards there is. The idea is that you take the pips and incorporate them into a larger picture that forms a unique work of art, for each and every card in the deck.
Cotta's Almanac #1 Reproduction Playing Cards - This historic deck was first created in 1805 by J.C. Cotta, and was the very first of its kind. Themed on the "Joan of Arc" play by Schiller, the beauty and creativity of these cards will still win over collectors today. Lovingly produced in a high quality modern edition, this recreation is the first of the entire series of Cotta transformation decks that is being reproduced by PCD.
5th Kingdom Playing Cards - This deck is possibly my favourite original release from PCD in the past year. It is an outstanding example of the creativity and originality of a semi-transformation deck, where the pips have been cleverly incorporated into the artwork. Each suit represents a different culture, turning each individual card into a work of art that can be admired and enjoyed.
Pack of Dogs V2 Playing Cards - This transformation deck is the work of John Littleboy, who has produced a number of such decks in his inimitable style, including Pack of Dogs, Kitten Club, Mermaid Queen, and Bag of Bones. The number cards are my favourites, and in this deck each of these represents a larger art piece with a dog. Each suit has a progressive image, so they don't feel totally unique from each other. It's more like a series of consecutive snapshots, and you can use flip animation to tell the story. Littleboy's Kitten Club V2 deck applies a similar concept to cats.

In-House Decks

PlayingCardDecks doesn't just sell playing cards, but Will Roya also uses his wealth of experience to team up with designers and graphic artists to produce high quality custom decks under the PCD label. Here are some great custom decks that were published in-house over the course of 2020.
Astronaut Playing Cards - This novelty deck is a delightful creation that will please anyone who has an interest in space and space travel, in light of its unique theme. The Kings are all depicted as astronauts, while the Queens and Jacks represent space travellers. The card backs have a futuristic look with neon lights, and this look carries over to the number cards, which are highly customized with unique red and blue pips.
Beekeeper Playing Cards - There are plenty of bee themed playing cards already on the market, but the artwork style gives this one a truly unique feel. Two decks were produced, one with light card backs and the other with dark card backs. This is a great novelty deck for the collector, because there's especially some delightful creativity to be found with the bee-inspired pips, and the detailed custom artwork on the court cards.
Testament Classic Playing Cards - This is a Biblical themed deck created by artist Ben Green. It's intended as an art deck, with the images on the cards depicting Biblical characters from well-known narratives. Representing a dual love for playing cards and a love for Bible-inspired art, this deck will especially appeal to the collector.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Decks

I'm a sucker for highly unusual decks with a high degree of novelty, and even though these are not ones I'd typically use for playing card games, they have very unique features that make them stand out from your average custom deck.
Starry Night Puzzle Playing Cards - Fancy a deck that doubles as a jigsaw puzzle? This clever deck takes its inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, The Starry Night. The artwork on the card faces is all taken from the painting, and all the cards can be pieced together to make a single giant picture, thus effectively functioning as a large puzzle. Yet each card has clear indices so it's still something you can use for card games too. Definitely unique and out of the ordinary, this set of playing cards is a perfect choice for fans of classic art and paintings.
Falcon Razors Deluxe Throwing Playing Cards - Rick Smith Jr has made multiple world records in throwing playing cards. His baseball background holds him in good stead, but anybody can learn to throw playing cards if you use the techniques Rick teaches. These throwing cards were a collaboration with legendary flourisher De'vo, and were featured in one of this year's viral videos from Dude Perfect, which featured Rick and his amazing card throwing. The cards are slightly thicker than standard Bicycle stock, to ensure extra durability and performance for card throwing.
AQUA Invisible Plastic Playing Cards - If you're looking for something completely different, this might hit the mark. This is a ground-breaking deck that is the closest thing to being invisible. All the cards are made out of completely transparent plastic, after which a high gloss transparent printing is applied to selected areas of the cards to produce the designs and pips. So each card is effectively completely transparent, and yet you can see its unique artwork and determine its value and suit. The handling is surprisingly better than you'd expect for a completely plastic deck, and it's certainly something unique.

