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Explanation of the terms in the Iceberg of Final Fantasy XIV secrets and conspiracies.

Greetings my fellows Final Fantasy XIV players. My name is Sirocco "Shameless Flirter" Occoris, and I have been playing FF14 since the first day of 2.0 Early Access (so almost 7 years) and never actually stopped playing. My /playtime is 1253 days and with the permission of u/papayatulus to use his iceberg picture as the reference I will try to explain all the terms that are on that. His original thread is here A user wishes someone to explain all to them so I'm here to fulfill that request. Please feel free to let me know if I have anything wrong. This post will be full of spoilers big and small, so please read at your own risks.
Note: From this point onward (the third row), there appears to be less and less known features and more memes.
Note: Most of the terms in the bottom row are memes.
Thank you all if I use any of the threads that you started.
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My take on fixing the "Star Wars" Sequel Trilogy (Part 2)

Part 1 is HERE, if you're curious.
This is the first half of my reimagining of Episode VIII. I wanted to fit it all in one post, but it got a little long.
I promise: I'll post the second half as soon as it's finished.
Full disclosure: I'm one of the Star Wars fans who liked The Last Jedi. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it my favorite movie in the Sequel Trilogy.
No, I don't think it was perfect. No, I don't think you're a bad person if you didn't like it. But as I said in my last post, I firmly believe that the single biggest problem with the Sequel Trilogy is that it felt more like an extended tribute to the Original Trilogy than a meaningful continuation of its story; I also happen to believe that The Last Jedi was the major exception to that rule.
Love it or hate it, it's hard to deny that The Last Jedi charted its own course, and it was anything but a safe slice of fanservice. It developed the central characters of the Original Trilogy in bold ways, it went out of its way to shake up the classic Star Wars formula, it explored an array of ambitious themes, and it actively avoided following the same plot structure as the Original Trilogy.
It's also easily the most visually unique entry in the Sequel Trilogy, with multiple striking set-pieces that look absolutely nothing like anything in the Original Trilogy. The desolate island planet of Ahch-To, the swanky resort/casino of Canto Bight, and the red deserts and crystal caverns of Crait were nothing if not original.
I'm not here to argue with people who disliked The Last Jedi; I think we're all pretty sick of arguing about that film by now. But I will tell you up-front: of my three reimaginings of the Sequel Trilogy, this one will be the least changed from the source material. Consider yourself forewarned.
The story so far:
Thirty years after the death of Emperor Palpatine, an uneasy peace reigns over the galaxy.
The New Republic, a democratic regime founded by the heroes of the victorious Rebel Alliance, rules over most of the galaxy from the capital world of Coruscant, its mighty space fleet patrolling the spaceways from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. But in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of the legendary Jedi Knight known as Luke Skywalker, the future of the galaxy appears uncertain.
Despite the New Republic's best intentions, most of the galaxy's wealth is concentrated in the hands of an elite group of traders and industrialists who profited from the rebuilding of the Core Worlds after the devastation of the Galactic Civil War. Since those dark days, divisions between rich and poor have left the vast majority of the galaxy's population living in squalor, leading to simmering tensions in even the most civilized worlds. On most habitable worlds, the New Republic keeps order with the aid of well-armed Planetary Security forces, who often use brutal methods to quell unrest and root out suspected radical groups.
Amid this world of tension, an underground society known only as "The Resistance" claims to champion the ideals of Luke Skywalker, who once stood as a beacon of hope against the forces of tyranny and injustice. Some view the Resistance as dangerous radicals, but others see them as idealistic crusaders keeping the values of the old Rebel Alliance alive.
Visually, this era of Star Wars is inspired less by pulp science-fiction of the '30s and '40s (Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, John Carter of Mars, Lensmen, etc.) and more by cyberpunk fiction of the '80s and '90s (Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, etc.). The Resistance aren't an upstanding crew of gallant freedom fighters—they're a morally ambiguous band of tattooed street punks who can usually be found hanging out in seedy night clubs at the heart of densely populated cities. "Planetary Security" aren't styled after goose-stepping Nazi Stormtroopers or SS Officers, but after modern-day American SWAT teams or riot cops. Rey didn't grow up on a Tatooine-esque desert planet covered in scrapyards, she grew up in the shantytowns of a sprawling planet-sized city.
If you need a visual reference: think this, or this, or this.
In the Unknown Regions, the splintered remnants of the fallen Galactic Empire fight a long guerrilla war in the darkness of space, regularly launching surprise attacks on unprepared worlds in the Outer Rim as they spin plans to return the Empire to its former glory. Of the dozens of terrorist groups who continue to champion the Imperial cause, among the most merciless is "The First Order", an elusive band of fanatics led by the masked warrior Kylo Ren and his mysterious mentor known only as "The Oracle".
Not too long ago, Kylo Ren and his companions (known as "The Knights of Ren") embarked on a mission to the desolate backwater planet of Eravana, looking for an aging old hermit called Lor San Tekka. As it turned out, San Tekka was a former member of the Jedi Order who was among the last people ever to see Luke Skywalker alive—and he possessed valuable information that held the key to revealing his old friend's whereabouts.
In a brutal raid, Ren and his companions murdered San Tekka, took the encrypted map that he kept concealed in his necklace, and killed all witnesses in the nearby village that San Tekka guarded in his twilight years. But in the aftermath of the raid, one of Ren's loyal Stormtroopers—designated "FN-2187", but nicknamed "Finn"—suffered a crisis of conscience, and resolved to leave the First Order to defect to the New Republic. Believing that he could buy a new life with information on Luke Skywalker, he stole San Tekka's map and fled to the nearest inhabited world: a densely populated planet called Jakku covered by sprawling cities.
Much to his dismay, Finn soon learned that it wouldn't be so easy to outrun his past. Not long after he arrived on Jakku, he found himself fighting for his life when the local Planetary Security force recognized him as a member of an Imperial loyalist group and tried to kill him on the spot. Soon after that, he learned that many of the New Republic's power-brokers were perfectly content to let Luke Skywalker stay in exile, viewing him as a dangerous revolutionary who would provoke unrest among the common people.
While on the run from Planetary Security, Finn crossed paths with Rey, an orphaned young woman who was abandoned by her parents in the city's squalid shantytowns when she was just a girl. With the help of Rey and her trusty droid companion BB-8 (whom she built from spare parts), Finn sought out the local Resistance chapter in a seedy nightclub, knowing that they didn't share the New Republic's feelings on Luke Skywalker. Upon realizing that Lor San Tekka's map really did lead straight to Skywalker, the Resistance pledged their help in decoding the map, and offered to give Finn and Rey safe passage to their safehouse on the planet Takodana. After the Resistance made a call to a certain space pilot loyal to their cause, roguish Resistance agent Poe Dameron pledged to accompany Finn and Rey on their journey.
With both Kylo Ren and Planetary Security hot on their trail, Finn, Rey, and Poe made a mad dash to Jakku's local spaceport, determined to make their rendezvous with the Resistance's pilot. Much to their surprise, they discovered that the pilot was none other than Han Solo, who had gone underground and joined the Resistance along with his faithful co-pilot Chewbacca. During the journey to Takodana, Han revealed that Kylo Ren was actually his son Ben Solo, a former pupil of Luke Skywalker who turned against him and destroyed his academy. While Han didn't know Luke's whereabouts, he also revealed that Luke vanished shortly after Ben's betrayal—possibly because he felt responsible for it.
On Takodana, where the trio met Han's estranged wife Leia Organa—who had also gone underground and joined the Resistance—the Resistance set about decoding the map. Before they could, though, the Resistance's safehouse fell under an orbital strike from Kylo Ren, who had managed to track them to Takodana. Entering the safehouse with his Stormtroopers, Kylo took the encrypted map and captured Rey, then departed for his hidden fortress on the planet Ilum. Determined to reclaim the map and rescue Rey, Han took Finn, Poe, and Chewbacca to Ilum in the Falcon, secretly planning to confront his son and convince him to return to his family.
After being interrogated by the First Order for information on Luke Skywalker, Rey miraculously managed to escape from her cell in Kylo's fortress by taking advantage of her latent sensitivity to the Force. Later, as Han entered the fortress with his companions in tow, he called out to his son by name after recognizing him from a distance—but Finn and Poe were forced to watch helplessly as a visibly conflicted Kylo ignited his lightsaber and stabbed his father through the chest, killing him.
While making her way through the fortress in search of a way out, Rey accidentally stumbled upon Kylo's personal quarters, where he kept a shrine dedicated to his grandfather Anakin Skywalker, the man once known as "Darth Vader". Among the relics in the shrine was the distinctive black helmet that Anakin wore after his turn to the Dark Side, but also the lightsaber that he wielded as a Jedi—which was inherited by Luke Skywalker. Desperate for a weapon to defend herself, Rey took the lightsaber and instinctively ignited it when Kylo cornered her outside the fortress. In a fierce lightsaber duel, Rey surprisingly managed to hold her own against Kylo, and narrowly managed to escape with her life when Finn and Poe spotted her and picked her up in the Falcon.
Rey, Finn, and Poe returned to Takodana with the map in hand, and finally managed to decode it, revealing that Luke Skywalker was on the distant ocean-covered planet of Ahch-To. But Leia, who had sensed Rey's budding sensitivity to the Force, urged Rey to make the journey to Ahch-To without her companions, hoping that Luke could teach her the ways of the Jedi and help her master her new abilities. Heeding Leia's advice, Leia boarded the Falcon with Chewbacca and R2-D2 as her co-pilots, and set course for Ahch-To.
After a long flight over Ahch-To's endless seas, she landed on a strangely familiar island, which she seemed to remember from her dreams. On the island, a mysterious figure in a hooded robe stood before a lonely stone temple, seemingly waiting for her. When she held out Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber to the mysterious figure, he removed his hood—revealing the face of Luke Skywalker.
And now, our story continues...
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
(cue the fanfare)
At the center of the New Republic, legendary freedom fighter Leia Organa returns to the capital world of Coruscant. Accompanied by her two newest companions, Leia prepares to call the galaxy to arms as a new war looms on the horizon.
Meanwhile, Kylo Ren—the man once known as Ben Solo—gathers the forces of the sinister First Order for a desperate attack on the heart of the Republic, determined to strike back against the forces of the Resistance who once defied him.
In the dark days to come, only the last of the Jedi can restore hope to the galaxy in the face of tyranny. After ten years in exile, Luke Skywalker must confront his destiny...
After a long journey through space, a starship drops out of hyperspace in the orbit of a planet at the heart of the Galactic Core. At the bridge of the starship, Leia Organa looks down upon the surface of Coruscant—the world where her father once trained as a Jedi, and where her mother once represented her people as a member of the Galactic Senate. Nearby, Poe Dameron and Finn look down at the capital of the New Republic as their loyal companion BB-8 excitedly chirps and beeps.
