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Complete Turner Classic Movies daily schedule for the month of August, 2019. (USA-centric, Eastern Standard Time)

August is "Summer Under The Stars" month. Each 24-hour period is dedicated to the (limited) filmography of one classic star.
Thu, Aug 01, 2019 (Henry Fonda day)
(6:00 AM) That Certain Woman (1937/93m/Edmund Goulding)
(7:45 AM) The Mad Miss Manton (1938/80m/Leigh Jason)
(9:15 AM) Let Us Live (1939/68m/John Brahm)
(10:30 AM) Young Mr. Lincoln (1939/100m/John Ford)
(12:15 PM) The Long Night (1947/97m/Anatole Litvak)
(2:00 PM) The Fugitive (1947/100m/John Ford)
(3:45 PM) Mister Roberts (1955/121m/John Ford)
(6:00 PM) The Wrong Man (1956/105m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(8:00 PM) The Lady Eve (1941/94m/Preston Sturges)
(10:00 PM) 12 Angry Men (1957/96m/Sidney Lumet)
(12:00 AM) Yours, Mine and Ours (1968/111m/Melville Shavelson)
. (2:00 AM) The Grapes of Wrath (1940/129m/John Ford)
(4:30 AM) The Rounders (1965/84m/Burt Kennedy)
Friday, August 02, 2019 (Ruth Hussey day)
(6:00 AM) Rich Man, Poor Girl (1938/72m/Reinhold Schunzel)
(7:15 AM) Spring Madness (1938/67m/S. Sylvan Simon)
(8:30 AM) Within the Law (1939/65m/65m/Gustav Machaty)
(9:45 AM) Fast and Furious (1939/73m/Busby Berkeley)
(11:15 AM) H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941/120m/King Vidor)
(1:15 PM) Pierre of the Plains (1942/66m/George B. Seitz)
(2:30 PM) Susan And God (1940/117m/George Cukor)
(4:30 PM) Tender Comrade (1943/101m/Edward Dmytryk)
(6:15 PM) The Facts of Life (1960/104m/Melvin Frank)
(8:00 PM) The Philadelphia Story (1940/112m/George Cukor)
(10:00 PM) The Uninvited (1944/99m/Lewis Allen)
(12:00 AM) Our Wife (1941/94m/John M. Stahl)
(2:00 AM) Married Bachelor (1941/81m/Edward Buzzell)
(3:30 AM) Blackmail (1939/81m/H.C. Potter)
(5:00 AM) Free and Easy (1941/56m/George Sidney)
Saturday, August 03, 2019 (Marlon Brando day)
(6:00 AM) Julius Caesar (1953/121m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(8:00 AM) Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967/109m/John Huston)
(10:00 AM) The Fugitive Kind (1960/122m/Sidney Lumet)
(12:15 PM) Morituri (1965/123m/Bernhard Wicki)
(2:30 PM) Mutiny on the Bounty (1962/185m/Lewis Milestone)
(5:45 PM) A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)/125m/Elia Kazan)
(8:00 PM) On the Waterfront (1954/108m/Elia Kazan)
(10:00 PM) The Wild One (1953/79m/Laslo Benedek)
(11:30 PM) Guys and Dolls (1955/149m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(2:15 AM) A Dry White Season (1989/107m/Euzhan Palcy)
(4:15 AM) The Freshman (1990/103m/Andrew Bergman)
Sunday, August 04, 2019 (Shirley Temple Day)
(6:00 AM) Adventure in Baltimore (1949/89m/Richard Wallace)
(7:30 AM) Honeymoon (1947/74m/William Keighley)
(9:00 AM) That Hagen Girl (1947/83m/Peter Godfrey)
(10:30 AM) Almost a Bride (1949/85m/Richard Wallace)
(12:15 PM) Kathleen (1941/88m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(2:00 PM) The Story Of Seabiscuit (1949/93m/David Butler)
(3:45 PM) Fort Apache (1948/128m/John Ford)
(6:00 PM) The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947/95m/Irving Reis)
(8:00 PM) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938/81m/Allan Dwan)
(9:30 PM) Wee Willie Winkie (1937100m/John Ford)
(11:30 PM) Susannah of the Mounties (1939/79m/William A. Seiter)
(1:00 AM) The Poor Little Rich Girl (1936/79m/Irving Cummings)
(2:30 AM) Heidi (1937/88m/Allan Dwan)
(4:15 AM) The Little Princess (1939/93m/Walter Lang)
Monday, August 05, 2019 (Melvyn Douglas day)
(6:00 AM) Arsene Lupin Returns (1938/81m/Geo. Fitzmaurice)
(7:30 AM) Fast Company (1938/75m/Edward Buzzell)
(9:00 AM) Tell No Tales (1939/69m/Leslie Fenton)
(10:30 AM) There's Always a Woman (1938/81m/Alexander Hall)
(12:00 PM) There's That Woman Again (1938/73m/Alexander Hall)
(1:30 PM) Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935/84m/William K. Howard)
(3:00 PM) The Shining Hour (1938/77m/Frank Borzage)
(4:30 PM) That Uncertain Feeling (1941/83m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:00 PM) A Woman's Face (1941/106m/George Cukor)
(8:00 PM) Ninotchka (1939/110m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(10:00 PM) I Met Him in Paris (1937/87m/Wesley Ruggles)
(11:45 PM) Third Finger, Left Hand (1940/97m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(1:30 AM) I Never Sang for My Father (1970/92m/Gilbert Cates)
(3:30 AM) Being There (1979/130m/Hal Ashby)
Tuesday, August 06, 2019 (Lena Horne Day)
(6:00 AM) Swing Fever (1943/81m/Tim Whelan)
(7:30 AM) Studio Visit (1946/10m/?)