Other Gift Ideas

Do you want to let your gift recipient make their own decision about what to get, or are you not quite sure what to buy? Here are a couple of special gift ideas that might help out, even if it is to give your family or friends a convenient way to enable you to select your own gift!
Firstly, there's a wide range of accessories available for playing cards, like card clips, card cases, and more. Alternatively, consider a gift card, which is available in amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200. There's also the popular Pip Box Club, which has been around for over two years. Subscribers get a selection of decks and goodies shipped to them each month, and offers great value with each box.
Boxing Day Sale: Right now you can take advantage of a special sale at PlayingCardDecks, and save $10 off any order over $30 by using the code box20. This coupon is valid from Boxing Day until the end of 2020.
Happy shopping, and happy holidays!
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the cosmopolitan six thousand five hundred dollar bank the bonus live play tonight last night you guys wanted some mighty cash i found you a mighty cash double up look at those numbers that we're working with same format last night we do 500 tickets however some of my tickets are a thousand bucks they're just easier that way so i'll have to do some uh thinking and uh math but i get kerry here to help me out and i got all my lovely and fans so ticket starts at a thousand dollars so we're not gonna go below 500 guys so this one should be pretty easy max volume bank the bonus live play 13.50 a spin [Music] mighty cash double up let's see this haywire five or more for the bonus [Music] mr classic tv says punky power thank you mr classic tv oh yeah mr classic tv i think you won one of those blenders or um mixers but i need to get your address so send me an email or message me on facebook so i know jimmy d won the other mixer but i'm pretty sure you are the other winner so i want to get that sent out to you yes haywire we got something big oh 45 bucks good ones big one oh i couldn't drop like the maxi because it doubles up [Music] wait there we go [Music] and carrie we trust so we're gonna have him hit the button all right gary [Music] wow that's huge let's keep getting these red ones yes this is not bad red [Music] that wasn't a good spin but if your first two are pretty solid so i forgive you [Music] yolanda rory love you bry mighty cash is the best i love you too yolanda hopefully it will come to new york here soon yeah this is a decent oh yolanda which one do i pick yolanda's picking guys left right middle if yolanda's in here we'll give her a first chance to pick one two or three your left middle right yolanda i'm gonna wait for her i am i'm in plenty of time [Music] i'm a no hurry this is a nice little bonus yolanda gets to pick [Music] leland assistant too all right here it is shoot that's fine all right let's do it anything filled up down there okay extra 13.50 [Music] yes too bad we couldn't fill that up this is not a bad little hit i'll do some ticket math later on because uh i had a thousand dollar ticket but a good start yesterday we started off great and then it went south and if smaller bets work we'll do smaller bets but i am getting some revenge on that 25 cash code it's a jackpot to start the night what do you know [Music] yolanda has no reason to be sorry how's the picture quality everybody we have one person keep saying bad picture but everybody else says [Music] [Music] nothing [Music] all right let me see if i can uh [Music] all right [Music] all right is that good now how does that look perfect all right couple backup spins come on please please please [Music] backup spins galore i saw it go by too all right two thousand dollars will be the ending point [Music] all right first game get a win nice start all right so this ticket guys oh cougar girls 9.99 super justice happy new year all right i reset it i don't know what else to do so i did reset the wi-fi i mean the picture i am at mercy of the casino and romeo evan welcome to the bod rubber ducky club all right guys since um the same ticket so five hundred dollars again i've got these thousand dollar tickets i have to use them twice so the floor is going to be 1500 all right all right 17 16 a spin [Music] that's huge 300 that's good [Music] [Applause] yep i i work with what i have so [Music] maybe it'll get better but i did reset it twice after that i can't do much i apologize but i'm working with what they have but thank you to 800 people watching one more [Music] open this pot 24. [Music] 40 bucks [Music] yes scott i just re-logged into wi-fi for the third time i did reset it and i reset it again so [Applause] [Music] all right before the bonus i'll see if i can fix the wi-fi whoops 73. if you're winning with that well i find it just keep it that way give me one second guys this is my best four games [Music] which one do you guys look all right which one should i pick i've never done this thank you raja what do you guys want [Music] miss mary brian thank you for the live play i really activity oh thank you miss mary [Music] coins [Music] all right coins all coins come on yes oh we're going to do something on the left [Music] chris had patches behind me for me hey one more time i logged out i forgot the network and i logged back in [Music] guys not much i can do guys so the i'm doing the best i can but tell me it's blurry and tell me it's unwatchable and you're gonna unsubscribe above and beyond because i don't control the wi-fi you're gonna unsubscribe from my channel uh i'm not trying to be negative here but don't say crap like that that's just not cool all right guys i'm doing the best i can to give you guys some bonus live play and kyle sell data does not work at all in vegas anyways we got a bonus 776 dollars all right there's some backup spans the floor we'll get 2800 2750 2800 we'll see how it goes and we'll do the top up if we hit it [Music] all right so 27.50 is gonna be the floor so the first thousand in we're gonna have at least 27.50 so that's a great start tonight the pot is a little over 6500 but that's what the tickets i had available was they're gonna make that work but thank you all for tuning in thank you for you know the watching the earlier live play and we got a super chat herbert d brian you're doing fine ignore the complaint all right one more spin and we're gonna cash out so far it's a good little start [Music] all right let's move what do you guys want to see next is my lucky players card [Music] so [Music] those are not multi-dino [Music] yep how you doing yeah i hope so i reset it again it's still really bad i i re-logged in crushing it you hit reconnect i hit reconnect yeah it's still brilliant now all right we're back live all right thank you all right guys garager just help me out it's great usually for a little bit and then it kind of sputters out all right guys how about some konami konami time [Music] [Music] it can go to a hotel you go to hotel next all right and play konami games radiant witch 15 to spin so the floor on this game is gonna be 500. because it's a thousand dollar ticket let's do it guys but thank you all for tuning in hey brian i got a super chat for you one dollar lucky super chat from jose all right usually the usually for a super chat has to be at least 1.99 or higher to say anything doesn't want it we'll try one this is going in the community pot there we go so now you're in action you have a point one tenth of a percentage all right taxi 10 000. yeah we need to go to the other one all right we're gonna try the hotel one all right we're gonna try one more wi-fi guys i apologize all right all right last try guys after this we're just gonna wing it but waffs 73 in bod we trust thank you wasps genomes just keep crushing it all right guys if i missed a super chat then i did do my best doing my best all right here we go it's an iphone 12 pro mac so it should the phone's not the issue here oh i think it was one away from that symbol nice you love silver lucky 25 super super chat flip phone it's a motorola gopro i have no idea come on three or more bonus symbols may trigger the money galaxy feature oh you're not like that okay [Music] we switched the wi-fi network so hopefully guys hopefully this helps it's holding up so we'll take it at this point jose ah i tried [Music] guys it has nothing to do with the camera on the phone it's the wifi [Music] chris pat you're doing great brian of data oh that's my new name brian of data 9150 so i heard you made a killing in the stock market today had a good day you guys haven't checked out raja makes money the mods have been actually posting the link so thank you mod for doing that come on kanami give me some heck yeah [Music] gosh you guys i might have to cancel live play early tonight if i have to keep modding for myself [Music] come on it's due [Music] uh now i get that radiant witch symbol when i don't need it yep once again [Music] well i would go play it and that's that's it that's the 500 mark so [Music] all right let's keep moving on guys [Music] now um somebody specifically told me i should go play high stakes [Music] you know what maybe he'll do some video poker since carrie's here tonight how would you guys want to see some ultimate at the video poker i think that could be fun 1250 spin max that volume out yay or nay on video poker oops stephen hall he requested this game tonight so he got it apple alert for guys tonight 5 30 ah so close 5 30 pacific time you know what i did really good on last night was uh one more that uh i hit those two nice jackpots on uh also environment really i haven't if we went at one more and open up the taco that is like another four i never have like an ultimate fire like played it again last night but the last couple ever since i started playing that another one ultra hot megalink i didn't go to those now they've done these whole shows okay i never liked it because i never got the bonus but now we've got all these great bonuses they're gonna take 5 30 guys the big jackpot will be live on the main facebook page with youtube live play to follow at six o'clock pacific time [Music] yes we got a bonus see what happens when i push the button all right big one here we go carrie go ahead and hit the button carrie terry first lucky raja high rollers i had to mix it up it didn't work for me yesterday all right raja your turn your turn nah all right jose hit the button [Music] okay there we go that's 125 for jose tracy says i feel bbb coming for b.o.d well we believe in b.o.d everybody hit the thumbs up jose you're on the roll ready another 125. you're fired i'm fired i'll come in and save the day all right come on all right you're in all right here we go there you go that's all you guys are worth 25. oh this is 50 cents it's 12 minutes all right carrie you're back in it come on 62.50 jose tagging you back in you're hired again come on that's this is a brd spin oh okay there it is all right same as the raja come on nature just drop it oh really i carry you're back in [Music] all right jose we'll worry about the price of the grand if we come to that all right it comes down to body [Applause] that's something 362. [Music] it is but yours is a lot tighter mine's maybe the spring's gone or something [Applause] [Music] all right backup spins we'll play it down to what 500. how does that sound that sounds great thank you one more sorry he's live right now [Music] ma'am it's 45 dollars i'm sorry that's my gunnery jose my agent told me that all right big congratulations to the quick father he's not going to be with us tonight and right when we got done playing about one o'clock last night went to the room get a good night's sleep at three o'clock he sent me a message he had to get an uber for a five-hour drive back to california he missed his baby being born that's why we picked this date early in the month because baby was due on the 18th so we're like okay two weeks plenty of time you know get home and yeah out of nowhere last night all right guys what do you think we should play next all right autumn moon let's do it ah guys i do not really charge 45 dollars a photo you guys can believe whatever you want this one's due i'm into this game for at least a thousand bucks i get this one two oh the better match yeah no no but this one yesterday all right here we go twenty dollars to spend fifty four hundred dollar major hundred and three thousand dollar grand this is slower than like that first [Music] so the floor is 500 on this game unless we decide to play a second round on it so thousand dollar ticket in the floor come on what whoa no oh i thought you had it oh wow how did you screw that up very easily oh i thought i had it thousands left what happened to that 20 orb what happened to that 20 dollar orb tracy if jose twerks upside down like naomi there will be mega booms wow you've been requesting the twerk upside down [Music] diane mccall says whatever rajo says about you after i fell for the malaria hoax [Laughter] so diane mccall says she doesn't believe anything you say about me after she fell for the malaria hoax when you told everybody i had malaria b.o.d uh brandon true b.o.d ah what what grand did you hit the other day when the raja was live it's probably the same as me having malaria whatever that's worth [Music] it's no minor finally [Music] the good news is i don't have malaria currently but the question is are you going to fall asleep 2 000. i knew this game was due ah yeah come on keeping it alive [Music] now i pumped well over a thousand bucks in this game last night [Music] plus in the group paul we didn't do too well either [Music] [Applause] thousand right [Music] oh here it comes 103 000 live let me at least see it i did not see it i got my glasses on and i don't see it again the drama it's left-handed does it work nope i need to mix it up is that what you do in the bedroom people got jokes today come on [Music] hopefully we keep playing well i can pay off my markers it'll be nice [Music] that's something is that tick-tock tick-tock well i only have one phone unlike some people wow you guys both have one phone wait we got so many girls and tracy d if you don't mind sending me a photos later on of all the jackpots thank you all right so the floor is gonna be three thousand bucks one more moon there's still good line hit john johnson boom boom boom in bod's room that's right [Music] yeah this machine was definitely due after i mean carrie watched me struggle on this game last night i mean struggle one more i knew this game had to do a comeback hi there how you doing today good how are you i'm doing well you can't do recording what did this gentleman tell you i'm spitting fake news again i'm gonna have to call security on you that wouldn't be the first time yeah they called him last time when he had those prostitutes you grabbed his hands on his feet caesar's palace was not a good day remember caesar's palace and that lady i was tracy says i'm waiting jose you got this bee all right cash it out so this yeah so yeah this was a new this was a fresh ticket jimmy beauty on ajita keep it up i got your hoodie in my room during his live play i'll get it for you all right cash cove 25 a spin so the floor is just under 2 500. purple and gold saw it's nice wind keep it up i'm going to purple gold and i got jimmy d there you go all right all right so the floor is like 2 400 and change what doesn't want my ticket i did this yesterday too gaming machine unable to redeem at this time that was weird and it took it cash go 25 to spend cash cove just under 2 400 sorry just under 2 500. come on make up make up for you so 24 in change [Music] 100 dollars get it oh but thank you to all the mods help out thank you to kerry all aboard or luxury line tiffany j beauty great live stream can you play some cats all right we'll do cats after this [Music] no thank you nope i'm doing well not drinking anything so i'm gonna hold off as long as we keep winning i will not have a sip of water the entire livestream i am very superstitious [Music] what did he get nice jose is on ajita as tracy d would say this ticket will be put in the bank after this machine is over that's a great observation [Music] [Music] doesn't want me to quit this game i guess no okay there you go all right couple more spins not gonna go below 2400 come on come on all right final spin on this game cash an hour all right all right so that i think it's done all right we're gonna put another thousand dollar ticket in so once again the floor is gonna be um 500 bucks i didn't have to didn't have time to break down the tickets cats here it is somebody wanted cats to send a super chat and i haven't done cats in a while so [Music] 15 to spin [Music] yes that's it i thought it looked it looked a lot better in my mind sometimes the lower bets work better that's a pay line on 15. oh fine don't have to convince me it looks like if i'm a game manufacturer i'm making 15 lines that's not one of mine [Music] yeah of all the games being different heights different angles it's not always the easiest sometimes to uh that's it fifteen all right 30 that's fine 30 bucks on cats ah 200 nice [Music] come on bank the bonus that's good huh 400. nice [Music] that's right johnny milwaukee loves all the games that have cats in it kitty glitter miss kitty [Music] bonus [Music] [Music] what do you think should i play 45 a spin on catch or keep it here at 30. 500 is the floor we're going for that bonus oh yeah 250. i'll tell you what we'll do actually choose the max you can only play 30 bucks so by default oh bonus nope no nope gina anyway can you play black widow uh maybe you'll do some black widow i'll tell you what since we're doing well in the game we'll i don't want to lose any money on this game so we'll set the floor in a thousand bucks so we guarantee we don't lose any money playing cats [Music] i hate to do well in the machine and go broke trying to hit the bonus so [Music] come on okay 200 just for that [Music] and if we break the two 2000 mark maybe he'll set a floor above that come on full screen say meow i likey [Music] so if the raja ever tells you something about me 95 of the time it's not true he said you were an awesome individual b.o.d yep see told you now he knows better than joke about my dogs so oh yeah that's like the one thing he knows so if he says something about my dogs that may be true but besides that i never had malaria [Music] what's not a pay line but this jagged thing is that's bs hey ben hello [Music] don't get called on me kitty cats [Music] all right um is black widow on here all right this game's getting cold i'm going to use this extra 186 dollars for black widow so the forum black widow's still going to be 500. i so whatever that's worth executive vod decision [Music] forty dollars to spend on black widow [Music] the floor is at 500 on the game he's taking some of that extra money [Music] all right a black widow floor is five hundred dollars oh there's yep i that's a lot of people say i look like the purple guy in black widow they're the pink guy does that look like b.o.d what do you guys think i think it is they modeled it after me maybe that's right the raja this is his favorite game because he gets to see me all the time [Music] wow cheryl clark blackwidow be nice to b.o.d thank you we don't think we had a single playback of anything on black widow yet [Music] not a single does black widow hate b.o.d looks like ben affleck oh there we go on the last spin it pays 160 says don't quit on me [Music] ah mark wahlberg all right final spin and we're putting this ticket in the bank for cats and black widow so cats and black widow is done now i did play some um dancing drums earlier today and i got killed 2 000 down on dancing drums so based on that it's dancing drums revenge [Music] time [Music] yeah i saw my afternoon live play we did play some dancing drums so what do i got left 500 500 500 000 so 6500 in tickets i have 2500 left let's just make it easy to put a 500 ticket here so once again guys i had to get some thousand dollar tickets i couldn't get the 500 so that's why we used some tickets twice 1760 a bet and we're going for three if we get it we're going for three the last three games we haven't done anything so we're due for another bonus here jimbo come on drums let's see a bonus i agree timbo so the mini's at 178 miners 626 that seems awfully high you son of a yeah majors at 9 000 yeah we're going for three because that's what i said all right here we go all right big money there we go that's it [Music] yes oh one more dragon that helped 120 yeah 360. [Music] all right 660 dollar bonus [Music] all right we're gonna play some more uh like 750 floor on this game we need some backup spins let's get another bonus [Music] you know screw it we'll do the mystery if we get it again that sounds fine with me mystery if we get another bonus i just hit five drums [Music] all right final spin unless we hit something um [Music] all right whoops says uh [Music] top dollar let's do it [Music] a lot of people like the double top dollar [Music] yeah 210 dollars to spend sorry 10 dollars a credit 20 [Music] we've been doing better on the lower d knobs right now so [Music] she says always double she's an expert so yeah 10's on there i'm putting a thousand dollar ticket in so the floor will be 500. [Music] so it's 20 dollars yes we did some higher spins earlier going backwards still good slide play [Music] carla howard says good luck tonight hashtag bonus time hope you're staying warm up there [Music] carla [Music] oh [Music] [Music] is my card working all right let's see this top dollar logo [Music] so close there we go [Music] almost 2 000 people watching thank you guys for tuning in tonight make the bonus live play from the cosmopolitan las vegas hit that subscribe button keep notifications on because sometimes i do surprise live play like this morning last spin [Music] and i did some like hundred dollar huffing puff this morning all right let's move on to some pinball [Music] two credit pinball we'll do 20 to spin on this too yes we'll do the video poker [Music] let's set pinball yeah uh these old school pinballs you can't see them anymore you don't find them much all the casinos that have them do not get rid of them looks like the new pinball they have it's a little different format 20 to spin so with a three credit pinball you get five shots with two credit pinball you get four [Music] that was 250 okay give this some more ammo to hit this pinball come on come on [Music] ah so close we have 1500 left after this the big jackpot will be live at 5 30 pacific time so [Music] and maybe i'll do some surprise late night live play tonight you never know that's why you have to subscribe and click those notifications on if i do like it yeah yeah it's something i was waiting for like yeah eight grand i'm like my like time just kind of stopped okay for me i'm like is it gonna happen [Music] it is what time what time is it carrie right now i think about five o'clock or so so it's 4 45 yes there we go uh i think i'm gonna keep the ten dollar genome it's working i hate to blow through everything on the twenty five dollar d numb we ain't broke i rather win a little bit of money on a smaller bet than lose more money on a larger bet [Music] yeah maybe some we'll see late no promises i did a surprise live play this afternoon [Music] and it's not a surprise if i tell you happy new year b.o.d and good luck well thank you sonny happy new year to you come on pinball get a couple decent line hips golden nugget that's a casino we're at the cosmopolitan is there a game called golden nugget oh yeah [Music] what was your biggest hit um nice on 15 bets yeah can't beat that [Music] i know where a wild wild nugget is but um some guy last night kept saying wild wild nugget the whole time and it really gave me bad juju and we lost so no wild wild nugget tonight i'm not a fan of that game anyways but we got a come on bonus 80. okay 250 it's a good start come on 80 80 no 500 bucks come on 80 80. [Music] [Applause] all right we're at 8 40. like 7 60 something like that get it five back upstairs legit whoops taught me so my final spin okay cash now [Music] 1500 left [Music] carrie and i gonna play some video poker for five thirty dollars to spin ultimate x video poker scary carry and body now beauty is gonna make the best choices oh thank you for that i'll do the best i can i got carrie here so we'll [Music] oh i didn't sorry i was um live when you texted me oh you're fine [Music] thank you thank you do you want a cosmopolitan no no no hold nothing or yeah all right oh so i was playing this earlier i got dealt four to the royal correct carry yeah i got dealt four to the royal i had a four-time multiplier up top or something and of course i did not hit it we'll be back to slots after this open ender all right seven queens [Music] maybe i should have held the aces michael alphonse in the house check out live stream casino shenanigans on facebook featuring michael halphon nothing all right the no holds barred anything goes facebook gambling drinking debauchery group sanders lodge shared the length thank you okay in order here we go oh come on give us something here come on [Music] all right here we go four to the flush let's hit this yeah look at the next all right come on four of a kind wherever oh come on oh come on top here okay guys all right come on could be eight thousand dollars it could be all right here we go a little dramatic pause come on twenty thousand dollars here it comes [Music] oh man yep yeah i got del four to the royal with the multiplier i had a couple good deals today [Music] here we go [Music] all right here we go come on four of a kind four of a kind king queen [Music] hey quads there we go oh cheers that's why i got somebody else here [Music] maybe if i do a late night it'd be all video poker live stream it's a possibility if anybody wants to do a video poker with me tonight maybe i'm going for it oh you just look at it [Music] okay so it's open ender too yeah so you need a two or seven eclipse [Music] there we go [Applause] 2500 [Music] all right [Music] nice all right so we're at 28 10. i'll probably play down 2 500 or so yeah um come on here it comes guys let's play for a miracle carry i'm good right yeah ah tyler smith the b.o.d for president carrie lee for vp i like it okay let's do it again come on four of a kind [Music] [Music] [Music] yes sir oh come on four aces come on [Music] [Music] okay that's right it's lacey from the slot ladies the one and only will she go live tonight i don't know if you guys want to send her money on only fans i think she may go live again tonight but hopefully is that how you send people money oh yeah so if you check out lacey's instagram and tracyd or whoever has it share it in the chat and on instagram they have your cash app in there so if somebody wants to send lacey 100 bucks or she gets up to 500 tonight i think she may go live again [Music] oh somebody sent you 100 you just need 400 more all right that sounds fair and whoever sends the most money can pick the game [Music] it'd probably be after the big jackpot tonight probably directly after before the group poll [Music] it actually was good she told me my left arm was sore because my right arm was tight [Music] yeah i had the hundred minute in the end well worth it eight times there we go anything i have a mask on my braces oh there we go can we get the flush can we get a flush ah yeah that's a good way to end it positive money and tracy d thank you mod tracy just shared lacey's instagram so just to confirm her cash app is linked in the buy over instagram right yeah all right so if she gets 500 tonight 400 more she will be going live [Music] am i down only 500 left yeah i guess i'm only at 500 left tonight wow i thought it had more oh yeah we had the thousand between those two machines right so what do we want to do for the last so let me think about schmidt i put 500 in there 500 here okay we all know what's going to happen last guys 25 spins huff and puff [Music] that's right guys huff and puff to end the night and wild wild nugget is being played i was going to end it tonight in a wild wild nugget but some gentleman is playing it so i can't do that yep 25 spins we're doing well we're gonna do 25 spins we did it yesterday for a thousand bucks we couldn't hit so maybe it's due that that logic worked on the uh what game did the logic were gone oh autumn moon we lost yesterday all right here we go 25 spins huff and puff let's do it um yeah maybe some late night live play i'll talk to some people and figure out a game plan there's no promises [Music] well i got some money to throw in the pot it could be video poker who knows two more yeah yeah there we go by the way we're gonna end it we got backup spins all right i'm excited yesterday was terrible today is much much better one more oops man i didn't mean to do that [Music] oh come on don't be like that it is going to be like that we got backup spin so there's one point we just want a coin [Music] ouch and the actual three games only played seven dollars and fifty cents it was bad [Music] 500 bucks will be the floor [Music] thank you that was not a good bonus nope nope nope [Music] come on the volume is maxed out that is not the issue what are you gonna do one more spin to end the night on bank the bonus live play i don't i would like to play it through but i don't know if that's fair because everybody has to agree on it so based on that um i'm okay thank you though so but guys thank you so much on behalf of b.o.d scary carrie and lacey we will see you soon remember check her out on instagram camera's on you just let you know oh hi taking my these are not i can't walk in them so i'm switching all right so check her out on instagram if she gets 500 today she's going live and you pick the game if you're the highest donor and also check her out on only fans so all right guys thanks to glot and i will see you guys later on maybe late night tonight bye
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[USA] Fontaine, Steve Minty, Virts, Noc, Planets Set, JAQKs, NPCCD, and a lot of rare decks, make me offers