Finn, who was born on a backwater planet on the Outer Rim, is visibly awestruck at the sight of the planet. Poe, a hard-bitten member of the Resistance with no love for the New Republic, looks down on it with disdain.
"This is it?" Finn asks.
"Yeah, this is it," Poe says cynically. "The bright center of the universe..."
Leia breathes deeply as her starship descends, preparing to dock at the spaceport.
"A long time ago, I swore I'd never come back to this cess-pit," she says. "I hate to break a promise. But if we're gonna bring down the First Order, we're gonna need help. Something's coming—and I've got a bad feeling about it."
In the darkened halls of his starship, Kylo Ren confers with his companions—the seven masked warriors known as "The Knights of Ren"—as he prepares for a meeting with his mentor "The Oracle". For the first time, we hear Kylo address the seven warriors by name, and it immediately becomes clear that Kylo (once called "Ben Solo") isn't the only one of them who cast aside his birth name. His companions (in no particular order) call themselves "Tarmin Ren", "Mokkar Ren", "Kadori Ren", "Shakar Ren", "Darro Ren", "Yandoss Ren", and "Vorjall Ren".
As soon as we learn this, it becomes instantly clear that the surname "Ren" holds some personal significance for Kylo and his seven companions, and that each of them chose to take it. But what does it mean?
"There are hard days coming," Kylo tells his companions. "The Force is strong with me, but I am no immortal. If I don't survive the battle to come, you must keep our crusade alive. Long ago, we swore an oath to each other. We swore that this war would only the beginning. Soon, we will embark on the final path toward ultimate power. But until then, you must stay on Ilum and await my return. Stay, train, and remember our oath."
As the Knights of Ren bid farewell to Kylo and board a shuttle bound for their fortress on the planet Ilum, Kylo steps into the personal chambers of the Oracle.
The Oracle's skin is deathly pale, his limbs are long and distorted, half of his face is covered in a horrific burn, and electrical wires extend under his skin like nerves. Upon seeing him in person, we see that he's strapped to a reclining chair and attached to a life-support machine, and is seemingly too frail and injured to stand. When he speaks, his voice warbles and reverberates with electronic sounds. A holographic monitor above his head displays his heartbeats and brainwaves, and seven armed warriors dressed in identical red armor—his Praetorian Guard—surround him at all times.
"My worthy disciple..." the Oracle breathes.
"It's coming, Oracle," Kylo says. "The day that you foresaw. The death of the New Republic draws near."
"And yet, my visions tell of something else," the Oracle says. "Skywalker lives. The seed of the Jedi Order lives. As long as it does, hope lives in the galaxy."
"It won't matter," Kylo says. "I'll burn down everything he built. If Skywalker would return, let him rule over dust and ash."
"You forget, boy... I know of what you seek. You and your companions. This war is only the beginning. And when the day comes to seek out the ultimate power, you will not find it without me."
"I've forgotten nothing, Oracle," Kylo says, bowing. "And I promise you this: when that day comes, the New Republic will not stand in our way."
On the planet Ahch-To, we rejoin Rey.
On a barren rock at the center of an endless ocean, she approaches Luke Skywalker and presents him with his father's lightsaber—the noble weapon entrusted to him by his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi, which was seemingly lost forever on Cloud City.
Luke steps forward and accepts the lightsaber, clasping it in his metallic hand. For a moment, he seems overcome by memories of his past. But as soon as that moment passes, he nonchalantly tosses the weapon over his shoulder, then walks away without a word. Perplexed, Rey tries to follow him, even as she gradually realizes that the legendary "Sky-Walker" has been changed profoundly by his time in isolation.
A far cry from the dashing, handsome war hero worshipped by the Resistance, Luke's hair and beard have grown long, his face is wind-burned, and he dresses in weather-beaten robes. At the top of a hill, she sees a simple hut built of mossy stones, where Luke has apparently lived for 10 long years without a soul for company. As he trudges up to the top of the hill, walks into his hut, and slams the door in her face, he never once glances back at his old lightsaber.
Undaunted, Rey follows him into his hut, with Chewbacca following close behind. Luke does his best to blow them off, but Rey persists, following him around the rugged island as he goes about his daily chores. After telling Luke about her recent experiences, Rey insists that she won't leave until Luke trains her in the ways of the Force. Although Luke is devastated to learn of the death of his old friend Han Solo, he stubbornly refuses to train Rey. Having clearly become bitter and jaded in his old age, Luke insists that his training couldn't do Rey any good.
"Something inside me has always been there," Rey says. "And now it's awake. And I'm afraid. I don't know what it is, or what to do with it. And I need help!"
"You need a teacher. I can't teach you," Luke says. "I will never train another generation of Jedi. I came to this island to die. It's time for the Jedi to end."
Rey is utterly shocked to hear Luke so callously reject the Jedi, but she still can't bring herself to abandon her mission. When night falls, she goes to sleep outside Luke's hut, planning to ask him again in the morning.
Later that night, Luke creeps into the Millennium Falcon while Rey sleeps, and he finds himself overcome by his old memories as he walks through the familiar hallways of the spaceship that once took him on a fateful journey to the Death Star. While on his way out, he unexpectedly bumps into his trusty old droid R2-D2, who is ecstatic to see his master again after ten long years. Artoo pleads with Luke to leave his self-imposed exile and return to the Republic, but Luke still refuses—until Artoo tugs at his heartstrings by playing the holographic message from Princess Leia that once spurred him to leave Tatooine to fulfill his destiny. As Luke hears the familiar words "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi—you're my only hope!", he realizes that he can't deny who he truly is.
He promises Rey that he will begin training her at dawn, but tells her that he will only give her three lessons on the Force.
Back on his starship, Kylo Ren strides from the Oracle's chamber and walks into another room. The room is empty—but when he presses a button on the wall, the lights dim, and the room is filled with a massive hologram. Kylo suddenly finds himself at the center of a massive auditorium filled with shadowed figures, all of them dressed in the traditional colors of the old Galactic Empire. Some of them dress in blood-red armor, others in crisp black naval uniforms, others in white robes; in one corner of the auditorium, we see a group of men in grey chainmail with faces covered in black tattoos.
"Who summons us?" one man calls out in a mocking voice. "Another pretender to the Imperial throne?"
Kylo steps into the light.
"I am Kylo Ren—master of the Knights of Ren, and Supreme Commandant of the First Order!" he responds. "I am no pretender, and I have come to claim no throne. Only my destiny."
Cruel laughter fills the room.
"And what of you?" Kylo asks. "Make yourselves known."
One by one, the leaders of the various assembled groups step out of the shadows and announce themselves.
"The Commander of the Crimson Legion stands present!"
"The Admiral of the Black Fleet stands present!"
"The Sovereign of the Dark Chosen stands present!"
"The Lord of the True Sith stands present!"
In our last adventure, it was well-established that the First Order are just one of many terrorist organizations formed from the splintered remnants of the fallen Empire, and they've been fighting a protracted guerrilla war against the New Republic while hiding in the Unknown Regions. Now, for the first time, we get a real idea of just how many Imperial loyalists groups are really hiding out on the fringes of the Galaxy. And for the first time in a long while, the leaders of the most powerful groups have come together to discuss an alliance.
Some of them are partisan soldiers, others are Dark Side cultists, others command pirate space fleets, and some are adept warriors who practice the secret martial disciplines once wielded by Palpatine's elite Royal Guard. They all have their own private missions and agendas, but they all share a common dream: the eradication of the New Republic, and the rebirth of the Galactic Empire.
"The New Republic has spread like a cancer. It is a parasite, corrupting the heart of a galaxy that was once great," Kylo says. "On Coruscant, where the Imperial Palace once stood, the bureaucrats of the Senate rule over a kingdom of beggars and thieves, bowing to the whims of the weak and the cowardly! But I know the same sacred truth that Palpatine knew: the Galaxy belongs only to the strong!"
A murmur of approval echoes through the room—but one of Kylo's invited guests remains skeptical.
"And you mean to challenge them, do you? Shall the fleet of the New Republic bow to a half-grown boy?"
As an answer, Kylo pulls a familiar object from the folds of his cloak and holds it up to the light. His guests gasp in shock as they get a good look at it. It's Darth Vader's helmet!
"They will bow to the heir of Darth Vader!" he calls, his voice echoing through the chamber.
"Who are you, Ren?" the skeptical guest asks. "Who are you, truly?"
A sly smile crosses Kylo's lips.
"Once, my name was Ben Solo," he says. "My father was a lowborn smuggler. My mother, raised by the Queen of Alderaan, was the daughter of a Jedi Knight. His name was Anakin Skywalker—but you knew him by another name."
Kylo ignites his lightsaber as he holds Vader's helmet aloft.
"I fight in the name of my grandfather, who once led the Empire to victory. I remember those who came before me. And when the time comes, I ask only that you take what is yours."
After a long silence, someone finally speaks.
"What do you propose?" he asks.
Once again, Kylo smiles.
"Stay vigilant for word from Coruscant," he says.
On Coruscant, Leia disembarks from her starship with Finn, Poe, and BB-8 in tow, and she's promptly greeted by mobs of spectators—some of whom clearly adore her, and some of whom apparently despise her. Since she went underground and joined the Resistance years earlier, Leia hasn't been seen in public in a long time, much less on the capital planet of the New Republic.
A short distance away, Leia's destination looms above the crowds. It's the Galactic Senate Chamber—the building where Palpatine declared himself Emperor over half a century ago. She doesn't say a word, but the implication is clear: Leia has come to address the Senate on the threat of the First Order. Just like her mother, who once appeared before the Senate to call for aid on behalf of her people, Leia plans to call for aid against those who would keep Palpatine's dream alive.
Inside the Senate Chamber, a massive multi-species delegation of planetary representatives has gathered to hear Leia's testimony. Before she approaches the platform at the center of the chamber, she orders Poe and Finn to wait on the sidelines for her.
"It's been seven years since your last public appearance," one Senator says, as Leia takes the stand. "What urgent matter begs the attention of a princess?"
Derisive laughter echoes through the chamber, but Leia stays passive.
"I was a princess once," Leia says pensively. "I was a rebel. A diplomat. A smuggler's lover. It never really mattered to me. At heart, I've only ever been a soldier."
"Once, perhaps," the Senator fires back. "This is peacetime, Your Highness. Have you forgotten that?"
"I don't forget many things," Leia says. "Can you say the same?"
A murmur of unrest echoes through the chamber. The Senator, unamused, proceeds forward.
"Speak your piece, Your Highness," he says coldly. "You have the floor."