(7:45 AM) Panama Hattie (1942/79m/Norman Z. McLeod)
(9:30 AM) I Dood It (1943/102m/Vincente Minnelli)
(11:30 AM) Duchess of Idaho (1950/98m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(1:30 PM) Two Girls and a Sailor (1944/124m/Richard Thorpe)
(3:45 PM) Ziegfeld Follies (1946/110m/Vincente Minnelli)
(5:45 PM) Words and Music (1948/121m/Norman Taurog)
(8:00 PM) Stormy Weather (1943/78m/Andrew Stone)
(9:30 PM) The Duke Is Tops (1938/73m/William Nolte)
(11:00 PM) Cabin in the Sky (1943/99m/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:00 AM) Broadway Rhythm (1944/115m/Roy Del Ruth)
(3:15 AM) Till the Clouds Roll By (1946/135m/Richard Whorf)
Wednesday, August 07, 2019 (James Stewart day)
(6:00 AM) After the Thin Man (1936/112m/W. S. Van Dyke)
(8:00 AM) No Time for Comedy (1940/93m/William Keighley)
(10:00 AM) The Stratton Story (1949/106m/Sam Wood)
(12:00 PM) The Naked Spur (1953/92m/Anthony Mann)
(2:00 PM) The Man From Laramie (1955/102m/Anthony Mann)
(4:00 PM) The Mortal Storm (1940/100m/Frank Borzage)
(6:00 PM) The Shop Around the Corner (1940/99m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(8:00 PM) Harvey (1950/104m/Henry Koster)
(10:00 PM) Anatomy Of A Murder (1959/161m/Otto Preminger)
(1:00 AM) The Spirit of St. Louis (1957/135m/Billy Wilder)
(3:30 AM) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939/130m/Frank Capra)
Thursday, August 08, 2019 (Ava Gardner day)
(6:00 AM) The Bribe (1949/98m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(8:00 AM) The Great Sinner (1949/110m/Robert Siodmak)
(10:00 AM) Show Boat (1951/108m/George Sidney)
(12:00 PM) Ride, Vaquero! (1953/90m/John Farrow)
(2:00 PM) Mogambo (1953/116m/John Ford)
(4:00 PM) Knights of the Round Table (1953/116m/Richard Thorpe)
(6:00 PM) Bhowani Junction (1956/110m/George Cukor)
(8:00 PM) Ava Gardner, the Gipsy of Hollywood (2017/52m/Sergio Mondelo)
(9:15 PM) The Killers (1946/102m/Robert Siodmak)
(11:15 PM) Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951/124m/Albert Lewin)
(1:30 AM) The Barefoot Contessa (1954/130m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(4:00 AM) The Angel Wore Red (1960/99m/Nunnally Johnson)
Friday, August 09, 2019 (Red Skelton day)
(6:00 AM) Merton Of The Movies (1947/82m/Robert Alton)
(7:30 AM) The Great Diamond Robbery (1953/69m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(8:45 AM) The Show-Off (1946/83m//Harry Beaumont)
(10:15 AM) Watch the Birdie (1951/71m/Jack Donohue)
(11:30 AM) A Southern Yankee (1948/91m/Edward Sedgwick)
(1:15 PM) Ship Ahoy (1942/95m/Edward Buzzell)
(3:00 PM) Texas Carnival (1951/77m/Charles Walters)
(4:30 PM) Bathing Beauty (1944/101m/George Sidney)
(6:15 PM) Neptune's Daughter (1949/93m/Edward Buzzell)
(8:00 PM) Whistling In The Dark (1941/78m/S. Sylvan Simon)
(9:30 PM) Whistling in Dixie (1942/74m/S. Sylvan Simon)
(11:00 PM) Whistling In Brooklyn (1943/87m/S. Sylvan Simon)
(12:30 AM) The Yellow Cab Man (1950/84m/Jack Donohue)
(2:15 AM) Du Barry Was a Lady (1943/101m/Roy Del Ruth)
(4:15 AM) The Clown (1953/91m/Robert Z. Leonard)
Saturday, August 10, 2019 (Rita Moreno day)
(6:00 AM) The Toast of New Orleans (1950/97m/Norman Taurog)
(8:00 AM) Singin' in the Rain (1952/103m/Gene Kelly)
(10:00 AM) Latin Lovers (1953/104m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(12:00 PM) Fort Vengeance (1953/75m/Lesley Selander)
(1:45 PM) Seven Cities of Gold (1955/103m/Robert D. Webb)
(3:45 PM) The Lieutenant Wore Skirts (1956/99m/Frank Tashlin)
(5:45 PM) Summer and Smoke (1961/118m/Peter Glenville)
(8:00 PM) Popi (1969/113m/Arthur Hiller)
(10:00 PM) West Side Story (1961/154m/Robert Wise)
(12:45 AM) The Ritz (1976/91m/Richard Lester)
(2:30 AM) Marlowe (1969/96m/Paul Bogart)
(4:15 AM) Carnal Knowledge (1971/98m/Mike Nichols)
Sunday, August 11, 2019 (Humphrey Bogart day)
(6:00 AM) The Petrified Forest (1936/82m/Archie L. Mayo)
(7:30 AM) All Through the Night (1942/107m/Vincent Sherman)
(9:30 AM) Action in the North Atlantic (1943/127m/Lloyd Bacon)
(12:00 PM) Passage to Marseille (1944/109m/Michael Curtiz)
(2:00 PM) The Big Sleep (1946/114m/Howard Hawks)
(4:00 PM) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948/126m/John Huston)
(6:15 PM) In a Lonely Place (1950/93/Nicholas Ray)
(8:00 PM) The African Queen (1951/105m/John Huston)
(10:00 PM) The Caine Mutiny (1954/125m/Edward Dmytryk)
(12:15 AM) Dark Passage (1947/106m/Delmer Daves)
(2:15 AM) They Drive by Night (1940/95m/Raoul Walsh)
(4:00 AM) High Sierra (1941/100m/Raoul Walsh)
Monday, August 12, 2019 (Ann Sothern day)
(6:00 AM) Walking on Air (1936/70m/Joseph Santley)
(7:30 AM) There Goes My Girl (1937/74m/Ben Holmes)
(9:00 AM) Maisie (1939/75m/Edwin L. Marin)
(10:30 AM) Congo Maisie (1940/71m/Henry C. Potter)
(12:00 PM) Gold Rush Maisie (1940/82m/Edwin L. Marin)
(1:30 PM) Maisie Was a Lady (1941/79m/Edwin L. Marin)
(3:00 PM) Ringside Maisie (1941/95m/Edwin L. Marin)
(5:00 PM) Shadow on the Wall (1950/84m/Patrick Jackson)
(6:30 PM) The Blue Gardenia (1953/88m/Fritz Lang)
(8:00 PM) A Letter to Three Wives (1948/103m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(10:00 PM) Cry 'Havoc' (1944/97m/Richard Thorpe)
(12:00 AM) The Whales of August (1987/91m/Lindsay Anderson)
(2:00 AM) Nancy Goes To Rio (1950/100m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(4:00 AM) April Showers (1948/94m/James V. Kern)
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 (Brian Donlevy day)
(6:00 AM) Another Face (1935/69m/Christy Cabanne)
(7:15 AM) Barbary Coast (1935/90m/Howard Hawks)
(9:00 AM) Billy the Kid (1941/94m/David Miller)
(10:45 AM) An American Romance (1944/121m/King Vidor)
(1:00 PM) The Beginning or the End (1947/112m/Norman Taurog)
(3:00 PM) Impact (1949/111m/Arthur Lubin)
(5:00 PM) A Cry in the Night (1956/75m/Frank Tuttle)
(6:30 PM) The Quatermass Xperiment (1956/82m/Val Guest)
(8:00 PM) The Great Mcginty (1940/82m/Preston Sturges)
(9:30 PM) Beau Geste (1939/113m/William A. Wellman)
(11:45 PM) The Glass Key (1942/85m/Stuart Heisler)
1:30 AM) Hangmen Also Die (1943/136m/Fritz Lang)
(4:00 AM) Heaven Only Knows (1947/98m/Albert S. Rogell)
Wednesday August 14, 2019 (Liv Ullmann day)
(6:00 AM) The Night Visitor (1971/102m/Laslo Benedek)
(7:45 AM) Lost Horizon (1972/138m/Russ Saunders)
(10:15 AM) The Abdication (1974/103m/Anthony Harvey)
(12:00 PM) Zandy's Bride (1974/97m/Jan Troell)
