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Mr. Burns' Casino ist ein Casino von - Mr. Burns in Springfield.Von außen erscheint sein Körper mit einem Meerjungfrauenschwanz. - Marge geht während ihrer Spielsucht häufig hierher um ihren Trieben nachzugehen. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen Gebäuden in Springfield wurde das Casino beim großen Umzug nicht mitgenommen. Rich Burns. Director of Architecture & Design View Bio. Kim Townsend. Executive Vice President of Design, Development & Operations . View Bio. Jonathan Sinex. Principal, Cordish Equity Partners . Get In Touch. If you have any questions about our company or one of our developments, please contact us. Mr. Burns' Casino was opened and operated by Mr. Burns, following Springfield's decision to legalize gambling to boost its economy.1 After failing to find a suitable theme or name for the casino, Mr. Burns simply decided to name the casino after himself and use the image of himself as a merman for the company mascot. It was located on the waterfront. Marge Simpson developed a gambling Mr. Burns is 103 - well he had his 25th high school reunion at 1939 so he was like 18+ 25= 43 and now 71 years to 2010, he'll be 114 years old i guess but he said he was born in Pangea and people Mr. Burns' Casino was opened and operated by Mr. Burns, following Springfield's decision to legalize gambling to boost its economy.[1] It was located on the Waterfront. Marge developed her gambling addiction at this casino.[1] When it first opened, Homer took a job there as a blackjack dealer.[1] Mr. Burns owns the city's power plant, but lives in this MASSIVE estate with servants, human chessboard, guard dogs, etc. But in the real world, running a power plant isn't even a remotely prestigious or well paying job in real life. How does he manage to maintain such a ridiculously high standard of living off a nuclear power plant's profits in a small town? 10 comments. share. save hide Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns, or better known as Charles Montgomery Burns, Mr. Burns, Monty, or simply known by his surname Burns, is one of the four main antagonists of the Simpsons franchise (the other three being Kang, Kodos, and Sideshow Bob). He serves as the main antagonist of the adult animated TV series The Simpsons, a supporting antagonist in the 2007 theatrical Burns' Casino 2016 Event is the first major event of 2016 and the 19th major event overall. It was released on February 23, shortly after the release of the World's Largest Redwood update. With this update, a new feature was added, being possible to move areas of buildings and decorations at once. Back at Burns's casino, Mr. Burns has mentally degenerated, wearing Kleenex boxes on his feet and designing a plane called the Spruce Moose. Smithers admires what appears to be a scale model of the plane, but Burns insists that it is the full-sized version. Homer bursts into the casino and barges around searching for Marge. (Interestingly, while Homer's rampage is supposed to be destructive Mr. Burns opens up his own casino once gambling is legalized in Springfield, hiring Homer as a blackjack dealer despite his poor mathematics. Marge goes to the casino to collect Homer one evening, and becomes heavily addicted to the slot machines. Homer notices this and tries to get her to give up her addiction. Meanwhile, Bart opens up his own casino in the treehouse, where he has all kinds

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