True to his word, Luke gives Rey her first lesson in the Force in the early morning hours, encouraging her to reach out with her feelings while meditating at the top of a mountain. As Rey feels herself mentally connecting with the life around her, Luke tells her that the Force pervades all things, and all things achieve balance through the Force. Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Birth and Decay, and all of the forces that shape the universe itself. Rey realizes that she feels that same Force within herself.
While the Force once gave the Jedi great power, Luke believes that the Jedi were undone by their arrogance when they convinced themselves that the Force belonged to them. As he tells Rey: even if the Jedi die out, the Force can never truly fade away—and the people of the Galaxy don't need the Jedi to teach them how to connect with the Force.
"And this is the lesson," Luke says. "The Force does not belong to the Jedi. To say that if the Jedi die the Light dies is vanity. Can you feel that?"
But Rey's lesson suddenly takes a dark turn when Rey senses something truly powerful and truly evil: a dark cavern beneath Luke's island temple, where the Dark Side of the Force gathers and festers. Something in the cavern calls out to her, promising to answer every question that she's asked herself since she was young. Despite Luke's warnings, Rey finds herself drawn to the darkness, forcing Luke to cut her lesson short.
Visibly disturbed, Luke realizes that Rey's connection to the Force might be stronger than he realized—and she might be more susceptible to the allure of the Dark Side than he feared.
"That place was trying to show me something," Rey says.
"It offered you something you needed," Luke says. "And you didn't even try to stop yourself! I've seen this raw strength only once before, in Ben Solo. It didn't scare me enough then. It does now."
As Luke strides away, Rey contemplates the unsteady ground beneath her feet, wondering what the cave was trying to show her.
"I think my report speaks for itself," Leia says, at the conclusion of a short speech before the Senate.
"Yes, quite..." the Senator says. "A terrorist base on Ilum? A fanatic with a lightsaber?"
"A fanatic with a lightsaber and an army," Leia corrects him. "Kylo Ren is more than a terrorist. He has ambition. He has charisma. And he has power. Power like I haven't felt in years. Not since..."
Leia's voice falters as she remembers her first encounter with her father as an adult. She doesn't finish her sentence, but her thoughts are clear: "Not since I stared Darth Vader in the face."
"By all means, Your Highness..." the Senator says, rolling his eyes. "Indulge us with your murmurings about ripples in the Force!"
Mocking laughter echoes through the chamber. It's immediately clear that few of the Senators take the Force seriously, dismissing it as an ignorant superstition.
For the first time since she arrived on Coruscant, Leia raises her voice. Anger flashes in her eyes as she silences the laughter with a single word.
"QUIET!" she yells. "Don't you ever forget: I fought on the frontlines with the Rebel Alliance! I gave everything I had to their cause, and I nearly died for it! I haven't forgotten what I fought against. Thirty years ago, I learned the true meaning of evil, and I stared it down and held my ground. The Dark Side isn't a fairy tale. Believe in it, or don't. It'll rip your heart out just the same."
Sufficiently goaded, the Senator rises to his feet.
"You would dare befoul this chamber with your superstitious clamor?" he fires back. "And shall we be lectured on evil by the daughter of Darth Vader?"
All around the chamber, Senators audibly gasp. Leia stares down her adversary from across the length of the room, and his lips curl into an arrogant sneer. He has mentioned her greatest shame—the one that she could never overcome.
"We haven't forgotten the past," the Senator says. "We remember what happened when the Jedi were allowed free reign. We remember what happened when the people of the Galaxy vainly put their faith in the Force. And we remember the Jedi who sat at the Emperor's right hand. Rest assured: the past will not repeat itself. If the Jedi would die, then let them die."
Leia's lips tremble as she struggles to speak.
"The Jedi aren't dead," she says. "There's one left. And he won't stay gone forever."
"Luke Skywalker..." the Senator says derisively. "You say that you've foreseen a dark future for this Republic. So tell us, Your Highness: when that future comes, will one old man be enough to save us?"
Leia takes a deep breath.
"For all our sakes, I hope so."
Kylo Ren's starship drops out of hyperspace, accompanied by dozens of First Order ships. As the fleet courses through the darkness of space, we see that they're flying in formation around a strange-looking starcraft that doesn't look quite like anything we've seen before. Its body is elongated, it's covered with transparent viewing windows, and glowing orbs endlessly spin around its midsection, pulsing and crackling with powerful energy.
At the bridge of his flagship, Kylo sits behind a control panel. In the viewing window, a planet comes into view.
It's Coruscant. Kylo Ren and the First Order have come to the capital of the New Republic.
"Remember the plan," Kylo says to his officers. "And ready the Star Hammer. We've only got one shot at this!"
In a pristine Planetary Security station at the heart of Coruscant—similar to the one we saw on Jakku—uniformed officers monitor a series of holographic computer banks, which display Coruscant's defense grid of armed orbital satellites. Suddenly, one by one, the computer monitors begin flashing bright red.
"Something's not right..." a Planetary Security officer says, suddenly worried. "We're losing contact with our orbital defense grid!"
As his starship enters Coruscant's orbit, Kylo keys a command into a computer panel.
Back in the Planetary Security station on the surface of the planet, a look of abject horror crosses one officer's face.
"No..." he breathes. "That's not possible!"
"What's going on?" his commander asks.
"It's our defense grid... We can't get a signal through, but our satellites are still moving on their own! They're turning—and they're aiming at the surface of the planet!"
In an instant, the commander realizes what's happening: someone has hacked Coruscant's defense grid, and they're attacking the planet with its own defenses!
The commander begins barking orders to his subordinants.
"Send a message to every security station on the planet: the capital is under attack!" he yells.
In the Senate Chamber, Leia and the Senator stare each other down. But before either of them can say another word, the building shakes, and the ground rumbles.
Outside, a massive barrage of laser-fire rains down from the sky as the hacked satellites fire at the surface of Coruscant. Within moments, the center of the city is in flames. Buildings buckle and collapse, and the screams and cries of dying civilians echo through the streets.
Inside the Senate Chamber, a Planetary Security squad rushes inside and orders the assembled Senators to evacuate. As the terrified politicians prepare to follow the Planetary Security officers to the nearest spaceport, one of the officers points to Leia.
"You! Come with us, Your Highness. We have orders to evacuate you separately!"
Leia gestures to Finn and Poe, who look around in terror and confusion as Coruscant collapses around them.
"I'm not leaving alone," Leia says. "They're coming with me!"
Together, Leia and her companions make a mad dash to the spaceport as chaos erupts all around them. In the skies above Coruscant, the First Order's warships come into view as they unleash a hellish artillery barrage on the buildings below.
After a long run to the spaceport, the Planetary Security officers direct Leia to her ride off of Coruscant. To her surprise, it's not a civilian transport—it's the Comet Chaser, a warship in the New Republic space fleet.
"You've been designated a critical asset by New Republic High Command!" the officer says. "You have intelligence on the First Order. That means we want you by our side."
They board the Comet Chaser. Evading enemy fire, the warship takes off into the sky to join the unfolding space battle.
But the worst is yet to come...
In Coruscant's orbit, Kylo's elongated spacecraft—the mighty Star Hammer—charges its central reactor, and the glowing orbs spinning around its midsection begin to speed up. On the bridge of his starship, Kylo lays his hands on his control panel and begins making a complex gesture with his hands. The spinning orbs around the Star Hammer's midsection begin to speed up—and somewhere in the distance, a massive object approaches Coruscant...
Back in the Planetary Security station on Coruscant's surface, one of the monitoring computers goes haywire. Heads turn as it begins beeping a shrill warning siren.
"Something's coming..." one of the officers says. "Gravity fluctuations are off the chart! Whatever it is, it's big!"
When he realizes what he's looking at, the commanding officer's mouth hangs open in shock.
In the orbit of Coruscant, we zoom in on the Star Hammer as it shoots a burst of iridescent blue energy into the distance and hits Coruscant's moon. Finally, we realize what the Star Hammer is doing: it's an advanced superweapon that controls gravity, and it's caught Coruscant's moon in a powerful tractor beam. Now, as the First Order rains destruction down on the the New Republic's capital, it's preparing to hurl the moon at the surface of Coruscant, forcing the two celestial bodies into a massive collision that will wipe out all life on the planet.
As the moon moves inexorably toward the surface of Coruscant, hundreds of civilian transports take off, desperately attempting to flee to freedom.
On the surface of Coruscant, all Hell breaks loose as the moon comes into view, looming large over the seas of panicking civilians on the ground. Earthquakes tear through the surface of the planet, the ground splits open, and buildings collapse by the dozens.
The Republic space fleet can repel an enemy space fleet, but they can't fight the raw power of gravity. Somewhere in the distance, Republic starships attempt to fight their way through the First Order's battle lines to take a shot at the Star Hammer and stop the moon—but it's already too late.
As the Comet Chaser carries them into space, Finn and Poe can only watch in awe and horror as the moon slams into Coruscant, obliterating the New Republic's capital within moments.
Far away, on another starship, a man dressed in Imperial colors watches the destruction of Coruscant unfold on a holographic viewscreen. As we soon see, it's the same man who skeptically dismissed Kylo at his gathering.
Suddenly, Kylo's face appears in his viewscreen as he sends him a transmission from Coruscant. He leans in close, staring coldly.
"Do I have your attention now?" Kylo asks.
TL;DR: My version of The Last Jedi begins with Kylo Ren and the First Order forming a massive alliance of terrorist groups who continue to champion the cause of the Galactic Empire. While Rey trains with Luke on Ahch-To, Finn and Poe accompany Leia to the New Republic capital of Coruscant, where Leia attempts to warn the Galactic Senate of the threat of the First Order. Despite her best efforts, Leia's warnings are ignored by the Senate, who dismiss her visions of the rebirth of the Dark Side as superstitious prattle.
In the middle of Leia's speech before the Senate, the First Order launches a shocking attack on the capital, using an experimental weapon known as "The Star Hammer" (which controls gravity) to hurl Coruscant's moon at the surface of the planet, wiping out most life on Coruscant. Amid the chaos, Leia narrowly manages to escape in a New Republic warship with Finn and Poe—but the First Order's attack turns out to be the first step in a coordinated assault, signaling Imperial loyalists all across the Galaxy to emerge from the shadows and attack the Republic.