(2:00 PM) The Emigrants (1971/151m/Jan Troell)
(4:30 PM) The New Land (1973/204m/Jan Troell)
(8:00 PM) Liv & Ingmar (2012/85m/Dheeraj Akolkar)
(9:45 PM) Autumn Sonata (1978/94m/Ingmar Bergman)
(11:30 PM) Hour of the Wolf (1968/88m/Ingmar Bergman)
(1:15 AM) Persona (1967/83m/Ingmar Bergman)
(3:00 AM) Scenes From A Marriage (1973/170m/Ingmar Bergman)
Thursday, August 15, 2019 (Rod Steiger day)
(6:00 AM) Teresa (1951/102m/Fred Zinnemann)
(8:00 AM) Cry Terror! (1958/96m/Andrew L. Stone)
(9:45 AM) The Loved One (1965/121m/Tony Richardson)
(12:00 PM) The Unholy Wife (1957/94m/John Farrow)
(2:00 PM) Back From Eternity (1956/97m/John Farrow)
(4:00 PM) The Sergeant (1968/108m/John Flynn)
(6:00 PM) Al Capone (1959)/104m/Richard Wilson)
(8:00 PM) In the Heat of the Night (1967/110m/Norman Jewison)
(10:00 PM) A Fistful of Dynamite (1972/153m/Sergio Leone)
(12:30 AM) The Big Knife (1955/109m/Robert Aldrich)
(2:30 AM) The Harder They Fall (1956/109m/Mark Robson)
(4:30 AM) Run Of The Arrow (1957/86m/Samuel Fuller)
Friday, August 16, 2019 (Irene Dunn day)
(6:00 AM) Ann Vickers (1933/76m/John Cromwell)
(7:30 AM) The Age of Innocence (1934/81m/Philip Moeller)
(9:00 AM) If I Were Free (1934/66m/Elliott Nugent)
(10:15 AM) Sweet Adeline (1935/87m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(12:00 PM) Show Boat (1936/114m/James Whale)
(2:00 PM) Joy of Living (1938/91m/Tay Garnett)
(4:00 PM) Love Affair (1939/88m/Leo McCarey)
(5:45 PM) Penny Serenade (1941/120m/George Stevens)
(8:00 PM) The Awful Truth (1937/91m/Leo McCarey)
(9:45 PM) I Remember Mama (1948/134m/George Stevens)
(12:15 AM) When Tomorrow Comes (1939/92m/John M. Stahl)
(2:00 AM) High, Wide, And Handsome (1937/104m/Rouben Mamoulian)
(4:00 AM) Over 21 (1945/105m/Charles Vidor)
Saturday August 17, 2019 (Errol Flynn day)
(6:00 AM) Footsteps in the Dark (1941/96m/Lloyd Bacon)
(8:00 AM) Northern Pursuit (1943/93m/Raoul Walsh)
(10:00 AM) The Master of Ballantrae (1953/89m/William Keighley)
(11:45 AM) The Sea Hawk (1940/128m/Michael Curtiz)
(2:00 PM) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938/102m/Michael Curtiz)
(4:00 PM) The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939/106m/Michael Curtiz)
(6:00 PM) Santa Fe Trail (1940/110m/Michael Curtiz)
(8:00 PM) Captain Blood (1935/119m/Michael Curtiz)
(10:15 PM) Gentleman Jim (1942/104m/Raoul Walsh)
(12:15 AM) The Dawn Patrol (1938/103m/Edmund Goulding)
(2:15 AM) Dodge City (1939/104m/Michael Curtiz)
(4:15 AM) Cry Wolf (1947/84m/Peter Godfrey)
Sunday, August 18, 2019 (Audrey Hepburn day)
(6:00 AM) Robin and Marian (1976/107m/Richard Lester)
(8:00 AM) Green Mansions (1959/104m/Mel Ferrer)
(9:45 AM) The Nun's Story (1959/152m/Fred Zinnemann)
(12:30 PM) The Children's Hour (1961/108m/William Wyler)
(2:30 PM) Love in the Afternoon (1957/130m/Billy Wilder)
(5:00 PM) My Fair Lady (1964/173m/George Cukor)
(8:00 PM) Sabrina (1954/114m/Billy Wilder)
(10:00 PM) Funny Face (1957/103m/Stanley Donen)
(12:00 AM) Charade (1963/113m/Stanley Donen)
(2:00 AM) Paris When It Sizzles (1963/110m/Richard Quine)
(4:00 AM) Wait Until Dark (1967/108m/Terence Young)
Monday, August 19, 2019 (Buster Keaton day)
(6:00 AM) Battling Butler (1926/78m/Buster Keaton)
(7:30 AM) Cameraman (1928/75m/Edward Sedgwick)
(9:00 AM) Spite Marriage (1929/76m/Edward Sedgwick)
(10:30 AM) Doughboys (1930/80m/Edward Sedgwick)
(12:00 PM) Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1931/73m/Edward Sedgwick)
(1:15 PM) Sidewalks of New York (1931/74m/Jules White)
(2:30 PM) The Passionate Plumber (1932)/74m/Edward Sedgwick)
(4:00 PM) In the Good Old Summertime (1949/103m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(6:00 PM) How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965/93m/William Asher)
(8:00 PM) The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018/101m/Peter Bogdanovich)
(10:00 PM) The General (1927/79m/Buster Keaton)
(11:30 PM) Sherlock Jr. (1924/45m/Buster Keaton)
(12:30 AM) The Great Buster: A Celebration (2018/101m/Peter Bogdanovich)
(2:30 AM) Seven Chances (1925/57m/Buster Keaton)
(3:45 AM) Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928/71m/Charles F. Reisner)
(5:00 AM) The Navigator (1924/66m/Donald Crisp)
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 (Dorothy McGuire day)
(6:00 AM) Trial (1955/109m/Mark Robson)
(8:00 AM) Flight of the Doves (1971/101m/Ralph Nelson)
(10:00 AM) Till The End of Time (1946/105m/Edward Dmytryk)
(12:00 PM) The Enchanted Cottage (1945/92m/John Cromwell)
(2:00 PM) Gentleman's Agreement (1947/118m/Elia Kazan)
(4:00 PM) Mother Didn't Tell Me (1950/88m/Claude Binyon)
(5:45 PM) Susan Slade (1961/116m/Delmer Daves)
(8:00 PM) A Summer Place (1959/130m/Delmer Daves)
(10:30 PM) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945/129m/Elia Kazan)
(12:45 AM) Friendly Persuasion (1956/138m/William Wyler)
(3:00 AM) Invitation (1952/85m/Gottfried Reinhardt)
(4:30 AM) Callaway Went Thataway (1951/82m/Norman Panama)
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 (Joel McCrea day)
(6:00 AM) The Most Dangerous Game (1932/63m/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(7:15 AM) Bed of Roses (1933/67m/Gregory LaCava)
(8:45 AM) Gambling Lady (1934/66m/Archie Mayo)
(10:00 AM) The Richest Girl in the World (1934/76m//William A. Seiter)
(11:30 AM) Dead End (1937/92m/William Wyler)
(1:15 PM) Primrose Path (1940/93m/Gregory La Cava)
(3:00 PM) Wichita (1955/81m/Jacques Tourneur)
(4:30 PM) Colorado Territory (1949/94m/Raoul Walsh)
(6:30 PM) The Palm Beach Story (1942/88m/Preston Sturges)
(8:00 PM) Sullivan's Travels (1942/91m/Preston Sturges)
(9:45 PM) The More the Merrier (1943/104m/George Stevens)
(11:45 PM) Union Pacific (1939/135m/Cecil B. De Mille)
(2:15 AM) Ride the High Country (1962/94m/Sam Peckinpah)
(4:15 AM) Stars in My Crown (1950/89m/Jacques Tourneur)
Thursday, August 22, 2019 (Leila Hyams day)
(6:00 AM) The Idle Rich (1929/80m/William C. de Mille)
(7:30 AM) The Bishop Murder Case (1930/87m/Nick Grindé)
(9:00 AM) The Girl Said No (1930/91m/Sam Wood)
(10:45 AM) Sins of the Children (1930/86m/Sam Wood)
(12:15 PM) Way For A Sailor (1930/85m/Sam Wood)
(1:45 PM) Gentleman's Fate (1931/93m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(3:30 PM) Men Call It Love (1931/72m/Edgar Selwyn)
(5:00 PM) Stepping Out (1931/74m/Charles F. Reisner)