[USA] Fontaine, Steve Minty, Virts, Noc, Planets Set, JAQKs, NPCCD, and a lot of rare decks, make me offers
The google doc will always show the current prices/stock. Venmo or PayPal, buyer pays for shipping, located in southern California and willing to meet up if reasonable distance. Offering a large discount for big orders. Also offer me deals, I want all of this gone. The only trades I would consider are open Steve Minty decks or open black monolith.

|$350|1|NPCCD 2018 all 6 decks gilted|all 6 gilded, all matching numbers|
|$200|1|King Slayer Set of 11 decks|all 11 decks|
|$110|1|Bicycle Sumi Set|all 6 decks|
|$40|1|Neo Wave Ultra||
|$190|1|Osiris Signature Gilted Steve Minty|OBO I dont see any history on these|
|$100|1|Steve Minty osiris||
|$250|1|Blue Hana Signature Gilted Steve Minty||
|$265|1|Luna Moon/Luna Moon Violet/Helius Sun/Esther Star Deluxe Set|All 4 deluxe|
|$90|1|Dan and Dave Private Reserves 2016||
|$30|1|Luxx Shadow Gilted Gold||
|$23|1|Black Spirit|Limtied 172/1100|
|$12|4|Art of cardistry Red||
|$8|6|Art of cardistry blue ice||
|$18|1|Caribbean Wind Pirates Red||
|$14|1|[]( Prototype Green 2019||
|$12|1|Bones Rebirth Edition||
|$12|1|Bones Dust Edition||
|$11|2|Izo Playing Cards||
|$12|1|Bicycle Ladybug Black||
|$485|1|Planets Set, 1 of each planet both limited and number with bonus pluto mini deck in 2 carot cases with both carrat case tucks||
|$30|1|Secret Egypt GOld||
|$23|1|Mongol Empire Ilkhanate||
|$23|1|Mongol Empire Goldne Horde||
|$14|1|Elephant Night|Gold Guilded|
|$13|1|Elephant Desert||
|$12|1|Intellectus Inception Blue|1000 Printed|
|$9|1|Luxx Elliptica first Edition Purple|813/1000|
|$9|1|Luxx Elliptica first Edition Blue|815/1000|
|$9|1|Luxx Elliptica first Edition Green|819/1000|
|$9|1|Luxx Elliptica first Edition Red|816/1000|
|$14|1|LUXX FIRST EDITION BLUE|727/1111|
|$14|1|LUXX FIRST EDITION Red|780/1111|
|$10|1|De'Vo Lordz||
|$18|1|Bicycle Gyrfalcon|102/1100|
|$18|1|Nouveau Gemmes|69/500|
|$24|1|Dragonback Gold|136/500|
|$14|1|Stork Club Limited Edition|768/1500|
|$24|3|Artifice Gold The Black Club Elusionist||
|$45|1|The Planets Limited Jupiter|418/500|
|$45|1|The Planets Limited Neptune|303/500|
|$16|2|The Planets Neptune||
|$16|1|The Planets Jupiter||
|$16|2|The Planets Saturn||
|$16|1|The Planets Uranus||
|$12|1|At The Table Signature Edition||
|$12|1|Pack of Dogs||
|$15|1|Bicycle Sistine|366/1100|
|$19|2|Innovation Blue|1000 printed|
|$22|1|Hype Vol 2||
|$11|1|Anicca Silver||
|$10|1|Artilect Green||
|$28|3|Peau Doux silver||
|$14|3|Crystalus|1 has a dented tuck|
|$14|1|Chameleons Green||
|$28|1|Luna Moon Violet standard tuck||
|$11|1|Casino Royale Refined Edition||
|$11|1|Casino Royale Mystic Edition||
|$24|1|Casino Royale Elite Edition||
|$12|1|Cybertech prototype||
|$10|1|Bicycle Power Rangers||
|$13|1|llods Carnival||
|$15|1|The Sons of Liberty||
|$27|1|Buskers Mana Limited 2011|743/1000|
|$19|1|Super Noc No.1||
|$19|1|Super Noc Silver||
|$14|1|Diamon No8 Pink/Green||
|$19|1|Bicycle White Rabbit||
|$14|1|Delirium Insomnia||
|$40|13|Touch Origin||
|$17|1|Dreamers foil||
|$13|1|Bicycle Dreamers||
|$18|1|5th kingdom||
|$19|8|Aey Catcher Velvet|dinged corners|
|$16|3|Crown Jewels Sappphire Royal Blue Classic edition||
|$16|3|Crown Jewels Sappphire Royal Blue Art edition||
|$40|4|Fontaine Sleight||
|$40|3|1st v2||
|$45|4|Sirius B v1||
|$16|2|Virtuoso 2017||
|$16|1|Invocation Copper||
|$30|1|Bicycle Deluxe Champagne Gold Edition|184/288 signed|
|$30|1|Bicycle® Deluxe Diamond Edition|220/288 signed|
|$13|1|Saturn Hyperspace||
|$90|2|Touch Pulse Blue||
|$25|2|Touch Pulse||
|$17|1|Top Aces Signature Edition|320/966|
|$8|1|Dream v2 Red Blue||
|$12|1|Bicycle Bionic||
|$12|1|Bicycle® Deluxe Elite||
|$11|1|Bicycle Syzygy||
|$15|1|Rogue Amethyst Purple||
|$18|2|Aey Catcher Luxe Edition||
|$13|1|Makers Green|open|
|$30|1|Philtre Gold|1/2000|
|$40|1|Gods of egypt||
|$26|1|Lords and gods of egypt||
|$20|1|Jeux d'eau Red||
|$20|1|jeux d'eau Blue||
|$75|1|luna moon blue Deluxe||
|$65|1|Makers White Gold||
|$12|1|Cherry Casino Red||
|$12|1|Cherry Casino Green||
|$15|1|Corona Helios||
|$10|1|Bicycle 1900 Blue||
|$10|1|Six Strings||
|$25|1|Bicycle 1800 Red||
|$11|2|Tally-ho 2019 Chinese New Year Edition||
|$25|2|Tally-ho 2018 Cardistry-Con Edition||
|$10|1|Super Bees Gold||
|$13|3|Explorer by Riffle Shuffle||
|$13|1|Grandmasters Casino non foil tuck||
|$9|1|School of Cardistry V4||
|$15|1|School of Cardistry V5||
|$22|3|NDO Broken Borders 2019||
|$22|2|NDO Broken Borders 2018||
|$11|2|Pollock Cardistry Deck||
|$13|2|Pollock Borderless Deck limited to 1000|336 &343/1000|
|$15|1|Knights Red||
|$12|1|Knights Blue||
|$16|1|Bicycle Runic Royalty||
|$15|1|Cosmos Red||
|$35|3|Orbit v5||
|$40|1|Orbit v7 Parallel||
|$13|2|Implicit v2||
|$13|1|lostdeer purple||
|$13|1|lostdeer green||
|$12|1|Odyssey Aether||
|$19|1|Aey Catcher Bubble Gum||
|$30|1|Odyssey Elite||
|$18|1|Odyssey Nova||
|$40|1|Peelers V2||
|$19|1|Aey Catcher Winter 2016/17||
|$19|1|Aey Catcher Winter 2017/18||
|$18|1|King slayer coral red||
|$20|2|King Slayer sky blue||
|$35|2|Jackson Robinson Kings Wild Project Equinox II standard edition||
|$18|1|Gemini Black||
|$14|1|Gemini Orange||
|$18|1|Gemini Royal Blue||
|$17|1|Gemini Emerald Green||
|$15|3|High Victorian Red||
|$20|1|Noc X Midnight by Theory 11||
|$25|2|Noc Colorgrades by Art of Play Green||
|$25|2|Noc Colorgrades by Art of Play Yellow||
|$10|1|Superior Brand Rainbow Back||
|$10|1|Superior Brand Silver Arrows||
|$15|1|Betrayers Veritas||
|$18|1|Inferno Dite||
|$10|1|Bicycle Stained Glass Behemoth||
|$10|1|Tycoon Green||
|$11|1|No. 47 Circus Playing Cards Blue||
|$15|1|a motley pack||
|$25|1|The E deck Team Ellusionist Staff Deck||
|$15|1|Chicken Nuggets SKy Blue||
|$30|1|Chicken Nuggets Black||
|$25|2|Chicken Nuggest Green Foil||
|$210|1|JAQK set|Light Blue, Red, Black, Blue Purple|
|$75|1|The Serpent Set|Purple, gray, green and the limited rainbow 58/200 signed|
|$14|1|Jerry's Nugget Red|Modern Feel|
|$14|1|Jerry's Nugget Blue|Modern Feel|
|$14|2|Jerry's Nugget Coral|Modern Feel|
|$14|2|Jerry's Nugget Teal|Modern Feel|
|$45|1|Jerry's Nugget Luxury Foil|3225/3250|
|$26|1|Alloy Cobalt|not Numbered|
|$95|1|Seasons Elixer Pink Prototype||
|$17|1|Seasons Virtues||
|$11|1|Seasons Insights||
|$35|1|Jackson Robinson Kings Wild Project 2020 deck|392/500|
|$45|1|Tally ho Olive limited Gilded|223/850|
|$45|1|Superior Skull & Bones Black Limited Edition|504/850|
|$50|1|Superior Skull & Bones Red Limited Edition|691/1000​|
submitted by lycantivis to PlayingCardsMarket [link] [comments]