Additionally: the Knights of Ren have names, and it's established that they all use the surname "Ren"—hinting that the name holds some personal significance for them. And in a conversation between Kylo Ren and his mysterious mentor "The Oracle", it's hinted that Kylo's war with the New Republic is just the first step in a quest for ultimate power.
submitted by themightyheptagon to fixingmovies [link] [comments]

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  1. 127739 points, 45 submissions: AcoupleofIrishfolk
    1. This is the first picture of me and my brother in game. He wasn't the most active member of the community but he was one of us since day 1. Rest in Peace Bro, enjoy the stars. (7883 points, 331 comments)
    2. A buddy of mine on Twitter took the angriest picture of me and built it so large on a moon that you can see it from space. I gotta admit, it's the funniest thing I've seen in NMS. (7416 points, 183 comments)
    3. This year I lost 2 brothers, battled major illness and been through hell, but I always had my escape in this game and community. You were all so great, thank you, here's to the next year! (5925 points, 147 comments)
    4. 18 quintillion planets and these two crystals managed to come together on a lifeless world (5120 points, 140 comments)
    5. Where others would've quit or moved on, HG doubled down, worked hard and became an example to other devs. Massive love and respect. (4682 points, 166 comments)
    6. Oh my god, I was wrong. It was Earth all along. (4489 points, 134 comments)
    7. Well Seans happy. Well done everyone. :) (3892 points, 238 comments)
    8. "Incoming" Cinemagraph (3885 points, 70 comments)
    9. Three Years and still surprising us. Thank you Hello Games. (3800 points, 127 comments)
    10. Sean during the run up to updates be like... (3725 points, 178 comments)
  2. 45755 points, 21 submissions: redwarp10
    1. Sean on Twitter : "going into the office to grab some stuff feels different somehow". And then this video... (3715 points, 71 comments)
    2. Something new (3291 points, 388 comments)
    3. Why are you still here? Update it! (3065 points, 400 comments)
    4. Not even a genius can do it (3041 points, 203 comments)
    5. The link is (2802 points, 100 comments)
    6. Explorer's dream (2678 points, 123 comments)
    7. Maybe this is what's happening. :) (2473 points, 97 comments)
    8. Every shirt procedural (2238 points, 50 comments)
    9. Living ships, bases, exocrafts, abysses are all beautiful features but what about a wonderful pre-release concept art? (from the SpaceShipPorn twitter) (2223 points, 142 comments)
    10. They're not all mine, but most of them are. (2202 points, 168 comments)
  3. 23667 points, 9 submissions: Allonsy_11
    1. After playing for 3000 hours, I finally found my first full sentence! So wholesome <3 /s (4094 points, 166 comments)
    2. "It's a wholesome community! I promise!" (3915 points, 109 comments)
    3. Imagine him having to show the Hype Train gif to prove his identity instead (3507 points, 88 comments)
    4. Keep NMS wholesome! (2630 points, 183 comments)
    5. I think I went through the wrong portal (2340 points, 61 comments)
    6. You guys are doing a great work keeping this community wholesome and civil ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (2183 points, 111 comments)
    7. Every damn time (2030 points, 43 comments)
    8. Me and the boys about to stop that anomaly from getting that carbon (1989 points, 37 comments)
    9. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ You know what to do ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (979 points, 61 comments)
  4. 23380 points, 7 submissions: NoMoreFuckingPants
    1. 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets and I found the lucky clover. Game won. You can all quit playing now. (8796 points, 202 comments)
    2. My new rainbow walkway (4073 points, 120 comments)
    3. UPDATE: Pet Diplo Island now my private resort (3105 points, 145 comments)
    4. You are here (2675 points, 35 comments)
    5. Private island? Check. Built-in swimming pool? Check. Your very own pet diplo. Priceless! (1672 points, 69 comments)
    6. Is he happy or angry that I dug up grandma? (1653 points, 41 comments)
    7. PSA: NMS Terminology. “Units received” (1406 points, 145 comments)
  5. 23150 points, 9 submissions: OhhhSnakes
    1. The Pit (4089 points, 287 comments)
    2. Sits down to contemplate life (3234 points, 171 comments)
    3. Outer (3201 points, 62 comments)
    4. Treeline (2648 points, 78 comments)
    5. Aero (2390 points, 88 comments)
    6. Sinking Star (2142 points, 24 comments)
    7. Life in the Void (1950 points, 108 comments)
    8. A Short Fall (1806 points, 144 comments)
    9. Over Wood (1690 points, 54 comments)
  6. 19574 points, 8 submissions: EdVintage
    1. Something tells me I should build a supermarket here... 🤨 (3186 points, 94 comments)
    2. The new PS5 controller looks a bit chunky imo. PS4 normal mode, Euclid. (3035 points, 84 comments)
    3. Probably the closest call in the history of close calls: this freighter crashed so close to a trading post that you can almost touch it from one of the landing platforms 😲 (2784 points, 121 comments)
    4. The Nexus: "Collect 15 larval cores for 250 quicksilver and one walker br..." Me: "YEEEEHAAAW...!" (2516 points, 192 comments)
    5. Low orbit anomaly (2461 points, 79 comments)
    6. Watch. Your. Step. (2296 points, 62 comments)
    7. Seven months ago to the day (Nov 27, 2018), I quit smoking. I want to thank HG for developing this great game, and this amazing community who helped me keep myself busy and distracted during the hard times of deprivation. You guys are all awesome! Greetings, a healthy traveler! (1756 points, 132 comments)
    8. "All wait and no update makes interloper a dull boy." - An abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere. The word DNOYEB written on the walls in bloody letters. A man holding a VR headset in his hands, staring at a giant blue screen, yelling... "Seany's here!" 😵😵😵 (1540 points, 67 comments)
  7. 18719 points, 7 submissions: YourBasicMaths
    1. Space rancher confirmed (4622 points, 150 comments)
    2. [Sound On] "Hey a nice earth-like planet--OH SHIII..." (4523 points, 144 comments)
    3. [high effort summon] pls sir, may I hab sum... (2935 points, 99 comments)
    4. Don't forget, the Beyond trailer had treehouses! Here's how you can make one... (2115 points, 148 comments)
    5. [Sound On] These crabs dancing perfectly to "Stayin' Alive" by Bee Gees (2002 points, 139 comments)
    6. I just received this care package from Hello Games. As a day-1 player and life-long fan, I am so incredibly grateful! Atlas Socks!! (1278 points, 77 comments)
    7. So, NPCs now converse with each other. I walked in on this Korvax and Gek mid-discussion. This is my attempt at translating... (1244 points, 65 comments)
  8. 18152 points, 4 submissions: chakalele
    1. Sean on Billboard!!! (9309 points, 253 comments)
    2. We are Trending!!! (3830 points, 138 comments)
    3. Atlas Monument - Dedicated to Hello Games - Coordinates (3279 points, 93 comments)
    4. Natural pool (1734 points, 38 comments)
  9. 17949 points, 6 submissions: SpiralDreaming
    1. BREAKING NEWS: EARTH HAS BEEN FOUND IN NO MAN'S SKY! It was under our noses the whole time. (5951 points, 229 comments)
    2. Dare I descend into the crimson cave of DOOM? (3035 points, 138 comments)
    3. That's real power right there. (2929 points, 26 comments)
    4. PSA: Always clean you ship before leaving infected planets to stop the spread of pathogens. (2398 points, 56 comments)
    5. I wish I could strap this baby to front of my starship, Reaver style. (2199 points, 132 comments)
    6. My new obsession is finding salvageable scrap that are also rude insults. (1437 points, 94 comments)
  10. 17876 points, 4 submissions: FadiElsayed
    1. We appreciate you hello games (6845 points, 276 comments)
    2. Anyone else? (4462 points, 111 comments)
    3. Hello games PLEASE fix this (3331 points, 141 comments)
    4. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Sean Murray for making no mans sky my favorite game ever simply by caring about it. Thank you Sean Murray, and thank you for still putting out free updates (3238 points, 189 comments)
  11. 17319 points, 7 submissions: 258100
    1. Millennium Falcon + Full Interior (6485 points, 186 comments)
    2. Akira poster re-creation (2701 points, 37 comments)
    3. Cybertruck Exocraft (2352 points, 47 comments)
    4. (Near 1:1) SpaceX BFR (1810 points, 46 comments)
    5. RMS Titanic (1580 points, 56 comments)
    6. Rainbow road (1396 points, 41 comments)
    7. Notre-Dame (995 points, 56 comments)
  12. 16910 points, 5 submissions: cruzdroid
    1. New Weather Effects (7164 points, 463 comments)
    2. Forest Protector on Flourishing Planets (4925 points, 211 comments)
    3. Guardian of the Hydrospore (2119 points, 76 comments)
    4. Cornered by Drifters (1412 points, 33 comments)
    5. Korvax Need Resources Too (1290 points, 32 comments)
  13. 16147 points, 7 submissions: thegiftofgaming
    1. We did it! Thank you. #thegiftofgaming (4144 points, 155 comments)
    2. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つBillboard Update #4 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (3702 points, 177 comments)
    3. No Man's Sky Billboard Update (2644 points, 103 comments)
    4. We delivered the games to the Children's Hospital at Westmead! They have a real plan of action to use the PS4s for a teen ward in the hospital. I want to give a shout out to my friends LSN and Dr Starman for helping me out today and for joining me on the visit. (1815 points, 65 comments)
    5. Sean’s all seeing eye in front of the billboard was one thing but seeing a community come together to celebrate and share joy and friendship in front of it was extra special! See comment below to learn about the final steps of the project, and a Custom Multi-Tool auction! (1642 points, 73 comments)
    6. Forbes did a follow up on the billboard, our community and on the many wonderful happenings evolving from Gift of Gaming. Link below. (1196 points, 22 comments)
    7. An update on the billboard and a massive thank you to Corey and JB Hi-fi for sorting out the huge order, for having it all ready for me and for escorting me to my car to make sure we were safely on our way to the hospital. Their generosity has extended the budget beyond what I thought was possible. (1004 points, 83 comments)
  14. 16105 points, 9 submissions: Wijllie
    1. Now that we have deep oceans, could we also have really BIG creatures there? (3040 points, 147 comments)
    2. Gamer found dead, checking every day for an update since months... (2741 points, 124 comments)
    3. Sometimes when the screen is perfect centered you get this nice Halo, love it! (2263 points, 49 comments)
    4. Please let us have WINDOWS in our freighter base so we can look into space while watering our plants :P (1806 points, 99 comments)
    5. Sean, if you post a new in-game screenshot with new content of Beyond in the next 3 hours I SHAVE MY HEAD BOLD! (Who's with me :P ) (1564 points, 230 comments)