(6:30 PM) Red-Headed Woman (1932/79m/Jack Conway)
(8:00 PM) Freaks (1932/62m/Tod Browning)
(9:15 PM) The Thirteenth Chair (1929/73m/Tod Browning)
(10:45 PM) Way Out West (1930/70m/Fred Niblo)
(12:15 AM) The Big House (1930/87m/George Hill)
(2:00 AM) Island of Lost Souls (1932/70m/Erle C. Kenton)
(3:30 AM) The Phantom of Paris (1931/74m/John S. Robertson)
(4:45 AM) Yellow Dust (1936/69m/Wallace Fox)
Friday, August 23, 2019 (Fred Astaire day)
(6:00 AM) A Damsel In Distress (1937/101m/George Stevens)
(8:00 AM) Broadway Melody Of 1940 (1940/102m/Norman Taurog)
(10:00 AM) You Were Never Lovelier (1942/97m/William A. Seiter)
(12:00 PM) Easter Parade (1948/103m/Charles Walters)
(2:00 PM) Three Little Words (1950/102m/
(4:00 PM) Royal Wedding (1951/93m/Stanley Donen)
(6:00 PM) The Band Wagon (1953/112m/Vincente Minnelli)
(8:00 PM) Top Hat (1935/100m/Mark Sandrich)
(10:00 PM) Swing Time (1936/104m/George Stevens)
(12:00 AM) The Gay Divorcee (1934/105m/Mark Sandrich)
(2:00 AM) Follow the Fleet (1936/110m/Mark Sandrich)
(4:00 AM) Roberta (1935/106m/William A. Seiter)
Saturday, August 24, 2019 (Shirley MacLaine day)
(6:00 AM) The Sheepman (1958/86m/George Marshall)
(7:30 AM) Two Loves (1961/97m/Charles Walters)
(9:30 AM) Woman Times Seven (1967/101m/Vittorio De Sica)
(11:30 AM) Two For The Seesaw (1962/119m/Robert Wise)
(1:30 PM) The Trouble with Harry (1955/99m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(3:30 PM) Some Came Running (1958/136m/Vincente Minnelli)
(6:00 PM) Gambit (1967/108m/Ronald Neame)
(8:00 PM) Terms of Endearment (1983/132m/James L. Brooks)
(10:30 PM) Steel Magnolias (1989/118m/Herbert Ross)
(12:45 AM) Sweet Charity (1969/148m/Bob Fosse)
(3:30 AM) The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964/123m/Anthony Asquith)
Sunday, August 25, 2019 (Dustin Hoffman day)
(6:00 AM) The Tiger Makes Out (1967/95m/Arthur Hiller)
(7:45 AM) Hero (1992/118m/Stephen Frears)
(9:45 AM) Death of a Salesman (1985/136m/Volker Schlöndorff)
(12:15 PM) Hook (1991/142m/Steven Spielberg)
(2:45 PM) Papillon (1973/151m/Franklin J. Schaffner)
(5:30 PM) Tootsie (1982/116m/Sydney Pollack)
(8:00 PM) The Graduate (1967/106m/Mike Nichols)
(10:00 PM) Marathon Man (1976/125m/John Schlesinger)
(12:15 AM) Midnight Cowboy (1969/113m/John Schlesinger)
(2:15 AM) Straight Time (1978/114m/Ulu Grosbard)
(4:15 AM) Agatha (1979/98m/Michael Apted)
Monday, August 26, 2019 (Mary Astor day)
(6:00 AM) Beau Brummel (1924/128m/Harry Beaumont)
(8:15 AM) The Runaway Bride (1930/66m/Donald Crisp)
(9:45 AM) Behind Office Doors (1931/82m/Melville Brown)
(11:15 AM) Smart Woman (1931/68m/Gregory La Cava)
(12:30 PM) Successful Calamity (1932/72m//John G. Adolfi)
(2:00 PM) Red Dust (1932/83m/Victor Fleming)
(3:30 PM) The Little Giant (1933/76m/Roy Del Ruth)
(5:00 PM) Case of the Howling Dog (1934/74m/Alan Crosland)
(6:30 PM) Paradise For Three (1938/78m/Edward Buzzell)
(8:00 PM) The Maltese Falcon (1941/100m/John Huston)
(10:00 PM) Dodsworth (1936/101m/William Wyler)
(12:00 AM) The Great Lie (1941/108m/Edmund Goulding)
(2:00 AM) Return to Peyton Place (1961/122m/Jose Ferrer)
(4:15 AM) A Kiss Before Dying (1956/95m/Gerd Oswald))
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (Walter Brennan day)
(6:00 AM) Three Godfathers (1936/81m/Richard Boleslawski)
(7:30 AM) Come And Get It (1936/99m/Howard Hawks)
(9:45 AM) Northwest Passage (1940/127m/King Vidor)
(12:00 PM) Nobody Lives Forever (1946/100m/Jean Negulesco)
(2:00 PM) The Green Promise (1949/81m/William D. Russell)
(3:30 PM) Good-Bye, My Lady (1956/95m/William A. Wellman)
(5:30 PM) Rio Bravo (1959/141m/Howard Hawks)
(8:00 PM) The Westerner (1940/100m/William Wyler)
(10:00 PM) Home in Indiana (1944/104m/Henry Hathaway)
(12:00 AM) To Have and Have Not (1944/100m/Howard Hawks)
(2:00 AM) Sergeant York (1941/134m/Howard Hawks)
(4:30 AM) Blood On The Moon (1948/88m/Robert Wise)
Wednesday, August 28, 2019 (June Allyson day)
(6:00 AM) The Knight Is Young (1938/20m/Roy Mack)
(6:30 AM) High Barbaree (1947/91m/Jack Conway)
(8:15 AM) Little Women (1949/122m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(10:30 AM) Reformer and the Redhead (1950/90m/Norman Panama)
(12:15 PM) Right Cross (1950/90m/John Sturges)
(2:00 PM) The Girl In White (1952/93m/John Sturges)
(4:00 PM) Executive Suite (1954/105m/Robert Wise)
(6:00 PM) The Opposite Sex (1956/116m/David Miller)
(8:00 PM) Good News (1947/93m/Charles Walters)
(10:00 PM) Two Sisters From Boston (1946/112m/Henry Koster)
(12:00 AM) Too Young to Kiss (1951/89m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(2:00 AM) The Bride Goes Wild (1948/98m/Norman Taurog)
(4:00 AM) Sailor Takes a Wife (1945/91m/Richard Whorf)
Thursday, August 29, 2019 (Paul Lukas day)
(6:00 AM) Strictly Dishonorable (1931/92m/John M. Stahl)
(8:00 AM) Downstairs (1932/77m/Monta Bell)
(9:30 AM) I Found Stella Parish 1935/85m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(11:00 AM) The Casino Murder Case (1935/82m/Edwin L. Marin)
(12:30 PM) Captain Fury (1939/92m/Hal Roach)
(2:30 PM) Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939/104/Anatole Litvak)
(4:30 PM) Uncertain Glory (1944/102m/Raoul Walsh)
(6:30 PM) Deadline at Dawn (1946/83m/Harold Clurman)
(8:00 PM) Watch on the Rhine (1943/112m/Herman Shumlin)
(10:00 PM) The Lady Vanishes (1938/96m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(12:00 AM) Experiment Perilous (1944/91m/Jacques Tourneur)
(2:00 AM) Three Musketeers (1935/96m/Rowland V. Lee)
(4:00 AM) Little Women (1933/115m/George Cukor)
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(8:00 PM) Spartacus (1960/197m/Stanley Kubrick)
(11:30 PM) The Vikings (1958/116m/Richard Fleischer)
(1:30 AM) Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957/123m/John Sturges)
(3:45 AM) There Was a Crooked Man (1970/123m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
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Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts Agree Historic $17.3 Billion Merger

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The largest mergeacquisition event of the year in iGaming has happened: the long-awaited sale of Caesars Entertainment is a done deal! The Las Vegas giant and Eldorado Resorts have officially confirmed the definitive merger agreement between the two brands, creating a new market leader in the US gambling sector.
