CASES CASE 2 THE GLOBAL CASINO INDUSTRY IN 2017 For well over fifty years, the casino business has been on Casinos have spread to other locations across the Asia a roll, on its way to becoming a $150 billion a year global Pacific region. Singapore already has two casinos, while the industry. For much of that period, the U.S. has been lead Philippines is opening new ones and Japan is planning The casino industry in America continues to grow. As the industry expands, the competition for revenue generation and market share increases. This requires the ability to differentiate from the competition and create competitive advantage, within a highly commoditized industry. In service of this need, capable gaming executives are necessary to design and execute the strategy required. Human the casino industry, are biased and amount to little more than static comparisons or listings of taxes paid and employees hired by the casino industry. The lack of empirical studies on the casino industry is not surprising in the U.S., given the relatively recent expansion of casinos. Even so, there have been few studies on the economic global casino gaming industry and the online gaming sector over the next five years. In publishing this report, we are reflecting the increasingly globalized nature of the casino gaming market, while also acknowledging the continuing local nature of gaming habits and regulation. How this point-of-view paper is structured The industry analysis in this paper is divided into two sections. The industry analysis _ regarding all forms of State-regulated gambling2 in Louisiana. The following summarizes our findings and recommendations. A. Analysis of Revenue by Gaming Sector In the big picture, the performance of all forms of legalized gambling in Louisiana except the Lottery has been in decline since 2008. The performance of each sector over that period: Casino-racino (gross gaming The resort and casino industry is composed of lodging and recreational establishments that provide both facilities on the same premises. Resorts are viewed as places for relaxation as well as recreation, and as such the resort segment of the industry typically offers guests a broad spectrum of amenities and various services, that may include but are not limited to: entertainment (such as The analysis of casino performance is of high interest to industry practitioners and investors, as well as academics. In a changing global economy, characterized by growing uncertainty, an understanding of the performance drivers of the casino industry also becomes more pertinent. This paper grounds its arguments in resource-based theory to analyze how the following variables or drivers affect However, like others in the industry, its initial period of double digit growth eventually plateaued as it reached a more mature stage in its market cycle. Customer demand for slot machine play in particular seemed to be saturated. In the fall of 2011, this thought had been on the mind of Elliott Daradich, SaskGaming’s Director of Slots for nearly 17 years. On board since the casino's Two casino resorts are expected to boost tourism, generate 45,000 jobs and attract 10 million visitors by 2015. Analysis: Why Singapore went into the casinos industry | The World from PRX Skip to The casino industry at the Strip was worst hit by the economic slowdown and it has still been unable to reach the pre-recession levels. Gaming in the region started to rebound since 2010 and the

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