D100(or more)Non-Violent Quests

Hey, so my old account got compromised and due to some issues I couldn’t fix it. So I’m reposting from where I left off. Feel free to suggest more than 100 since we were nearly there anyway.
  1. Convince a loan shark to forgive a mans debt
  2. Helping a poor lad win a race so that he can win the heart of his crush.
  3. Babysit for a friendly fey power-couple whose magically-gifted children love playing games like "the floor is made of lava," "don't let the balloon touch the ground," and "freeze tag."
  4. Light all the sacred shrine lanterns along a deserted mountain trail.
  5. Investigate the site of a meteor crash in the deep woods.
  6. Track down a cow that broke free from the herd and return it to the farmer (alive)
  7. convince someones child not to become a soldie adventurer.
  8. Convince someone's parents that they should allow their child to be a soldier or adventurer.
  9. Take a lesson from a BARD and make a performance.
  10. Use your spells to aide in a Play or performance.
  11. Look into strange happenings around town. (It's just restless kids/ teens playing pranks)
  12. Take some food/ supplies to the orphanage outside of town.
  13. Help gather food for the upcoming celebratory feast (fruit from the orchard, grain or vegetables from the fields, herbs and mushrooms from the forest, etc. Choose what makes most sense in your setting)
  14. Harvest honey from a certain beehive with the sweetest honey. The bees there are notoriously ornery.
  15. Gather rare medicinal herbs to help the local healer brew a salve for Little Timmy who's sick.
  16. The town's blacksmith has broken his arm. Figure out a way to keep the town supplied until he's back on his feet.
  17. An NPC's party is a total snooze fest. Liven it up. Let your players interpret that as they wish...
  18. Negotiate with the local kobold tribe over mining rights and dues.
  19. Spy on the populace for a local lord, to find the insurrectionists.
  20. Convince a proud weapon smith to make plow shares, instead of his legendary blades. (The blades end up sentient and cursed after so many battles.)
  21. Infiltrate a thieves guild, to unmask the new “Puppet Master.”
  22. Rebuild a home destroyed by bandits
  23. Help a local cleric move a sofa
  24. Re-light a signal fire on top of a mountain
  25. Participate in a talent show
  26. Challenge the village bullies to a game of basketball
  27. Deliver secret letters for two star crossed lovers from rival houses.
  28. Solve the murder mystery.
  29. Find the elven queen and get magical soil and seeds to heal the recently cleaned blighted forest.
  30. Win a tournament of carnival games.
  31. Win a pokecard/dice tournament.
  32. Deliver a love letter.
  33. Take a group to the school prom.
  34. Fix up a bunch of broken items in the shopkeeper’s place.
  35. Be a member of the jury for a very grey case
  36. Set up trade agreements between competing guilds to help alleviate the amount of sabotage in the business.
  37. Train a group of guards in how to anticipate the often unpredictable actions of adventurers.
  38. Host a support group for "I think my child might be turning evil"
  39. Resolve a miner’s strike for the local magistrate.
  40. Save a servant’s job by finding the missing silver and prove she didn’t pilfer it.
  41. Raise funds from the tight-fisted local aristocracy to build an orphanage for the children orphaned by the recent war, to which the local aristocracy was heavily called upon to financially support by the Baron/Duchess/Queen, etc.
  42. Perform a puppet show for the children of a fey court to keep them entertained and out of mischief while their parents/guardians attend court.
  43. Collect living magical beasts for the local Countess’s Mystical Menagerie.
  44. Take the Baroness’s teenage son on a “heroic adventure” as he is enamored with adventurers and longs for an epic quest, but is socially awkward, bad with weapons, clumsy, and so far unable to learn even cantrips. They are forbidden from placing him in front of any real threat. Do they put on a completely faux adventure or attempt to build his confidence and teach him skills?
  45. Prove the innocence of a man accused of theft of a noble's jewels
  46. Find a way to repair a large windmill that helps drive the town
  47. Put on a play for a group of orphans after the local actor troupe quit
  48. Interview witnesses of a possible murder
  49. Interview applicants for the job of henchman
  50. Get alchemical supplies for healing potions to a remote town dealing with a disease outbreak
  51. Deal with a noble's son bullying and throwing his weight around
  52. Plan security for a festival. They have to be careful, too tight and it's no fun. Too loose, and it can get out of hand. Include different areas where things can go wrong (party boats, shooting range, stuff for kids in the morning).
  53. A local orphanage is going to be shut down. The only way to keep it open is to win the cash prize at the local talent show/battle of the bands.
  54. A series of combat fake-outs where a siege turns out to be a festival, but the party needs to convince them to clear a path from the front gate. Then some marauders attack but it turns out they're just larping, but they are still bothering travelers, etc.
  55. Help Catsy Cline the tabaxi farmer do chores around her farm with lots of unusual creatures.
  56. Help a group of mourners put on a funeral. You'll need to play music and cater food.
  57. Try to beat the Fairy Godfather at a casino game to win a magic item.
  58. A woman's flock of prize chickens were spooked away by last night's storm. They look to be a different breed than most other chickens in the area. Help her round them up safe and sound and she'll give you a warm meal and a small reward.
  59. A young boy asks for help to find his runaway family dog. He gives you a shabby old blanket covered in fur and tells you it was her favorite. Under the smudges of mud and dead leaves, you notice finely embroidered clothes that suggest that he comes from a wealthy family.
  60. A performer who was supposed to make an appearance at the tavern the party is staying at hasn't shown up yet. Either find them or stall for time so the crowd doesn't get bored!
  61. A house party in the city has been getting lots of noise complaints. Break it up and send the drunk guests home.
  62. A little girl's direcat got stuck in a tree.
  63. A wizard's familiar is going on strike. Apparently it doesn't like dying so much.
  64. Find a very small lost item.
  65. Be bodyguards for someone who just wants them for the prestige. They are incredibly irritating but under no threat of violence.
  66. Retrieve a blink dog or semi intangible animal.
  67. Write a diplomatic letter for an inept ruler to prevent disaster.
  68. Help out local farmers before the first frost rolls in.
  69. Babysit a powerfully magical infant.
  70. Rescue a cat from a giant magical tree (its near the top)
  71. Find and bring back a child lost in a maze (the maze changes and uses illusions)
  72. Fill in for some performers who are unavailable (sick, hurt, left). Could be a play, stunts, music, etc. (lots of role playing, write an outline of challenges they'll encounter during it)
  73. Help someone find a loophole in a contact with a demon / fey
  74. Gather rare ingredients for a particular perfume, poison, or potion for an alchemist.
  75. Help the local blacksmith with their next armor piece.
  76. Baby sit a bunch of old time adventures with dementia. Their class abilities are still intact, they're just senile.
  77. Someone seeks help in solving a magical puzzle box they inherited from a family member.
  78. Plant some false information, either by rumour, or in letter form. Make sure the correct people learn this information. Bonuses for making them believe it comes from an enemy of theirs, not the player, and is supposed to be secret.
  79. Help a local chef win a cook off by gathering his necessary exotic ingredients (marketplace, dark market, going and getting them yourself from the wilderness)
  80. Go with a dragon studies professor to study a dragon's habits.
  81. A changling has a sword pulled on them by their friends after telling them they're a changling.
  82. Declog a sewer pipe in the sewers beneath the city. There is a homeless werebeaver living there that is unknowingly building a dam, causing the blockage, during full moons.
  83. Track down a cowardly sentient ooze with a magic item.
  84. Win a poetry competition in a cave of intelligent pacifist orcs
  85. Help a lone forest dweller unblock the mountain path from storm debris
  86. Help an astral dragon return to its home plane.
  87. Help with rebuilding an intricate shrine so the settlement it's built around can receive the blessing of its god(s) once more. Proper reconstruction probably requires it to be partly made of rare materials using exotic techniques.
  88. Help the festival planners in preventing an important festival competition/election/nomination from being rigged.
  89. Accompany a famous explorer(s) as they seek to catalog new sights with the aid of 'fresh yet experienced perspectives'.
  90. Rescue a merchant caravan trapped in a stormy mountain pass.
  91. Tutor a newborn demigodlike being in mortal matters, so that it can blend in with the mortal family it is raised with.
  92. Help the local government investigate and assess candidates for an office of high esteem, requiring specific traits e.g. unwavering loyalty, honesty, a propensity for pragmatism, etc.
  93. Bring a renowned artist to somewhere they've never been so they can become inspired once more.
  94. One of the locals owns a hyperactive blink dog as a pet. Recently they hurt their leg so need someone to take it for a walk. WCGW.
  95. Recover several missing sandbags and get them to the town before the coming storm.
  96. Be lab rats for a potion maker
  97. Cooking contest
  98. Help out with a concert by a traveling bard by doing behind the scenes stuff
  99. Be actors in a play
  100. Help extinguish a large fire
  101. Give a lecture on adventuring to some students
  102. Find a way to open a mysterious old door that's been locked for centuries.
  103. Retrieve a bunch of magical animals for a wizard
  104. Broker a peace treaty between two warring kingdoms.
  105. Help a lost child find their parents.
  106. Rehabilitate a criminal seeking redemption back into society.
  107. Fix the town's well
  108. Mend the relationship of two old friends who were partners in a vital business to the village
submitted by dndalt2 to d100 [link] [comments]

List of ideas for brawl stars



i make this traduction with goggle traductor, but i make some changes and correct bugs
here are my ideas for star powers and gadgets for brawl stars, i dont make all, if someone want to make a video or something, wont have to ask, leave ideas in coments new things be like this i will use this post like a online list for ideas


super to the end = shelly's super push to the end of the super
ultra pellets = next shelly's super increases breadth and reach 10%


son of the herd = when nita's bear dies, leaves a little one, that damages 10 and have 500 point of live (cant use gadgets)
speed bear = nita's bear speed increases 25%
Spiral Claw = nita's bear makes a spiral attack (like mortis gadget) that dealing 1500


double burst = Colt's charge speed is decreased by 40% but he fires two bursts of bullets one to the right and one to the left
protective vest = Colt's first 2000 damage is protected by his vest which is renewed when he respawns
jump to be save = colt jumps forward, but when he jump falls to the ground having to get up


iron man= bull loses all its effects (poison, slow,) positive and negative
hand brake = while bull uses his super he can attack and cancel it and this attack will have a damage increase of 10%
get away = bull does a little charge forward like his super


triple actión = now Jessie can put three turrets but these have 40% less health and damage
healing plasma = Jessie's basic, can bounce off allies, healing them 150
electrozap = los básicos de jessie ahora electrocutan, haciendo 10 de daño por segundos durante 2 segundos
Bounce assured = Jessie's next basic will bounce even if it doesn't hit any enemy
360º turret = Jessie puts a turret which fires 360º (like darryl's gadget, but all the time and spins slower) these bullets do 100 damage and have 1000 life (synergy with star powers)


Serpentine rockets = Brock's rockets leave a trail of fire which deals 500 damage if you step on it
flying missile = brock's next basic is fired straight up (like barley) (synergizes with 1st and 3rd star powers) (doesn't break walls)

(sinergia es el término de cuando dos cosas combinan, especialmente si lo hacen muy bien)


less wick = dynamique basics and super blast 10% faster
deadly bomb = when dynamique dies with her super charge, it will automatically activate
dynamina = dynamique buries a dynamite in the ground which explodes when someone passes over it (like bo mines) doing 1000 damage


fast mines = bo mines activate 10% earlier
flying eagle = bo calls an eagle which has 1500 health and starts following the nearest brawler doing 300 damage (like tara's shadow)


rope rise = tick mines takes 3 seconds to explode
death by death = if tick dies in the next 5 seconds, his head will activate as his super


extra damage = 8-bit super increases damage 10% more than normal
Vending Machine = 8-bit creates a shake which increases damage and speed by 15%
portable player = 8-bit starts playing music for 5 seconds, which makes nearby brawlers unable to attack (range like super max)


new model = emz basic moves regularly (instead of moving forward and standing still, it moves regularly)
Toxic Spray = Emz's next basic poisons which does 100 damage per second for 5 seconds


large fists = el primo's attack receives a change which increases the amplitude of the end of the basic
(like beta)
super jump = el primo jumps forward, landing with his fist forward doing 500 damage


sugar rush = when barley uses his super drink from the bottles and gives him a high that increases his speed by 20% for 10 seconds
secret formula = barley's next basic has a damage increase of 200 and a range increase of 10%


resurrección = si poco tiene su super al morir, la usará automáticamente reviviendo con 2000 de vida
melodia protectora = los basicos dan a los aliados un escudo del 5% y la super del 25%
cultivo de hongos = poco usa un hueso como abono para crear una zona con hongos
la cual cura 500 por segundo durante 10 segundos


super bushes = when pink is on a bush, it recharges its super (like bo's totem, but 50% slower)
vegetation = pink creates a shield to herself and her close companions of 30%


rubber balls = the range of Rico's bullets increases more than 10% for each bounce (basic and super)
color bullets = Rico's next basic shoots color balls which have different effects
(red = + 200 damage, blue = + 10% range, green = poison, yellow = light)
(light, effect that if suffered, you are seen while you are in the bushes)
Trap marbles = Rico leaves his marbles all over the floor which make a slippery effect like ice


rolling shots = while darryl uses his super, he is shooting from his sides
camouflage = darryl is camouflaged as a barrel, this action is canceled if it is hit, if it moves, if it attacks or after 15 seconds, it can be healed while it is transformed
rolling = darryl starts rolling, meanwhile he can be controlled and increases his speed by 10% for 10 seconds (has synergy with his star powers)


more gold = now penny use four coins which increase the breadth of the attack
pure gold = penny coins now do 1000 more damage
surprise = penny throws a bag to the ground, creating a wave of coins dealing 500 damage in all directions


mining pick = carl can break walls with his super but in doing so he loses 0.1 second of his super
curved throw = carl has his beak slightly curved which increases his attack radius
shield cart = carl flips his mine cart, giving him a 70% shield for 5 seconds, while using it he cannot attack