According to the minutiae of the deal, Eldorado will acquire all of Caesars' shares for $12.75 per share - that's $8.40 per share in cash plus 0.0899 shares of Eldorado common stock - as well as their net debt.
This would afford Eldorado and Caesars shareholders circa 51% and 49% of company's combined outstanding shares.
The new company will have their headquarters in Nevada's Reno, but will keep a heavy presence in Las Vegas.
"We believe this combination will build on the accomplishments and best-in-class operating practices of both companies. I'm familiar with Eldorado and its management team, having worked with them on a previous transaction, and I look forward to collaborating with them to bring our companies together. We are excited to integrate Caesars Rewards with the combined portfolio."
The new company will also win the right of first refusal for the sale of whole assets of sale-leaseback transactions for two venues in las Vegas and Baltimore's Horseshoe Casino.
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WWE Network Updates: 12/04/2017

The following shows have been added to the WWE Network today:

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Horseshoe Casino awaits Baltimore players

Compared to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Baltimore is not exactly a major American gambling hub, but this is what makes the opening of a new casino a special event. Orioles fans who also have a secret passion for gambling in land-based casinos, will rejoice knowing that Horseshoe Casino has finally opened its doors. The event was highly anticipated and Caesars Entertainment made no secret of the fact that they will be opening a new casino in Maryland. Four more companies opened casino resorts this year, which says a great deal about the rising popularity of gambling at this stage. So far, the legislators are yet to take decisive actions in terms of legalizing online gambling, but such laws are probably closer than they seem. Delaware and New Jersey are two of the neighboring states who already jumped on the bandwagon and there are plenty of governors who contemplate the possibility of following their lead. There is no shortage of interested investors either, with prominent poker rooms, bookmakers and online casinos being interested to spend money here. 32Red Casino announced its intention to establish a more permanent position in the United States and Baltimore looks like a great place to start. For the time being, state residents in general and Baltimore folks in particular have good reasons to check out the Horseshoe Casino, because there is plenty of action waiting for them behind these doors. A total of 2500 slot machines, in excess of 100 life table games and even a World Series of Poker room are bound to provide all the adrenaline rush that poker players could hope for. As stated above, there are other casinos operating here, but in terms of size and magnitude this is by far the most successful one and this should translate into a huge number of customers. The partnership with William Hill casino is supposed to be mutually beneficial, making the Horseshoe Casino the only one to offer outdoor gaming. A lot of money is expected to go towards state coffers, but even more important is the fact that the new venture will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs. The vast majority of those working here are Baltimore residents, which is great news for the cash-strapped city. The initially agreement stated that casino operators were supposed to hire at least 51% of their staff from the city, but it is only fair to assume that they will go a step further.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 297 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 156.12 John Barnwell Knows Who St. Germain Was - YouTube
    • {{ 911: The Alchemist St. Germain is Kevin Francis Bacon }}
    • Ok it's day 156 this is part 12
    • And I had no idea I would be making films this late into Saturday night
    • But I just listened to the last missive from John Barnwell and also Doug Gabriel at American Intelligence Media
    • And I have to say, I am always just incredibly impressed by AIM
    • Their depth of field
    • I mean if if they didn't work in the Intelligence business I don't know who did--John Barnwell it just sounds--like he's looking over Allen Dulles' shoulder, saying, "Allen you're gonna subvert the country if you do that you're gonna serve the country if you do this. Don't do it"
    • {{ 911: Doug Gabriel is Ex-NSA, Signals Intelligence, scalar antennas branch; Also claims to be an ex-Jesuit and outed Lionel as a Jesuit (his reaction was hilarious and didn't refute it)--Doug an Anthroposophist, offshoot of Theosophy, an offshoot of Rosicrucianism; and Doug also claims to be a Freemason, which is weird because Catholics can't be a Freemasons }}
    • But what I liked about Doug Doug Gabriel is he is this pitbull
    • And I love the ferocity and just engagement that he takes on everything with
    • And John Barton well I look at as as this kind of deep deep analyst
    • The person who looks at these situations and sees things over the full flight of history, the full flight of time, with all the operations--starting with Dulles, even before that OSS operations going all the way through
    • So this--they have comparative law as a degree
    • Well John Barnwell to me as comparative Intelligence, comparative Intelligence operations
    • He can he can just summon these histories of the Intelligence operations
    • Not only of the US Intelligence operations, but he's well versed and deep in in MI6 and British Intelligence before that etcetera
    • So that's what I love I mean now, I know that John Barton well knows who I am which is--quite--quite I don't know I'm I'm smiling here in Washington DC
    • And Doug made an apology at the end of this film here, which I would urge everybody to listen to
    • This is just the best stuff--just these are just the experts
    • This is just refined down to only the crystalline diamonds that you get in this kind of a report
    • But--what I really got from Doug was--I think he's understanding me a little bit more
    • I'm not an apologist for the SES
    • I'm more of a surgeon of the SES, trying to cut asunder what is not really worth examining
    • And then focusing in like a pathologist on the cause of death, or the thing that has caused this death of this democracy
    • So I think he's understanding me a little bit better
    • And I'm understanding him a little bit better
    • I think the debate now, is moot
    • The debate now, is moot because we both understand each other so much better
    • And--I must say I'm a little star-struck that John Barnwell knows my name
    • But we all shall move forward in this great open-source endeavor
    • Because I have said from the beginning that no I'm more the maybe the hound over here the blue tick hound as he called me--the nice guy dog who just sniffs the trail
    • And this is Doug Gabriel, who is is the bastion of being the pitbull of democracy
    • But together together we are going to deliver the winning hand here, of the four aces over kings
    • And I do believe with this open source Intelligence network, this cooperative effort, we will win over the deep state
  • Day 157.1 Three Layers of SES - Awan Contra Unfolds - YouTube
    • It's day 157 part 1
    • And if you didn't see the last three episodes yesterday boy a lot happened after 6 o'clock
    • So I made several videos just sort of dissecting the SES to really understand what happened
    • And again, I always go to documents that...and official acts of really explain what happened
    • But with the way I see it is the Senior Executive Service never really was that
    • Maybe it started out as executive service
    • But it was really a Senior Intelligence Service from the beginning, when George Bush kind of pushed it through
    • It was sort of to take over and have the Intelligence services, or Deep State, or Shadow Government, whatever you want to call it
    • I know that some people make a distinction say Dow and DuPont, maybe the shadow government in the Deep State are their hands and feet or levers in the Government
    • But you get the idea: that the Government is not beholden to the people, or the President, as the Constitution would say
    • It's beholden to these kind of Deep State owners, this kind of power elite
    • I've been talking about the power elite for quite some time
    • I think since the first day of the series
    • So that's really what it is
    • And these there's three key areas of authorization that happened inside this Senior Executive Service
    • This FBI-DEA Senior Executive Service
    • Then this DISES that happened
    • And then this this SNIS
    • And this really was the top--in the Nazi days they would call this the high command
    • This is the top level of security, I believe
    • Like the Majestic 12 level a type of security, where it's a very few insiders
    • This is the Christopher Wray, the Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein, Priestap, Weissman, that sort of thing
    • This is the and the or Bruce Ohr...then this mainly around drug trafficking
    • Now, what they're going to say this goes back to Mena Airport
    • This is for national security
    • We needed to run these drugs in order for these smaller nations, in order to get weapons in order for us to maintain a balance of power
    • There's all sorts of rationalizations--of why the drug trade in Pakistan was so important to take down the Soviet Union
    • Why it's so important for drug trade pretty much all over the world in terms of worldwide security and balance balance of power
    • But I go back to Deep Uranium telling me at the listening station, at the Navy listening station, at Lake Pontchartrain
    • (Punch our train I guess it's pronounced)
    • There are certain things that it would hit the radar, that they would say "sailor--that's none of your business"
    • There's certain planes that were going
    • In the beginning and in the early 80s, it was a small Barry Seal type Cessna planes
    • But quite quickly it transitioned into the heavy lift type C-130s
    • And you know now, that Hercules type, I can't remember if that's a C-147 going to Stratcom in Omaha, Nebraska
    • So very quickly this operation cycled up
    • And this hitting this level here was really institutionalizing this kind of secret trade, that you needed to be read into this program
    • And what came along with this was a program to destroy anyone who would reveal
    • This program
    • This program carried with it tremendous rewards in terms of the drug business
    • Mena Airport by itself was a hundred million dollar a month operation
    • This transition more into a billion dollar a month operation
    • This is Day 150
    • So the and this is again, American Intelligence Media said some very nice things about me, toward the end of the day
    • John Barnwell as well as Doug Gabriel, so I appreciate that
    • But then when it really expanded was this sort of night 1996, where Hillary sort of saying--"we might not win this thing..this election in '96"
    • I can't even remember who they candidate was--I'm thinking it was Bob Dole
    • But just in case, let's go ahead and authorize this thing it's just in case we're out of power
    • That way we'll have a second level of cadre
    • This is the Awan brothers level, where we're going to bring in a set of this--is almost like I think of like bringing in G4S
    • Sort of like almost the British bringing in the Hessians
    • This is a second raid of mercenaries basically being brought in, primarily, to build out this service, just in case we lose, okay?