    6. Another part of my old moon base repowered... (PS4-Normal-Hilbert) (1427 points, 74 comments)
    7. Jackpot !!! (1203 points, 43 comments)
    8. Received my Gun from Rovanite Creations today, it's stunning! (Twitter: @Rovanite) (1054 points, 43 comments)
    9. When you try No Man's Sky VR for the first time and your friends are watching you... (1007 points, 43 comments)
  15. 14745 points, 1 submission: CatsyGreen
    1. "All they did was turn some grass pink and let you sit in chairs". What do you think of that? (14745 points, 1153 comments)
  16. 14321 points, 2 submissions: pokketer_l1
    1. Milk too dry (11708 points, 136 comments)
    2. Steam has an award that Hello Games definitely deserve (2613 points, 131 comments)
  17. 13836 points, 4 submissions: RigatoniNoodles123
    1. No Man's Sky post launch be like (4666 points, 192 comments)
    2. Buying things in this game be like (3681 points, 90 comments)
    3. [Concept] Planet blockades (3207 points, 150 comments)
    4. [Concept] Planet blockades (2282 points, 114 comments)
  18. 13425 points, 4 submissions: Sentient_Cosmic_Dust
    1. Massive cave system. That’s me standing on top of the point. (7190 points, 265 comments)
    2. I swear I’m not overcompensating... (2650 points, 56 comments)
    3. My Dear Lord. (2526 points, 117 comments)
    4. You Gek what you f’ing deserve! (1059 points, 62 comments)
  19. 13220 points, 1 submission: PezDOY
    1. My Ship Before/After BEYOND Update (13220 points, 464 comments)
  20. 12501 points, 3 submissions: CabbageNerd
    1. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see raindrops on our cockpit window during storms/rains? I think it would really add to the peaceful vibe you get by listening to the rain in the ship :) (8290 points, 340 comments)
    2. Brace yourselves everyone! (3000 points, 183 comments)
    3. I made a live NMS Wallpaper using the game's gorgeous concept art <3 Links and programs used in the comments! (1211 points, 103 comments)
  21. 12302 points, 6 submissions: Jchysteria
    1. Casino Challenge. Top: Concept, Bottom: NMS Build (2707 points, 132 comments)
    2. Some of my best bases from before Beyond - PS4 (2472 points, 181 comments)
    3. If only I was half as cool as my traveler.. (2220 points, 60 comments)
    4. Insane Collaboration Build!! Cords/Video in Comments! (1868 points, 62 comments)
    5. Everything I’ve built in the last 30 days... (1858 points, 130 comments)
    6. Y’all aren’t ready... (1177 points, 66 comments)
  22. 12134 points, 3 submissions: anomaly_16
    1. Thank you Hello Games!! (6267 points, 308 comments)
    2. Happens all the time... (3988 points, 84 comments)
    3. This subreddit right now tho (1879 points, 50 comments)
  23. 11559 points, 4 submissions: lasherdave
    1. Quality Space Equipment (4168 points, 90 comments)
    2. Inflation. (3262 points, 226 comments)
    3. Hackerman (2525 points, 185 comments)
    4. Good as new! (1604 points, 102 comments)
  24. 10962 points, 4 submissions: richdeblasio
    1. My Submarine base! The HMCS RENEGADE (3253 points, 169 comments)
    2. The big E is finally complete inside and out after months of tinkering 😊 Submitting for featured bases! Come visit!! (3175 points, 227 comments)
    3. "that armor is too thick for blasters!" (2450 points, 107 comments)
    4. USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 refit. My first attempt at glitch building (2084 points, 162 comments)
  25. 10914 points, 5 submissions: SingularGleam
    1. Starbulb Garden (3892 points, 170 comments)
    2. Baby (crab) Yoda! (2647 points, 31 comments)
    3. Frost Dragon (2023 points, 51 comments)
    4. Welcome to the jungle (1266 points, 29 comments)
    5. All aboard! (1086 points, 42 comments)
  26. 10711 points, 4 submissions: TheBlank89
    1. I think this is the best ring planet shot I've ever taken. (5165 points, 177 comments)
    2. Northstar (edit) (3142 points, 47 comments)
    3. Gazing into the distance as the nebula dances. (1244 points, 23 comments)
    4. Driving home for Christmas. I can't wait to see those interfaces. (1160 points, 28 comments)
  27. 10608 points, 3 submissions: AndyKrycek6
    1. Riding Diplo (4807 points, 238 comments)
    2. It would be pretty cool tho (3595 points, 315 comments)
    3. Planet Gib (2206 points, 58 comments)
  28. 10119 points, 3 submissions: L35ter
    1. Sub-Orbital City. PS4pro. Permadeath. Aptarkaba. (4678 points, 331 comments)
    2. After spending about 3 hours searching for the last creature on this planet, this was the one I was missing! (2794 points, 88 comments)
    3. Desert Serpent. PS4 Survival Eissentam (2647 points, 95 comments)
  29. 9730 points, 5 submissions: charliembbanks
    1. The Iron Giant (2761 points, 70 comments)
    2. The Iron Giant (PC/Euclid/Normal) (2345 points, 73 comments)
    3. Ocean Cabin (1793 points, 67 comments)
    4. Super Sentinels (1681 points, 95 comments)
    5. Serpent Sentinel (1150 points, 58 comments)
  30. 9641 points, 2 submissions: cwigginsNYC
    1. I love hunting focollecting the souvenirs from the weirdo planets so I made a little museum to display them. I’m still missing a few. (7616 points, 379 comments)
    2. I found a rare flat-spot on a plated planet and was able to use the ground as graphpaper! Got some REALLY tight tolerances between parts that don’t like to snap. (2025 points, 129 comments)
  31. 9465 points, 3 submissions: AlpaKing707
    1. Please Hello Games bring back this planet generation! (3519 points, 315 comments)
    2. I created an animated wallpaper inspired by the game cover artwork (3348 points, 79 comments)
    3. Confused pirate screaming (2598 points, 70 comments)
  32. 9405 points, 2 submissions: theraic
    1. No Man’s Sky Exomech! (6375 points, 365 comments)
    2. Love at first scan - Fan Art (3030 points, 52 comments)
  33. 9256 points, 3 submissions: Theyseemefishin
    1. I present... the Black Widow base PS4 (5971 points, 198 comments)
    2. Yup... that’ll do. (2319 points, 58 comments)
    3. Finally got the Royal Exotic I’ve been searching for! 20/6 white and gold (966 points, 87 comments)
  34. 8807 points, 3 submissions: HotGarbage_FMJ
    1. Mechanical Bridge Prototype is very promising :) (3905 points, 173 comments)
    2. Instead of going out for new years, I'm spending my evening making the worlds most dramatic vault entrance. (2998 points, 114 comments)
    3. Mechanical Bridge 2: electric boogaloo. Thanks to reddit's feedback, much faster toggle delay now. (1904 points, 114 comments)
  35. 8701 points, 3 submissions: rupertrobinson123
    1. Our lad Sean further recognises the efforts the community went to to show our appreciation! Good job guys! We raised money Beyond the goal and helped out a charity. Best community ever ❤️ (4426 points, 134 comments)
    2. Rotating this image of Sean Murray by 2 degrees each day until Beyond releases (Day 2) (2988 points, 125 comments)
    3. Rotating this picture of Sean by 2 degrees every day until Beyond is released (1287 points, 79 comments)
  36. 8509 points, 2 submissions: chrisrayn
    1. Beyond Update without context (5492 points, 273 comments)
    2. Quit to Title Screen: "Your game was last saved 10 seconds ago. Are you sure?" (3017 points, 89 comments)
  37. 8503 points, 4 submissions: wavie_davie
    1. Hi (2828 points, 79 comments)
    2. Most intense photo I’ve taken (2404 points, 99 comments)
    3. The time I found Stitch :) (2086 points, 43 comments)
    4. He found the gek nip in my backpack.. (1185 points, 22 comments)
  38. 8500 points, 1 submission: JoeCarr69
    1. So I found this Gek and his ship... (8500 points, 140 comments)
  39. 8466 points, 2 submissions: Greatnite
    1. Still looking for the perfect planet (4944 points, 75 comments)
    2. Just let me find a good planet without aggressive sentinels please (3522 points, 141 comments)
  40. 8451 points, 3 submissions: alexndefo
    1. Earth is a really cold planet 🥶 (2869 points, 74 comments)
    2. I finally found sone Di-Hydrogen crystals on Earth 👨‍🚀. Small, but at least something. (2797 points, 92 comments)
    3. So I finally made one too... Not totally ugly I think. (2785 points, 97 comments)
  41. 8333 points, 1 submission: EZMONEYSNIP3R
    1. The most badass starship i've found so far (8333 points, 430 comments)
  42. 8317 points, 2 submissions: Fredegar-Bolger
    1. Welp, onto the next system (5081 points, 144 comments)
    2. Can I please just have some peace and quiet for like 10 minutes (3236 points, 42 comments)
  43. 8253 points, 4 submissions: vaughanarama
    1. My re-creation of the Apollo 11 mission to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing (2815 points, 70 comments)
    2. Space Whales do exist!!! I have delivered what Sean couldn’t (2593 points, 119 comments)
    3. ‪WIP. This lighthouse is part of a bigger base yet to be revealed. I think it looks pretty good on it’s own too though ‬🧐 (1764 points, 94 comments)
    4. T-Rex found 🦖 (1081 points, 41 comments)
  44. 8140 points, 2 submissions: BruceCooperTV
    1. I have pictured this exact photo in my mind for YEARS and I am so happy to finally be able to take it! WE HAVE A COMMUNITY PLANET!!!!! (6911 points, 385 comments)
    2. I 3D printed some condensed carbon! It even lights up :) (1229 points, 55 comments)
  45. 8107 points, 3 submissions: Jamiejohnson1211
    1. METACRITIC We in the 80s now boys! (5474 points, 329 comments)
    2. Managed to snag one of these beauties ♥️ (1531 points, 45 comments)
    3. Is no one going to mention the fact that the bright pink grass has returned?! (1102 points, 101 comments)
  46. 8094 points, 4 submissions: Absolynth
    1. 'Space' By Ashno-Alice (2326 points, 40 comments)
    2. 'No Man's Sky' vintage comic cover - By FFNB / Published August 5 2016 (2286 points, 42 comments)
    3. Standing on a presumably dead moon, when suddenly I get punched from behind, turn and this beefy baby-faced nightmare was just towering over me. I legit yelped in terror jumped in my ship and never came back to that planet. Ive never seen anything quite like it again thank god lol (1844 points, 103 comments)
    4. 'Jupiter From io' By Alangutierrezart // No Man's Sky is vintage sci fi artwork come to life. (1638 points, 63 comments)
  47. 7683 points, 3 submissions: Pryslyn
    1. My first full sentence! (3075 points, 85 comments)
    2. I just found the one, the only, Captain Meme. (2480 points, 87 comments)
    3. “...All right then.” (2128 points, 148 comments)
  48. 7671 points, 1 submission: ichigo2k9
    1. I call it...Eden! (7671 points, 330 comments)
  49. 7640 points, 3 submissions: Jack_Brown_Jnr
    1. Journey >>> (4557 points, 150 comments)
    2. Hostile Natives (2065 points, 78 comments)
    3. Collaboration piece with the amazing Blooscreens (1018 points, 49 comments)
  50. 7564 points, 2 submissions: Mickybooondock
    1. Smoothest entry to a space station i have ever seen (5560 points, 213 comments)
    2. Smoothest entry into a space station i have ever seen. Take 2 (2004 points, 74 comments)

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Part 42.