pneumatic hammer increase = Jack's attack range is increased by 15%
helmet fit = jacky adjusts the helmet, giving him a 30% shield


grenade increase = pipper's super now uses 5 grenades
flying grenade = pipper's next basic throws a grenade, which can be thrown through walls (like barley) which breaks walls and deals 1500 damage (and knocks)
reverse shot = next pipper basic works reverse, that is, the closer it is, the more damage it does


mother sheets = Pam's turret radius increased by 15% (affects gadget)
junk = pam puts a mini turret which has 1000 life and heals 10 life per second


quick move = frank takes 20% less to use his super and basics
super hammer blow = frank's next basic stunea 0.3 seconds


ultimate knockdown = all bibi basics knock but 75% less
ultra sticky = bibi's gum slows 0.5 seconds
strawberry gum = bibi chews gum, which makes his super load sticky paste = bibi spits at the nearest enemy, which stuns him for 1 second
shield bubble = bibi makes a bubble gum bubble, which gives him a 10% shield (synergy with 2 star power)
home run = if bibi is attacked within 5 seconds, she will hit a quick hit and return the attack


sweet honey = each time bea attacks, she heals 150 per normal bee and 450 per large bee
flying bees = bea calls her bees, which make her jump through walls (a little more than brock and the process is slower)


masterful drift = turns that beep when turning are 30% tighter
explosion = if nani presses the attack button, beep will explode automatically
performance boost = nani's basic now uses 4 spheres
autopilot = beep starts following the closest enemy and stops being controlled by nani


stars powers
protective shovel = every time mortis attacks, a shield is activated for 0.5 seconds, which protects it from 25%
healing shield = mortis bats cover it, causing it to heal for 500 per second for 5 seconds if someone is nearby


poker game = now tara attacks with 4 cards which increases its amplitude by 10%
casino floor = tare leaves cards pinned to the floor around where he is, which slows and does 100 damage per second for 5 seconds


friendly hand = the genie can now attract allies, which only spends half of his super
hive five = the next super of the genie pushes the enemies (and allies with the third star power) (does not break walls)


Secret Ingredient = Max's Super now produces a 10% damage increase while you have your speed
spill = max spreads her drink all over the ground, which creates a radius in which she and allies, if they step on it, increase their speed, it evaporates after 5 seconds (radius similar to pam's)
pirouette = max does a serie of forward pirouettes, with which he can jump walls and move faster for 3 seconds


travel suitcase = when the suitcase is opened, it goes 25% further, and its range increases 50%
trampoline suitcase = mr.p puts a suitcase on the ground, which makes him jump forward (it is literally like gale's trampoline, only it is destroyed after use)


germinating seed = if in basic sprout it hits the enemy as soon as it falls, it does 20% more damage
safe circle = sprout creates walls around it (three cubes, just when you stop looking at the bushes)


spike damage = if someone is close to the spike they take 1000 damage per second (the radius is a little smaller than bo's totem, like jacky's first star power)
with extra spines = the next spike basic rolls 8 spines instead of 6
(synergy with second star power)


lasting effect = poison lasts 2 seconds longer than normal
contagious poison = if a poisoned ally approaches an ally, they are also poisoned
poisonous jump = crow jumps forward and before falling he throws a zone of feathers which does 500 damage and poisons (like brock's gadget, but does the damage where it falls and poisons) (synergy with star powers)


stealth step = while lion is wearing his super he has to be 50% closer than normal to be seen
invisible stealth = lion becomes invisible and even if you are close, they do not see you, this effect only lasts 5 seconds


blinding storm = when an enemy enters the sandstorm, their field of vision is reduced by 5%
Sleepwalking = if sandy is still, he begins to heal 150 health per second
contagious yawn = sandy yawns, slows nearby enemies for 5 seconds (radius similar to bo totem)


sticky snow = when gale's super hits an enemy, their field of view is reduced by 10% for 2.5 seconds
snowball = gale throws a snowball towards the nearest enemy which slows 2.5 seconds and can be thrown over walls
(radius similar to bo totem)


channeled energy = surge recharges his super 25% faster
making the most of it = surge's next basic throws 20 splash instead of 6, can only be used on the last upgrade (always explodes)


extra damage = colette adds 200 damage to all her basics
just one ticket = colette's next super is only one way trip
submitted by dani_videosboy to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

What deck should I buy?

I'm thinking of buying a new deck. I just started Cardistry, and have been looking to buy a nice deck. These are my main options (In no order), but please feel free to suggest some your favorites in the comments too. I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive deck, that handles well and looks good too. If you have any of these decks, I'd love to know what you think of them. Thanks!
Here's Some Links Too
Chris Ramsay 1st:
Purple Cherry Fremonts:
Mountain Peaks:
Illusionist Super Bees:
Illusionist White Knights:
Orbit V7:
View Poll
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It also has a variety of games for you to play, including dragon tigers, roulette, dice.
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[S] Marooned: Marquesas (Complete)

Down below a fishing boat are 16 Americans who are about to be marooned in the middle of the Marquesas, part of Tahiti’s mystical islands. Thousands of miles from the nearest continent this will be their home for the next 39 days. But this time the game is different, these survivors will be given no food, absolutely no rations. Each tribe will leave this ship with only the barest of essentials, two machetes, two cooking pots, two empty water containers, one frying pan, one filet knife, and one magnifying glass. They’ll be left to fend for themselves using the resources of the land and their own survival skills. It is the ultimate challenge! 16 strangers forced to work together to create a new society while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt of they’ll be voted out of the tribe. In the end only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. 39 days, 16 people, one survivor! This is Marooned: Marquesas.
The Cast
Maraamu Tribe:
Rotu Tribe:
Episode 1: After the marooning the two tribes arrive at their beaches and instantly the game starts being played. At the Maraamu tribe Savvy wants nothing more than for there to be an all girls alliance that dominates the game so she approaches Jay, Kelsey, and Lela and asks them if they would like to form an all girls alliance. Every single one of them is fully on board with an all girls alliance and so it is officially formed. Meanwhile on the Rotu tribe Juliette wants to make an alliance. She is a therapist and knows how to get along with all different types of people so she decides to make an alliance with a group very different people. This alliance ends up being made up of her, Don, Ida, James, and Moz. They all agree to stick together until the end. At the immunity challenge Maraamu blows Rotu out of the water and wins immunity sending Rotu to the first tribal council of the season. Back at camp a majority of the people in Juliette’s alliance want to vote out Zina because they don’t think that she’s a particularly valuable member of the tribe but Juliette has formed a bond with Zina and doesn’t want her to go so she convinces her alliance to vote for Gregory instead and at tribal council in a 5-3 vote Gregory becomes the first person voted out of Marooned: Marquesas.
Episode 2: After the last tribal council Rotu starts becoming a bit concerned about how much control Juliette has over the tribe. At the immunity challenge Maraamu once again wins, sending Rotu back to tribal council. After the challenge Don is hungry and so he decides to climb up a coconut tree to get some coconuts. Right when he’s about to reach the top of the tree he slips and falls all the way down. He lands in a terrible position breaking both of his legs. The instant that the medics get there they know that there’s no way Don is going to be able to continue in the game so they put him in a stretcher and put that on a boat and take him away. Don has officially been medically evacuated.
Episode 3:>! After the medical evacuation everyone on the Rotu tribe is sad. Don was a great presence around camp and was always willing to put in work. Everyone is devastated to see him leave the game the way he did. At the immunity challenge Rotu is finally able to claim victory, sending Maraamu to their first tribal council. Back at camp everyone is annoyed by Savvy. She spends most of the day laying in the shelter and complaining about the elements and has hardly lifted a finger the entire time that she’s been here. For the guys on the Maraamu tribe the decision is easy, Savvy needs to go but for the girls on the Maraamu tribe the decision isn’t nearly that simple. They all want to vote out Savvy but if they vote out Savvy the girls on the tribe will be down in numbers ruining their shot at having an all girls alliance run the game. In the end the girls decide to go with the guys and vote out Savvy so at tribal council Savvy is blindsided in a 7-1 vote.!<
Episode 4: On day 10 everyone is shocked when they are told to drop their buffs because there’s a tribe swap. At the first immunity challenge as new tribes the new Maraamu tribe manages to win immunity. Back at the Rotu tribe there is an equal number of both original Rotu people and original Maraamu people but Imaan does not like Juliette at all and after having to take orders from her for the first 9 days on the original Rotu tribe where Juliette was in power Imaan is fed up with her so she decides to flip and work with the original Maraamu people to blindside Juliette but Lela is still wanting there to be an all girls alliance and knows that if Juliette gets voted out then there will be an equal number of guys and girls in the game and the guys will most likely be able to take control. In order to avoid that happening she decides to flip and just minutes before tribal council she whispers in Juliette and James’s ears telling them to vote for Shawn. At tribal council this causes a 3-3 tie between Juliette and Shawn. On the revote nobody changes their vote causing a rock draw. Luk ends up drawing the purple rock and is out of the game.
Episode 5: At the start of episode 5 we get a confessional from Juliette where she talks about how she doesn’t like the fact that she had to be saved by Lela in the last episode. She is worried that Lela is going to start telling people that Juliette is only in the game because of her and if that happens then it could hurt Juliette’s odds of getting jury votes. Because of this Juliette wants to take out Lela as soon as possible. At the immunity challenge Maraamu wins immunity. Back at camp Julliette decides to attempt to reunite the 3 original Rotu people on the tribe by pulling Imaan back into the alliance. Imaan ends up agreeing to stick with original Rotu giving Juliette the numbers once again. Lela realizes that Juliette no longer has any interest in working with her so she goes back to Shawn and the two of them decide to vote for James. Meanwhile the original Rotu people struggle to decide who to vote out. Juliette wants to vote out Lela for reasons mentioned at the start of the episode but Imann wants to vote out Shawn because she knows that they are about to merge and thinks that he will be more threatening after the merge. They are never able to reach an agreement and at tribal council this causes a 2-2-1 vote with Shawn getting one vote and James and Lela both getting 2. On the revote Imaan gives in and votes for Lela causing Lela to be voted out in a 2-1 vote.
Episode 6: At the immunity challenge Maraamu wins for the third time in a row. Back at camp it seems clear that the 3 original Rotu people are going to stick together and vote out Shawn but Shawn doesn’t give up and works to form a bond with Imaan. This causes Imaan to consider voting with Shawn and forcing a tie but at the end of the day Imaan is too scared of drawing rocks again to force a tie and at tribal council Shawn is voted out in a 3-1 vote.
Episode 7: After 19 days of competing against each other the two tribes come together and merge. After the merge all 6 of the original Rotu tribe members decide to stick together and pick off the original Maraamu tribe members. At the very first individual immunity challenge Imaan wins individual immunity. After the challenge the 6 original Rotu tribe members decide to vote out Vito because they think that he is sneaky and could be very difficult to vote out down the road if he manages to get a grip on the tribe. Kelsey and Jay see the writing on the wall and in an attempt to get in with the Rotu people they too write down VIto’s name at tribal council causing Vito to be voted out in a 8-2 vote.
Episode 8: After the last tribal council Kelsey knows that she will most likely be one of the next 3 to be voted out and starts brainstorming ideas for how she can stay in the game. At the immunity challenge Jay wins immunity. Back at camp Kelsey decides that her best shot at staying in the game is starting a rumor so she begins telling people that Imaan has been talking about flipping on the Rotu people. This causes Ida to get angry so she confronts Imaan. This confrontation quickly escalates into a fight and soon the two have decided to target each other. Ida is quickly able to get all the Rotu people (Aside from Imaan) on her side and they all agree to vote for Imaan. Imaan on the other hand knows that she won’t be able to convince anyone to vote for Ida because Ida has strong relationships with everyone on the tribe so she instead decides to target James at this pivotal tribal council and hopefully take out Ida at the next tribal council. She is easily able to convince all of the original Maraamu people to vote for James but needs to convince at least one more person to vote for James in order to stay in the game. She views Zina as the person most likely to flip on the Rotu people and tries to convince her to vote for James but at tribal council Zina decides to stick with Ida and the Rotu people causing Imaan to be voted out in a 5-4 vote.
Episode 9: After the last tribal council people once again start viewing Juliette as a big threat. R2 realizes that this is something he might be able to use to his advantage in order to save himself and the other Maraamu people. At the immunity challenge Kelsey wins immunity. After the immunity challenge the 6 people from the new Maraamu tribe (Ida, Jay, Kelsey, Moz, R2, and Zina) come together and decide to form a new alliance and take out Juliette and James but the plan is very messy and most people aren’t sure whether they are voting for Juliette or James which allows Juliette to step in and save herself by telling Kelsey, James, Jay, and Ida to vote for Moz about 20 minutes before tribal council. Because Kelsey, Jay, and Ida are still not sure if the new Maraamu people are voting for Juliette or James they decide that this is the safer plan to go with and at tribal council Moz is blindsided in a 5-2-1 vote.
Episode 10: After the last tribal council R2 realizes that if he really wants the new Maraamu people to work together he’s going to have to step into more of a leadership role and reveal more of his cards otherwise they will never be able to put together a coherent plan and work together. At the immunity challenge Ida wins immunity. Back at camp R2 meets will all of the new Maraamu people and tells them to vote for James at tonight’s tribal council. Every single one of the new Maraamu people are fully on board with this plan and at tribal council James is voted out.
Episode 11: After the last tribal council Juliette is clearly on the outs and her only shot at staying in the game seems to be winning immunity but at the immunity challenge Ida wins immunity again. The odds seem completely stacked against Juliette but she doesn’t want to give up so she has a talk with Kelsey during which she explains how she feels like R2 is running the game and will probably get to the end and win. The fact that people think that R2 is running the game doesn’t sit right with Kelsey because she thinks that she is running the game so she decides she wants to blindside R2. About half an hour before tribal council she goes to Ida and Jay and tells them to vote for R2 but neither Ida or Jay want to vote out R2 so they warn him. When R2 hears that he’s being targeted by Kelsey he decides that the best option for him is to blindside her so he gets Jay, Ida, and Zina on board with this plan and at tribal council Kelsey is blindsided in a 4-2 vote.
Episode 12: Another tribal council comes and goes and Juliette is still on the bottom but now she knows that there are ways for her to break the alliance so she is more confident that she will be able to survive than she was in the last episode. At the immunity challenge Zina wins immunity. Back at camp the clear target is Juliette. Juliette tries to warn the girls that R2 is a big threat to win the game but this time the girls don’t fall for it and at tribal council Juliette is unanimously voted out.
Finale Part 1: After listening to Juliette talk about what a big threat R2 is, the girls realize that he really is the biggest threat in the game and they all decide to work together to vote him out next. At the immunity challenge Ida wins her third individual immunity sealing R2’s fate and at tribal council R2 is voted out in a 3-1 vote.
Final Part 2: At the final immunity challenge Jay wins immunity securing herself a spot in the final 2. At tribal council Jay votes out Ida because Ida is a major threat to win the game.
Final Tribal council:>! At the final tribal council Jay reveals that her strategy the entire game was to fly under the radar so that she wasn’t a target. This strategy worked flawlessly and is the reason that she received 0 votes against her the entire game. The jury really respects this so in a 6-1 vote Jay becomes the winner of Marooned: Marquesas.!<
My Thoughts: I thought this was a good season. The cast was mostly good with the female side of the cast being especially fun to watch. There were a few good blindsides with the best one probably being the Kelsey blindside at the final 6. My favorite part of the season was when Lela risked her life in the game to save Juliette and Juliette turned right around and voted Lela out on the very next episode. Juliette is truly the ice queen of Marooned. Jay was not the most exciting winner of all time but she played a good game and came just one jury vote short of playing a perfect game. Ultimately I don’t think that this was the best season of Marooned so far but it was still a lot of fun to watch.
Potential All Stars:>! Juliette, R2, Kelsey, Jay, Moz, Vito!<
Potential Second Chancers: Savvy, Lela, Don, Ida, Imaan, Luk
Previous Seasons:
The Australian Outback
Stay tuned for our next season Marooned: Thailand
I’d love to hear what you guys thought about the season in the comments
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[Thank you] Thank yous to some awesome people!