    • But they won
    • And then the Defense Authorization Act kind of put it through
    • And then finally they kind of ran into where they filled out all these DoD positions
    • Remember these the funding here is coming from the DoD and I'll prove that in just one second
    • Where we need to build out, and use all these spots, and infiltrate across 17 different agencies
    • Not just three or four
    • This was this one was building out FBI DEA to jump here to go to NGA the National geospatial
    • NRO National Reconnaissance
    • CIA, DIA, especially DIA creating DIA
    • This one really here was establishing it across 17 different ones, and primarily increasing surveillance all along the way
    • And then increasing the business--increasing the volume of the business
    • And this maps directly with the deaths opioid deaths
    • And it Maps directly with the increasing level of purity also of the opium, and opiate, and opioid products
    • So here's just a megaupload that somebody gave me a link to
    • But I think it's very instructive
    • It's a memo from 2005
    • It was top secret at one point I'm assuming it is now, declassified
    • And I'm looking at it
    • If it is top secret still, I just want to say that I am reading this with the understanding it's not classified, I was sent a link, so I wasn't the one who did the compromise here
    • And it says here changes to the Senior Executive Service
    • And removing the levels in the Defense Information the DI there
    • And then you slightly pause, SES
    • And it's talking about someone at the NSA reporting directly to Michael Hayden
    • So this is a memo to the people of NSA saying, "hey for our SES inside NSA, we're gonna make some changes"
    • And so what it basically goes through it says "NSA originally misses (Again, 2005) had talked about a pool of candidates from this GS-15"
    • But then director Hayden Michael Hayden became convinced in 2001 that NSA was understaffed
    • So that's when they started hiring the people from other agencies
    • And just kind of helicoptering people in, without having come up through the ranks in NSA
    • And I I think this is so important that you come up through the ranks, in order to understand what's actually not only the technical confidence in communications competence with your other people that you work with, but also understanding how change can be effected, and also just a matter of loyalties
    • If you bring in somebody from another country that's unvetted, that's very different than working side by side with somebody or through crisis after crisis over 20 years, and now, you're gonna go into the Situation Room with that person, and start giving away national secrets
    • It's a much different situation especially at the NSA I can't say how important this is
    • Again, I've never worked there I know family members who have
    • So I, again, my experience here is third hand
    • But this is the memo talking about hey we we used all of our slots
    • We went to the max number, went to the the maximum number
    • And then when that level was reached on October 2014, we couldn't we couldn't authorize any more appointments here
    • So now, the director has the intention of working with the DoD to raise the level of senior executives to be named
    • And this is the continual infiltration
    • I think that's the important thing that I want to stress, is as the business became bigger, just like if you had more McDonald's and--in the early growth days of McDonald's--started in California, then it became a West Coast phenomenon
    • And then it became a nationalized phenomenon, you would add more people, you'd add more layers of Management
    • And that's exactly what happened, with the drug business
    • And again, I go back to Deep Uranium, and Lake Pontchartrain, sayingm, "there are certain things on the radar that are dark"
    • And the other thing that I'm just going through all these documents
    • And there's hundreds of documents that I received from this megaupload of all these people
    • This is this NASA guy giving out SES kind of certificates here
    • And I will just say one thing
    • And I won't talk too much to it
    • But this and again, if I'm looking at something that's classified I don't know that I am
    • But there's a lot of documents here to go through
    • Now, I don't I'm not going to just post them willy-nilly
    • If someone has any insight of whether these are still classified I would appreciate it
    • But you get what I'm saying is that it started when those organization first was announced, they don't say, "hey we're gonna start an SS"
    • We're all gonna get black outfits just like Hitler had
    • It starts out with all good intentions with good things
    • And then gradually it starts with this kind of Masonic rings that--here's the highest level of secure access program
    • Then you divided break things up--by department, so nobody knows the whole true story down here at the mercenary level
    • And then it's broken up again as it as it gets down to the 17 different units at the bottom of the pyramid
    • So the guy doing beam geospatial interpretation at NGA, doesn't know anything about the drug activity
    • All they know is those are blips that have been whited out by somebody here at this level
    • Aomebody has gone through the feed, and just basically blank those out
    • So that those are not operated on
    • Those are shot out of the sky basically
    • And this goes back to what Deep Uranium told me a long time ago, which is certain objects in the sky, as well as objects at sea (I would guess) are no questions asked
  • Day 157.2 Inspector General Vacancies - Roadmap To Scandal - YouTube
    • It's day 157.2
    • And this is a March 2018 report about the vacancies vacancies here in the inspector general's offices
    • They're supposed to be about 64 inspectors general in the different departments
    • These are the key investigators of the investigator to investigators to eliminate a waste fraud and abuse in the Federal government
    • Now, here are the departments listed by length of vacancy
    • You can see here Department of Interior
    • You can read this Uranium One Uranium One Uranium One, the BLM being a part of the Department of the Interior
    • That is gone the longest without the inspector general
    • So I'm going to say that that is China China China, as far as deals go with forest reserves
    • And then also Russia Russia Russia with Uranium One type minerals deals, through Canada
    • Always through Canada
    • It's always going to be through an intermediary
    • Exim Bank--the Export Import Bank is important we looked at a Senior Executive Service there the other day
    • These are multiplies identities with Senate confirmation almost four years now
    • Again, this goes up now, it's almost six years
    • Now, for Department of Interior right
    • So Department of Energy with the Saipov truckers
    • We know that's a big one
    • Department of Defense Department of Defense almost two years
    • We're spending a record amount on the flying F-35 flying pigs squadron, yet no Inspector General
    • The huge increase we just had in the budget there
    • OPM, this makes me think of Mike McMahan, right, with FBI saying 665,000 went through with no vetting
    • Now, that is that a good situation?