There have been a lot of big changes recently.
6658.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Jobs being the first person to say "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." instead of Pablo Picasso?
6659.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Turpentine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Guillotine."/"She's a killer Queen. Gunpowder. Gelatine."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6660.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Wallace Broecker dying earlier than February 18, 2019?
6661.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Lee Radiziwill dying earlier than February 15, 2019?(Do the Ls in her name look off?)łł
6662.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Doors Of The 21st Century not being a thing?(Ian Ashbury/Ian Astbury)–Krieger
6663.(Event name change.)Lalapalooza/Lolapalooza/Lollapalooza(Other spellings?)(Does the logo look off?)
6664.(Movie Quote change.)"You're gonna be one badass motherfucker."/"You're gonna be a bad motherfucker."(Other quotes?)
6665.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Tampico being normal?(Anything else off?)
6666.(Real Life Quote change.)"I am not a crook."/"I'm not a crook."(Anything else off?)
6667.(Movie Quote change.)"I love him something awful."/"I love him awful."(Does the movie logo keep changing?)
6668.(R&B Group name change.)The Staples Singers/The Staple Singers(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)(Does the Soul Train logo look off?)(Many remembered spellings of Abbott and all the other logos have changed.)(SiriusXM logos all have off letters.)(Most Capitol Records logos have connected letters.)(Soya Sauce/Soy Sauce)(Other spellings?)(Soya/Soy)(Twitter logo bird has changed.)(Dolly from Moonraker now has bows in her hair.)(The Bare Necessities lyrics keeps changing.)(Terrence McKenna/Terence McKenna)(Anything else off?)(Yubo logo has off letters.)(The Gifted logo has off letters.)(Quanta(Quantum?)Magazine website logo has off letters.)(The Conversation website logo has off letters.)(Book predicts a lot of Donald Trump related stuff.)(Givology logo and name keep changing.)(Male fruit flies look for alcohol when rejected.)(Frost And Nixon/Frost/Nixon)(Other names?)(Anything else off?)(Seatle, Washington/Seattle, Washington)(Other spellings?)(New Dylan album and a song moved onto it.)(Have you heard of Mimi Pond?)(Snownados now exist.)(Famous Birthdays logo has off logo.)(Android logos all keep changing.)(Timothy Chalamet/Timothée Chalamet)(Was Timothée and anything similar to it never an acceptable spelling of Timothy?)(Vector Vest logo has connected and off letters.)(Tess Daily/Tess Daly)(Lots of album cover logos have changed.)(Kissed By A Rose by Seal keeps changing.)(Other remembered spellings of Diana Rigg that haven't been mentioned yet?)(Radio station logos keep changing.)(Did John Lennon say the Good Artists Copy quote?)(Anything else off?)(Old raven related quote changed.)(Abba song lyrics are changing.)(Water polo was a thing.)(Homeless shelters charge people to stay.)(Didn't Ric Flair die?)(Spider that looks like David Bowie.)(Tasty Freeze/Tastee-Freez)(Anything else off?)(Hughes Airwest logo looks off.)(Altec Lansing is off.)(We're The Millers If Anyone Asks?)(Red Red Wine by Neil Diamond has changed or was it UB40?)(Was Zangief spelled differently?)(Sherbet Crayola or Pink Sherbet?)(MC Hammer's pants in U Can't Touch This are now red instead of yellow.)(Better Help website logo has off letters.)(Weird colored skies.)(Neurophen/Nurofen)(Footloose lyrics keep changing.)(Harpy eagles now exist.)(Dip Dab logo is merged.)(Derek Hatton is now alive.)(Sherbet Lemons/Lemon Sherbets)(Maynards Bassetts logo and all the subtexts have merged or off letters.)(Sherbet pronunciation keeps changing.)(Did what Sorbet and Sherbet used to be switch with each other?)(Is the pronunciation of Sorbet off?)(Fred from Scooby-Doo lost his Adam's Apple and his hairstyle has changed.)(Velma from Scooby-Doo has larger breasts, has different shoes, has knee stockings and looks less plain and her eye shape looks off.)(Scooby Doo's voice sounds slighty deeper and easier to understand and he no longer ends every episode with "Scooby Dooby Doo!".)(All the new moons and names for them.)(Interesting video below.)(Russia sold Alaska to America and Canada didn't.)(Video below.)(More new blood types.)(Video below.)(The Challenge: War Of The Worlds logo is off.)(Interesting video below.)(Tarantula with horn on its back discovered.)(The Munsters spelling keeps changing.)(Lots of early colored photos and videos.)(Lots of weird eye colored cartoons.)(Big Native American book change.)(Golden possums?)(Bamm-Bamm now has a green club.)(Elvis quote keeps changing.)("One of us" quotes all keep changing.)Lots of weird eye colored cartoons now.)(Rana brand logo keeps changing.)(Timothy Leary radio quote keeps changing.)(Purple and weird solid colored corn.)(Almost perfectly straight bananas.)(All Zillow logos keep changing.)(Giant supposedly extinct bees exist and they were found to still be alive.)(Lots of weird new stuff.)(Juicy Fruits/Juicy Fruit)(Were MC Hammer's pants a color other than yellow or red in U Can't Touch This?)(Baobab flower?)(Ficcus tree or plant?)(Lots of weird new changes.)(Lots of new logo changes.)(Snoopy's feet now have lines on them.)(Lots of new religious studies and philosophies.)(Sayeth to Quoteth raven quote change.)(Woman rubs period blood on face to show "beauty".)(Weird new large fish species discovered washed up on beach.)(Go Wireless! logo letters are touching.)(Wood's Boots logo is off.)(Frank Communications logo is off.)(Foreign Accent Syndrome?)(More changes to lots of stuff.)(Multiple colors for tangerines?)(The Godfather "Offer" quote keeps changing.)(Saturn's rings keep changing.)(I Feel Love by Donna Summer lyrics have changed.)(Matramony/Matrimony)(Other spellings?)(3D music systems in the 1950's.)(Did there used to be light brown M&Ms and not blue ones?)("The Suicide Tree"?)(Taiwanese leopard spotted for first time since 1983.)(Oridisia cats?)(Deer with with lots of thick antlers?)(Airplanes having engines above the wings?)(Disney parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris and Hawaii?)(You can get a vegan chocolate penis delivered to your door.)(Congo/Kongo)(Was the latter not acceptable?)(Do you remember the Badlands rock band not existing?)(Do you remember Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft by Carpenters not existing?)(Electric fire clams now exist.)(Many outfits Cesar Romero wore as the Joker in the original Batman show have changed.)(Sri Lankan elwphants now exist.)(Asian elephants now exist.)(Indian elephants now exist.)(Lots of phantom and new geography.)(Shoes made with grass.)(Scandals made out of Trump's contradictory tweets.)(Underwear you can wear for weeks without washing.)(Polyamorous woman has husband, fiancé, and two boyfriends.)(Rainbow wasps now exist.)(Anything else off?)(The Riddler now doesn't always wear all green.)(Anything else off?)(Equifax logo has connected and off letters.)(Are any of the outfits in Labyrinth off in any way?)(Headphones in the 1910's.)(Did Daphne not wear pink stockings ever?)(Anything else off?)(Anything else about the JetBlue name, spelling, or logo?)(Interesting video below.)(Did Marcus Dean Fuller, David Niven, and Barry Nelson never portray James Bond in any movie?)(Anything else off?)(On The Case With Paula Zahn logo has off letters.)(Systane logo has off letters.)(Juicy/Jucee juice brand and is the logo off?)(Other spellings?)(Bananas don't peel as easy or in the same place in some cases now.)(Flocks of birds getting much larger.)(Did Nabisco saltine crackers always say Premium?)(Anything else off?)(Picturephones were now a thing.)("Keep on dancing. Gotta keep on dancing.", "He will visit.", or "Evil visit." song lyrics by The Prodigy?)(Anything else off?)(More Teletubbies changes.)(The rainbow grapes and multiple colored tangerines changes are fake at least for now.)(Fracture printing logo has off letters.)(Anything else off?)(Didn't King Kong Bundy pass away years before March 4, 2019?)(Anything else off?)(Holidays that pop out of nowhere.)(Herby: Fully Loaded/Herbie: Fully Loaded)(Anything else off?)(Tommy CoppeTommie Copper)(Anything else off?)(Blue macaw parrots now existed.)(Frozen ice balls of Lake Michigan.)(Aspiration logo has off letters.)(Putting photos on guns during WW2?)(Any other time?)(Is the number of days in a year off?)(Walking trees and other walking plants?)(Haribo Tangtastics/Haribo Tangfastics)(Other spellings?)(Lots of logo changes recently.)(OdorBan/OdoBan)(Lambkins now exist.)(Lots of weird new sunfish.)(Lots of new ghost ice stuff.)(The Honky Tonk Man is just now being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.)(Redferrin/Redfin)(Is the logo off?)(Anything else off?)(Do you remember the Uncle Sam poster saying "We want you" instead of "I want you"?)(Fantatics app logo is off.)(Instaflex logo is off.)(Milly Vanilly/Milli Vanilli)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Saturn's rings keep changing.)(Lots of name changes.)(Do you remember somebody other than Frankie Valli singing Can't Take Off Of You?)(ASDA store brand products have connected letters.)(Interesting video.)(The Brady Girls Get Married now exists.)(Plants respond to pain similar to how we respond to pain.)(Lots of sexual orientation related changes.)(Your brain still works for a while after you die.)(Lots of app logo changes.)(Lots of commercial font changes.)(Ant-Man And The Wasp has connected letters.)(Westcott logo now looks like the old reality VW logo.)(Kyle JenneKylie Jenner)(Lots of weird names and name spellings.)(Poly-Fil(Poly-Fill?)logo has changed.)(Brother At Your Side logo has changed.)(Ayatollah Khamenei horrible quotes and other horrible quotes from this new reality.)(I Want You by Savage Garden lyrics have changed.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(India's poverty level keeps changing.)
6669.(Famous Hero name change.)Wild Bill Hitchcock/Wild Bill Hickok(Other spellings?)
6670.(Restaurant name change.)El Toritos/El Torito(Anything else off?)
6671.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer not being able to scream?(Anything else off?)
6672.(Song name change.)Let's Hear It For The Boys/Let's Hear It For The Boy(Are the lyrics off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)
6673.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember alligators and crocodiles not being able to be this big?
6674.(History change.)Do you remember Donald Trump not running for president in 2000?(Anything else off about what he's said about running for president or not?)