Finally got my act together to post my monthly thank you list! So, without further adieu - here it is:
u/Jamiesayss – thank you for the cute postcard you picked out for our exchange!
u/uncutprideofthebull – I love the card you made! So glad to hear your migraines are gone (for now!) – I get them from time to time and it just sucks so I know what you were going through!
u/travel4me22 (x2) - thank you for the awesome card to celebrate my new 500 flair!!! And I am so glad I was the 100th thank you to get you to your new 100th flair! How cool is that?! Also, I have the same “happy mail” stamp that you do but yours looks 1000% better than when I use mine. What am I doing wrong??? Is it the ink you use or how you stamp it? Why am I so bad at it?? Lol
u/historymysterygal – I love the birthday card you sent! I am definitely looking up the website – my birthday card stash always seems to be lacking.
u/kimmylubs (x2)– thanks for the birthday wishes etc. I just sent you a card telling you about my brother’s visit….and they want to come back at Christmas. Already worried about it!
u/travellincat – I love the USPS mail truck sticker (and the funny joke) – I need to know where you got those!
u/theverygoodgirl – I just loved your handmade card! I have a few of the same paper ephemera and haven’t used it because I am not as creative as you. I also loved the naptime playlist lol I might have to go take a nap after I finish these overdue thank yous!
u/somedrawer – thank you for the Christmas in August card! I just organized all of my holiday cards, stickers, washi etc and now I am wanting to send out Christmas cards too! I’m working on my Halloween cards first though – can’t believe the stores have Halloween candy in them already!
u/halochanel – I got your luau RSVP! Your luau party card will be on its way shortly!
u/amabisca – thank you so much for the cute Bugs Bunny postcard! I also love your RAOC sticker – I really need to go on etsy or somewhere and get some RAOC stickers they are always so cute!
u/sivisamari – thank you so much for the handmade card! I just love seeing everyone’s artistic creativity!
u/onlycompletely – what a gorgeous card!!! I think I am going to frame this one for my nightstand! I am not surprised that most people picked Midsummer’s Night Dream as their favorite – although you really can’t go wrong with most of Shakespeare’s plays.
u/lonelytwatwaffle – thank you for the surprise card and stickers. I am sad that your mailman turned out to be a dud (because of course, it’s him not you). Do you want me to file an anonymous complaint with the USPS so he gets reassigned and you have a shot with a new mailman? Given all the drama going on at the USPS I think I could probably make it happen lol
u/xJaneDoe – I am so glad to hear my card inspired you to get some cheese curds. I hope you kept them all for yourself – I know I hate to share mine!
u/gigi700gigi – thank you for the cute card! I loved the wings and beer sticker as well. Have you watched that show Hot Ones the Game Show where they make people eat super duper duper hot wings? I can’t believe people subject themselves to such crazy things! However, it is entertaining to watch!
u/pinktini – thanks for the super fancy RSVP to the luau! Your luau party card will be on its way shortly! (I should have commissioned you to make them – yours is so awesome!) Also, I am impressed that your wax seal made it intact!
u/welshfancy (x2) – thank you for the sloth card and for the surprise baseball card! I agree with the season feeling upside down. Sadly, my Brewers are as they say “shitting the bed” and despite almost making it to the World Series last year (I was at that playoff game they lost…sigh) they just can’t seem to get it together this year. Oh well, at least they are staying healthy despite being in contact with the Cardinals right as their clubhouse got sick.
u/talkingroses (x4) – thank you for the birthday card and all of the postcards and extra goodies! I love the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum postcard – my brothers are twins and we used to jokingly call them that sometimes growing up when they were being stupid haha
u/catnamedchicken – I love the card you made and thank you for all of the washi! I especially love the shark washi – I would ask where you got it but I just counted up all of the washi in my collection and I probably need to stop buying more haha (well, at least for awhile!)
u/kinkyzilly318 (x2) – such a cute card you made! I loved the musical sticker you included – I just got some piano themed washi and this sticker will go great with it to make a card! I also loved the llama sticker you used on the other card. I have a bunch of llama stickers and washi as well but somehow haven’t gotten around to making any cards with them yet.
u/lovecraftswidow – overdue thank yous for such a beautiful card! I keep looking at it trying to figure out how you put it all together!
u/talipally – thank you for the card! I am glad you enjoyed the hair salon card! I am going to get mine done on Friday. I always spend way too much money but I don’t have to worry about catastrophies like I wrote about it my card haha. Noah’s Ark tried to open this year at limited capacity but only managed to make it about a month or so before an outbreak happened among the staff and they just decided to close for the rest of the season. It’s sad to see a town that usually is bustling all summer so quiet. Hopefully, next year it will be back to normal!
u/sammsmalls – thank you for the bee themed card! My husband was jealous to learn of your fishing success because he had to cancel his annual Canada fishing trip this year. (I was ok with that because then my freezer doesn’t get filled up haha)
u/CanaMeow – first off, I am sure I’ve gotten some user names wrong in this post so let me just say thank you for fixing them lol – I loved the card you made – how did you do that???? Also, I am jealous you got to see Michelle when you were at Hell’s Kitchen! I went at lunchtime, so I didn’t see her. I got the signature Wellington and it was good but not as good as some stuff I’ve had at his steakhouses. Although, the signature Sticky Toffee Pudding was to die for. I missed my birthday trip this year where we always stay at Caesar’s and am not sure when we will make it back there (we usually go 2-3 times per year) but having some more of that pudding is on my to-do list for sure!
u/sunnybumbebe – I love the ferris wheel card you sent! It’s such a shame that all the county and state fairs here were cancelled this year. Although, I did manage to get some of our state fair’s famous and delicious cream puffs when they did some travelling dates where you could pre-order them and pick them up. Sooooooo good!
u/felineintuition – such a fun story about Jeremiah the alien frog! Although, now I’ve got that song Jeremiah was a bullfrog stuck in my head haha
u/petitegeek01 – I loved the postcard you chose! I would be in so much trouble if I was that close to casinos. Right now the closest one is about 45 minutes away but thankfully it is only a single one! (Still way too close sometimes haha)
u/rlovato – well, first off I am sure I have your user name slightly off so I am counting on u/CanaMeow to fix it for me haha. I loved the parrot postcard you sent! If I had one I would be way too tempted to teach it naughty words lol
u/ecstatic-safe – thank you for the Truth postcard! It seems like that is a word that some people don’t seem to understand the meaning of these days….sigh.
u/velocityoflove – your joke totally cracked me up! I also loved the women in science postcard!
u/stephkempf – whew, so glad to not be “it”! But, I’m gearing up for my turn!!!
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It's been a hard few years, and I feel like just giving up.

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I can't find anywhere better to post this. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal, just apathetic and depressed.
It started in late 2018, when my grandfather had announced on his 80th birthday that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They thought that it would have been an easy quick treatment since he was otherwise in good shape and active (Yearly trips up to car shows, constantly taking care of his lawn, monthly trips to Casinos. Etc). That was until they did a biopsy and found small-cell cancer in his bones, and that it had been misdiagnosed as some sort of joint problem (sciatica, IIRC).
Then began the year of hell, as my mother spent pretty much all her time taking care of her father, meanwhile I'm going through high-school on top of all this drama. After the small-cell diagnosis, he had monthly chemo sessions, which he hated as they were always cold. Initially he was getting better, his strength wasn't 100%, but he was on chemo, so that was hardly surprising. Christmas 2018 was pretty much a wash because everyone was so worried about his condition, it think that it was a cash-Christmas all around, because I certainly had no idea what I wanted after all the end-of-year school stress on top of cancer-worries. However, he chugged on, and he kept with the chemo, though he eventually took to getting a red-card to help with the loss of appetite.
He was a religious man, but not deeply religious. My grandmother has always held that their contributions to the church were a 20$ bill in the basket each Sunday. What he was, though, was kind and sincere to a fault. Unlike my grandmother, he wasn't blatantly racist (nothing like seeing nana chewed out by her grandson for being racist at Golden Corral, of all places) despite not commenting on when Nana said something disparaging. So when his time was drawing near, he didn't have anything he felt he needed to say, as he had no dirty laundry to air, so to speak.
I remember going over to his house one afternoon about a week or two before he passed. There was a hose that he had gotten when their house was built around 17 years ago that had finally given up, and he was wondering if there was a way to fix it. He looked tired, and I knew it then that he probably wasn't long for this world.
Not even a week after that, he was on his death-bed, not even a week out from his 81st birthday. I remember than it was about 48 hours before his passing that we went over to pretty much see him one last time while he was still aware of his surroundings. We all went over to his house on a cold October night. It was a quiet affair, as he was going through at-home comfort-care.
There he was, lying with his frame at just over a 100lbs, his eyes had a tint of yellow in them, the first time I've seen actually seen someone's eyes glazed over as they went. I couldn't stand to see him like that, out of everyone in the room, I was the only one who was a snotty-mess. And in his endless kindness, while laying on his deathbed, he tried to pass me a tissue to wipe my face and tears with.
That was probably the worst I've felt in my entire life.
Before he passed, since he knew it was coming, he had made all his arrangements before hand, and had even picked the song he wanted played at his memorial service. In perhaps one of his more humorous decisions, he chose the Bee Gees' song 'Staying alive'.
Christmas was very understated last year.
After that, just as I was looking into training for hvac or as an electrician, Covid-19 came in, and that pretty much out me on stand-still and let my dark thoughts run rampant without a distraction to kick them out of the front of my mind.
Come memorial day, we went up to see my other Grandfather (I wish now that I was closer than I was to him) as his Parkinson's had taken a turn for the worse and that he was losing weight. So we went up to his house, and we had lunch out in his front-yard with the folks on Dad's side of the family. He looks strangely like a child with chocolate cake smeared on his face by the end of the day.
He passed in early August this year, and everyone is still kind of reeling from that.
All this has made it impossible to do anything, and other than the occasional shot spurt of motivation, all this had lead me to where I am now: Out of high-school with an associates degree, without a single clue what I should do with my life, and no motivation to go out and look for something.
I don't know what to do, and I feel like I'm stuck in a mental bog that's intent on keeping me stuck where I am, in my parents house, without any aspiration that I have the motivation to reach for.
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D100 floors for the magical tower that just appeared