    • We're going to get to Andy McCabe and the GCHQ desk over at Fort Washington and Fort Meade here in a second, maybe the Navy Yard Postal Service
    • Again, how many are how many postal employees are being diverted to other things that's the key there is whatever they say they are you are inevitably going to be some departments some silent employees some employees working off-site they're actually doing different things that shouldn't Social Security and
    • Now, you can see NSA this is gonna be Doug Gabriel's old department here at NSA right
    • I've met I can't count how many people I've met from NSA and interviews that conducted at NSA
    • But anyway the Small Business Administration--we've talked about that 8A firms
    • And the kind of the GSA
    • This is the kind of the Freytag insider GSA
    • We're gonna do portal don't worry we'll take care of it
    • You got the Election Commission which is scary in and of itself
    • Then HUD
    • And then we just lost the Tennessee Valley Authority
    • I don't know if that's Uranium One or megatons to megawatts
    • But this almost reads like all the scandals that are about ready to break
    • In the order that they're gonna break
    • It's almost an amazing--just by vacancies, is gonna tell you almost what the order of scandals and how they're gonna break
    • Let's go drill down now, a little bit
    • Here's Andy McCabe saying he's confused
    • This is where he's confused about when he talked to reporters
    • He's gonna be even more confused when we talk about Fort Washington, Navy Yard and Fort Meade, and the GCHQ desk--I'll explain what I mean
    • So this is the Navy Yard
    • I've said building 213, underground building there, was where the Awans worked, along with Rao and company, potentially is one area
    • Now, could be that they worked from home out in Springfield
    • And then came in to the Navy Yard when they needed to get into the SCIF
    • So we don't know that
    • They could have been working at NGA in Springfield, or out in the secure facility out there, with JTTF, that's possible
    • And then only coming in to the Navy Yard for access to SIPRnet
    • Did they have access to the SIPR secure net out there?
    • Could they access the SIPRnet if they just went to TISCOM the TISCOM over here in down along the Potomac over here
    • We don't know, we don't know exactly
    • The National Harbor is obviously going to play a big role in Five Eyes, because that's where we're going to give our data over here to G4S
    • G4S is going to probably be our contractor for food inspection all over the world, for DHS
    • That's where you're gonna have the drugs
    • That's where the drug inspection line especially for the Halal meat, and potentially also fruits and vegetables
    • But here's the for just reference purposes here's where that famous Hawkshead drive is is where I find...[the Blackberries]
    • There's the auto train right choo choo get ready--here comes another load of weapons, Deep Uranium depleted small missiles, in the trunk
    • Thanks Alpha giallo Jalloh, we'll talk to you later
    • That's all down here fort belvoir of course--and Andre Taggart fame the Defense Logistics Agency
    • So this just for reference here
    • So we've got the National Harbor we've got the Navy Yard
    • Now, the other one I wanted to introduce you
    • You've been introduced by Macduff, who by the way he said, his father was the highest-ranking guy at the Pentagon
    • But there were at 1971, there was no GS 17 18 19, he was a GS 17 or 18 19 equivalent something like that, very high up, highest-ranking civilian in the Pentagon
    • No no retirement program whatsoever
    • But here's Fort Washington that I if you remember me going down the Potomac
    • And then shooting that from the river it's because it's easiest way to access it
    • Of course here's Fort Hood here's Ryan Hart gallon here's all that Nazi art that we found
    • So this is really kind of a tour de force in with a map
    • Here's Joint Base Andrews with Tuskeegee Airmen memorial over there a lot of
    • I've talked to a lot of G12s, 13s at work there
    • Also the bowling Air Force Base bowling
    • And here somewhere right in here somewhere of course Anacostia DHS, right in here
    • So I've spent a lot of time researching this
    • But this facility here, it's interesting because it came out on CRYPTOME
    • And this came out a while ago a friend of mine who used to work at it she had NSA told me about this site
    • He's relative of mine I think
    • And we told me about this site with CRYPTOME
    • And CRYPTOME has all these things saying hey there's a CI under undercover research facility at this site here at River Road ten five thirty River Road
    • Well this is supposedly where the hammer is
    • That's the hammer here's the gate there's a bunch of grass you don't really see much there's the gate there
    • The hammer is if you recall is where supposedly John Brennan and James clapper have the illegal ways of listening in on conversations
    • Is that where Andy had the Awans listening in the conversations at the GCHQ desk?
    • Or did he have them in Fort Meade?
    • Or did he have him over at JTTF in Springfield
    • We don't know the answer to that yet
    • But they're gonna be one of those locations
    • Now, everyone says, oh wait a minute, "it's the interagency training center it's the ITC"
    • So this used to be big secrets now, everyone, says oh yeah Fort Washington is where we train all of our interdepartmental folks
    • We haven't shown you that yet
    • But I like going to the map, and just showing how this stuff goes from oh this is a conspiracy theory to oh well by the way actually it is what the reality is
    • So if you want to see that again, on the map, go right back to the map here
    • This is this place right here from across from Fort Washington
    • Oxen Hill of course is where Macduff's office was
    • That's up there high on that hill by the casino let's launder some money today we'll put it right through the MGM casino there
    • And that is your geo allocating wrap-up for this morning
  • Day 157.3. Whistleblower Sunday - Reinstating Robyn Gritz - YouTube
    • It's day 157
    • And this is whistleblower Sunday
    • We won't be at the Capitol today
    • So JK all those waiting to hear JK splendid voice unless maybe we go over later
    • But we are going to go meet with Macduff
    • Macduff, if do you remember, his father was the highest-ranking civilian at the Pentagon in 1971
    • No SES for him
    • Even though he was probably the most qualified man to ever serve in the FBI, as far as cleaning up the FBI, and also the CIA primarily
    • But anyway we're gonna have that whistleblower
    • We're gonna have obviously Task Force
    • And we're going to be asking Task Force for a special endorsement today, to ask a third whistleblower a favor
    • And part of it
    • Well I should just say is to reinstate Robyn Gritz at her back pay
    • But Task Force is also going to be asking something else, hopefully
    • At the meeting we want to propose that she has at the Trump White House, with Donald Trump
  • Day 157.4. What Level Clearance Does Trump’s Daily Briefer Have? - YouTube
    • Day 157 part 4
    • This was such a happenstance
    • This is why I loved taking Lyft
    • Our guy with taskforce and I was CIA
    • CIA contractor that is
    • I know there's some people get really touchy about that
    • Yeah CIA contractor I won't say what kind of contractor
    • But he worked a lot at Langley
    • And he also ended up working a lot for ONI--Office of Navy Intelligence--Suitland, here in Maryland
    • And he was telling us all the procedures to go through...and--all the different badges that go through a badge to get another badge to get another badge
    • But the funny it's the funny little stuff that comes in on these sides, which is like
    • "Well they never would let us do an invoice directly to the CIA, never"
    • "It was always ACG--the American government--you know or USG, USG US govt US government"
    • So I thought that was funny
    • But he said that they would walk by the Reader boards in the operations room all the time
    • Not actually in the operations, where all the drone strikes are and all that
    • But you could see the through the glass
    • And they said eyes down--do not look at the--the board
    • But I just thought that it was an interesting story, if somebody's actually been in the CIA
    • I've never been there I know I think I might know somebody who has been, I don't know, anyway
    • So that leads us to the next question which is:
    • "How is it really set up? What level of clearances does the CIA have?"
    • "And does the CIA have a higher level of security clearance than the president?"