6675.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures now are sutures and fibrous, pulsing fontanelles, "flavor country" no longer existed, pineal eye is now a physical eye on outside of face of animals and some have 4 eyes, plain of jars, skara brae, manitol/malitol/maltitol, persistent pupillary membrane over eye in 20% of adult humans and also animals, helium superfluid has 0 viscosity and can't be contained, bacteria also make superfluids, California great flood of 1861 and 1862, ice disk, 1908 New York to Paris car race, atmospheric rivers, Chernobyl didn't shut down after 1986 disaster until 2000, animals still being able to thrive in Chernobyl, more geography changes, more US flag changes, female elephants have tusks called tushes and some male elephants are naturally born without tusks and elephants are apparently evolving not to have them at all, lots of weird sharks and weird stuff about sharks, bioluminescent lizards.)(Video below.)(Australian Geographic logo has connected letters.)(Release dates for everything changing.)(Lots of famous name spellings have drastically changed.)
6676.(Company Logo change.)Sunglasses Hut/Sunglass Hut
6677.(Paint name change.)Dulex/Dulux(Do any of the logos look off?)(Do any of the other things named Dulux look off?)
6678.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember James Darren dying?
6679.(Donut name change.)CrulleKruller(Was the former or the later not acceptable?)(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)
6680.(Song name change.)The Point Of No Return/Point Of Know Return(Album too.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6681.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of the Yosemite Firefall?
6682.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sting jets not being a thing?
6683.(Fictional Character name change.)Hercules Poirot/Hercule Poirot(Other spellings?)
6684.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mumia Abu-Jamal being executed?(Anything else off?)
6685.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sea creatures not being able to live or die in places far away from water such as rainforests?
6686.(Famous Actress name change.)Olivia Coleman/Olivia Colman(Was Colman never an acceptable spelling of Coleman?)
6687.(Company name change.)Harmon Kardon/harman/kardon(Anything else off?)
6688.(Famous Actress name change.)Beverly Owen/Beverley Owen(Was Beverley never an acceptable spelling of Beverly?)
6689.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ice tsunamis not being a thing?
6690.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Uffington White Horse not being a thing?
6691.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember James Horner dying from an illness instead of a plane crash?(Anything else off?)
6692.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Carvana being normal?
6693.(Product name change.)Gravy Granuals/Gravy Granules(Other spellings?)
6694.(Product name change.)Rizzla/Rizla(Anything else off?)
6695.(Product name change.)IWatch/iWatch(IPhone/iPhone)(IPad/iPad)(IPad/iPad)(IOS/iOS)(It keeps flipping.)
6696.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the credits in Goodfellas(Was the official GoodFellas and is the logo off?)being white instead of red?(Anything else off?)
6697.(Product name change.)Cindy/Sindy(Was Sindy never an acceptable spelling of Cindy?)
6698.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Casino Royale being the first James Bond film instead of Dr. No?(Anything else off?)
6699.(Spelling change.)Tender Hook/Tenterhook
Add-On: Do you remember Barbaar The Elephant or Barbar The Elephant instead of Babar The Elephant?
Add-On: Do you remember Gobstoppers instead of Gobstopper?
Add-On: Do you remember Big Bird's being yellow?(Anything else off?)
6700.(Product name change.)CD+CD-R(Any products with similar names off?)
6701.(Spelling change.)Bolognaise/Bolognese(Anything else off?)
6702.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes being set 8 years after instead of 10?
6703.(Spelling change.)Battle Ship/Battleship(War Ship/Warship)(Space Ship/Spaceship)(Battleships/Battleship board game)
6704.(Music Lyrics change.)"Ain't that a kick in the head."/"Ain't love like a kick in the head."(Anything else off?)
6705.(Spelling change.)Murial/Muriel/Mural
6706.(Spelling change.)Broach/Brooch
6707.(Company name change.)RyannaiRyanair(Other spellings?)
6708.(Phrase change.)Card Shark/Card Sharp
6709.(Movie name change.)The Wizard In Oz/The Wizard Of Oz(Dorthy/Dorothy)(Anything else about her name off?)(Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Over The Rainbow)
6710.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember food scented bath stuff not being a thing?
6711.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Geochanges, weird mushrooms, sharknado, orange eyes,(Denny's, USPS, Burger King, Sherwin-Williams, Motel 6, and AutoZone)are all tilting and off logos, naked mole rats don't die of old age, pleomorphism, new giant tortoise types discovered, more bioluminescent animals, more weird light pillars, north and south Atlantic Ocean, north and south Pacific Ocean, Antarctic scale worm and other weird worms, jewel beetles, weird whales and whale changes, earthquakes with negative magnitudes, Indonesian village corpses, more weird land formations, humans glow in visible light, DMT and it occurs naturally, more weird immortal animals, Colorado river toad, Earth's atmosphere goes past the moon, Sphinx cat breed/Sphynx cat breed, Sargasso Sea, poisonous birds.)(Video below.)
6712.(History change.)Do you remember virtual reality not going as far back as the 1950's?
6713.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bears never existing in Africa?
6714.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember spiders not being capable of dragging animals like opossums anywhere on their own?
6715.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the dodo going extinct because humans ate them instead of other animals eating them?(Was it something else?)
6716.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Mister Ed being a different type or different colored horse?(Anything else off?)(Was it always in black & white or just colored?)
6717.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember something about this Mary Poppins song being different?
6718.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember André(Andre?)Previn dying before February 28, 2019?é_Previn
6719.(Song name change.)MacArthur's Park/MacArthur Park(Do any of his logos off?)(Anything else off?)
6720.(Famous Actor name change.)Timothy Chalamet/Timothée Chalamet(Were Timothee, Timothée, Timotheé, and Timothéé never acceptable spellings of Timothy?)ée_Chalamet
6721.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Gaël Montfils/Gaël Monfils(Other spellings?)ël_Monfils
6722.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Stan Warwrinka/Stan Wawrinka(Other spellings?)
6723.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Nick Kygrios/Nick Kyrgios(Other spellings?)
6724.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Gabriñe Muguruza/Garbiñe Muguruza(Other spellings?)ñe_Muguruza
6725.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Alizée Cornet/Alizé Cornet(Other spellings?)é_Cornet
6726.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Steffi Graff/Steffi Graf(Other spellings?)(Are there other weird Stephanie and Stefan spellings?)
6727.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Agnieszka Rodwańska/Agnieszka Radwańska(Other spellings?)ńska
6728.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Angelica KerbeAngelique Kerber(Other spellings?)(Are there other weird Angelica spellings?)
6729.(Famous Tennis Player name change.)Sabina Lisicki/Sabine Lisicki(Other spellings?)(Was she a brunette instead of blonde?)
6730.(Fictional Character name change.)Mitch Buchanon/Mitch Buchannon(Other spellings?)
6731.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Joachim Noah/Joakim Noah(Other spellings?)
6732.(Country name change.)QuataQatar(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)(Anything else off?)
6733.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Paul Gasol/Pau Gasol(Other spellings?)(Was Pau never an acceptable spelling of Paul?)
6734.(Famous Race Car Driver name change.)Sebastien Vettel/Sebastian Vettel(Was Sebastien never an acceptable spelling of Sebastian?)(Are there other weird Sebastian spellings?)
6735.(Town name change.)Marinello, Italy/Maranello, Italy(Other spellings?)
6736.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Derek Rose/Derrick Rose(Was Derrick never an acceptable spelling of Derek?)(Are there other weird spellings of Derek?)
6737.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Katherine Helmond dying earlier than February 23, 2019?
6738.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Spread logo being different?
6739.(History change.)Do you remember the Boeing 314 Clipper not being a thing?
6740.(History change.)Do you remember the hand mixer not being patented in 1856 and the first electric one not being invented in 1885?
6741.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Jaws' teeth being different?
6742.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Bugle/Daily Bugle
6743.(Fictional Company name change.)The Daily Planet/Daily Planet
6744.(Slogan change.)"Nobody knows Easter better than Cadbury."/"Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury."
6745.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Tracey(Tracy?)Gold dying a while back?(Was Tracey never an acceptable spelling of Tracy?)
6746.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Coca-Cola not using Coca leaves in their recipe ever and all their ingredients in their formula being secret?
6747.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember human bodies not reacting this way to things like leaf blowers?
6748.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!" being said more often throughout Scooby-Doo?(Do you remember Scooby Doo's real name being Scooby instead of Scoobert?)(Do you remember Scooby Doo not having any other relatives other than Scrappy Doo?)(Anything else off?)
6749.(Company name change.)Amtrack/Amtrak(Anything else off?)
6750.(History change.)Do you remember the White House never burning down ever?
6751.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember elephants never being able to cry?
6752.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember parrots never being able to take or get addicted to things like opium?
6753.(Famous Model name change.)Barbie Benton/Barbi Benton(Was Barbi never an acceptable spelling of Barbie?)
6754.(Famous Actor name change.)Bobby J. Thompson/Bobb'e J. Thompson(Other spellings?)(Was Bobb'e never an acceptable spelling of Bobby?)(Are there other weird Bobby spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Edwin or Erich Schrödinger?(Other spellings?)(Were Caffe and Caffé never acceptable spellings of Café?)ödinger
6755.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Emre Belezoğlu/Emre Belözoğlu(Other spellings?)özoğlu
6756.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Gerald Piqué/Gerard Piqué(Other spellings?)é
6757.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Felipe Luís/Filipe Luís(Other spellings?)ís
6758.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Carlos Valderama/Carlos Valderrama(Other spellings?)
6759.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)René Huiguita/René Higuita(Other spellings?)é_Higuita
6760.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Graham LeSaux/Graeme Le Saux(Other spellings?)
6761.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Ferenc Puszkás/Ferenc Puskás(Other spellings?)ás
6762.(Famous Actress name change.)Stephanie Powers/Stefanie Powers(Other spellings?)
6763.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Dean Stockwell dying a while back?
6764.(Song name change.)Believe/Still Believe(Are the lyrics off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6765.(Girl Group name change.)Destiny Child/Destiny's Child(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were they never kniwn as Girl's Tyme?)(Were the members originally sisters instead of just being members?)'s_Child
6766.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember One Man Gang dying?
6767.(Spelling change.)Twighlight/Twillight/Twilight(Other spellings?)
6768.(Famous Actress name change.)Patsy Kenzit/Patsy Kensit(Other spellings?)
6769.(Famous Actress name change.)Leslie-Ann Down/Lesley-Anne Down(Other spellings?)(Was Lesley never an acceptable spelling of Leslie?)
6770.(Famous Actress name change.)Tiffany Thiessen/Tiffani Thiessen(Other spellings?)(Was Tiffani never an acceptable spelling of Tiffany?)