It can be puzzles, combat, a rolplaying scene... But THEY NEED TO HAVE A CONDITION TO PASS TO THE NEXT FLOOR
  1. It's a tavern perfectly seted up for some quick dates, in order to continue o the next floor the PCs need to find the love of their life.
  2. It's just a trapdoor on the ceiling, but it's really far away from the floor, around 5 meters
  3. It's a giant armadillo they need to defeat, but he refuses to fight and is made a ball so they can't attack him, they need to convince him into combat. If he surrenders it still counts as a victory.
  4. A magic tic tac toe that makes Xs appear where it's touched and places Os where it needs in order to play with a perfect strategy, you can use the Google tic tac toe in impossible mode. In order to continue they need to win either by pressing two tiles at the same time (the board won't make his move until it's released) or by pressing a tile already occupied by an O
  5. It's a TV quizz show called Know your monsters, the host is a humanoid bee and when asked any questions the correct answer will be B. Their opponents are a group of humanoid snakes that will always answer C (sssssssce) they only need to answer one question correctly to win since their oponents will always be wrong. You can ask random things from the monsters manual but preferably not statistics but colors of things or height, just to avoid meta.
  6. Remember that game, "the floor is lava"? The floor is not lava -- the heat and toxic fumes would make the game impossible to play -- but a black pudding. There are several "islands" throughout the room -- a slowing dissolving wooden chest, a stone statue of a historic figure, a suit of pitted plate armor, the corpse inside sizzling and smoking -- at various distances that the players can jump to in order to reach the exit. (Or they can just boldly wade through, damage and corrosion be damned!) Each "island" poses its own challenges in terms of footing, length of time it can be stood on, how much weight it can support, and so on. Oh, and remember a black pudding can punch you with its pseudopod.
  7. The BDP: You open the door to find a rather plain waiting area where various monsters and surprisingly enough adventurers are waiting in line. Out of the 12 teller windows only 3 are active at any given time and are manned by mindless zombies. On a successful dungeoneering check will gove the realization that the adventurers have entered the Bureau for Dungeon Placement. A sign in abyssal tells the adventurers what line they must enter and what forms they need to fill out but not in what order and may have to reenter the line upon failure to be in the right line with the right paperwork. A line takes 1d4 hours to get to the front. All monsters and npc adventurers start off with a hostile attitude towards the adventurers of they try to speed things up and cut to the front. Once everything has been properly filled/signed/stamped the adventurers are shown to the door that will lead them to the next floor.
  8. A sphynx who wants the answer to a riddle, but can't remember the riddle. Asks the party for a good riddle to stump the next group of adventurers with and only let's them pass if they come up with a really good one. A few levels later, you encounter a troll who demands you answer his riddle. He's giddy about how hard the riddle is, and taunts you with the impossibility of it, and how you'll never ever get it right. He says if you get the riddle wrong, he gets to eat one of you, and demands you pick out the person that he gets to eat ahead of time. And then you pick out that person, and he says, no, not that one, I don't like the look of that one -- too fat/skinny/ugly/whatever, no, I want that one, and he picks out a different person, and haggles endlessly, until finally you reach a deal. And then at last he tells you the riddle, which is the riddle you told to the sphinx a few floors ago. Of course you know the answer. He flies into a rage and attacks you.
  9. A movie theater with a really bad movie playing. The PCs have to make saving throws in order to resist the psychic damage of the most horrible plot the DM can come up with (think of things like Santa going to high school or Romeo and Juliet but it’s told by a ghetto version of Tybalt). When the room is searched there is no exit, but once the movie is finished the lights will come on and a very obvious exit will appear.
  10. A waiting room filled with other adventurers on various different quests. There’s a ticker by the door with a double digit number on it and a small wheel of tickets with numbers on them. The players take a short rest before their numbers are shown and they can go through the door.
  11. Several monsters or previous enemies just sitting at various tables playing different casino games. To get to the next floor each of the party members needs to win one game each. When they do they will be given a key shaped like a casino chip which they can use to open the door to the next floor. And remember, the baddies play for bets.
  12. A library labyrinth. When the PCs enter they will see a very lost wizarding college student. They will ask the PCs to help them find a book that they think will help them get to the next floor. Upon finding the book it will act as a lever opening a secret passage. The student, however, will ignore the hidden door and rip the book off the shelf breaking something that a poor gnome worked very hard on. He will take the book with the wires still attached and head back into the Labyrinth thanking the party.
  13. It's goats! The entire floor is a pastoral meadow full of goats. Why are there so many goats? You are unsure but they seem peaceful.
  14. It's a giant talking head calling itself Olmec, it challenges you to run through a darkly lit five story maze to try to find an idol. Masked men will jump out and attack you as you search for the idol.
  15. At the center of this room is an elegant fountain, an inscription on it claims that whoever bathes in the fountain will be as ageless and strong as a mountain. Any part of the body that actually touches the water will turn to stone. Warning: Drinking the water will kill you. The stairs are just behind it, its just to see if they are dumb enough to use the fountain.
  16. It's a goblinoid street festival! Jolly goblin and bugbear merchants attempt to hawk all manner of strange festival foods! From honeyed mushrooms to fried rat skewers, horse jerky and moss based salads. Various events can occur, like: (1)a lost child that needs to find his mother, (2)a guard trying to stop some thieves from pickpocketing, (3)a store owner that needs a way to publicitate his shop, (4) a circus artists whose asisstant, a parrot that has been shapeshifted to a human, is missing and they need to find it by looking for someone that only repeats what they hear or acts socially awkward. The first can lead them to kenkus. If the group is splitted they can end up trying to publicitate enemisted shops, trying to help both the pickpocketers and the guard, helping both the mother and the kid... But you can come up with your own ideas for events and when you are done you can make them find a key or the door for the next floor to appear.
  17. The Ball Pit - The Room is filled with colorful little hollow balls, each the size of softball. It is neck deep on a tall human (at least six feet deep). Somewhere in the pool of spheres is a trigger or switch that will lower a rope from the ceiling and the exit there. There is an antimagic field near the ceiling that cancels magical attempts to reach it, and the walls on all sides are slick as wet ice and impossible to climb. On the plus side, any fall drops you safely into the ball pit.
  18. The shooting gallery from Zelda Ocarina of Time. Gotta play to win, gotta win to escape. (At least one player from the part must hit all the targets, DM sets a series of increasingly difficult attack rolls )
  19. An awkward dinner party with the villain’s parents, who keep apologizing for what they’ve done. Players who can successfully change the subject of the conversation escape.
  20. A huge room filled with desks, hundreds of people sitting nervously. Yes, it’s your calculus final, and none of you have studied. At least one player must pass a math quiz to escape .
  21. David S. Pumpkins, when he finishes dancing and asks for questions he banishes, he will now appear every d4+1 floors, rolling again everytime he appears to make it unpredictable. You can be creative with the scenarios he appears in, like in a riddle in which one of the skeletons always lies and the other tells the truth and there are 2 doors, the one the skeletons act as if was the door with the stairway contains David S. Pumpkins or similar scenarios to surprise your players
  22. Nothing but chickens. The whole floor is a well-appointed coop with straw on the floor (that magically refreshes twice a day), bins for water and food, lots of little hutches for roosting. Every day at noon, a swarm of insects materializes, and the chickens go apeshit hunting them down. In order to pass to the next level of the tower, the characters must find the golden egg that one of the chickens has laid. There is a cup to fit it in the very center of the floor, but no other indication of what to do. Any non-golden egg placed in the cup explodes and does 6d8 force damage to anyone within 20 feet (DC 15 DEX for half). This explosion leaves the chickens unharmed.
  23. March in Minnesota - The air is crisp, clean, and heading to warmth. A near by window lets in light that is warm and inviting. On the far side of the room is a door out. It is roughly 300 feet across with a rough and uneven floor, but not s much as to make walking difficult. Maybe you will stub a toe, but that's the worst danger. As soon as the PCs take a single step in, snow plummets from the sky, burying everything in a depth of snow that varies per ten foot square from one inch to approximately three hundred inches (3d100 - 2). Situated near the door are exactly enough snow shovels for each party member. There is also a sign that states "All Walkways must be clear or fines levied." A diagram shows a wide (20 foot x 100 foot path) that stretches from one wall to the next path labelled Driveway and a smaller path stretching from door to door five feet wide and 300 feet long. Failure to try and open the door without clearing the snow form the pathways results in a arctic cold blast that deals cold damage to the entire party. Once the pathways are clear, the door unlocks. Room Notes: The Pathway is in a vague "T" shape, with the driveway path ending randomly in a snowbank that may or may not have been randomly plowed up by a jack ass snow plow man. Every Hour there is a 5% chance for more snow to fall. This snow will fall on each square, especially those recently shoveled. I would estimate that for a fit shoveler about 4–5 tons an hour is about right. For a non fit shoveler I would expect 2–3 tons per hour. 20x20x6 block of snow weighs roughly one ton.
  24. A trophy room, filled with various awards, though your party gets nervous when they see their own names on empty plaques meant for mounting animal heads. DC 18 investigation check reveals a trap door lever- it’s an elk antler you have to turn just right.
  25. the nicest bathroom anyone has ever seen, with the friendliest and most stylish bathroom attendant you’ve ever met. With a uniform that neatly pressed and a smile that warm and accommodating you almost can ignore the fact that it’s a fiend. The last toilet stall conceals an escape tunnel- players flush themselves like Harry Potter OR fight the fiend to escape.
  26. A large cratered and barren field a few hundred feet across with a line of trenches on either side. The trenches stretch as far as the eye can see in either direction, and both are filled with strangely dressed soldiers speaking unfamiliar languages that are engaged in firing strange weapons at each other. The party emerges in one of the trenches, and peering over the top of their trench over at the other can plainly see the exit door standing behind the other trench.
  27. A wall has Draconic text on it. Shouting loudly at them in draconic will cause them to glow, revealing the exit in the process. Disturbing the runes in any other way summons a dragon of appropriate level, which is fiercely aggressive towards the party regardless of normal alignment. Upon it's defeat, the exit it revealed.
  28. The door to this floor simply leads to another door, and another, and another. An infinite demiplane of two-way hallways of doors stretches out from it. A third-person omniscient narrator comments on the party' s actions, occasionally dropping vague hints at the solution but primarily to make fun of the players. The solution is to keep more than 10 doors open; they close automatically, but can be propped open or broken. This many hallways revealed at once destabilizes the apparently low-level demiplane, causing the next opened door to lead to the next floor. The more doors that are open, the more odd and stilted the narrator sounds.
  29. On this floor, mirrors make up the walls and ceiling. There is no visible exit door, apart from the one that was used to enter the room. Attempting to break a mirror fails, and causes psychic damage equal to the damage that the player would have dealt to the mirror. A successful DC15 perception check reveals that the mirrors are very slightly delayed from what they are reflecting, similar to a low-quality camera. The solution is to damage a party member without damaging the mirror; the mirror will be shattered, and the party member that was damaged will disappear from all mirrors in the room. After all the party members disappear from the mirrors, the mirror image of the door that was uses to enter the room becomes a door of it's own, which leads to the next floor.
  30. A room where there is some texts on the wall in a language that none of the party understands. This room is protected by divination magic as if there is a 5th level counter spell which is displayed as a flash of blue light. this can be dispelled with a successful DC 19 dispel magic or a fifth level spell slot. There is also a table with 5 or so syringes on it. If one of the players is punctured by it by any means they must make a DC 25 con save or suffer the effects. Which are that you learn one language and are able to read, write and speak it but loses all other languages in the process. After 1 minute they will need to take another con save DC 15 if successful nothing happens and don’t need to roll anymore saves. If failed then their bones start to turn to liquid making it hard to perform gestures and you attack at disadvantage. After another minute they will need to perform another DC 14 con save if successful then nothing happens on a fail there legs start to turn into liquid your movement speed is halved and you have disadvantage on dex saves. Another minute goes by and another con save DC 14 if successful nothing happens if failed their entire body turns into goop giving them 10ft move speed and a 10ft climb speed they can fit though gaps 1 inch in size, they cannot use somatic components, and they are now classified as an ooze. This can be entirely cured by a greater restoration spell but will be put back one level by a lesser restoration spell. But if it is removed entirely the person forgets that language entirely and everything they have read with it. One of the syringes gives you the language you need and all they need to do is say the text on the wall which can be whatever you want. After someone says it all the effects from the syringes go away and a door opens letting you continue.