    • Now, someone said that that Doug Gabriel over at AIM had a Q level clearance at the NSA
    • {{ 911: Top Secret Secure Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) 'NSA CRYPTO clearance', even higher than Q I believe (Q is specifically DOE) }}
    • So I knew he was at NSA
    • But I didn't know he had a Q level clearance
    • Now, it's my understanding the president has a Q level clearance
    • {{ 911: Doug said his clearance was higher than the presidents is now }}
    • So that would be an interesting question
    • In order to give that president his daily briefing, like John ran Brennan used to do for Obama
    • And oh by the way, if you if you have a kidney need, you could go to China or Homen Square
    • U.S. Marshals will bring somebody fresh, for an interrogation
    • And get get all set up you don't need to join a dialysis anymore here in Fort Washington
    • But anyway the presidential daily briefing
    • You would think that that person would have to have a higher clearance
    • Now, I have one person telling me, Deep Uranium, who worked with a lot of people with high-level clearances, that there is the letters of the alphabet
    • So Romeo Sierra tango jumps past you for some reason (because I guess doesn't sound tough enough) then victory then Majestic 12
    • Now, the Majestic 12 just for people who think it's fake or whatever somehow it got associated with UFOs
    • I don't know why
    • There's a little like a Barry seal pic of Barry seal when in the early days of in the early days of Mena Airport that was probably about the right size
    • So anyway back to clearances if we go with with that concept majestic 12 probably would still be in place
    • Now, who was one of the first who were the first two guys on majestic 12 well one of them was VanDerveer Bush Vannevar Bush first guy first guy listed
    • Second guy listed was Forestall, got thrown out of the Bethesda hospital where we did a show earlier
    • So the question for the day now, that I just had the CIA a ride here and the kind of the inside story of the CIA as far as--walking around ONI the Office of Navy Intelligence--is what level clearance is the highest level of clearance?
    • And does the majestic 12 still exist?
  • Day 157.5. Battle of Fort Washington - YouTube
    • {{ 911 Going to lazy transcribe this one }}
    • So it's day 157 this is part five
    • And here we are with Macduff
    • MD: Hey George good to see you
    • And here we are we're gonna little take you through history now, there's the Potomac right keep critical part of the Potomac here where the bend is right?
    • MD: absolutely
    • I'll get you down to one level we're dancers
    • So what now, you let's take you back 1812 Washington has burned well yes if you if you want to talk about Washington is burned 1814
    • And it's the 24th of August of 1814
    • That big city up north there called Washington got burned on that day
    • So now, I'm living in Alexandria Virginia, and these damned British had already come up here
    • They'd already got the ships up there they just ripped off 25 of our ships
    • They took all of our they didn't take the women thank goodness
    • But they took the wine they took the flour
    • And they took the what else well they took the ships age of 25 ships--those are big money
    • So they're they're all gone
    • Now, here is where we tell a good state story about the Navy right because the Navy well you tell a story
    • We got two guys I think that become Army
    • Navy becomes Army
    • MD: here's the situation George of course everyone that could be conscripted or brought into the fight has already long been since brought into it
    • And in fact the guys that were taken down here at the little bitty fort at the bottom there which was you know
    • Now, that was all they had back then
    • There was only 50 some of them, and up comes the flotilla of British ships
    • As I recall there's about 20 or 30 of them including two frigates and some bomb ships
    • And these ships came up the river and the real controversy of Fort Washington was did Captain Dyson blow up the fort because it was the right thing to do as a military matter
    • Or did he blow up the fort because he was afraid of all those big British ships coming up in his direction
    • G: I hear Dyson did the right thing he had only 55 guys had only been here two weeks it to change the underwear
    • And all of a sudden here here comes 50 British ships right at you
    • MD: Absolutely well anyway the point is that by this time Washington has already burned the ships have
    • Now, passed Port Washington here
    • And have gone up to the prize which is Alexandria City which is up here to that direction
    • And the city of Alexandria was where they acquired all their loot
    • And they took the 23 American ships yeah in tow
    • And were sailing them down in the south here when
    • That's when the big Naval brigade comes along
    • G: Now, let me stop you right there. You're gonna remember two famous phrases there's probably only two phrases you remember as one is don't give up a ship right that's Decatur yeah true
    • And then there's another guy named Perry
    • And he's a damn the torpedoes full speed ahead
    • MD: no that was the other war it was uh it was Admiral Oliver Hazard Perry the hero of the Lake Erie
    • And Stephen Decatur um
    • And the two each had American frigates
    • But the frigates had been bottled into port up in Philadelphia
    • And I believe in in Baltimore this Navy was useless because of the overwhelming power of the British Navy
    • So what did they do well they didn't just sit there they all got off of their ships
    • And marched together in a big Naval brigade they marched down here to right there in this area one side went one part under Admiral or captain Decatur went over to the Virginia side
    • And ran down this side of the river as you can see right down there by for hunts to fight hard killing right with Nazis past fort hunt to actually to the next port which is fort belvoir for billboard raids hey Gert how you doing you're talked about many times yeah
    • And in Fort Belvoir there is a big high bluff that they knew about and
    • So test
    • So Decatur
    • And all the guys that had been here at Fort Washington
    • And there's many other Navy guys as they could get went down there
    • And set up a battery at Fort Belvoir just as the British squadron is trying to scoot down the Potomac yeah well when they get to that point they come under a bombardment from Decatur's Navy brigade
    • And this stops them in their tracks until why can I only envision Aundre Taggart pulling the cannon and--becoming the Marines he's probably the first Marine with some reason no Navy where they going on land aren't they Marines the point is that Marines are going to be coming up that Bluff
    • And attacking those cannons that are shooting at at Commodore Gordon the British Commodore ships
    • But what happens is Gordon comes up with a great idea
    • And he does one of those oratio Hornblower numbers where he saves the day by putting all of his ballast all of his cannons
    • And everything else that he can push over to the left side of his ship which causes his ship to tilt up just enough
    • So that the cannons that he still has on the right hand side can fire up
    • And dislodge the American battery
    • And that's the first thing that they had to do to get
    • So that's how he gets by the first one he got Decatur Stephen damn the torpedoes Falls no Stephen don't give up the ship Decatur I think that was Perry that didn't give up
    • But what perry did was here it's on the other side it's here on a Maryland side
    • And he goes down south to the little town of Indian Head tart Owings from our table base there
    • Now, Naval base Indian Head Naval Base
    • And when it gets down to any an head after--the horse-drawn battery that he's able to get down there sets it on artillery flying artillery just as the British squadron is still just barely getting by
    • And then some of their ships get stuck down there on the shoals tell me the British get a good thrashing yeah we let our capital burn let's give them a good French no British got away George Oh cheats I thought this is gonna be a good one no well it is a good one because of this because of all of this la that was created in the British trying to escape down the river the American troops had enough time to concentrate at Baltimore and
    • So by the time that Commodore Gordon rejoined the British fleet
    • And they were able to sail into Baltimore on I believe the 27th no no in September in September they got in the bottom by that time there was fifteen or twenty thousand American militia troops
    • And they were all well entrenched
    • And ready for the British
    • So when the British got to Baltimore the star-spangled banner flew all night right Francis Scott Key wrote the anthem
    • And the British went back the way they came that's history ladies
    • And gentlemen well thank you very much Macduff left-handed handshake left-handed salute thank you sorry I missed on those quotes there the captain no that's it
    • And thanks to Macduff
    • And the reason why we're here today is Whistleblower Sunday
    • And we'll talk to you a little bit more about that in a minute
submitted by 911bodysnatchers322 to TruthLeaks [link] [comments]

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