6771.(Famous Producer name change.)Stephen J. Canell/Stephen J. Cannell(Other spellings?)
6772.(Famous Actor name change.)Patrick McGohan/Patrick McGoohan(Other spellings?)
6773.(Famous Actor name change.)Martin Scorcese/Martin Scorsese(Other spellings?)
6774.(Famous Actress name change.)Grey DeLeslie/Grey DeLisle(Other spellings?)
6775.(Famous Actor name change.)Bill Faggerbake/Bill Fagerbakke(Other spellings?)(Was him name pronounced differently?)
6776.(Famous Actor name change.)William Stylers/William Salyers(Other spellings?)
6777.(Candy name change.)Strawberry Flavour Laces/Strawberry Flavour Lances(Anything else off about Lances?)
6778.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Cole Sprouse being less popular than Dylan Sprouse when The Suote Life Of Zack & Cody was on and now?
6779.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Paul Young dying a while back?(Anything about him in Desperate Housewives off?)(Anything else off?)
6780.(Famous Cook name change.)Rachel Ray/Rachael Ray(Other spellings?)(Was Rachael never an acceptable spelling of Rachel?)
6781.(Famous Fashion Designer name change.)Vivian Westwood/Vivienne Westwood(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Vivian being spelled in general?)
6782.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)César Aczpilicueta/César Azpilicueta(Other spellings?)ésar_Azpilicueta
6783.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jermaine Defoe/Jermain Defoe(Other spellings?)(Was Jermain never an acceptable spelling of Jermaine?)
6784.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ellora caves, petra and little petra, shrovetide, calcio storico, American Kidney Foundation/American Kidney Fund, Chichén Itzá, black sea under river, pattern on doe's back and other weird patterns on deer, more friendly wild animals, Michael Jackson dropped 50 feet to stage in an accident, Isaiah 11:8 changes again, more on harpy eagle, Ford logo is now tilting, Honda logo has changed again, polycephalic everything, weird elephant parts, gaboon viper that moves like a caterpillar, pattern change on raccoon and panda eyes, naked foal syndrome, more geography changes, Great lakes keep changing, guy with large hairy birthmark and two children with weird birth defects, weird looking cat with white coloration, 12 finger family, Neanderthals may have been smarter than we think, more anatomy changes, Quetzacoatl(Was it spelled differently?), rabbit without hair, when student doctors remove your appendix, 1939 ghost Pontiac, Marie Curie and everything about her, shark with bioluminescent nose, mice can sing.)(Video below.)
6785.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember transgender people not being able to give birth?
6786.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember little Grand Canyon-like structures not being a thing?
6787.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember teacup pigs being their own separate species and not just being very small and/or underfed pigs?
6788.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"I love Wisconsin!"/"Hello Wisconsin!"(Was it Kelso or Eric that said it and not Hyde?)
6789.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bumblebees not being endangered?
6790.(Movie name change.)The Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult/Naked Gun 33 1/2: The Final Insult⅓:_The_Final_Insult
6791.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember 1950's breakfast stations not being a thing?
6792.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first mall in America not opening as early as 1956?(Anything else off?)
6793.(Phrase change.)"Not your circus. Not your clowns."/"Not my circus. Not my clowns."(Anything else off?),_not_my_monkeys
6794.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Alaska not having a rainforest?(Were there no rainforests in North America at all?)(Anything else off?)
6795.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Della Duck not existing?
6796.(Fictional Character name change.)Do you remember Inspector Gadget's real name being Don Brown or John Brown?
6797.(Music Lyrics change.)"Things in common?"/"Thing in common?"("Cuz opposites attract."/"'Cause opposites attract.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of her logos look off?)
6798.(Logo change.)Do you remember the Fair Use logo not being connected?
6799.(Music Lyrics change.)"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?"/"What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you?"(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6800.(Comic Series name change.)Calvin And Hobbs/Calvin And Hobbes(Anything else off?)
6801.(Abbreviation change.)Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome/Aquired Immune Deficiency Virus
6802.(T.V. Shiw name change.)Beverly Hills 92010/Beverly Hills, 90210,_90210
6803.(Famous Actress name change.)Ellen Paige/Ellen Page
6804.(Famous Director name change.)Howard Hawk/Howard Hawks
6805.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Mark Clattenberg/Mark Clattenburg(Other spellings?)
6806.(Famous Referee name change.)Pierluigi Colina/Pierluigi Collina(Other spellings?)
6807.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Phillipe Coutinho/Philippe Coutinho(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Philippe being spelled in general?)
6808.(Famous Soccer Player name change.)Jessy Lingard/Jesse Lingard(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Jesse being spelled in general?)
6809.(Famous Singer name change.)Lauren Hill/Lauryn Hill(Other spellings?)
6810.(Famous Singer name change.)Phil Colins/Phil Collins(Other spellings?)(How do you remember Collin or Collins being spelled in general?)
6811.(Famous Composer name change.)Wolfgang Amadeus MozaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Other spellings?)
6812.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed."/"Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed ."
6813.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jam Session by Heavy D and The Notorious B.I.G. not existing?
6814.(Can't think of a to title.)Do you remember the music video for Puffin On Blunts And Drankin' Tanqueray not existing?
6815.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Barbie only having a first name and not a middle or last one?
6816.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Jan-Michael Vincent dying earlier than February 10, 2019?
6817.(State name change.)Okhlahoma/Oklahoma(Other spellings?)
6818.(City name change.)Passadena, California/Pasadena, California(Other spellings?),_California
6819.(City name change.)Norwitch/Norwich(Other spellings?)(Multiple places.)
6820.(Town name change.)Ipswitch/Ipswich(Other spellings?)
6821.(Village name change.)Amytiville, New York/Amityville, New York(Other spellings?),_New_York
6822.(Famous Actor name change.)Rob SteigeRod Steiger(Other spellings?)
6823.(Famous Actress name change.)Judy Gardland/Judy Garland(Other spellings?)
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NM True TV - Acoma Sky City/Pueblo Deco Revival - YouTube Acoma Sky City,New Mexico - YouTube Acoma Pueblo: Sky City (Old Acoma), NM - YouTube Imagination Playground at Acoma Learning Center Silver Country Band live @ Gallup NM Firerock Casino Nov ... Silver Country Band live @ Firerock Casino Gallup NM ... Mariachi Los Galleros De Pedro Rey Journey - Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin - Oct 7, 2018 TARZAN GRAND★BUFFALO GOLD★WHO RULES?★PLAYING AT CASINO★FOUR WINDS CASINO

A peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle from the excitement of the nearby Sky City Casino, Sky City RV Park is one of Acoma's most popular RV sites. The park is quiet, clean and well-maintained, and when you're ready to head over from some fun, visit the Sky City Casino for slot machines, table games, bingo and a great nightlife scene. Take a tour of Acoma Sky City, and visit some of the ... Your premier New Mexico casino. A warm and friendly environment with over 640 slot machines, the latest Vegas style table games, live bingo, special tournaments and tourist packages. Promotions. Slots. Enjoy the latest and greatest slot games on Sky City’s 597 game slot floor, featuring games of all denominations. Join the best players club in the Southwest, the Sky City Guest Services, for ... Interstate 40, Exit 102, San Fidel, NM 87034. Website +1 888-759-2489. Best nearby. 2 Restaurants within 5 miles. 0 Other Attractions within 5 miles. Acoma Sky City Casino Hotel (39) 0 min $$ - $$$ American. McDonald's (13) 2 min $ Fast Food. 49 Reviews 0 Q&A. Reviews. Write a review. Traveler rating. Excellent 17; Very Good 16; Average 13; Poor 1; Terrible 2; Traveler type. Families; Couples ... Book Sky City Casino Hotel and RV Park, Pueblo of Acoma on Tripadvisor: See 332 traveler reviews, 57 candid photos, and great deals for Sky City Casino Hotel and RV Park, ranked #1 of 1 hotel in Pueblo of Acoma and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Sky City Casino is located about 119 km from Gallup, and features a casino, an outdoor swimming pool and seating. Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Hosp is 3.9 km from the venue, while Saint Anne Mission is 2.8 km away. Acomita Lake is also just a stroll away.This accommodation is set a short distance from famous attractions such as Sky City Casino. At this property, each room is equipped with a mini ... Sky City RV Park, located on the Acoma Indian reservation, immediately off I-40, is a true camping value, if one stays out of the casino. We spent two nights heading toward and another two nights returning from the Grand Canyon. The RV park is well laid out, restrooms/shows were clean and new...when they were open. The RV park is not a high priority item, is not consistently manned, at least ... Sky City Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum rich in cultural architecture, serves as the reception center and museum for visitors to the Pueblo of Acoma. It is the gateway to Acoma “Sky City”. Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico is more than just a tourist destination. Its part of New Mexico's cultural heritage, as the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in North America and the 28th Historic ... Update: SKY CITY CASINO HOTEL PROPERTY CLOSURE EXTENDED. Due to the COVID-19, the casino and hotel will be closed until further notice. See more info... More Info. SKY LOUNGE IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED! All Sky Lounge entertainment has been canceled. More Info. Pueblo of Acoma south of I-40 is closed to visitors. More Info . Promotions. Sky City RV Park. A favorite among Route 66 travelers, Sky ... Sky City Cultural Center PO Box 310 Pueblo of Acoma, NM 87034. Contact Us. Contents ©2020 Sky City Cultural Center. Website by Bungalow Frog. Specialties: For the last few decades, Sky City Casino Hotel has been a fun place for local families and travelers to stop for gas, a place to rest, a hot meal, and slots or cards. A stay in our hotel includes a beautiful courtyard, a…

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NM True TV - Acoma Sky City/Pueblo Deco Revival - YouTube

If you are enjoying the video then there are more videos from the concert on this channel. MARIACHI LOS GALLEROS, CANTA PEDRO REY CIELO ROJO Y A LOS CUATRO VIENTOS - Duration: 6:13. Trinidad Castro 3,384 views The beauty of Acoma Pueblo attracts thousands of visitors each year, but it also helped influence the architecture all around New Mexico. And here the KiMo T... Acoma Pueblo: Sky City (Old Acoma), NM - Duration: 5:19. ASU Hispanic Research Center 7,545 views. 5:19 . Awesome F-22 Raptor Falls/freefall from sky in full control 4K - Duration: 3:04. Elwyn R ... Great friends, Great band, great sounds TARZAN GRAND★BUFFALO GOLD★WHO RULES?★PLAYING AT CASINO★FOUR WINDS CASINO Welcome to Windy City Frenzy we play slot machines all around, Las Vegas, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin. Sky city looms 370 feet above the desert floor.For almost 2000 years sky city has served as the physical and spiritual homeland for the Acoma people.The hist... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Great band, great friends, awesome sounds