  31. A room containing a deep blue slime, capable of communication (somehow), that demands that the PCs play a game of some kind before continuing. Cards, dice, or on the mysterious screen devices in the room - doesn't matter, they know them all. (the roll involved depends on the game and the playstyle - bluffing requires charisma, strategy games require wisdom, and so on.) If the PCs lose the game, the slime gets very smug about it and proclaims them to be brainless newbies. Mentioning the irony of it calling someone brainless will get him angry. If the PCs win the game, the slime gets very angry about it and proclaims them to be cheating scrubs and demands a rematch. The slime is very very easily provoked into arguing for hours about the best strategy for any game in particular (it calls it 'the meta') and takes them very, very seriously. If at any point the argument of the PCs becomes something along the lines of "It's just a game", regardless of the context, the slime metaphorically explodes in anger, and then shortly thereafter literally explodes with anger. This allows the PCs to continue. Alternatively, after a full 3 hours of arguing with the PCs about The Meta, (during which a lot of arguments will be repeats of previous ones, regardless of what the PCs say) the slime will proclaim the PCs to be so completely trash that they're not even worth talking to and playing with, and demanding that they leave. (not in those exact words, most likely!) This will also allow the PCs to leave. (Added side note: Any PC brave or foolish enough to taste test the blue slime - pre or post explosion - will find that it tastes oddly sweet, and makes the PC in question feel energized... at least for an hour, and then they feel just a bit sleepy for an hour afterwards. If it's tasted pre-explosion, the slime may be slightly perturbed, but will continue with the above actions regardless unless repeatedly ingested, at which point it will skip to demanding the players leave - after all, trying to eat someone up while they're arguing with you is just plain rude.)
  32. A very large room that appears to be hosting a concert of a band of orcs (or suitable equivalent) playing extremely loud rock ballads, EDM music, and other such, regardless of the standard period music of the adventure. The difficulty isn't in finding the exit - it's plainly marked at the other side of the room - but in getting to it, pushing through a throng of drunk and rowdy concert goers while dealing with music so loud that you can feel it modifying your heartbeat through shear force. It's not deafening, though... more's the pity (?).
  33. A room containing one incredibly sweet looking individual (your choice of race, gender and so on - pick whatever your table would find most cute.) at an artist's table, with a door to the next floor on the other side. The individual turns out to be an artist, and would love to show you one of their sketchbooks - you don't have to look through it at all, simply say you're busy and move on, but they'll be very disheartened if you don't. If the PCs do look through, they find that the art is very very well drawn - but also that subject matter both impressively eclectic, and incredibly, ah... 'candid', if you catch my meaning. (It's up to you to decide which meaning would be most appropriate to your table. tread cautiously, and keep it funny!) It's not as if the drawings will cause madness akin to Cthulhu or anything, thankfully, but likely they wouldn't expect these kind of drawings from someone this cute. A compliment of their art will make the individual very very happy, but again, isn't necessary to pass through.
  34. A room covered in very obvious tile switches on the floor, with a sign reading "STEP TWO STEP TWO.", and faint dance music playing (in 2/4 time, importantly). The tiles are labeled with numbers 1 to 9, in a seemingly random order, though there is a path of 2s leading to the door. Stepping on the tiles at random leads to the tiles seemingly randomly flinging the PCs back to the entrance - it makes them hit the wall, but thankfully the wall is cushioned so as not to harm them. The trick is to step onto the tiles in time with the beat - the actual tiles stepped on doesn't matter, it's simply the timing. If the PCs decide to make their steps into funky dance moves, the room gives them a little extra bonus when they hit the exit door - namely, a well made outfit tailored just right for the PC in question, and perfectly appropriate for dancing in. (This outfit may end up modified slightly in style depending on the dance moves in particular used - in particular, performing an actual two step will garner a masterfully crafted outfit of appropriate style (What the appropriate style is depends, of course, on the kind of two step performed - there's more then one! Look it up!) that's suitable for enchantments.)
  35. A room with a sign in the middle reading 'REST STOP', with a set of lovely cushioned seats (or just cushions, if you prefer), one for each party member, set around a table with some well made jam and bread, alongside a pot of tea - just enough for one cup per member. If they have any pets or animal-like followers, there's also some appropriate food and drink for them. If the party doesn't like tea, or jam and bread, replace it with something they'd prefer. The door to the next floor is available at any point in time - The room itself is perfectly safe to take a short rest in, although perhaps a bit too small for people to lie down and sleep in without having to lie on top of one another. There's nothing particularly special about the food and drink presented, but it is quite well made and is enough to satisfy whatever hunger might be present, if any.
  36. An empty room with an ordinary locked door. The door can't be damaged and the lock can't be picked. The door is unlocked the second time an individual touches it.
  37. The party enter into a room only lit by a singular spotlight on an empty space in the middle of the room (this might freak the party out on its own). Once the party moves further into the room (be it into the spotlight or not) more light will turn on, revealing 4-5 wealthy looking nobles, businessmen or merchants. In front of the prior lit area is now a pedestal with a item on top. One of the men will say something along the lines of "Well, well, well... What do you bring into.... The Lions Den! What spectacular item do you think is worthy of our investment?" It's like the program Shark Tank, the party has to convince one of the merchants/nobles to buy their product. The problem is the product is something entirely useless; a small block of wood, a wet cloth, a tin cup with lots of dents. The merchants might take everything very serious and with a stone expression, they might take it as an insult that the party tries to pitch this worthless junk to them. Once the party convinces anyone of the merchants to invest in their product, a door will open behind that person.
  38. The party walk into a tavern. It's almost full, but there's a table or two with enough room for the party. In one end a stage is setup and what seems like a farmer is trying a few jokes - it's open mic night! The party, either all of them or just one person, needs to take to the stage and deliver a good joke. Be it a short one liner or a more elaborate story, they have to get a laugh out of the audience, which might prove a bit rough. Then a door will open at the other end of the room. If the party manages to get you, the DM, to actually laugh, award them with something - the patrons might toss a few gold coins, they might have a shop in town and offer the party a discount next time they stop by.
  39. It's a quite large room, or a forest clearing, whatever you feel like. On one side of the room is a large pile of huge stones, weirdly rectangular, each stone being approximately 4m x 2,1m x 1m and weighing about 20 tonnes. On the other side is a smaller, but still human-height stone with some Sylvan inscriptions. If they don't know Sylvan, a successful investigation/intelligence roll will let them know it's a set of instructions. On the smaller stone is also a somewhat washed out 'picture' depicting the structure they need to build. Yep - it's the Stonehenge, and they need to build it The hard part should not be figuring this out, but actually moving these heavy rocks - unless they have a Bear Totem Goliath Barbarian with 24 STR or something, they can't really move the stones weighing 20 tonnes. Maybe the rogue got some rope and pullies, maybe they got a 10 foot pole to use as a leverage, maybe the mage got some useful spell - using fireball to explode the stones up (they are either hardy enough or indestructible), or of they have no idea, a set of good strength rolls should be enough. Once they've set it up, a druid will come and thank them for their service, and show them the way onwards.
  40. The door to the room has "Little Shop of Horticulture" written on it. When the party walks inside they see a massive store with all kinds of plants. In the center of the room is a giant Venus flytrap that keeps repeating "FEED ME SEYMOUR" The shopkeeper is a dick and won't let them leave without buying one of the most expensive items in the store, but he also has a name tag that says Seymour. If he's feed to the fly trap the party can leave.
  41. A goblin's birthday party. In the center of this room is a small crudely made birthday cake sitting atop it a table. 1d4+1 goblins surround it, one of which is wearing a poorly made construction paper party hat. Along one edge of the wall is a table containing gifts (things from the trinket list) from each goblin in the room. Across the room is a door to the next floor. The goblins will want the players to stay and celebrate with them and be sad if they leave.
  42. The room is filled with 100 cats, and one of the cats is speaking common to the other cats, gossiping about the adventurers that have arrived on the floor, maybe insulting them a little. The common speaking cat mentions they know where the key to the door to the next floor is but would never tell a bunch of idiots like this group. Common speaking cat doesn't know they are speaking common, thinks they are speaking cat. It is difficult to tell which cat is speaking common since they all move their mouths the same way and are constantly moving. Cat's can be interrogated via speak with animals, to provide advice as to what the common speaking cat sounds like. Perhaps threatening to start killing cats to blackmail the common speaking cat could work as well. If group suggests starting to intimidate random cats, have them roll D100 and choose a random number, if that number happens to be rolled, then they grabbed the correct cat. Key is adhered to the common speaking cats furry belly and can be inserted into the door which has stairs leading to the floor above.
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Bee Playing Cards are a casino card brand. They were first manufactured by the New York Consolidated Card Company in 1892, hence the number "92" on the Ace of Spades; the USPCC acquired the company two years later. Standard Bee playing cards have a diamond back, typically blue or red, though casinos frequently use customized Bee cards featuring a logo added to the backs. Unlike Bicycle cards ... Bee Poker Playing Cards Casino Resort Sealed Deck Used at Golden Nugget. EUR 10,62. Kostenloser Versand . Playing Cards Plastic Decks Card Games Deck Poker Waterproof . EUR 3,78 + Versand . LOTUS ESPRIT S1 SPY WHO LOVED ME KEY CHAIN ROGER MOORE 007 JAMES BOND FILM ITEM. EUR 16,75. Versand: + EUR 7,93 Versand. Beliebt . Scene It James Bond 007 Collectors Edition Tin Casino Royale 2006 Factory ... Schau dir unsere Auswahl an casino playing cards an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für kartenspiele zu finden. 'Bee' Blue Playing Cards Casino Quality Since 1892 Known for their diamond backs, Bee® playing cards are made with premium materials. Considered more durable than the average paper cards, these casino playing cards maintain their shape for increased play and use. When most magicians think of “Bee” brand playing cards, they think of the all-over back design shown here. It was originally ... “Bee” ® Standard Playing Cards. Casino Quality Since 1892. Item # 1004508. decks. Single Deck - $3.99 In Stock. Case of 12 (Save 10%) - $43.09 In Stock. Add to Cart. Known for their diamond backs, Bee® playing cards are made with premium materials. Considered more durable than the average paper cards, these casino playing cards maintain their shape for increased play and use. Comments(4 ... Unsere Redaktion hat im ausführlichen Bee Playing Cards Vergleich uns jene empfehlenswertesten Artikel angeschaut sowie die wichtigsten Eigenschaften zusammengetragen. Die Relevanz der Testergebnisse liegt bei unser Team im Fokus. Also beziehen wir beim Vergleich die möglichst große Anzahl von Faktoren in das Endergebniss mit ein. Der Gewinner sollte beim Bee Playing Cards Test mit den ... Bee: Silver Certificate Unbranded Deck - Bee - Pechanga Casino BLAU - Ohio Made Blue Seal - Bee Erdnase 1902 - Blue Smith Back No. 2 (Cambic Finish) Ltd Edition - Grotesque Playing Cards by Lotrek Design - Luxurious Bee Deck Gold - Bee - Pechanga Casino RO Bee 2 Decks Jumbo Playing Cards Red & Blue Deck Casino Quality 4.8 out of 5 stars 146. $8.99. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. 2 Decks Bee Playing Cards Red and Blue 4.7 out of 5 stars 173. $8.95. US Playing Cards Bee No. 92 Diamond Back Club Special Red/Blue 12 Decks 4.7 out of 5 stars 86. $32.90. MJM Bee Silver Stinger Playing Cards by USPCC 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. $11.99. Next. Special ... Natürlich ist jeder Bee Playing Cards dauerhaft auf verfügbar und kann sofort geliefert werden. Während einige Händler leider seit geraumer Zeit nur noch mit Wucherpreisen und vergleichsweise niedriger Qualität Bekanntheit erlangen können, haben wir extrem viele Bee Playing Cards nach Verhältnismäßigkeit von Preis und Leistung betrachtet und ausschließlich die feinste ... New, sealed and uncancelled Bee casino playing cards from over 40 different casinos.

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Please LIKE and Favorite if you have a moment =] Thanks ! Click Here To Subscribe to see my videos! Check out the links below. My Tw... Pretty cool vintage decks although I have no idea what or where they came from. For more playing cards go to and use the code vjose32 for 10% off all orders. Also use ... Deck Used: LTD DECK REVIEW Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker SONY VAGESThumpnail Editing : PS AND AICamera: Sony CyberShot DSC/W570 you can buy them here- In this video I review the Killer Bee playing cards by Ellusionist and break down everything from the way the deck handles to how the cards look. Also, I'm t... Vintage Playing Cards V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews; 143 videos; 3,070 views; Updated today; Some Classic decks! Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. Vintage Early ... Hey guys,This is KARIN10magic and this deck is a fairly standard deckThis deck is made by the USPCC with the "Bee" brand on it. This deck have a golden diamo...